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Mercy summary Mercy, series Mercy, book Mercy, pdf Mercy, Mercy e80deb9f8b Police Chief Of A Small Massachusetts Town, Cameron McDonald Makes The Toughest Arrest Of His Life When His Own Cousin Jamie Comes To Him And Confesses Outright That He Has Killed His Terminally Ill Wife Out Of MercyNow, A Heated Murder Trial Plunges The Town Into Upheaval, And Drives A Wedge Into A Contented Marriage Cameron, Aiding The Prosecution In Their Case Against Jamie, Is Suddenly At Odds With His Devoted Wife, Allie Seduced By The Idea Of A Man So In Love With His Wife That He D Grant All Her Wishes, Even Her Wish To End Her Life And When An Inexplicable Attraction Leads To A Shocking Betrayal, Allie Faces The Hardest Questions Of The Heart When Does Love Cross The Line Of Moral Obligation And What Does It Mean To Truly Love Another Praised For Her Personal, Detail Rich StyleGlamour , Jodi Picoult Infuses This Page Turning Novel With Heart, Warmth, And Startling Candor, Taking Readers On An Unforgettable Emotional Journey

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    I am feeling completely sick Why Because this is Cam story I was supposed to sympathies I was supposed to understand him.But all I could think was Wow, you are every woman s nightmare husband And the ending His wife talking him back Well, I know a lot of people that think a cheater romance can have a redeemable cheater that groveled and realized his wrong doing and that that would make it all alright.So, what happens when the cheater is not redeemed What happens when he talks to a man that killed his dying wife out of love and say How did you ever let her go not because he is thinking about his wife, but because he is thinking about his lover Maybe I would have sympathizes if the husband and his lady love had some grand love story.But they only had dysfunctional lust, and I read page after page wondering why these two people even LIKED each other And ultimately, the mistress pretty much left the hero really.hero Could he even be called that because she loved him so LITTLE that she would not have liked him to change stop having his pristine life and go with her SHE LIKED THE IDEA OF HIM And for that ruined the heroine Well, if my heroine is so hurt by these selfish misfits then why the hell does her HEA include a husband that does not love her, and chooses her only because the woman he loved fuc ed left him I have no idea The only thing this book is good for is for seeing how NOT to react to a cheating asshat And how NOT to live your life always waiting for the other shoe to drop.

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    Absolutely HATED this book I usually find a few things I like about a story and highlight them for a review but this one has nothing for me to recommend, at all Truly I hated the characters, the style of writing, and the storyline that never was This is supposed to be a book about assistated suicide but 99% of it seemed to be about arranging flowers and a sickening adulterous affair between a husband and his wife s co worker stranger who has no allegiance to her friend or sense of decency or morals I hated the hoebag Mia, the unresolved marital issues, the lack of backbone in Allie and her mother in law Ellen, the lying cheating scumbag husband Cameron just a book filled with nothing but frustration and anger.

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    I love Jodi Picoult books However, this one was a real dispointment to me I didn t find the book a pleasure to read until over halfway through and even then it wasn t gripping in the way her stories usually are In fact as the book progressed I became increasingly annoyed at Cam.I found the numerous storylines distracting in a way since I found they detracted from rather than added to the main storyline Also the character of Cam was so self centered that I actually felt sorry for Allie even before he started cheating on her I also found the way the affair between Mia and Cam started to be far fetched.Arguably, it may take a stronger woman to stay with theor husband after an act of infidelity but it really frustrated me that she did Especially since we knew that she was always the one who had loved him .

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    I really wanted to like this book I ve heard rave reviews about J.P and this was my first read from this author Things I liked The parts that focused on Maggie were heartbreaking Jamie is a likable guy forced to make a life changing decision that no one should ever have to make Allie comes into her own and realizes she s stronger than she thought she was The allegory of how the title Mercy is used in different contexts for different characters Things I didn t like and the reason for only 3 stars Cam Cam Cam He falls in love in what, 2 days A love so strong that he cheats on his wife whom he has supposedly loved for 10 years Only after his wife finds out does he realize that he s done something wrong, and still he never showed remorse, even as he was being taken back into the fray At the end of the book, he still wants to be the big man with little wifey at home who cooks his food and cleans his house and lives to serve him Ugh.

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    One of my favorite earlier Picoult novels This one covers mercy killing, which is such a controversial subject matter But like any Picoult book, the supporting characters have their own plots going and boy do you get drawn into them You think you are reading a book about mercy killings and then it becomes mercy killings, marriage, infidelity, forgiveness, etc Picoult is a master at weaving in so many emotions and questions, leaving readers debating and thinking about the story long after putting the book up My quick and simple overall touchy subject matter but a beautiful story about than just mercy killing.

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    If there had been half stars, this book would have ratedd 2.5 It was better than ok, but I didn t really like it I had read four or five Jodi Picoult novels and found, from the first high of My Sister s Keeper it to be a slow, downhill road and this book doesn t break that path The first half, which took me three days to read, established the characters, none of whom I liked There is the adulterous husband who feels guilty about never passing up an opportunity to screw his wife s strange employee who wanders from town to town looking for love There is his wife, Allie, the submissive woman par excellence who held on to her virginity until she met her husband at 25 and whose every action is designed to please him Her small show of self assertiveness is quickly cast aside in favour of forgiveness and lurrrve Then there is the murderer who really isn t, his wife who is absolutely perfect in every single way and was dying of cancer anyway and sundry other characters all of them charicatures for their occupations The plot was plebian, the central theme, All For Love, who loves enough might have worked if I had liked the characters , and the language was often over flowery and reminiscent of a romance novel So why did I like it at all Two reasons Firstly, Jodi Picoult has the amazing ability to keep you on point, turning the pages unable to put the book down until you find out what happens It took me less than a couple of hours to read the second half of the book Secondly, I was trying to second guess what the twist at the end would be I guessed several possible ones and I was wrong, wrong, wrong Its very nice to have the author pull a surprise on you, I do like Picoult for that and so, I m not going to give up on her just yet the Tenth Circle is sitting on my coffee table already.

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    I was not really a fan of this book It could be so much better, IMO The flashbacks to Scotland were strange and I found it dragged quite a bit Certainly nowhere near my favourite of Picoult.

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    I don t know if I ve started to outgrow Jodi Picoult books, or whether the most recent books I ve read by her just haven t been as good as some of her best ones I really loved a few of her slightly older books My Sister s Keeper, Nineteen Minutes, Perfect Match , but I haven t been a big fan of her oldest books Songs of the Humpback Whale or her newest ones House Rules, Lone Wolf I really wasn t a big fan of Mercy, and here s why.I couldn t really get into the Big Issue of this book Jodi Picoult really likes tackling Big Issues controversial topics and ethical that are usually tackled in big court cases In this book, the Big Issue is presented by Jamie MacDonald, a bland thirty something who really loves his wife Maggie He loves Maggie so much, in fact, that when she gets terminal cancer and asks him to kill her, he does Afterwards, he turns himself into police and awaits his trial It s an interesting premise, but Picoult just doesn t carry it off The character of Jamie is poorly developed his main character trait seems to just be how much he loves Maggie and unlike in other Picoult books, when most of the characters are very invested in the Big Issue, the Big Issue here sometimes felt like a boring side plot I felt like the polarized opinions of Jamie s actions were forced Why does Cam hate Jamie so much, for example At one point, a random man actually tries to kill Jamie because he thinks that Jamie s actions were so horrible, and I m sorry, I just didn t buy that I can t imagine anyone knowing the circumstances of Maggie s death and thinking that Jamie deserves to die for what he did It felt like Picoult was trying to squeeze extra drama out of a situation that didn t really merit it The Jamie plotline was, at times, semi interesting, but I didn t feel particularly riveted while waiting for the final verdict, like I have with some of Picoult s other books I just felt kind of mehh about the whole thing.Jamie wasn t the only bland character Graham, his defense attorney, is another shockingly weak character All you ever really know about him is that he s very young, and that he s a lawyer For one of the MAIN characters, there s not much to him And now, for what I hated most Cam Mia Allie Wow, what a mess The really unfortunate thing is that I m pretty sure that Cam and Mia were SUPPOSED to be sympathetic characters Picoult pretty much never writes from the point of view of characters that readers aren t supposed to like, or at least understand But I actually felt physically repulsed by Cam and Mia There motivations and explanations for what they were doing made very little sense, or were never really clarified at all.Cam is a professional douchebag His life is SOOO HARD because it s his duty to be clan chief police chief and he couldn t be a travel writer like he wanted and he s married to someone he doesn t like that much First thing I didn t get Cam is always whining about how he was forced into his current life, but he was never FORCED to marry Allie That s why his behavior is so disgusting Cam treats Allie like crap He tunes her out when she talks, he refuses her sexual advances, he s never glad to see her when she surprises him at work, HE FORGETS VALENTINE S DAY EVERY YEAR He is a really terrible husband, even before the affair.And the affair So cringeworthy The character of Mia was never really explained enough for me to feel any sympathy for her whatsoever, and I think this is due to error on Picoult s part I mean, okay, so Mia comes to a new town, and a stranger, Allie, completely welcomes her with open arms, giving her a job and a place to stay, and generally just is REALLY nice to her WITHOUT HESITATION and this is where I think the book is really weak, because Mia doesn t seem to think very hard about the morality of what she does , she sleeps with Allie s husband the SECOND that Allie leaves town Seriously, it s almost immediately She then begins a passionate affair with Cam WHILE CONTINUING TO SEE AND WORK WITH ALLIE EVERY DAY Repulsive And not properly addressed by Picoult Is it really possible that Mia works alongside Allie and DOESN T feel extreme guilt Or at least extreme resentment of Allie The way Picoult writes it, Mia doesn t really feel much of anything at all when it comes to Allie Sometimes she is a little nervous about being found out, and sometimes she gets a little FLICKER of jealousy when she sees Cam show affection to his wife, but that s it And we re still supposed to like and understand Mia The fact that she doesn t really ever think about what she s doing to Allie is both disturbing and infuriating For God s sake, Cam and Mia have sex in Allie s bed and on the couch in her flower shop And neither of them acknowledges or thinks about how sick that is The way Picoult writes it, they don t even think about Allie at all in those moments.I also just didn t really buy the love between Cam and Mia I think it s supposed to be romantic, like they re soulmates who met at the wrong time But the book doesn t pull it off Toward the end of the book, Mia s just like, We re soulmates and in love, but we just like the IDEA of each other, so I m going to run away Sorry I ruined your marriage It was just so stupid Even stupid is that Cam sees Mia as this wonderful anti Allie who is so exotic and well traveled, and in the end, it turns out that Mia just wants the exact same life that Cam and Allie already have So no, they re not soulmates If Cam had met Mia early in his life, he probably would have ended up with the EXACT same life that he already has, just with Mia instead of Allie Ugh.Also didn t buy that the second Mia leaves town, Cam suddenly magically realizes that Allie s actually been perfect all along and that he should appreciate her You ve been lukewarm about your wife for this entire book A few pages ago, you were planning to leave her for another woman And now, you suddenly see how good you ve had it all along Not plausible.And then ALLIEdon t even know what to say about Allie She was the character I liked the most, I think, but I was so deeply frustrated by what she decides to do at the end of the book She realizes that her husband has been lying and cheating in ADDITION to treating her like crap all the time She understandably freaks out and finally stands up for herself for a little while I was like, YES FINALLY And then she just decides to take him back And Picoult writes like this is the most romantic thing in the world NO IT IS NOT ROMANTIC TO TAKE BACK YOUR CHEATING JERK HUSBAND, ESPECIALLY WHEN HE IS STILL IN LOVE WITH SOMEONE ELSE Allie s just like, well now Cam appreciates me and we treat each other like equals So it s okay Ugh ugh ugh I also did NOT appreciate the scene when Jamie tells Allie to take Cam back because Jamie and Cam are best buds now and completely understand what the other one is going through I m sorry, but I don t see the connection between killing your sick wife who you are deeply in love with and begging your wife who you kind of like, sometimes to take you back after you cheated on her Not comparable situations.Another side note I didn t like the weird Angus flashbacks to Scotland or whatever What was that Weird and unnecessary, and didn t connect to anything else at all Basically, Picoult tried to write a book about the complicated nature of love, and for the most part, she failed I understood the romantic nature of the Jamie Maggie plotline, but the one the Cam Mia Allie was so devoid of romance and true love that it made me a little sick.

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    I believe I read this book under false pretense I thought the plot was dealing with the issue of euthanasia.In truth, that issue took a back seat to the shenanigans of the weak,ineffectual,selfish,hormone driven sheriff Cameron Mac Donald is not only the sheriff of Wheelock, Massachusetts, he is also the laird of the clan that makes up a good deal of the population Married to Allie,who literally paves the way for him through married life, has an affair with of all people, his wife s assistant at the flower shop she owns What And Allie is clueless, until she comes upon irrefutable evidence Her resulting rage I applauded, but it wasn t enough for me to embrace her character.People who allow themselves to be doormats are just an anathema to me There were only three characters that I had any good feelings about and that was Jamie MacDonald,who killed his wife because she asked him to.The depth of love he felt for his wife and his resultant anguish tore at my heart I enjoyed Ellen MacDonald, Cameron s mother Woman after my own heart, she has embraced her age and opened herself up to new old ways of healing after loss And I absolutely loved Angus MacDonald, Cameron s great uncle.Without his classic pithy wit and pragmatic approach to life, I would not have finished this book It seemed like the murder and resulting trial were the subplot to the sad, sick tale of the MacDonalds and their marital woes What a shame The author had a real chance to shine a light on a very real issue of our time She let it slip away.

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    I could not put this book down Jodi s writing is so deep and captivating that I found profound thoughts and insights on nearly every page The story itself was ok, but what I liked about the book the most was how psychological it was the insights and emotions of the characters, and how you could literally see through their eyes and understand their circumstances thanks to Jodi She s so poetic and uses the most amazing imagery to describe how someone is feeling, or what they are thinking The story revolves around Jamie, a man who deeply in love with his dying wife, kills her at her request He turns himself in to his cousin Cam, the chief of police in Wheelock, MA His story parallels many things that happen in Cam s life as his trial for murdering his wife progresses There are a few things that bothered me personally the adultery for one thing It tied into the story very well but for some reason I just got so angry and empathetic for the FAITHFUL spouse Also I felt like there should have been of an ending.

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