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Songs of the Humpback Whale: A Novel in Five Voices explained Songs of the Humpback Whale: A Novel in Five Voices, review Songs of the Humpback Whale: A Novel in Five Voices, trailer Songs of the Humpback Whale: A Novel in Five Voices, box office Songs of the Humpback Whale: A Novel in Five Voices, analysis Songs of the Humpback Whale: A Novel in Five Voices, Songs of the Humpback Whale: A Novel in Five Voices 8c0a Sometimes Finding Your Own Voice Is A Matter Of Listening To The Heart Jodi Picoult S Powerful Novel Portrays An Emotionally Charged Marriage That Changes Course In One Explosive MomentFor Years, Jane Jones Has Lived In The Shadow Of Her Husband, Renowned San Diego Oceanographer Oliver Jones But During An Escalating Argument, Jane Turns On Him With An Alarming Volatility In Anger And Fear, Jane Leaves With Their Teenage Daughter, Rebecca, For A Cross Country Odyssey Charted By Letters From Her Brother Joley, Guiding Them To His Massachusetts Apple Farm, Where Surprising Self Discoveries Await Now Oliver, An Expert At Tracking Humpback Whales Across Vast Oceans, Will Search For His Wife Across A Continent And Find A New Way To See The World, His Family, And Himself Through Her Eyes

  • Paperback
  • 346 pages
  • Songs of the Humpback Whale: A Novel in Five Voices
  • Jodi Picoult
  • English
  • 20 July 2018
  • 9780743431019

About the Author: Jodi Picoult

Jodi Picoult is the author of twenty four novels, including the 1 New York Times bestsellers Small Great Things, Leaving Time, The Storyteller, Lone Wolf, Between the Lines, Sing You Home, House Rules, Handle with Care, Change of Heart, Nineteen Minutes, and My Sister s Keeper She lives in New Hampshire with her husband and three children.Her new novel, A SPARK OF LIGHT, is available in hardcove

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    This book is awful Jodi Picoult has written too many books too quickly she s lacking a good story and apparently doesn t research her material The book is written from five different perspectives which would be fine but she doesn t go in chronological order and she doesn t consistenly date the entries You have to guess the time frame Next, when the mom and daughter arrive in Salt Lake she gives an AWFUL description of the people and the main attraction the Great Salt Lake She says the religion is stifling no description as to why The mom faints in the post office and awakens to a polygamist doctor and his three wives, one of which is a nurse They don t have any children with them She s obviously not met the polygamists Then, they take a ride to the Great Salt Lake with the polygamist doctor and his wives, which also happen to be heading there for a swim As they arrive at the lake she mentions all the people swimming WHAT When was the last time you went for a swim in the lake, or for that matter, met anyone who was heading out for a day on the beach Also, she fails to mention the stench or the annoying bugs that surround this lake I ve ridden my bike around Antelope Island probably a popular tourist attraction than the fine swimming Next we come the the part where 15 year old Rebecca gets down to bed business with Hadley, who is 10 years her senior Where I m from, this is statuatory rape and I m done I ve officially lost interest in this book I don t know that I ll read another book by this author.This book is offensive and poorly researched

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    This was a hard Picoult book to get into I kept putting it down to read other books instead The story when it finally comes together is a good but that skipping around and then hearing different POVs was just not an attention getter I only have two of her books to read and will have read all of her work but I can already say that I like her later work much better than her earlier work This one was one of my least favorites The characters had some likeability but for the most part no and they were hard to connect with My quick and simple overall not her best but once you tread through the story and it comes together, it s not bad at all.

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    Sorry, Jodi, but you get one star for this book and one star only.Issues Organization News flash Confusing time skips, where you ve got four POVs telling the story chronologically and one telling it backwards, are confusing AND annoying It took me at least half of the book to figure out that what Rebbeca was talking about hadn t happened yet, and I didn t know exactly what was up with Rebbeca s chapters until I read the QA with the author at the back of the book Instead of progressing chronologically like the other four voices , Miss Rebecca s POV begins at the end and works backwards I had a major problem with this because once I d figured out that Rebecca s chapters hadn t happened yet, the ending held no surprises for me because I knew what had to happen.Characters Why do I always hate Picoult s mothers so much I ve read exactly eight of her books, and I have yet to find a mother figure that I really like The Tenth Circle Laura has the most devoted husband in the world, yet she feels this strange compulsion to fall into one of her student s arms until she suddenly, mysteriously recognizes the error of her ways Change of Heart June spends 9 10 of the book saying she d rather her daughter die than take the heart of such a monster My Sister s Keeper Sara would have performed the operation on Anna herself if she d had a scalpel and a basic knowledge of human anatomy and then we have Songs of the Humpback Whale, and Jane, whiny, whiny brat of a woman who wouldn t know real love if it threw itself in front of a van to save her life.I had a hard time with Jane Supposedly her husband mistreats her we have the one slap in the very beginning of the book to support that theory and the fact that he spends a lot of time absorbed in his work Meanwhile, Jane decides to travel cross country with her daughter to her brother s apple orchard, where she meets a man and proceeds to fall completely in love with him in the space of about five days, the first two of which were spent hating each other s guts She sleeps with him, blabs on and on about how different she feels with him compared to her husband, and generally makes herself insufferable.I have much sympathy for the supposed abusive husband he, too, had the chance to cheat on his wife as he chases her across the country, but he walks out because, for some inexplicable reason, he loves his wife He walks in on her sleeping in another man s arms and is still willing to forgive her He s the real sufferer in this book.Too Much Backstory Picoult has a long history of trying to make her characters three dimensional through the use of tiring flashbacks and backstory, a tradition that clearly began with this book Rebbeca supposedly survived a plane crash as a three year old How convenient for Picoult A perfect excuse for the happy family to take a circuituous car trip instead of a plane flight, and a chance to visit Salt Lake City and other shoddily researched locales Jane s father was a big fat pervert The first time Jane decided to have sex with her boyfriend and later husband, a trip to the beach Jane went on with her brother The trend becomes tiring after a while just as people would prefer to date someone without a whole lot of heavy baggage, occassionally readers would like to read about a comparitively unencumbered character, who develops as the story progresses rather than before it ever even starts.The book gets one star, and although the rest of her books that I ve read seem better, I give them four stars at most and average around 2.5 3 stars for each I don t see the point in reading any of her books they become so repetitive as to be predictable after a while If you read a Picoult book, you ll generally be reading about a big, controversial issue and a big, dramatic law suit or trial, mother figures that make you want to scream Take a look at a real mother, just one glance, and you ll see that they re not all monsters multiple viewpoints, backstories and subplots galore did anyone really care about the lawyer finding her birthmother in Handle With Care , characters who can t make up their minds about anything, and fair, but not top notch writing I started keeping track of the number of times the phrase it was a catch 22 showed up in Handle With Care, but after hitting a dozen different times under different character viewpoints, I gave up.

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    As an avid Jodi Picoult reader, I was deeply disappointed by this book Usually I love her books and can t put them down I found the characters to difficult to relate to and therefore difficult to care about Some of them were just plain creepy and disturbing Joely who is apparently madly in love with his own sister, and Hadley a 25 year old man who thinks it is okay to have a sexual relationship with a naive, emotionally immature fifteen year old girl That s called statutory rape The narrative is written from five characters points of view The way the story is set out is also hard to follow what the character of Rebecca starting at the future and working backwards, but all the other characters giving their version of the story in real time The ending was very flat and boring and had no direction I didn t understand why Jane went back to her husband, especially since it was an unhappy marriage and she was in love with another man Why have the character make the same mistake twice The novel finishes where it started and none of the characters really evolved or changed for the better.I was surprised this novel was published I felt that the book had not been edited or proof read at all and could do with a major re write My advice don t bother reading this novel, instead read some of Jodi Picoult s better novels like My Sister s Keeper, The Plain Truth, and Salem Falls.

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    Some said that Jodi Picoult s early works were not as good as her present novels Which I do agree that in fact I m still in a process of discovering her own world of writing What I mean is, I m not quitting, I have the feeling that her present works were better and she s still in a process of discovering her own inner ideas to write a book I don t believe that her books were written badly and in fact, I find it okay but the problem with this book is the strangling minds of the characters I can t feel the unity between them, they differ of course, everyone does but what I mean of differ is their own situation, there is something between them that the story broke its continuity It makes the story lost its sense of continuity between characters, they are only puppets and I can t feel the true people experiencing such situation.According to the book or the forgotten source that Songs of the Humpback Whale is a book of five voices and it hit my back and started reading her book, maybe I expected much and trying to level it with my own standard Five voices Yes, there are five main characters in the story But for me there are only four of them, the other character only showed in the story by his letter to the other character He wasn t been developed well by the author but it develops the character of Jane and that makes him special to others or maybe less special.The whole story only evolved to their broken relationship and finding the true meaning of family, love and itself The whole idea was better, sharing their daughter Rebecca, the symbol of their marriage and the reason of their relationship They always see themselves to Rebecca, she is the mixture of their love and their traits Nobody can separate them no matter how far they d go, love always one step apart.Oliver, a marine biologist and husband of Jane Obsessed in researching humpback whales and loosing his own time to his wife and daughter Imagine 4 years of having no sex to her wife, it was like hell to Jane wanting the relationship back to normal One day Jane hit Oliver and escaped with her daughter planning to a road trip to her brother Joley, the brother who only sent letters to emphasize their childhood and their brother sister relationship in the past.She met Sam and have a short relationship, if possible the shortest relationship but I think Britney Spears won the competition if you can still remember her issue He is 25 and Jane is 35 and they have this mother and son relationship, kidding But their age differ and 10 years of gap makes the whole thing breakable Same with her daughter, Rebecca, fall in love to a 25 year old man which is Hadley and his character is still a mystery to me He only appeared to some part of the book and he just died The story was so hilariously fast and Sam s reaction to the decision of Jane makes me think that the both characters only wanted extra problem and stopped like they don t cared any.I don t really liked to discuss the ending of the book but seriously everything was in a hurry, I think everything was occurred just for a day and everything was a happy ending I loved happy endings but the story is quite rush to be ended like that, imagine after the falling action of the book the story only ended in 20 pages I don t know how she wrote the whole ending of the book Maybe she was overwhelmed by her own talent to write and she can t wait to publish her first book I never been in an orchard before but I really wished to visit one at least just a glimpse to satisfy my curiosity Wish Jodi will sponsor my trip to America Kidding Yum, yum, those yummy apples can t stop my salivary gland to produce saliva Watery mouth.Rating Songs of the Humpback Whale by Jodi Picoult, 1 Sweets and the lonely songs of the humpback whale, loosing but soundly affecting I don t mind if people hated Jodi Picoult and compared to other writers Everyone have their own desired taste and nobody can force you to change it I think everyone should try her novels before giving negative comments like don t judge the book by its cover I respect everyone s opinion if they really tried to read those author s books Challenges Book 40 for 2011 Book 24 for Off the Shelf Book 1 for Jodi Picoult Reading Challenge 2011

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    I need to start this review by saying that Jodi Picoult is one of my absolute favorite authors Two summers ago I borrowed nearly every book she d ever written from the library, and devoured them all The way she writes the subjects she writes about they re real, and timely, and relevant Her kind of fiction is the kind I would want to write if I were a fiction author To my knowledge, Songs of the Humpback Whale is the first novel that she published Having read most of her later novels, I can say that this is definitely a first book it s not quite as well edited, and from having knowledge of how her writing style has evolved, I can see that this was a really good first novel for a previously unpublished author This is the story of a 35 year old woman who is accomplished in her professional life and as a mother, but has lost herself within the context of her marriage After a fight with her husband, she and her teenage daughter set off on an impulsive cross country journey from California to Massachusetts to see her younger brother who is working on an apple farm The storyline itself is interesting, but mostly because this saga is told from the point of view of five of its characters We learn not just about the characters from their own voices, but also from the voices and opinions of the others who recount the same scenes but with a different perspective I ve read novels in which a story is told in different voices, but never one in which one of those voices begins telling the story from the end of the novel and working itself back through time to the beginning I think that particular backwards storytelling could be a really great concept for a novel if all the characters were telling their stories in the same way, but unfortunately, for me, knowing the outcome of the novel before it really even started meant that there was no climax at the end What four of the characters worked up to throughout the novel was already discussed in detail within the first 100 pages of the book, and left me with a sense of anticipation as to when it would actually occur and why, but not the how It was a bit of a letdown, in the end, since the end had been spoiled so early on for me.All in all, this was definitely a novel worth reading, if you re already a Jodi Picoult fan But if you re new to reading her works, this is not the one to start with There are others that are much developed and easy to fall headfirst into like Plain Truth, My Sister s Keeper, or Nineteen Minutes That being said, I just saw on her website that her newest novel also told from the point of view of several characters was just released to bookstores yesterday, March 3rd I can t wait to pick it up.

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    February 2007 BotM I tried to remain optimistic while reading this book It wasn t one I voted for, but I read it anyway It s been read, and I m glad it s over and done with It wasn t the type of book that I like, and while I usually don t give a book a bad opinion, this one, as much as I hate to say this, stank OMG All of it was in the first person there were no dividing chapters, just the characters themselves Everything was written in the first person While you don t pay that much of attention when reading the actual chapter heading like chapter 1, etc , which this one, you had no choice to pay attention, or you didn t know who was talking Not only did it jump from characters, it also skipped around in the same timeline nothing followed While I don t find jumping timelines confusing in any way, add jumping with characters as much as timelines and I hated it But that wasn t the part I hated most It was finding out the ending before reaching the ending of the book, and hating the decision made that just made me feel like I wasted my time reading it I m sorry, but if you re that unhappy, would you really go back If you were really unhappy, and your daughter was old enough to understand would you go back This character did for her daughter Come on she s fifteen Nope, I didn t like this book There are so many points that I could attach to this review, but I don t have a half hour to write it all down Suffice to say, I was disappointed I thought there was way to the story than there actually was.

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    I ve been reading some of Jodi Picoult s books and generally find them fairly entertaining, on the trashy side with some good lines thrown in every now and then this one, reprinted due to her recent popularity, however, is not a winner it took me forever to read and the style was annoying and inconsistent supposedly told backwards from five different perspectives, it s actually in a jumbled chronology with confusing skips back and forth between characters, resulting in the reader not feeling very attached to any of the narrators oh well.

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    Se este fosse o primeiro livro que lia de Jodi Picoult, a minha vontade de ler outros livros dela andaria ali perto do zero

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    But the humpbacks sings songs that fill you to the core, that swell inside you They are the whales with which I fell in love when I first heard the calls eerie splayed, the haunted sounds your heart beats when you are afraid of being alone DNF on page 56.Setting San Diego, California and Massachusetts 1990 1992 Cover Thoughts I lurv apples, which is probably why whenever I look at the cover, it makes mr hungry Plot I m telling you the story of our trip because I m the only one who has really put it all together It involved all of us Mom, Daddy, Uncle Joley, Sam, even Hadley but e all see it in different ways For years, Jane Jones has lived in the shadow of her husband, renowned San Diego oceanographer Oliver Jones But during an escalating argument, Jane turns on him with an alarming volatility In anger and fear, Jane leaves with their teenage daughter, Rebecca, for a cross country odyssey charted by letters from her brother Joley, guiding them to his Massachusetts apple farm, where surprising self discoveries await Now Oliver, an expert at tracking humpback whales across vast oceans, will search for his wife across a continent and find a new way to see the world, his family, and himself through her eyes.Just like poor Pooh Bear, I was wondering the same thing It wasn t that the plot was bad it was just that reading from five FIVE different POV s, all of which were set in a different time frame from the other one, made things so confusing that I had to put it down I couldn t get a good feel of the plot from any of the characters, nor did I particularly care, since I spent so little time in their heads that I couldn t bring myself to care any than I should have Characters I m just going to exclude Sam and Joley from this section simply because I didn t read enough from their perspective to care about what was going on plus from what little I read, it wasn t very interesting to begin with So I ll just stick with Jane, Oliver, and Rebecca Jane is the neglected with of the handsome but emotionally abusive Oliver, with Rebecca stuck in the middle of it all He hit her once before when Rebecca was a wee one, but like most battered women she went back to him This time around, SHE struck HIM, and now she s on a journey to Massachusetts with Rebecca to find herself , per se Honestly, I hate reading about wet noodle characters, and to me, Jane was one I thought she and Rebecca were so naively stupid in their actions that it made it hard for me to like them especially after what happened I the ending Oliver was no better, with his horrible personality and penchant for manipulation and abusive tendancies Pros I admire what she tried to do by writing from five POVs That takes balls to do Cons Think of this book as a Pinterest project Sometimes, people browse Pinterest which is a GREAT procrastination tool, BTW You see a project, idea, or a recipe on there, and think to yourself, I could totally do that I mean, it looks so EASY, how hard could it be But you underestimate how ambitious this project or recipe is And it turns into a big, enormous, epic, fail.What I m trying to say that this book was very much like a Pinterest project gone wrong I think the main problem is that she was just too ambitious in her first attempt to write a novel I wouldn t have done five POV s right out of the gate I think it takes a experienced author to nail writing from than one POV Not to mention that even if you decide to be totally Dauntless and write from than one POV, at least make it so that they go in order Everyone was telling it from a different time frame, leaving me hopelessly confused in the process I don t like being confused it s hard, man Love Triangle Yeah Oliver vs Jane vs Sam And I didn t like how it turned out in the end Instalove Not from the little I read A Little Romance This is from the Wikipedia page, mind you, but apparently, Jane has a little affair with Sam while she s taking her journey of self discovery and all that jazz I don t think that would ve bothered me as much as when I found out that Rebecca was having romantic entanglements with someone TEN YEARS OLDER.Did I mention that she s fifteen And apparently is so desperate to be with the guy that when the mother finds out, she runs away and ends up catching pneumonia Could we get any stupider, ladies and gentlemen Conclusion About anything, or anyone, in this novel ESPECIALLY when I made the mistake of looking on Wikipedia to read the rest of the novel since I couldn t bring myself to read it myself WHAT EVEN.Granted, this was her first book, so I ll probably give her another shot sooner rather than later But for those who want to discover the world of Jodi Picoult, don t do it with this book It ll just make you cringe Or make you so hopelessly confused you won t know which end is up.

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