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Picture Perfect chapter 1 Picture Perfect, meaning Picture Perfect, genre Picture Perfect, book cover Picture Perfect, flies Picture Perfect, Picture Perfect 7ba16f57089ca From The New York Times Bestselling Author Of Leaving Time, The Storyteller, And Nineteen MinutesTo The Outside World, They Seem To Have It All Cassie Barrett, A Renowned Anthropologist, And Alex Rivers, One Of Hollywood S Hottest Actors, Met On The Set Of A Motion Picture In Africa They Shared Childhood Tales, Toasted The Future, And Declared Their Love In A Fairy Tale Wedding But When They Return To California, Something Alters The Picture Of Their Perfect Marriage A Frightening Pattern Is Taking Shape A Cycle Of Hurt, Denial, And Promises, Thinly Veiled By Glamour Torn Between Fear And Something That Resembles Love, Cassie Wrestles With Questions She Never Dreamed She Would Face How Can She Leave Then Again, How Can She Stay

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    Alas, I always tout Picoult as an authur of good reads but this one is BADD.It can be compared to the paperback grocery store bodice busters The story idea is OK, but the writing is Where was the editor The only good part was when the Native Americans were in the read Don t go for this one Sorry Ms Picoult.

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    This was, by far, the WORST book I ever read Like many, I have this stupid rule about finishing every book I start, otherwise I would have put this book down after the first chapter I had a hard time getting into the previous Jodi Picoult book I read but after I got into it I enjoyed it I kept thinking to myself, maybe the next chapter will be better it never was.The story line was extremely slow and in the beginning bounced back and forth between present day with Cassie s amnesia to her pathetic childhood Will s Lakota childhood and why he ran away to L.A Alex s lies regarding his childhood to his present day status as a god in Hollywood I was so confused that by the time the book got to present day with Cassie regaining her memory I almost missed it.

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    this book was absolutely my favourite of jodi picoult s, something opposite from the other readers even though the indian folklore were pretty boring, the exposure of marital physical abuse is than real it may be a perfect fairy tale type of story, but maybe that s because i m one of those younger readers.

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    I typically love Jodi Picoult novels but this one was a huge let down She typically focuses on relevant topics and is able to capture the details of everyday life along with the real emotions her characters are dealing with but Picture Perfect was nothing but a bad romance novel Her portrayal of the wife battering is shallow and unrealistic The little that she touches on Native American issues is interesting, but again, there s no real substance to anything in this novel I have chosen Jodi Picoult s books in the past because she is able to portray the emotions and issues people face when dealing with challenges that have not been part of my world I have marveled when imagining the in depth research she must have conducted to create such realistic scenarios and have been amazed at how she can capture the essence of her characters lives Picture Perfect totally missed the mark for me, so much so that I m starting to wonder if Jodi Picoult even wrote this novel.

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    I have to say Jodi Picoult is not my thing After I read this book I feel like I am having amnesia just like the main character Do not remember much of what is going on with this book.

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    I finished this book a few days ago As every Jodi Picoult book I ve read, I couldn t help but feel immersed in the story, unable to put it down for most of the time, wanting to read just one chapter so I could learn what was happening or had happened to certain characters It was the first book by this author I ve read that had no lawyer or courthouse events, which was a bit of a breath of fresh air, but it did touch on a delicate situation abuse and violence, a subject matter that s truly difficult to read, because you find yourself emphatizing with the one being abused but at the same time feeling some frustration at their seeming inability or unwillingness to do something about it In fact, the main character keeps justifying the abuse her husband rains on her, which is a well known behaviour of most abuse victims.I really enjoyed reading this one I ve yet to come across a book by this author I have no enjoyed, some than others I m glad I had the opportunity to read it.

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    Picture Perfect, by Jodi Picoult, tells the story of Cassie, an anthropologist who s married to the famous Alex Rivers, a movie star as talented as Daniel Day Lewis, as desired as George Clooney, and as handsome as both of those guys put together However, things are not as great as they seem, because soon Alex begins to beat Cassie Of course, there are reasons why he beats her he suffered abuse as a child, his parents never loved him and reasons why she puts up with it she had an alcoholic mother who depended on her, her first love was shot and killed , but ultimately, Cassie must decide if love should be as forgiving as she has spent her life being When she can no longer handle the punishment that loving Alex brings, she turns to Will, a Native American cop who has his own demons to battle A love triangle is established that will ultimately test the power of their love and the strength of their own identities.Jodi Picoult, as always, is an excellent story teller, and one of my favorite writers Reading her books is like taking a class on how to write fiction that s at once compelling, entertaining, and moving There are some extremely effective passages in this book that demonstrate her mastery with words, and I would recommend Picture Perfect to anyone who enjoys a good story about the complexities of love and the imperfections of the human race.That said, there was one thing that bugged me I started to get really annoyed with Cassie for staying with Alex as long as she did, to the point where I almost didn t care any about what happened to her Also, I failed to understand what both Alex and Will saw in her, why they both were so hopelessly in love with this woman.Yet, despite my complaint, I still think Picture Perfect is a great story I have read other books about abuse, and I ve seen movies as well, and in each one the abuser is always the ultimate evil bad guy, the woman is the martyred victim, forced to find her strength, and the other guy the guy she finds once she leaves her husband is nice and predictably perfect for her Picoult never stoops to such clich s All of her characters have strengths and weaknesses, no one is a true sinner or a saint.

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    2.5 starsI m ashamed I rant against Jodi Picoult and I keep crawling back to her like a bad habit Of course, my mom recommended this one to me and I will give it to her I probably liked this one the best I never, ever can get over Picoult s writing style Her sweeping, dramatic descriptions don t do it for me However, I liked the way she set up this story Letting you see the damage first so you knew that Alex was abusive before sweeping you up into their love story I think Picoult actually did a good job getting into the mind of an abused person Maybe she s suffered some kind of abuse herself, I don t know, but I did like how she made Alex such a stark contradiction So loving and charming the absolute opposite of what most people would think an abusive husband would be like And how she made Cassie intelligent and self sufficient not relying on Alex for a living I think stereotypes of abusive relationships being only for drunks, lower class, uneducated people is part of the reason why some people shy away from getting the help they truly need But I ll hop off my soap box now.

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    Some popular writers can be relied upon to produce consistently good or bad quality fiction, and other cannot Jodi Picoult falls into the latter category While most of her novels that I ve read have been compelling, topical and intelligent, Salem Falls and Picture Perfect could not be cliched Picture Perfect tells of the marriage between an anthropologist and America s most popular matinee idol The book opens during the immediate aftermath of an unspecified incident that leaves the wife with amnesia cliche 1 The police officer who rescued her is a Native American struggling to survive in the racist atmosphere of LA He is inexplicably drawn to this woman, and can t get her out of his mind cliche 2 As the plot unfolds, it is instantly apparent that all is not well within the marriage The worried but narcissistic husband has a penchant for flying off the handle, and we suspect that he is abusive cliche 3 The back story centers upon how and why the Native American became a cop, and is fluffed out with several native legends, which are the highlights of the novel Supporting characters tend toward types, such as macho cops, the bimbo best friend, and the sleazy agent from Brooklyn The story plays out all too predictably, and is little than a soap opera, or a romance ala Nora Roberts or Danielle Steel Which is fine if that s what you re looking for, but it s not a genre that I enjoy.

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    Airplane read Underwhelming treatment of domestic violence with a weak ending I spent most of the book thinking that it was going to focus on how difficult it is to honestly connect with someone who is constantly acting, or even maybe something about how the romance novels Cassie read during her marriage had contributed to her putting up with abuse But toward the end I realized that it was basically just a romance novel dressed up to look like something serious Disappointing and a romance novel would have cost less, frankly I was especially bothered by how Cassie s decision to out her husband as abusive was framed as her realizing that she had to make him hate her, because she would always love him or something like that so that it was STILL about what was best for him, rather than what was best for her If it had been a better and nuanced book, I could have accepted that, or taken it as a critique of the effects domestic violence can have Stockholm syndrome, that kind of thing But this really wasn t that book.Also, after awhile all the rapturous descriptions of sex with Alex undermined the storyline I just didn t believe that Cassie was living in constant fear of him if she were, that would have showed up in her ability to relate to him sexually Overall, I was disappointed and finally annoyed with this book.

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