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It's Only Temporary - The Complete Collection (English Edition) txt It's Only Temporary - The Complete Collection (English Edition), text ebook It's Only Temporary - The Complete Collection (English Edition), adobe reader It's Only Temporary - The Complete Collection (English Edition), chapter 2 It's Only Temporary - The Complete Collection (English Edition), It's Only Temporary - The Complete Collection (English Edition) 9dde13 Four Stories Of Men Who Will Do Whatever It Takes Endless Chocolate, A Closet Full Of Shoes, Unfortunate Tattoos To Make It Anything But Temporary Some Like It CharmingMackenzie Wyatt Believes In Two Things Herself And Her Plan And Her Plan Is To Keep Her Head Down And To Work Hard Until She Can Retire Never Mind That She Doesn T Know What She Ll Do Once She Retires At Least She Won T Be Working For The Man Any Because Even Though He S A Gorgeous Man, He S Still Her Boss And He Likes To Push Her Buttons Ethan Howell O Connor S Charmed Life Comes To A Screeching Halt After His Latest Ex Girlfriend Starts A Fashionable Trend In Talking To The Tabloids Now All Of Ethan S Old Girlfriends Are Talking To The Press, Ruining His Reputation, And Wiping That Charming Smile Right Off His Face The Only Person Who Can Brighten His Black Mood Is The Same Person Who Can Annoy Him To Kingdom Come He And Mackenzie Have Feuded Since The Day She Was Hired But Now Ethan S Starting To Realize Maybe Those Sparks Were Hiding A Blazing Fire Mackenzie S About To Find Out That Sometimes A Gorgeous Man Can Come Up With A Plan All His Own, And It S A Given That It Ll Mess Hers Up Some Like It RuthlessA Woman As Cold As Texas Is Hot A Man Who Has Never Belonged Two Hard People Who Will Never Bend, Never Yieldbut They Just Might Be Able To Make A Deal Margaret Caldwell Knows What It Means To Beg She S Been There, Done That, Won T Wear The T Shirt And, In Fact, Won T Beg Again No Matter How Desperately Her Family Business Needs Help Because She Knows What It Means To Be Betrayed Knows How It Feels To Have Her Still Beating Heart Ripped Out Of Her Chest, Leaving Only An Empty Hole Behind The Son Of A Ruthless Upstart, Cole Montgomery Trampled On Everyone And Everything On His Way To The Top Including His One And Only Friend He Knows Maggie Will Never Forgive Him But He Ll Help Her Anyway Because It Might Be A Few Years Too Late But Cole Has Finally Figured Out What S Important Now If Only He Can Figure Out How To Start Over Some Like It PerfectA Woman Who Has Nothing, Delia Woodson Is Desperate Thats Why She Agrees To It Because Shes A Painter, No One Is Buying Her Paintings, And Shes Desperate She Has Bills To Pay, Food To Buy Someday She Might Actually Want To Live In Her Own Apartment Instead Of On Her Friend S Couch And All She Has To Do Is Paint Baby Faced Angels On An Indecently Rich, Corporate Shills Ceiling Because, He Just Cant Think Of Any Other Way To Spend His Money And She Just Cant Think Of Any Other Way To Make It A Man Who Wants For Nothing, Jack Cabot Doesnt Want The Mural His Mother Has Commissioned For His Office Ceiling He Doesnt Want The Distraction, He Doesnt Want The Silliness He Doesnt Want The Artist Now Spending Her Days Ten Feet Above His Head The Artist With Paint In Her Hair, Distracting Him Bickering With Him Amusing Him, UntilJack Discovers He Does Want Something After All Some Like It HopelessIn Love With Her Gay Best Friend Since Forever, Cassandra Spencer Has Accepted That Not Everyone Can Have The Fairy Tale Not Everyone Can Have Marriage And Children And The Same Last Name But She Has Shane, And She Loves Him And He Loves Heruntil He Falls In Love With Someone Else Someone Nothing Like Cassandra Someone She Can Never Accept Brady Roberts Destroyed His Whole World And There Will Be No Forgiveness No End To His Guilt And Pain He Exists Day To Day Until He Tangles With A Woman Who Just Wont Let Him A Woman Who Believes That Life Is Meant To Be Lived, No Matter How Hard It Is No Matter How Much It Hurts No Matter How Hopeless Because Sometimes, Hopeless Doesnt Have To Mean Alone And Sometimes, Hopeless Isn T The End

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    Megan Bryce has talent, range and is an exceptional storyteller In this four pack, you have two light and mostly humorous Some Like it Charming and Some Like it Perfect You have angst and the crazy Some Like it Ruthless, and you have angst upon angst Some Like it Hopeless The sensuality level goes from sweet to hot to ooh, baby, with a side of crazy Some Like it Hopeless, again But whatever your reading mood preference may be, rest assured that you are in good hands.Some Like it CharmingEthan Howell O Connor leads a charmed life He is also charm personified He doesn t even try he is just that innately charming Mackenzie Wyatt is apparently the one woman who not only doesn t fall for his charm but is, rather, annoyed by it They re likeable, but very different people, and their dynamic is a lot of fun to watch I bought this as a standalone and like it enough to go back for the four pack.Some Like it RuthlessCole Montgomery came from nothing, son of a ruthless dishonorable father who, through his ruthlessness and dishonesty, made a fortune Margaret Caldwell is old Texas money Their fathers have been battling it out, hating each other, for as long as either of them can remember Yet their children grew up as secret friends Then came adulthood and responsibility I suppose the ruthless in the title is meant to refer to Cole, but Margaret is every bit as ruthless as he is When these two manage to come together to save the Caldwell family business, the battle is just taking on a new direction This was my least favorite, not my usual choice, but still a very good read.Some Like it PerfectJack Cabot is old money, class, and the image of male beauty Delia Woodson is his polar opposite starving artist, disgruntled, and a bit of the crazy When Jack s mother commissions Delia to paint Jack s office ceiling, a la the Sistine Chapel, the fun begins Delia is afraid of heights, so, working on the scaffold required to reach the very high ceiling in Jack s office is a challenge She is ready to hate him on general principles Jack is none too thrilled with his mother s latest ploy to control his life, but he s adaptable and will go with the flow Add in an angsty teen, who really just wants a chance to grow into her own person in a family full of control freaks, and you have a fun read with a lot of laughs This was my favorite of the four because I really, really liked these characters and enjoyed watching them ping off one another.Some Like it HopelessWrapping up this bundlePhew Angst Craziness Hot, explicit sex In a word intense.Cassandra Spencer appeared in Some Like it Charming as Mackenzie s best friend, her hopelessly in love with a gay, male BFF friend. Brady Roberts, scion of the wealthy, hotel chain owning Roberts clan, had a problem of major proportions with booze and drugs Then he killed his wife and son in an automobile accident that left him scarred both mentally and physically He has gotten past the trying to die stage and is now just marking time until life, inevitably, cuts him off.These two What can I say Wow OMG Both crazy Both destroyed by life They come together like a couple of roaring freight trains, first in absolutely combustible sex, then in a relationship that neither one of them wants Watching them crash into each other, over and over again, until they each manage to overcome their inner demons is, well, explosive, tragic, draining and even, at times, humorous A finely balanced, edge of the world battle of wills that will leave you wrung out but in a good way.This four pack is worth ten times the asking price Go Megan Bryce You rock.

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    I liked all the stories, but the first one and the last were simple the best Don t get me wrong, they were all good, but the second story had some angst moments, where the other two were filled with all out laughter throughout the whole story.Book 1 SOME LIKE IT CHARMING This book had me rolling on the floor with laughter My poor husband was trying to watch a movie, but kept getting distracted by my loud hoots and howls every few minutes.Mackenzie Wyatt she thought he was a complete ass She stood up toe to toe and told him what she thought of him.His company was made up of three divisions, in three different locations First there was the L.A office, which is where she was located Then there was the office in England, and last but not least was the home base office located in N.Y City Out of all three offices, she was the person who brought in the most money and the most contracts, so she wasn t really too worried about losing her job.She was a minimalist and a loner, except for her one and only best friend, Cassandra, who is in love with a gay man These two friends got themselves into stupid situations than you can image.Ethan was outgoing and always so flirty, and he thought his money could buy everything Through out this whole story, these two try to one up each other, and the verbal barbs fly There were so many different scenes that were hysterical, but the scene at the ball park, was simply the best.This book alone was well worth the price I love the was Ms Bryce writes her stories Talk about entertaining.she s got that in spades Book 2 SOME LIKE IT RUTHLESS This story stars Margaret Caldwell her parents who she talked to once a year still lived in that same commune to this day Delia normally painted pictures, but they weren t selling right now She was sleeping on her friends sofa but she still needed money to eat, so she had agreed to take this job Hopefully it d be her last ceiling job.Jack liked her because she said what she thought, with no holes barred She wasn t impressed by his money, either, which he found very refreshing, too She also called him out whenever he got up on his high horse At first they were light fire ice, but soon their friendship turn into a raging wildfire.All in all this was a great box set, that I would recommend to everyone who wants to relax and have a few good laughs I know it sure perked up my spirits after reading them.

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    I loved the 1st free book so much in this series that I bought the collection.I would give this series to any romance newbie to set the standard for their future chick lit pursuits.Bryce knows her characters The people in these stories are not sketched out for our understanding, they are fleshed out as persons we can see and feel and touch I want to sit down to a leisurely brunch with each set of them and watch them interact I want to laugh and cry with them as the years progress They are my friend s doppelg ngers.The individual books stand alone even tho one of them overlaps First time I have watched a gay male couple romance, which was handled very maturely, romantically, but yet realistically inside a traditional female romance novel Nice job by the way I am sharing this series because others need to read great dialogue, enjoy fun characters, and identify with contemporary culture in a loving non confrontational way.Highly, highly recommend.Warning some language and premarital sex but with few details and handled discreetly.

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    This is a collection of 4 stories I loved the first story and I would give it 5 stars But the quality goes down with each subsequent story and I didn t even bother to finish the last story because it was a bit melodramatic I think the first two stories are worth reading, the third was very meh , and the last was terrible I think probably worth buying for the first two stories, though.

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    The last book is an alternative lifestyle romance genre I m a traditional male female reader, So the first three stories were awesome, funny, romantic, and enjoyable.

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