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The Bill Everett Archives, Vol. 1 pdf The Bill Everett Archives, Vol. 1 , ebook The Bill Everett Archives, Vol. 1 , epub The Bill Everett Archives, Vol. 1 , doc The Bill Everett Archives, Vol. 1 , e-pub The Bill Everett Archives, Vol. 1 , The Bill Everett Archives, Vol. 1 fd333744ef1 The Creation Of The Sub Mariner For The First Issue Of Marvel Comics Assures Bill Everett A Place In History Co Creating Daredevil, The Man Without Fear, For Marvel Comics In Gave Everett A Link To One Of The Most Popular Superheroes Of The Past Years And Producing Over Additional Pages Of Superhero Related Work In The Very Early Days Of The Golden Age Of Comics Makes Bill Everett A LegendThis Book Collects Over Pages Of This Never Before Reprinted Work From Titles Such As Amazing Mystery Funnies , Amazing Man Comics , Target Comics , Heroic Comics , And Blue Bolt Comics These Titles Feature An Endless Array Of Great Vintage Everett Characters Such As Amazing Man, Hydroman, Skyrocket Steele, Sub Zero, The Chameleon, And Many , All Produced By Everett S Shop Funnies, Inc For Such Clients As Centaur, Novelty Press, And Eastern Color, And All Displaying Everett S Brilliant Cartooning And Energetic StorytellingEdited And Compiled By Best Selling Author And Comic Book Historian Blake Bell Strange And Stranger The World Of Steve Ditko , Amazing Mysteries The Bill Everett Archives Is A Stunning Companion To Bell S Critically Acclaimed Everett Biography And Art Book, Fire And Water Bill Everett, The Sub Mariner And The Birth Of Marvel Comics This Volume Follows The Format Of Bell S Steve Ditko Archives Series Never Before Reprinted, Beautifully Restored, Full Color Stories From One Of Comic Books Greatest Visionaries And Most Accomplished Artists Also Includes An Introduction By Bell That Delves Even Deeper Into Everett S Life, Fiery Personality, And The History Of The Era The Resultant Package Enhances Everett S Place In History As One Of The First And Best Comic Book Creators Of All Time

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    Most comic book fans with even a minimal knowledge of the medium s history know of Bill Everett, creator of Sub Mariner and co creator of Daredevil As Blake Bell points out in the aptly titled Amazing Mysteries The Bill Everett Archives Vol 1, the artist deserves far attention and scrutiny Everett worked on numerous comics throughout his lengthy career and this book explores his key contributions during the early Golden Age 1938 42 to titles such as Amazing Mystery Funnies, Amazing Man Comics, and Target Comics Bell not only reprints several of the stories featuring the largely forgotten creations Skyrocket Steele, Amazing Man, Hydro Man, Sub Zero Man, and others, but places Everett within the proper context of history through a brief bio of the artist during this period and notes about the individual pieces Deserving a place in most graphic libraries, the handsome Amazing Mysteries The Bill Everett Archives Vol 1 successfully re introduces the talented Everett to a new generation of readers.

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    2011 239 pagesDiscusses the history of comic books especially the art and storylines and characters created by Everett including Submariner and Daredevil with Stan Lee Lots of examples of his art.

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    This is that rarest of birds An excellent reprint volume made form public domain comics, and ones that don t infringe on any living artists possible interests, either Blake Bell has assembled a wonderful archive of the early work of Bill Everett, featuring some of his most famous non Timely Marvel creations Hydroman, Amazing Man, Sub Zero It s great to see an artist like Bill Everett get this kind of love and care taken with his work He was an artist who s talent grew and expanded as he got older, and his work on Sub Mariner for Marvel right before his death showed how good he had become Bell provides a fairly good biography of Everett, limited to the time period covered by the reprints Many folks will be dismayed to see that it isn t all super heroes so sorry, but there are other types of comic books, you idiots Detective, adventures, western, science fiction and even text stories are well represented in Amazing Mysteries There isn t a bad story in the book sure some of the attitudes and plots are a tad dated, but one has to read any sort of book in the eyes of the era that it was created in order to get the true brilliance of the work This is one I definitely would recommend to any comic book fan who actually reads proper comic books and comic stories, not the 99% dreck that is published today.

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    Great collection of anecdotes and stories from Bill Everett s career that doesn t focus solely on his Marvel work and the Sub Mariner Fascinating stuff and some decidedly weird stuff as well If you re a fan of Golden Age comics, this is a must read.

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    All in all a solid collection It was interesting to see the changes or growth of Everett s artwork Though simple, the stories were enjoyable.

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    golden age comic books are super duper

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