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Harvesting the Heart summary Harvesting the Heart, series Harvesting the Heart, book Harvesting the Heart, pdf Harvesting the Heart, Harvesting the Heart aa4d0af6d4 From The New York Times Bestselling Author Of Leaving Time Paige Has Only A Few Vivid Memories Of Her Mother, Who Abandoned Her At Five Years Old Now, Having Left Her Father Behind In Chicago For Dreams Of Art School And Marriage To An Ambitious Young Doctor, She Finds Herself With A Child Of Her Own But Her Mother S Absence And Shameful Memories Of Her Past Force Her To Doubt Whether She Could Ever Be Capable Of Bringing Joy And Meaning Into The Life Of Her Child, Gifts Her Own Mother Never Gave Harvesting The Heart Is Written With Astonishing Clarity And Evocative Detail, Convincing In Its Depiction Of Emotional Pain, Love, And Vulnerability, And Recalls The Writing Of Alice Hoffman And Kristin Hannah Out Of Paige S Struggle To Find Wholeness, Jodi Picoult Crafts An Absorbing Novel Peopled By Richly Drawn Characters, And Explores Motherhood With A Power And Depth Only She Is Capable Of A Brilliant, Moving Examination Of Motherhood, Brimming With Detail And Emotion Richmond Times Dispatch Jodi Picoult Explores The Fragile Ground Of Ambivalent Motherhood In Her Lush Second Novel This Story Belongs To The Lucky Reader The New York Times Book Review

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    This book lacked what I like about Jodi Picoult books twisting plot lines, multiple, relatable charactersI thought the plot was highly predictable I didn t care for the main character a young woman whose mother left her at five, had an abortion at 18, had a kid and didn t think she would be a good mother b c she didn t have one and aborted her first baby.I didn t relate to the marital problems I couldn t understand why the two characters ever got married in the first place they were from very different backgrounds.I didn t like listening to it, and I think that if I had been actually reading it I would have liked it even less b c it was so slow.

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    Jodi Picoult is one of my favorite authors, so when I found this novel for.75 at a library book sale AND I had never read it, it was all I could do to hold back the squeals not make a complete fool out of myself Jodi Picoult writes about hot, current topics in a fictional way suicide, stem cell research, kidnappings, murders, school shootings etc , topics that are unfortunately all to common She puts stories behind these issues makes you think about these topics, how would you react if you were the shooters mom, the caretaker of a cloned child, or the sibling of a kidnapped victim The book jacket for Harvesting the Heart didn t describe what it was about, but given the author I knew I d like it Boy, was I wrong very, very wrong In fact, this was up there with one of the WORST books I ve ever read If this had been my first Jodi Picoult novel, chances are it would ve been my last Fortunately I assumed she must have been having an off month when she wrote this because it was TERRIBLE.I m going to try to summarize the book very quickly If there had been a dust jacket I imagine it would ve went something like this at least if I had written it Paige O Toole a wannabe artist, dealing with abandonment issues from her mother leaving her at a young age, abandons her father by running away in the middle of the night, then abandons her husband child several years later, then finds her abandoned mom abandons her because her mom isn t sensitive enough to Paige s whining about how hard she had it, only to return to her husband child expecting them to be forgiving, supportive, happy to see her, because she s a victim of abandonment.Ummmm yeah Don t think it works like that Paige.I think this novel was so terrible, to me anyways, because Paige felt like she was entitled to selfishness That it was her RIGHT to be careless with other people s feelings because she was hurting Now I m not the moral police I have certainly been careless selfish with people s feelings hearts But at some point, either through your own conscience or outside factors, you wake up face what you ve done Paige never did that Throughout the whole novel she felt her actions were justified she was an abandoned child, she had an abortion, she lost the love of her life, she married a man who was never home, she was a bad mom, her in laws hated her, she gave up her dreams BLAH BLAH BLAH I got so tired of hearing her complain how hard she had it her continuous whining about being a punching bag for God The whole, What have I done to deserve this tantrum she threw in the middle of downtown Boston, literally made me toss my book across the room She just never got it She never got that regardless of your past, it s never an excuse for bad behavior in the present She never figured out why Nicholas was so mad at her for leaving after all she said she would be back then manipulated her way into his workplace stalked him it was just weird Then she preceded to have a nervous breakdown after calling her husband a liar huh Weird I felt the most empathy for Paige s father, who was the only character in the novel that I truly liked He never stopped loving his wife, he gave up his dreams to raise a daughter that he loved, even when she to, left him He was the example of what a parent should be I wish Jodi Picoult would ve involved his character in the storyline.I wouldn t recommend this novel, but only because I personally didn t like it Try any of her other books my favorite happens to be Plain Truth , but skip this one Harvesting the Heart isn t like her other novels, the writing is good, however, it s just an annoying book Especially if you get passionate involved in books, like I do, it ll make you wanna slap Paige I did read some reviews about this novel on Goodreads people liked it than not So it s strictly a matter of taste.And I happen to have excellent taste

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    He wandered off, leaving me wondering why white people named girl babies things like Hope and Faith and Patience names they could never live up to and black mothers called their daughters Mercy, Deliverance, Salvation crosses they d always have to bear That someone like him could want me was still overwhelming He held me the way a child holds a snowflake, lightly, as if he knew in the back of his mind I might disappear in the blink of an eye He wore his self assurance like a soft overcoat I wa snot just in love with him I worshipped him I had never met anyone like him, and, amazed that it was ME he had chosen, I made up my mind I would be whatever he wanted I would follow him to the ends of the earth Thinking that in my house OUR house furniture would be soft, with curved edges, colored bright to remind you you were alive, and everything, EVERYTHING, would be replaceable Suddenly I realize that this is what I ve been waiting for a man who depends entirely on me I dreamed for years of a man who couldn t live without me, a man who pictured my face when he closed his eyes, who loved me when I was a mess in the morning and when dinner was late and even when I overloaded the washing machine and burned out the motor My son stares up at me as if I can do no wrong I have always wanted someone who treats me the way he does I just didn t know that I d have to give birth to him It s not about possession and limits It is about giving everything until there s nothing left to give, and then searching until you find a little bit .

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    Generally speaking, I love the author While it was decent, this book didn t live up to my high expectations of her The entire novel was centered around only 2 characters I m a huge fan of character development, but it seemed like she was trying to convince herself as well as the reader of the character s motivations by repetition.Spoiler alert Basically it boils down to rich boy meets eccentric girl with a past Boy unknowingly trys to change the very things he fell in love with Girl becomes trapped and overwhelmed with the direction of her life and her responsibilities as a new mother Girl flees the scene in search of her long lost mother Girl realizes that she really had what she wanted all along Boy is stubborn and doesn t want to take girl back A life event brings boy and girl back together The ending is vague as to whether they have decided to make their reunion permanent.

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    I read this book this spring and it was a hard book for me to read It is about a girl whose mother walks out on her and her father when she is a little girl The girl then spends the rest of her life trying to make sense of that Her hopes as a young girl were that her mother would come back for her Subsequently, she kept a packed suitcase under her bed most her childhood By the time she is graduating high school, she knows that she too must leave her father and her life behind to try and find herself She moves from Illinois to Massachusetts on a whim She marries a man who also has family issues, though neither of them recognizes their issues or discusses them During their early marriage they both have shoved their families out of their lives and they are attempting to make it on their own Problems start when she becomes pregnant In her mind she has no idea how to be a mother since she never had a mother She has already set herself up for failure She walks out on her son and husband to go and find the mother that abandoned her I think the reason it was so hard for me to read is because of my feelings surrounding my own mother and our relationship I do fear that if I would ever have kids if I would be the same kind of mother as mine was Would my children end up being in therapy because I sucked at raising them Would I too turn my back on my children Great story like always I was definitely impressed since this was her second novel.

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    3.5 First and foremost, I am not a mother and I believe being a parent is probably one of the most difficult but rewarding roles in life That being said it just has never been for me This is a story that demonstrates how difficult the role can be to some parents not just mothers, whereas it comes naturally to others I did not warm up to Paige in this book and honestly I found Nicholas a bit sympathetic but not by too much I believe both main characters had aspects that readers will find selfish and frustratingly stubborn It just leaves the readers unable to be sympathetic to them However, this is a good read It is not an easy read where you are going to feel a minimum of emotions but then again if you are looking for an easy semi emotional read, you are probably not picking up a Jodi Picoult book Instead you will get grasped into the story and feel an irritation with the main characters.

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    I longed to be a mother I wanted children, lots of them I have four of the most beautiful people you could ever meet Motherhood is hard Taking care of a newborn is difficult There were times I wished the children would just go away but I never thought of leaving Some people never have children because they can t find it in their hearts to share and give of themselves Some walk away from their children Some women abort We form opinions and judge Are they selfish A bad person A bad mother A book is a story of events unfolding allowing the reader to form her opinion I can t imagine a guy reading this book It s a chick book The movie The Good Mother made me feel the same way this book did I don t agree with what the characters did but that wasn t why I read it I just wanted a story about people and their life experiences.

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    This book was alright Both main characters were annoying as all hell, just complaining about how their spouse wouldn t be caring to them and pay attention They pretty much ignored each other the first half of the book, and then BAM Paige leaves and then their marriage falls apart But in the end they still love each other Um, happy ending Yes Would happen in real life Hells no See, LaPierre, happy books aren t real.

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    This book was most definitely not awesome I disliked each of the characters, who each had no redeeming qualities and yet, I could not put it down It s one of those books that you hate reading, but that you must see through to the end In short, this is a story about a woman Paige who was abandoned by her mother at the age of 5 When Paige turns 18, she has an abortion and runs away from home Her new home becomes Boston and in just a few short days of living there, Paige meets Nicholas, an up and coming cardiothorasic surgeon The two fall in love and marry, against Nicholas s parents wishes Years later, Paige becomes pregnant and when her baby turns three months old, she runs away, again This time, in search of her mother The story goes on, Paige finds her mother, lives with her for several months and then decides she ought to go back to her life in Boston The ending is very ambiguous and we are left to never know if Paige and Nicholas reconcile or not I HATE endings like that and I HATE women like Paige, who are never really happy in their lives A terrible book

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    As much as I like jodi Picoult books, this definitely wasn t one of my favorites It probably was my least favorite of all of her books I did love her descriptions of people, places, and events but some of it was way overdone She seemed to ramble on and on about previous events in the characters lives or some odd description of a place they once visited or experienced The story is about a young woman who runs away from her home in Chicago and finds herself in Cambridge She waits tables and meets an older medical resident whom she marries shortly after Her mother left her when she was four and so much of the book keeps coming back to this fact The main character, Paige, is annoyingly hung up on this I guess I might be too but come on, this is fiction and eventually leaves her infant son and husband to find her mother She stays away for a couple months and then is baffled when her husband doesn t welcome her back with open arms Her husband is an arrogant, uppity, surgical doctor that she continually tries to impress Much of the book is filled with Paige s annoying stories of growing up without a mother or Nicholas her husband stories of his privileged life After Paige returns, Nicholas thinks of divorcing her and is set upon that path when their son becomes ill Just when the reader is thinking the two of them might reconcile their differences and work on their marriage, the book ends I like the open ended ending but just wish that it would ve been resolved a bit and a few hundred pages earlier If you want to read a Picoult book, I d stick to her recent books They re worth it

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