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Decolonization Of Africa chapter 1 Decolonization Of Africa, meaning Decolonization Of Africa, genre Decolonization Of Africa, book cover Decolonization Of Africa, flies Decolonization Of Africa, Decolonization Of Africa 46dcf878c6243 This Bold, Popularizing Synthesis Presents A Readily Accessible Introduction To One Of The Major Themes Of Twentieth Century World History Between , When Self Government Was Restored To Egypt, And , When Nonracial Democracy Was Achieved In South Africa, New Nations Were Established In Africa Written Within The Parameters Of African History, As Opposed To Imperial History, This Study Charts The Processes Of Nationalism, Liberation And Independence That Recast The Political Map Of Africa In These Years Ranging From Algeria In The North, Where A French Colonial Government Used Armed Force To Combat Algerian Aspirations To Home Rule, To The Final Overthrow Of Apartheid In The South, This Is An Authoritative Survey That Will Be Welcomed By All Students Tackling This Complex And Challenging Topic

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    I thought this book was wonderful It provides a concise 91 pages , informative, and nuanced overview of the decolonization of Africa as the title suggests The book is organized into five chapters Northern, Eastern, Western, West Central, and Southern African states The author argues that decolonization was a result of three factors indigenous, sometimes nationalistic campaigns for independence, imperial retreat and desire to focus on post war rebuilding in Europe, and the desire for superpowers to control the post colonial ideology and foreign relationships of newly independent African states.The four most notable colonial legacies include colonial languages, religion, terms of trade, and most important military relationships The army took control of politics in many African nations following independence and was at least partly to do with the structure and bureaucracy already in place within the military The military oftentimes had incentives to keep the preexisting social and economic order While the book was fairly short, I learned an incredible amount of new information and will likely return to this book many times as a reference Birmingham emphasized Algeria s unique colonial role and status it held with France he noted relations between France and Algeria could be compared to that of Britain and Northern Ireland He pointed out that Ghanian Kwame Nkrumah, father of Pan Africanism was notable in his willingness to place this ideology above nationalist goals Ghana was one of the earlier states to receive independence in 1957 and served as an inspiration to many other freedom movements, although many didn t return Nkrumah s pan African fervor once granted independence.I thought it was interesting that in the absence of instantaneous global media, Catholic missionaries often delivered accounts of human rights abuses between colonial white settlers and black Africans It seemed like conflict in Africa didn t hit many radars in the 1950s, 60s, and 70s Also Who knew that Tanzania annexed Zanzibar due to pressure from the U.S probably relayed through Britain due to American fears that a new revolutionary order that overthrew the protectorate government may have Communist leanings I m really glad that I read this book before my next one on Belgian King Leopold in the Congo, because it offered a solid foundation in the colonial legacy in central Africa.

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    It s an overview which really only aims to skim the surface of Africa s decolonization Interesting and it was good for giving a broad picture but not enough for you to feel like you ve got any sort of comprehensive understanding.

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