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Shipwreck pdf Shipwreck, ebook Shipwreck, epub Shipwreck, doc Shipwreck, e-pub Shipwreck, Shipwreck 304ae22aeb4 Six Kids One FateThey Didn T Want To Be On The Boat In The First Place They Were Sent There As A Character Building Experience But Now That The Adults Are Gone, The Quest For Survival Has Begun This First Book In A Suspenseful Survival Trilogy Delivers The Gripping Drama Of People Battling The Elements To Younger Readers

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    A bunch of unlikable, incredibly stupid children end up on a boat together and continue to do stupid things until they cause a shipwreck in the middle of the Pacific I really don t like books where the suspense comes from the characters being dumb.

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    It was a good book I read this one because it was a survival book I m waiting on the rest of the Stranded series.

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    What would do if you were drowning on a boat in the Pacific Ocean Could u swim for days How would you feel Would you give up or try to survive The genre of the book is realistic fiction.I think it was a pretty good book.Shipwreck took place in the Pacific Ocean It was about 6 kids that were behaving bad at home and were send to a camp where they work and think about all the bad things they have done and 2 captains that were trapped on a boat in a big storm in the Pacific Ocean The conflict was person vs nature The title relates to the book because a shipwreck acutally happens in the book In the book a huge waves hit the boat and destroy the boat In the story many bad things happen thatare caused by the water Many things happend to the boat and the 6 kids and both captians.I was surprised when spolier alert the 2 captains died and the 6 kids made it out alive i was surprised of this because I thought something bad was gunna happen to all of them or I thought they were all gunna die.I rate this book a 5 because it had many shocking moments and shcoking moments and it was interesting in where and how it took place I recommend this book to people who love to read adventureous, interesting, and shoking books I enjoyed this book.

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    Frankly, these series deserve four stars just for being so addictive Gordon Korman really does know how to build suspense and tension in his books This series isn t anything particularly new, but the way it s told makes it so much better This series also manages to get in some decent character work These characters won t win any awards, but they carry and drive the story These six also develop a decent amount, to the point where they become much likable by the end of the series.Definitely recommended for any middle grade readers.

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    This book was short but really good It was full of action and intensity because their boat catches on fire and the main captain died and the co captain left them and took the safety raft.

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    I feel bad since they didn t voluntarily decide to be on the boat I hate how they crash and how they are all split up at first I like how they all found each other and how they are deciding what to do in order to stay alive I like how they all stick together I hate how they break up and one goes the one way, and the others go the other way I like how they end up getting back together though This was definitely an enjoyable read I like how they didn t give up and how they discovered the food source and water source I really like how they used teamwork to survive.

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    I read this book when I was younger but wanted to read it again because it is so good The theme in the book is to look at the bright side of things In this book a group of friends are stuck in the middle of the Pacific island with people they don t like But they all looked at the bright side of it and said they all had each other Then all the friends were trapped on a Island together after a storm and their only way of survival was each other All of the friends stayed positive and kept looking at the bright side of things and because of that all of the friends stayed alive.

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    This series was a favorite read aloud for my kids In fact, pretty much everything we have read by Gordon Korman has been a winner

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    Read this one aloud to students because I remembered enjoying it when I was a kid It kept the kids interested and I liked being able to introduce some boat lingo to them.A few liked it enough to check out other Korman books, so I think that is a win bumped it from 3 stars to 4 because of their interest.

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    Shipwreck is a book about kids who are sent on a ship by their parents because they have broken the rules many times, they don t really seem the best of friends But when a giant tropical storm hits them, they need to survive with everyone.I didnt really like this book, in the beginning, at the end it god really interesting It ends at a cliff hanger which makes me want to read the next book I think people who like natural disaster books would find this book interesting.

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