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Der Märchenerzähler summary Der Märchenerzähler, series Der Märchenerzähler, book Der Märchenerzähler, pdf Der Märchenerzähler, Der Märchenerzähler b93d08ce1f Anna And Abel Couldn T Be Different They Are Both Seventeen And In Their Last Year Of School, But While Anna Lives In A Nice Old Town House And Comes From A Well To Do Family, Abel, The School Drug Dealer, Lives In A Big, Prisonlike Tower Block At The Edge Of Town Anna Is Afraid Of Him Until She Realizes That He Is Caring For His Six Year Old Sister On His Own Fascinated, Anna Follows The Two And Listens As Abel Tells Little Micha The Story Of A Tiny Queen Assailed By Dark Forces It S A Beautiful Fairy Tale That Anna Comes To See Has A Basis In Reality Abel Is In Real Danger Of Losing Micha To Their Abusive Father And To His Own Inability To Make Ends Meet Anna Gradually Falls In Love With Abel, But When His Enemies Begin To Turn Up Dead, She Fears She Has Fallen For A Murderer Has She Award Winning Author Antonia Michaelis Moves In A Bold New Direction With Her Latest Novel A Dark, Haunting, Contemporary Story That Is Part Mystery, Part Romance, And Part Melodrama

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    sees book for the first time OMG I NEED TO READ THIS BOOK RIGHT NOW still reading No What is happening God,please don t let anything bad happen reads the last line First I was likeThen I was image error

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    3 1 2 starsI picked this up expecting a young adult coming of age romance with a bit of magical realism and maybe a few darker themes about poverty and drug abuse Okay, so here s my little confession I picked this up expecting Perfect Chemistry, with a side order of fairy tales and 150% depth One would assume har har that I d learned not to make assumptions in my thirty some years of life, and yet here we are This book was so utterly different than what I was expecting I didn t read any reviews prior to starting and I think that was actually a mistake I really should have paid a bit attention to that cover just look at that pretty purple rose wilting in the frost with spots of blood on it. shudder Upon finishing this book, I was so completely at a loss I didn t know whether to laugh or cry I felt like I d just walked into what I thought was a kid s petting zoo, only to discover that it was actually a baby animal slaughterhouse And I don t want to spoil this book for anyone but I think that anyone who s going to attempt this book needs to know the following a There are people out there who grow up in horrific, abusive situations and yet they survive and learn to cope They find help and learn to accept who they are This book is not about those people.b There are kind, patient people who, through the setting of boundaries, can have healthy non codependent relationships with severely damaged people and help them to get through This book is most definitely not about those people. This book is about Anna, a good girl A girl raised with every advantage A girl who feels trapped by her own inexperience Who was she A girl inside a bubble The daughter of Magnus and Linda Leemann, from a nice district of Griefswald, from a house of blue air High school student in her last year, musician, English au pair to be Gitta s squeaky clean little lamb No She was someone who didn t know yet who she was or would be And this book is about Abel, a mystery He s an older brother, a drug dealer, an abandoned kid, a self destructive person, and a storyteller Anna is intrigued by him she wants to figure him out She wants to know something outside her bubble of blue air, so she follows him one day She s surprised when the scary looking Abel picks up a little girl in a pink coat, and she s even surprised when he begins to tell her a haunting, beautiful fairy tale Anna is captivated but she s soon discovered eavesdropping Abel is thorny and protective of the little girl his sister, Micha but Anna is persistent Soon she s becoming involved in their lives in Abel s desperate attempt to keep his sister by his side even though he s a minor, in Micha s questions about their missing mother Anna is determined to help, even as Abel tries to push her away But even as he s pushing her away, she s becoming a main character in his stories Your roses are already starting to wilt, the sea lion said to the rose girl Not only where I tore them but everywhere else on your body, too They will wither And you will freeze in the cold wind This book is bleak I m not actually sure that I knew the definition of that word before reading this book Okay, that s probably an exaggeration However, I must say that while I am quite often that reviewer who cries, Too neat Too happy this was probably the first time that I ever wanted to whimper, Too dark and then back away slowly and huddle in a corner This book really, really got under my skin and not always in a good way It made me feel angry and hopeless The relationship portrayed here is twisted and sick It made me physically ill to read about it but I can t deny that it s realistic I hated Abel and I hated Anna, but I related to them too Abel and his need to keep everyone at a distance, Anna and her cloak of torn love And I love the idea of two messed up, broken kids who can only truly connect in a fairy tale, but never in their real lives I love the idea that somewhere inside a hopelessly damaged person, there lies a small, untouched, sacred place a place for fairy tales.However, I think that in the end I loved the idea of this book than the finished product Abel is a bit too much a cipher He never feels fully fleshed out as a character, in my opinion He s proud and self contained, but I never really felt the pain underneath all that, and I needed to I needed to be able to relate to him in some tangible way In a few places he even feels a bit like a stereotype It s possible that my own preconceived notions about this book colored my thoughts about him a little too much Perhaps Abel would come through clearly to me on a re read If I could stand one.The narration is also a little odd It s third person, and hovers over Anna for about 95% of the book, but then takes occasional little detours to follow Gitta Anna s friend , Bertil another friend , Abel, or Soren a teacher When we re with Anna, the narrator is intimate and free with information, but when we re with anyone else it becomes a vague, tight fisted liar It feels a little too much like reader manipulation like the author s blatant attempt to keep everything a mystery until the very end However, I just adore Antonia Michaelis writing She writes beautiful, evocative, stunning prose I highlighted so many passages I m not really sure how readers will react to this book I m having a difficult time with my own reaction to this book It s a dark, difficult yet beautiful read That being said, I really want you all to read it, because I desperately need someone to have this conversation with right now Could you believe that he NO That was INSANE And then she OMG, don t even get me started So get to it Perfect Musical PairingWe Are Augustines Book of JamesThe theme of this song is a bit of a MAJOR spoiler so I m not really going to discuss it But this quote from the lyrics makes me really emotional about this book Storm clouds began to form in his head and crisscrossed his mind like a restless angry ocean And the howling of hardship and heartache kneeled and grinned in his faceHe stood there in his shoes unable to move Kid I drove all night here to tell you I love you Also seen on The Readventurer.

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    Final rating 5 5 stars Go away princess Leave your outlaw alone You won t change him go away, Anna, far away, and don t ever come back The fairy tale doesn t have a happy ending I think i tried to start this one at least 4 times, and i always dropped it and read something else I was wrong This book was simply not what i was used to reading, it was justcaptivating of sorts And, it was beautiful, amazing and heartbreaking Seriously I loved the writing, it was so beautiful, sentences were wonderful All the right words everywhereI also loved that there were alternating POVs, and in third person finally something that isn t first person The ice in his eyes had changed it seemed to have become darker, like the dark, clear ice on a frozen lake whose depth suddenly becomes visible when the wind brushes the snow from the surface It was an endless depth, bottomless, and almost totally black She didn t know which thoughts and creatures were swimming down there They scared her It was as if she were watching Abel drown in the waters of himself She shook her head, trying to rid it of these thoughts I don t knowi just don t know what to think I need to recover from reading this one So many things that happened i never would expect, and the plot twists at the end of the book were.WAY TO WTF IT WAS MIND F CK ALL THE WAY I think the book had perfect ending, even though it was unexpected I connected some dots, but i didn t want to believe in them I suspected wrong people and thought the characters would choose right choices instead of wrong ones Nothing is what it seems to be, and it will shock youand probably make you weepNow, this type of story leaves you thinking.how does it end For those who wish to know how the story ends click view spoiler it is not HEA You have been warned hide spoiler

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    I m not answering any questions, he said, smiling I m not one of the answering people I m the storyteller Abel Tannatek is the storyteller He is a young man hiding an ugly reality behind pretty words and magical happenings.In order to find out what he is hiding, we are forced to slowly watch as the layers of his true self are revealed, one ugly layer at a time Secrets are the only method of survival in a world where you can count on no one but yourself Secrets are the only choice you have when you must protect the life of an innocent.Enter Anna Sheltered, clueless Anna She has no idea of the darkness and danger outside of her safe little world It s late, Annathey ll be waiting for you, at homein that house where the air is always bluethey ll be worried. A chance meeting between the school s drug dealer and an innocent, sheltered student came about because of a lost doll Had Anna not found the doll, she would have carried on her life as usual There would be no danger, no mystery, no killing for her to know about One might say that finding the doll was the worst thing that could have happened to her I would disagree.Abel is a broken human being He s broken to the point of ill repair, yet Anna still sees something in him that s worth saving As we see Abel through Anna s eyes, we are shown just how much a person will endure in order to spare a life so precious to him the life of a tiny little girl in a pink jacket.Abel and Anna bond through time shared as Abel spins wonderful fairytales into existence for his younger sister Real life becomes the backdrop for the fantasy Characters in reality become characters in the story A mystery starts to unfold as characters in the story become bigger players in crimes which start taking place in the real world Who is the killer Why does Abel seem to have so much to hide Why are other people interested in what Abel and Anna are up to I can t divulge much without going into spoiler territory The Storyteller is so beautifully written The depth of character and layers of detail are heart breakingly intricate After I finished, I was left with a few different emotions Anger and sadness were probably the two most prominent, but I can t say that I have any regrets reading this book I had a hard time putting my reader down because the story of Abel and Anna was such a pull As for the character flawsI suppose I should address those Both Abel and Anna disappointed me in a way because of their actions, yet I felt as if their actions made them real Abel was abused, so he had no other experience to draw from in learning how to interact with others Anna had an empty but satisfactory life and she craved than her own existence inside of a pretty box Abel was able to give her something she d never had before and because of this, she was quick to forgive at times when others wouldn t Right or wrong, I understood why.

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    44 A book that was originally written in a different language.OH MY GOD This has to be one of the WORST books I have ever read in my entire life It s amazing how a book can be THAT BAD I m not going into full description of my problems with this this thing, because there were a lot of issues and this thing is not worth it.I just want to say one thing Michaelis, I m HORRIFIED of how lighly, badly, disrespectfully you treat such an important and delicate issue like rape Seriously It s awful what you did there I m hoping you don t think is okay to STAY with your rapist just because you re in love , because IT S NOT It s actually disgusting how you, Antonia Michaelis, at the end, romanticize the whole thing, and did you try to make us believe that he was a GOOD guy, after all ARE YOU KIDDING ME ARE YOU KIDDING ME.I don t really care if this is considered spoiler, because NO ONE SHOULD READ THIS EVER I m going to give it one star because there s not lower rating, but this is an insult to the others books that I ve rated with one star Because this deserve so much lower.

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    FUCK FUCK FUCK FUCK FUCK FUCK FUCK FUCK FUCK FUCK FUCK FUCK FUCK FUCK FUCK FUCK FUCK FUCK FUCK FUCK FUCK FUCK FUCK FUCK FUCK FUCK FUCK FUCK FUCK FUCK FUCK FUCKI HATE this book.But I also LOVE it.FUCK FUCK FUCK.I loved the storyteller, rose girl, the little queen, the sea lion, the lighthouse keeper, and all the characters from the fairy tale But I wish things were different I do Review to come while I figure out the rating.

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    Just a tiny little painThree days of heavy rain,Three days of sunlight,Everything will be alright A good girl, a bad boy, a deadly fairytale that might come true, in truth life is no fairy tale.Anna was fascinated by Abel, school s moody drug dealer When she discovered Abel was actually caring for his little sister Micha, alone, trying to protect her from her abusive father, Anna was drawn to him In spite of friends warning Anna started hanging out with Abel and found herself engulfed by the fairytale Able used to tell Micha A fairytale about a little orphan cliff queen with heart of pure diamond, hunted by the hunter who wants possess her diamond heart A foretold fairytale, woven the characters from real life and when the characters turned up dead in real, who knew a fairytale might come true Was Anna in love with a murderer Story unlike anything I have read, characters unlike any one I have ever seen, The Storyteller stole my heart Not many books had made me cry, neither had I crowned many books with the title of All time favorite , but The Storyteller was spellbound.A parallel journey of a fairytale and truth of reality, both were mirror image of each other Experience of reading The Storyteller will always be alive in my memory.When I was finished with the book, I was speechless my heart was shattered with pain, I couldn t sleep that night It took me several days to collect my thoughts and brought them together in a piece of paper, though I m afraid I ll not be able to express my feeling in few words.The StorytellerAbel, my storyteller, you were the heart of the book, without you the story has no existence His character was layered like black and white aligning the lighter and dark shades of Abel s life I was lost into his blue eyes, immersed in his ravishing fairytale just like Anna Initially I thought him to be another bad boy but I immediately found myself attached to him from the very moment he ran to Micha, hold her in his arm and spin her around in the air, I found a passionate and caring boy living inside his rough shell Abel is a character worthy of notice, very remarkable and a brilliant narrator of an enchanting fairytale The Rosegirl Part of her unreasonable Anna still loved him Maybe she would never stop loving him If Abel was the heart, Anna was his heart beat The kind and selfless girl, soft like a rose petal, but her path to Abel s life was a path of thrones I felt emphasized with her, adapted her love, her pain and her concerns as my own Experiencing the story from Anna s point felt like I was physically present here but mentally I was with her watching Abel, suffering for him and falling for him and Love Is Red, So Is Blood He pulled her close and held her for a moment, so tight she could feel every single bone in his body And somewhere between them, she felt his heart beating, fast and nervous Hunted. The storyteller was a wistful love story without the three words I love you The affection and warmth between Anna and Abel made my heart beat fast and I stared to bite my nails off to the ultimate point of love, a heartrending bitter sweet romance that will haunt your thoughts All you saw and felt was your love for him You were wearing this love like a cloak, safe and warm, you thought and he tore it apart With presence of warm feelings and wet kisses in winter, The Storyteller is painful yet very touching romance mingled with series of murder and mysteries Moving in a slow pace yet tense, the author was successful to hold me hypnotized.Slowly unfolding the mysteries, when the book led me to the unexpected ultimate revelation, my heart sank deeper and deeper I found my thoughts bleeding and murmuring under my breath why this have to end like this, there should have been other ways but I understood the easy way out The writing was lyrical and mesmerizing, with wonderful words I had my attention fixated on the pages as though by a spell, The Storyteller was truly a different and beautiful example of traditional writing style in modern literature Only I can say reading The Storyteller was wonderful journey for me A heart wrenching love, secrets and deaths, The Storyteller is one of most extraordinarily great novel of the year.

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    If you have known someone your whole life, you can see them in the dark I knew this book was going to be good It always had this dark and fascinating pull to it It has been on my to read list for a long time I picked it up because a couple of friends started talking to me about it and told me I needed to read it immediately They were right, it was a good book The writing pulled me in from the start It s poetic and heavy but not overdone The author creates beautiful images and a breathtaking atmosphere The story draws you in right away It s like a fairytale, frighteningly compelling.But, and here it comes, it is very forking problematic It depicts rape, abuse and violence, so make sure your skin is thick enough before you pick up this book Spoilers ahead Let us talk about that rape scene Or rather, what happened afterwards The main character falls in love with Abel, the storyteller I generally liked this guy He has issues but he is loving and protective Until he is not He raped Anna, the main character She was hurting, she was shattered, she was shocked She knew what just happened was rape She knew it was unforgivable But she forgave him anyway and went back to him Now, it is not for me to tell anyone who has suffered sexual assault or abuse what to do and how they have to behave It is not for me to tell Anna that she is not allowed to forgive him It is her choice, and hers alone.Young adult authors have a certain responsibility They are not only artists and entertainers, they are also teachers, whether they want to be or not The kids and teenagers that read their books take something away from this experience, they learn from it This does not mean that young adult books cannot challenge the norm or should shy away from certain issues It only means that the way in which they are presented should be carefully thought out The message stories send to their readers and listeners might stay with them forever.This is the reason why I do not want to recommend this book I do not think that a relationship depicted in it is a healthy one neither does the author, that is for sure And still, what stays with me is that Anna was raped and went back to her rapist I believe that many teenagers that read this book might find it romantic What this book might have needed are explanatory notes, help lines or a trigger warning, but the complete lack thereof is irresponsible.Find of my books on Instagram

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    in love, there is no criticism In love, there is no rationality This quote, to me, says it all in this story It s a story will stay with you long after you re done I m still thinking and talking about it to whoever will listen Seventeen year old Anna finds a doll, underneath a couch in the student lounge When Abel, the well known drug dealer of the school, claims the doll belongs to his six year old sister, Anna is curious, and ends up following Abel to see if it s true When Anna sees the love, and affection on the face of Abel as his picks his sister, Micha, up from school, she finds herself intrigued Anna continues to follow them to a student dining hall She sits close but undetected, listening as Abel tells a fairytale that completely entrances Anna Anna s presence soon becomes known, and she sits, and listens with them to the fairytale the rest of the afternoon Anna soon finds out that Abel is caring for his sister alone The whereabouts of their mother is unknown He is scared that the authorities will take Micha away from him because he is not yet eighteen, and place her in foster care The fairytale Abel continues to tell, seems to mirror real life Warning signs flash to Anna when some of the people that die in the fairytale, also die in real life Could her storyteller be responsible, or are other sinister people involved As this is going on, Anna and Abel find themselves drawn to each other and you wonder, right along with Anna, is this going to work out Let me tell you, this is not my normal, sweet, vanilla type book, with a nicely wrapped up ending This book is messy, beyond messy Abel and Anna s relationship is sweet and heart breaking He does some things and you think I don t know if I can get over that Then something else happens, and your heart melts again You really want things to work out for these two This is interlaced with all kinds of HORRIBLE That being said, this story was beautiful Taking place in the middle of winter felt like the perfect setting, there was a quiet, chilling, and intimate quality to this story This was originally written in German but the lovely prose was not lost in translation, in my opinion I don t know why but I loved this quote Anna was standing in front of the glass leading out to the fading light of the garden when her mother came home She d been staring at her own figure reflected in the glass the outline of her narrow shoulders, her long dark hair a see through person full of winter shrubs. See, it s of no use to you to read that, I just liked it So if anyone wants to read a brilliant story that will completely DESTROY you in the end, this is for you Thank you, Sam, for this recommendation I was crying for hours, but yes, we are still friends Seriously, I did enjoy this.

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    I see it Broken Into pieces My heart There On the floor.I just need to pull myself together and then I ll write a review.Here we go Just a tiny little pain, Three days of heavy rain, Three days of sunlight, Everything will be alright, Just a tiny little pain Have you ever read a book that you could find emotions on every single page of it No Well, me neither Until now Until this book Everything is now changed This book didn t only made me think about life and destiny and love, but it made me think about universe and everything inside of it What did I like in this book Everything Simple as that From the Abel to Anna and Micha From the love to the death Every single word of Abel s fairy tale When it comes to the writing style I m speechless Antonia is something special between the authors How she manage to write story which is sad and happy in the same time it s a mystery to me Sometimes I don t even know if I m extremely happy or extremely sad.But I ll be grateful forever because of that She even knew how to put all those songs by Leonard Cohen to perfectly fit to this story And the end oh, the end I believe my pillow is full of my tears I don t know what to say standing ovations Don t know who translate this into English, but whoever did that deserve an award It s unwritten rule that translations will never be as good as originals and I can confirm that But if the original version of this story is even better than this then I really don t understand how this book isn t popular I can t help but wonder how many awesome books are out there, hidden somewhere, waiting to be found I ll keep my eyes wide open There was a time when you let me knowWhat s really going on belowBut now you never show it to me, do you And remember when I moved in youThe holy dove was moving tooAnd every breath we drew was Hallelujah

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