Loveless, Volume 01

When 12 year old Ritsuka discovers a posthumous message from his brother Seimei indicating he was murdered, he becomes involved in a shadowy world of spell battles and secret names Together with the mysterious Soubi, the search to find Seimei s killer and uncover the truth begins But in a world

Gravitation, Volume 01

Shuichi Shindou is determined to be a rock star He has no experience, no talent, and no band After finding a charismatic guitarist and getting a gig, he s ready to show the world what a genius he is with his powerful lyrics However, Eiri Yuki overhears his amateurish verse and puts the young

Legal Drug, Volume 01

A drugstore that deals in medicine and danger Kazahaya Kudo has a gift When he touches a person or an object, he sees visions With no money and no place to stay, Kazahaya was out of luck until fate brought him to the Green Drug pharmacy Now, in exchange for working in the store, he gets room

Junjo Romantica, Volume 01

Misaki is struggling to pass his college entrance exams, and has taken up a tutor the cool and sexy Akihiko Usami, who also happens to be a famous boys love novelist At first, Misaki is disgusted by Akihiko, but slowly, Misaki realizes he may be developing feelings for the older man And so

Legal Drug, Volume 02

During one of Tokyo s festivals, Kakei sends Kudo and Himura to recover an old vase in a nearby shrine But the mission turns out to be much difficult than it seems The vase has the power to twist the spatial environment around it misleading anyone with its incredible trompe l oeil How can

Demon Diary, Volume 01

Raenef is the black sheep of the demon court, with minimal knowledge of magic and courtly etiquette In order to help him claim his birthright as a demon lord, the demon masters send him the wise and noble teacher Eclipse to be his tutor As Raenef and Eclipse begin their journey of discovery, they

Let Dai, Volume 01

Let Dai is a tragic tale of forbidden love and unforgivable betrayal Set in a soulless neo Seoul ruled by young punks and pleasure seekers, an amoral teenager named Dai is the living embodiment of the city s beauty and cruelty As the leader of the vicious Furies gang, Dai seduces everyone who lays

Only the Ring Finger Knows

It s the ultimate expression of love to wear matching rings with your significant other, showing the world that you are a couple High school student, Wataru Fujii, also wears one though he is single When he accidentally switches rings with popular and handsome senior, Yuichi Kazuki, they