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    11 10 08Ugh I finished this last night because I couldn t bear to spend another day of my life with this in my purse So why did I read it For the same reason that many young women read books they might not be thrilled with I had to read it for my book club which normally picks much intelligent and interesting books As I mentioned to the person selecting the book when she solicited comments about her short list of options, I ve never been tempted to read a Picoult book I doubt that I shall read another.The short summary is this after her parents separation and divorce, Faith White starts talking to God who she sees as a woman and calls her Guard Faith starts healing people and develops what appears to be Stigmata Divorce, medical things, custody battle In short, complications ensue for father, mother, daughter, and the hot Southern television guy that s supposed to be proving Faith to be a fraud if he wasn t falling for her mom.My irritation at this book exists on many levels As far as being pertinent in a GoodReads review, here are a few Oh, and I m not too concerned about spoiling things for anyone reading this review, as I hope you don t pick up this waste of trees, so if you really don t want me to spoil the incredibly obvious and uninteresting ending Don t read any further 1 This was an incredibly formulaic book It s as though Picoult had worked out a system for churning out books with interchangeable characters geared to a female marketplace Working on her seventeenth book and she s only 42, is she You don t say Names and details were changed, but otherwise it was like you might see Insert protective mother example here Insert love scene here Insert courtroom drama here I m betting that if I picked up another Picoult book, I d find myself in a book with the names and situations slightly changed, but ultimately, the exact same outline.2 For a book that is essentially beach reading, it took itself way too seriously You realize mass markets are made for beach totes, right Pure and simple That s the level of the writing, the intricacy of the characters, etc I have nothing against beach reading or silly books, believe me I find them to be delightful when that s what you want But this book wants to pretend that it s about religion and protecting children and funnily enough, she gets way preachy about what children need in the courtroom scenes rather than being preachy about the religion where everyone seems to be rational and accepting, aside from one small spectacle on Larry King Oh and speaking about the focus on children 3 For a book where characters kept insisting that the main story here be it in the media frenzy, hospital scenes, or custody case was about Faith the child , I actually didn t think Picoult paid much attention to Faith until the last page of the book And then it was to do something incredibly inconsistent with the story she was writing Instead, the real drama centered around Mariah, the mother Maybe because Picoult is aiming for a middle aged female market of wives and mothers, who want to know that just because they re not a gold star mom and life isn t going smoothly, they re still great and could have a happy ending Picoult put way effort into the relationship between Mariah and the tele atheist Ian though certainly not enough to convince us that their coupling is anything but unbelievable Faith just wanders in occasionally to talk about drowned kittens and spurt blood from her hands and side.4 I didn t find any of the characters to be deep or complicated Or particularly likable The mother is needy and spineless The grandmother is a stereotype of a strong grandmother figure The father is an adultering asshole that the writer wants to pretend like she s not depicting as an ass, so she throws in a moment or two where he sees other kids and misses Faith, or he worries a bit about diving right into a new family The tele atheist is way too simplified, would never actually be interested in Faith s mom, and his big secret was incredibly obvious And for a story where everything is uncovered in these people s lives by detectives and media snoops, they conveniently miss a few things which, surprisingly enough, benefits the characters you re supposed to be rooting for.5 Picoult wants you to think she s giving you a book where things might not be what they seem, and issues are complicated She just doesn t want to put the effort into writing that book There came a point where I stopped and wondered if Picoult was ballsy enough to do something aka make this not about a kid hearing God, but make this about whether or not Faith or Mariah was lying and was mentally unstable But that was a fleeting moment I then remembered what a predictable book this had been up to that point and sure enough, we had to endure a hundred pages or so of courtroom scenes where Picoult desperately wanted us to think that the happily ever after for mother daughter was in jeopardy.Those are just a few things that bothered me Thankfully, this book club meeting isn t for another month or so I ll rant here and to my friends for a few days, but perhaps by the time we meet, I ll have come up with something constructive to say or have thought of some interesting questions to pose for discussion But right now, the only thing I m left wondering is how many times Picoult watched Contact and how hard she thought about covering up the idea that Ian s character was really just Matthew McConaughey playing for the other side 11 06 08Sigh Not what I would be choosing for a book club of intelligent young women.

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    Ay yi yi..ok, no Jodi Picoult books..I always say that and then end up reading I WANT to like her booksand they always have sooo much potentialthen, alwaysalways alwaysthey disappointI was especially excited about this one because of her latest interveiw she talked about this book and how it s her favorite and most challenging so far because of it s ground breaking subject matterStigmata Are you serious Jodi Ay yi yi This book wasn t so much about having and excercising faith as it was embracing fantasy and calling anything and everything religion and a call to embrace all ideas about God as relevant and truesigh I DO like Jodi s characters though,the Ian Fletcher atheist characte was charming, but I was really hoping for some come to Jesus moment for him after his experience with his brother HAHAHAAha Oh well

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    Jodi Picoult is an author I keep returning back to again and again Her books have the unique ability to ask complex questions of your own beliefs and prejudices normally I devour anything she writes and some of my favourite books belong to her However, Keeping Faith just didn t hold its momentum for me Recently separated from her husband, Mariah and her strong willed mother are attempting to raise Mariah s seven year old daughter Faith with as minimum disruption as possible Mariah is chronically depressed due to her husbands infidelity, and as such is neglecting her child Much of the book centres on Mariah and how she feels, which is at odds with the books title.Most of Picoult s books follow a similar thread complex family ties, courtroom drama, a resolved ending Keeping Faith differs slightly from the other books but the writing remains true to the Picoult style Maybe it was the religious aspect I found uncomfortable the idea that a child is talking to God and has the ability to cure AIDS, bring an old woman back from the dead and walk on water is absurd to me I just couldn t take it seriously enough to look past these situations The book didn t progress as I would have liked it to either and I found myself wishing the pages away Oh well, hopefully the next Picoult book I pick up will help make up for the time spent on this one.

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    I loved this book while I was reading it, and I was very disappointed by the ending It was a fast read, it was engaging, I absolutely didn t want to put it down A mother who has just discovered that her husband is cheating on her several years after another cheating incident lead her to a suicide attempt finds out that her daughter has an imaginary friend Godwho happens to be a woman Faith performs some miracles and a media circus rises up around her reporters camped out on the lawn, etc Faith s father sues for custoday, and there s some question as to whether the mother might be forcing her daughter to do this for attention.But they never actually say whether Faith is actually seeing God, or whether she s making it up, or whether her mother planted the idea in her mind somehow The ending is actually DESIGNED to keep you guessing, which is pretty infuriating Read at your own risk

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    This book was pretty good, overall Definitely kept you reading, wondering what was going to happen next and, of course, WHY There were a few things that bothered me about it though I think there were too many questions left unanswered I understand that maybe this was purposeful, but I didn t like it, personally I was also put off by the fact that the story was told about several different characters, in the third person, but ONE character was told in first person It didn t make sense and was a bit confusing at first Overall though, it was a powerful story that made you think, whatever your personal beliefs are.

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    4.5 Absolutely fascinating I love the mixed religion, religion in court, stigmata, psychological and medical, and family dynamics themes that arise while reading this book This was one of my favorite Jodi Picoult books so far My marathon continues with Change of Heart My short and sweet overall interesting story and entertaining characters

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    Keeping Faith is primarily a story about a young girl who suddenly starts seeing God and performing miracles My impression was that readers would be allowed to come to our own conclusions about this whether it was real, invented by Faith, invented by her mother for attention, etc , but it doesn t work out that way clearly, within the context of the story, Faith is healing people, experiencing stigmata and so forth The story of how her mother Mariah, the local churches and the media react to this phenomenon is somewhat interesting, but hardly requires a book of this length And the romantic side story involving Mariah and the television atheist, Ian, is terrible Can you say wish fulfillment fantasy I m sure every middle class, newly divorced woman fighting for custody of her child would love the ego boost of a rich, handsome single man falling madly in love with her for no apparent reason, but yeah right It s unclear why he s even interested I ve read two Picoult novels now, to give her a fair chance, but don t kid yourself the unique sounding plotlines are really just a cover for poorly written melodrama and even poorly written romance Unless this is your taste in guilty pleasure reading, I d recommend moving on to books of real quality.

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    When Mariah and her daughter walk in on Mariah s husband with another woman, she thinks that this is the ultimate shock in her lifethat is, until her daughter starts speaking in Bible passages In any other child, this may not be startling however, Mariah has raised her seven year old with no religion present in the household.Things go from strange to miraculous as Faith begins spontaneously healing people, developing stigmata, and speaking with her guard Could Faith truly be speaking with God, or is she delusional Atheist Ian Fletcher is a cynic, and decides to investigate the story for his anti evangelical television show After awhile, he finds himself drawn to Mariahand after further investigation, he s not ready to draw any conclusions about her daughter.Not as compelling as some of Picoult s other books it had a slow start, but was intriguing and made me want to know what happened in the end.

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    I think this is my FAVORITE Jodi Picoult book I love her other books, too, but this one hit me profoundly This book captivated me right from the beginning I read it for several hours straight, and when I could no longer stay awake to continue, I found myself constantly thinking about it throughout the next day I couldn t wait to get back to it All of the main characters were compelling, but I was especially drawn to Ian Fletcher, whose transformation from the beginning of the novel to the end unfurled so beautifully At first, you could not help but hate this atheist preacher with his pomposity and narrow mindedness Ugh But then you discover Ian s twin brother Michael, which reveals a completely different side of him and partly explains the distant person he has become I think I fell in love with Ian just when Mariah did when she and Faith saw him interact so sweetly with Michael Afterwards, when Mariah shows him just a little care and concern, she cracks his brittle exterior, and we discover this loving soul underneath I don t think I will ever forget the scene of Ian visiting Michael early in the morning, when he receives that incredible gift I am tearing up again just thinking about it Totally by accident, I happened to read Keeping Faith right before the release of Change of Heart, and I was delighted to discover that Ian Fletcher was resurrected in that novel To me, Change of Heart was worth reading just to learn about how Ian, Mariah and Faith were faring since I last left them Although I liked Keeping faith better than Change of Heart, I found both books captivating As is the case in all of Picoult s stories, her meticulous research and character development make the story quite compelling And in Change of Heart, it was so refreshing to see Maggie, who is bright and funny but also overweight and insecure, land a handsome, sensitive guy Hooray Was anyone else moved by Ian Fletcher I d love to hear some other comments about him.

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    3 starsThe story is a bit formulaic as most Jodi Picoult books are but sometimes that makes for comfort reading.The story Seven year old Faith is caught in the middle of her parents crumbling marriage and in much need of a friend to confide in That is when her imaginary friend steps in Not long after, miracles start to occur around Faith, and her mother starts to realize that Faith is not only speaking to God , but that her God is a woman And then the media and church gets wind of this There is a definite hook that made me listen to this even while I was not driving which is where I normally listen to my audio books Picoult writes well and chooses interesting and controversial issues to work through and I also appreciate the fact that she kept the ending slightly open to interpretation so readers can draw their own conclusions.I have no hesitation recommending this as a nice and easy read however, for me, it was not completely flawless.As the majority of the story focuses on Mariah and her struggle to keep her daughter with her, I think an opportunity was missed to flesh out Faith s character and not just use her as the catalyst to create controversy and momentum The same goes for Ian Fletcher.But I also have to mention that I bought the abridged audio version by accident so perhaps I missed some of the buildup and nuances that would have been present in an unabridged version I added the extra star as the narrator Megan Dodds did a stellar job with this audio version.

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