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    This started out so promising, but then turned a bit crap Gender roles were infuriatingly upheld, underage drinking was brushed off, finding self worth in a boyfriend was encouraged and instalove abounded Super frustrating.

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    If you read this book at the right age elementary school to middle school , you will absolutely never forget it To this day it occupies, like, a holy grail spot in my mind definitely on a pedestal Reread it last summer and no, it doesn t hold up Definitely have to catch it at the right time, and it will honestly GLOW in your memory Note there are differences between this version the older paperback and the newer, hardcover one, which I discovered reading them in parallel First of all, this one is prettier But also, they do change some phrasing and things for the worse, in my opinion so I would recommend this older version.

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    This is a solid book that would be very enjoyable to the middle school and perhaps freshman aged girl There is nothing offensive or objectionable, from a parents stand point I actually, from my jaded world view I suppose kept expecting the bad guy to do something truly heinous, and while he was still a bad guy, his monstrosity never left the middle school spectrum.I would have devoured this as a young girl, and even as an adult I enjoyed this sweet tale.The story is of a young girl who lives in a magical kingdom under the ground She longs to experience and discover the world under the sky our world She knows nothing about it except for the small glimpses she sees when people from our world drop coins in the wishing well She can see them through the bottom of the pool, and they fill her with curiosity.Impetuously and dangerously, she plans to travel to our world some day with her friend Cam, but she has not discussed it with her parents, nor does she know all of the consequences of such a trip When the opportunity finally presents itself, she and Cam take it, but due to their ignorance, Cam is left behind underground and she travels above ground by herself with no idea how to return.To top things off, she is the princess and sole heir of the below ground, magical world, so it is kind of a big deal whether she makes it back or not As in, it affects the whole kingdom, not just her family and friends.Her world is somewhat medieval They have magic, but they don t have electricity They have pet dragons, but she is required to choose a spouse at age sixteen or have it chosen for her and she really has no choices in life.Entering our world introduces her to the novelty of choosing your own profession, having a say in your future, and being independent, possibly not even marrying or actually getting to marry for love She s only fifteen almost sixteen , but she does manage to fall in love.But will she ever figure out how to return to her kingdom Does she even want to return So, it s a fun novel It isn t necessarily thought provoking or deep, but a young girl looking for a bit of magic and a way to look at her own world from the eyes of an outsider would enjoy it.And a random note, so many people from our world commented on her gorgeous her knee length hair was Personally, I think that knee length hair would be really annoying and inconvenient And possibly raggedy looking Ha, that s just me though Oh, and there is a good message about how girls should date guys who are nice to them as opposed to guys who are good at sports and are attractive but not nice to them.This excerpt made me laugh Revulsion rolled over Quinn, making her ill.Beside her, Sarah slumped in her seat, grinning and nudging Quinn I think he s so hot, don t you The princess did not have an answer to why the bothersome knave might be overheated And, certainly, she did not care.

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    I have A LOT of opinions about this book First of all, Princess Quinella is essentially a manic pixie dream girl She is generally clueless and unintelligent throughout the whole book I was waiting for her to be redeemed, but she never really is other than making the smart but quick decision to return to Mandria When two boys want to fight over her, she lets them instead of just being independent and making her own decision of who she wants to be with Also, she is fifteen and these nearly 18 year old boys are putting their hands on her after only knowing her for less than 24 hours, and she lets them When the boys fight, the mean boy Zack wins and instead of choosing the nice respectful boy Adam , she honors the outcome and goes with this dude who is crazy disrespectful and apparently always drunk And on top of that, Adam just lets her go with this handy rude drunk dude to a dance after they decide to be a couple The only other female main character is just boy crazy and jealous and has no other characteristics Also, Quinns decisions are basically all made by men, whether it be Melikar the wizard, Cam, Mondo, Adam, or Zack It s problematic for many reasons, and to be fair it was written in 1995 and is aimed for 4th or 5th graders, but still There are so many better books that have strong female characters in them for children to read.

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    I got this book for Christmas when I was about 9 because my mom thought I would like the cover I did, and I was fascinated with it for several years, yet I never got around to reading it until now Frankly, I wish I d tossed it with some of my other old books when I was in high school Honestly It s so bad I wouldn t even recommend it for the middle grade readers other reviewers seem to insist will like it, because of how problematic it is on top of being boring and cliche The protagonist is insufferable and constantly confused, there s girl hate for the larger part of it, the insta love is, I think, literally the most contrived romance I have ever encountered, and the villain is simultaneously disgusting and pointless For a moment, I thought that the author had actually had the guts to make it sophisticated than the usual fare with a bittersweet ending, before realizing that there is a second book in the series which, I should note, I am absolutely not going to waste my time on ReadDownYourBookshelf verdict It s going in the trash where it should have been years ago.

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    Very Mary Sue ish, for those who speak that vernacular The writing had a certain stilted tone that connects with fanfic in my brain, and for the most part things happen TO the heroine as she bumbles along not taking responsibility for anything The ending is particularly Mary Sue ish, because I think the reader is supposed to feel sad at the romance of it all, while I m just annoyed with the heroine s selfishness.OTOH, it s a quick read and held my attention than I expected it to, and had a couple clever moments, so while it s not something I particularly like or recommend, I can see why a lot of people mostly young ladies, I should think would quite enjoy it I think I would have enjoyed it, had I read it when I was young enough, but it d be a disappointment if I tracked it down again a few years later.

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    5 stars This is about a girl, a princess in fact, and is lonely and longs for an adventure Her best friend is a wizard s apprentice and he secretly loves her A bit slumsy with magic though, he accidentally sends her to the outside world They live underground She soon meets a cute blonde guy and so the drama begins Read this and be blown away And be ready for tears

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    I remember reading this in middle school and absolutely loving it I look forward to re reading it now that I have re discovered it s name and bought a copy.

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    I m not sure how I d feel about this NOW but I know I really did like this when I first read it.

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    This book had a great premise, honestly It s been done before, but the whole someone from another world comes to the real world thing can be fun no matter how many times it s been done, as long as the story is good.Yeah, this book dropped the ball, big time.Quinn, the princess of an underground world, ends up on Earth in present day The story is pretty decent as she first gets there, but when she meets the family she ends up staying with, it all goes downhill In the family are a brother Adam and a sister Sarah , who both suck for different reasons.Sarah is annoying almost the entire book, because she s constantly jealous of Quinn, who has drawn the attention of a guy at school, Zack Oh boy, about him later Sarah likes Zack, for whatever reason, and he wants Quinn Anyway, so Sarah s entire personality is to be jealous and rude until like, right before the end when she tries to redeem herself, but does a terrible job because she told Zack Quinn s secret that she promised not to tell Whatever.Adam is painted as the nice, respectful guy but there are serious problems with him, too So basically he says that he loves Quinn after knowing her for less than a day, just because she s pretty Wow, we love meaningful relationships Also, he is super possessive of her, which is weird In addition, there s a part where he gets in a fight with Zack over who gets to take Quinn to the dance Like, I guess she can t decide for her own self Anyway, during this stupid fight which is a weird fake joust for whatever reason , Quinn tells Adam not to do it because Zack is bigger and will obviously not stick to the rules This is probably the only smart thing she says the entire book But, Adam gets mad at her, I guess because his masculinity was threatened Who knows And then he loses the fight because Zack doesn t stick to the rules Wow Who could have seen that one coming Oh, and this line is literally in the book during this scene The humiliation of being saved by a maiden would be too much to bear I almost gave up right then and there but I knew that I had to suffer through the rest so that I could fully warn you guys about this book I made sacrifices for you all, I hope you appreciate it.Quinn, as a main character, is kinda pathetic Like I said with Adam, she decides that oh, I m in love with you after not even A DAY I totally understand her hesitation to go back home, considering that she has no real freedom to choose things in her life But then she never actually makes her own choices when she s in our world Zack wins the fight, so she is compelled to go with him to the dance What happened to choosing your own life The book continues in this vein, where Quinn does nothing for herself, and it s frustrating She only really makes one choice, and that s to go back home Also, she tells Melikar to not make Adam forget about her Why That s honestly horrible because now the guy is going to be thinking about her, when pretty much everyone else in his life DOESN T REMEMBER HER What a great time.Zack is disgusting Like, straight up the worst He drives while drunk, harasses people, and sexually assaults Quinn by kissing her when she never 1 gave him permission 2 even HINTED that she liked him or that she wanted to kiss him He also believes girls to be his objects Creepy, nasty dude Normally, this would just make him a great antagonist and it does Like, there are terrible people and this is one of them But the worst part is that girls in the book like him What He never shows any traits that make him even mildly okay as a person, but a bunch of girls want to go to the dance with him or whatever What total BS.Basically, what I m trying to say is that the book sucks None of the characters are likable or even relatable, and the plot, which could have been interesting if it went the route of LITERALLY ANYTHING ELSE, is a bunch of nonsense about TEEN DRAMA I mean, even a story about Quinn accidentally getting far from the wishing pool and trying to find her way back would have been better It was tedious to get through this book and it s just not interesting If you re looking for a fantasy adventure book about a princess, read Dealing with Dragons It s so much better, trust.Oh, and if I ever see the word lad again, I m going to scream.

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