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    Consider this What would you do in the name of justice What would you do if someone harmed your child And what would you do to protect them These are the questions Nina Frost was faced with after she found out that her son, Nathaniel, was sexually abused Nina made a living as an assistant district attorney Her job was to prosecute the child molestors and rapists that preyed on little girls and boys In her subconscious, she reasoned with herself that through this line of work, her perfect world could never be touched by the poison that she had locked away on a daily basis How could Nina be so wrong When I pick up a book by Jodi Picoult, I know I am being placed in capable hands She is an expert at the art of the written word She is unafraid to approach controversial and sensitive topics and does so with grace and refinement If I could use one word to describe this book. it would simply be exceptional.

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    Trigger the sexual assault of a child This was a gut wrenching novel to read Like many of Jodi Picoult s novels you will have an internal debate on if justice through the court system is the best route Though most of us would agree we should never take the law into our hand, we are also not blind to the injustices of our judicial system and corrections system This powerful novel has twists and turns right up into the last couple pages I was very engrossed in the plot I did struggle with Nina s character because I found her to be a bit obnoxious and arrogant know it all for sure However, as a group the characters were intriguing My quick and simple overall be prepared that this is an emotionally powerful novel You ll be entertained but you will have internal struggles of debate.

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    I read this avidly JP is a good writer she draws characters well, pitches a story, and does her research But there is a flaw in this book Nina, commits murder in order to protect her sexually abused son from his abuser, and in doing so severely compounds the trauma suffered by him with the possibility that she may go to prison Nina goes for the quick fix, the self serving impassioned unthinking response but, isn t maternal instinct actually much stronger, much tougher, than that I can remember absolute terror engulfing me one night when faced with the realisation that my young children could be left motherless should anything happen to me I remember willing myself to keep wellstay alive above all BE THERE.So, as I read, and admittedly read somewhat compulsively, Nina became and infuriating She didn t behave like a mother behaves, she is arrogant, she is selfish, she is a know all, and by the end of the book I thoroughly disliked her in fact come the court room summing up my sympathies lay squarely with the prosecution At one point Nina reflects that in a perfect world, love should be the only excuse one needs.uhhhh.no loving is never an excuse for despicable appalling behaviour, loving is never an excuse for anything and now I am getting as judgemental as Nina That s probably enough Jodie Picoult for while.

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    I read this entire book in one night no easy feat at over 400 pages, but it was so engrossing that I couldn t put it down Picoult does such an incredible amount of research for every one of her books that, even if you don t like the story, you are guarenteed to come away with knowledge that could help you win Who Wants to be a Millionaire Reading too many Picoult books can get kind of annoying, as they all follow the same basic formula even though the end is supposed to surprise you, after awhile, you know what to expect Plus, the characters always get away with what they have done Even though I become attached to the characters and don t want them to go to jail, in the back of my mind, I want one to get put away, just to mix things up

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    reading the contents of my shampoo bottle was riveting.

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    I hated this book, but I can t decide if it was the lame plot, overwrought characters or the horrible narrator I can t believe I stuck with it till the end I m not going to waste any time on this book except to say that people do not smell like caramel or taste like sugar unless they just ate a donut.

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    classic jodi picoult troubled family, hot debated issue, extremelly well written metaphors, a law suit and a twist ending.i m at a point where i ve read enough by jodi picoult to expect or less what is going to happen next, however i still find myself devouring every paperback with her name on i can get my hands on in less then 24 hours time the woman ,once again, delivers.

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    Got this in Costa Rica because there was nothing else remotely decent and figured that I d enjoyed Sister s Keeper enough However, was let down and just felt that this was hastily written and overly complicated Plus, explored pretty much the same themes as before and did not do as good a job at exploring the shades of grey Found myself annoyed with the mother than anything else and not especially caring about the outcomenext

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    Precis The story follows the reaction of a family to finding out their child has been abused.I found this book quite disturbing, for all the wrong reasons I mean for reasons probably not intended by the author.First, the US judicial system and it s disadvantages for children victims of abuse, was detailed It sounds medieval Modern technology, used to help these children in Britain is not used at all in America Children have to give evidence like adults I found myself repelled by the method in America, and thankful that I am raising my children elsewhere.Then, the main character, is not at all nice She is overbearing, rude, short tempered, lacking any patience, lives a double standard she seems to encourage parents to put their children through the court system by omitting to inform them about the negative effects, when she knows full well she would not put her child through that same system This unpleasant woman has a fabulous husband who adores her, though he is irritated by her, which is okay and a best friend adorer who thinks she is a goddess, and can do no wrong Quite simply he is totally unbelievable, and doesn t even seem that necessary to the story.The main character jumps to conclusions about who has abused her child and kills that person She does this so fast, that she can have no regard for the sanctity of human life at all, and deserves to be flung into jail for the rest of her life Her son does not deserve that, but he does not deserve such a minging mother anyway I do not think the woman is a good mum She isn t there much, she puts him into school when she supposes he is unwell without trying to discover if he is or not after dosing him up In every description of her spending time with him, she is forcing him to do things that suit her needs, and have nothing to do with his, even when he has been abused, and is traumatised She has a lot of memories of cute times with him, but they seem unreal How can this monster of a mother have those recollections Besides, they are the recollections of a stay at home mum, not a full on working mum.There was so little evidence that this guy was the one who had hurt her son that the fact that she killed him was truly amazing If she had but waited, the DNA report would have come back She didn t, although later in court, the fact that the DNA testing showed a match was held in her favour as proof that she had reasonably thought the abuser was the man she murdered This woman is changed very little by having committed murder She can trade witty comments the same, can give a great summing up the same, it made me want the world to be rid of her.Why kill him in court She could easily have done it on the night she watched him through his lounge window, why do it in court The conclusion, where it is revealed that her husband has murdered the true abuser is simply terrifying It or less says, if you live in America, and your child is abused, the only recourse you have to justice that will not harm your child is to kill the abuser And if you get it wrong, you are not a bad person as you were trying to get it right You should get away with it.I dread the future for that boy, living with two murderers they are a perfect match after all , denied the chance to participate in justice for his abuser Thank God he is not real.

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    I firmly believe everyone should read what they want What makes them happy Be that shameless smut, or bad horror, or rapey bodice rippers Read it all I don t care But I, as a reader, have a guilty secret.I m a bit of a book snob.This trait emerged without warning when I was recently discussing reading with a friend She likes to read Jodi Picoult, as does her husband, and I have always sneered at Picoult books because they sound like Lifetime movies We were trying to find books in common, so she gave me three Picoult books to read, which I reluctantly took I, in turn, plan on giving her 90s teen romance, so I guess we ll be on equal ground after that So, I wasn t wrong about Picoult books It was exactly like a Lifetime movie Admittedly, I ve only seen one, which was in high school, when I tried one afternoon to see what the big deal about Lifetime movies was I freaking HATED it.And I hated this book.I ve read legal thrillers before, and I ve read books dealing with child molestation before I ve read books about motherhood before Somehow Picoult manages to handle none of these topics well or with any originality The legal aspect was stale, the molestation didn t move me to sympathy, and the motherhood parts dripped with excessive sentimentality, and I wanted to kill them with fire Everything sucked The characters sucked, especially Nina She was a prosecutor who seemed to have only a casual understanding and respect for the law She made no logical choices She was one dimensional All the characters were one dimensional.Everything was so BORING and STUPID This book was a perfect example of why I never read Picoult The writing was pretty basic, but with odd moments of attempted poetry For example, how does someone chewing wintergreen mints give off green sparks WTF I also hated the religious aspect.And to top it all off, this was written in first person present tense ARE YOU KIDDING ME.So now I have to return this book to my friend and figure out how to politely tell her what I thought I still have the two other Picoult books she gave me, but I definitely need to cleanse my reading palate thoroughly before I pick them up.

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Perfect Match download Perfect Match, read online Perfect Match, kindle ebook Perfect Match, Perfect Match 89437f9eff89 Picoult Brings To Life A Female Prosecutor Whose Cherished Family Is Shattered When She Learns That Her Five Year Old Son Has Been Sexually Abused What Does It Mean To Be A Good Mother How Far Would You Go In The Name Of Love And Justice In The Course Of Her Everyday Work, Career Driven Assistant District Attorney Nina Frost Prosecutes Child Molesters And Works Determinedly To Ensure That A Legal System With Too Many Loopholes Keeps These Criminals Behind Bars But When Her Own Five Year Old Son, Nathaniel, Is Traumatized By A Sexual Assault, Nina And Her Husband, Caleb, A Quiet And Methodical Stone Mason, Are Shattered, Ripped Apart By An Enraging Sense Of Helplessness In The Face Of A Futile Justice System That Nina Knows All Too Well In A Heartbeat, Nina S Absolute Truths And Convictions Are Turned Upside Down, And She Hurtles Toward A Plan To Exact Her Own Justice For Her Son No Matter The Consequence, Whatever The Sacrifice