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    1 I decided to read Stresshead by Allayne Webster because on the front cover it said Who said being sixteen would be a walk in a park This really bought my attention to this book because it had this dramatic twist on those words which wanted me to read .2 Stresshead goes under the category Book with a female main character Stresshead tells the story of Dennie who has so much stress she can t stop thinking about her boyfriend Jack, her exam results, her parents and her best friend Kat I love this category because I mostly read books with female main characters because I feel like I can relate to the characters better than if it was a male main character.3 My favourite quote from this book is You deserve better says Kat Its time you woke up and realised that If you want to sail and not just float its time you cut the dead wood I really like this quote and how Kat describes Dennie s relationship with Jack Jack was going to do an apprenticeship in Perth, he was really keen to get his apprenticeship but Dennie didn t want that so she had to choose whether she wanted a long distance relationship with Jack or she could break up with him so they could both have the freedom they wanted Dennie chose to break up with jack.4 I learnt from this book that you should choose what you want to be when you are older and not let your parents choose Dennie came from a family of lawyers who wanted her to follow in their footsteps She got put under a lot of pressure from her parents to get really good grades so then she get into the top university to become a lawyer Dennie didn t want to become a lawyer but she never found the right time to tell her parents, also she didn t want to disappoint them.5 An interesting character in this book was Clara who is Monica s best friend Dennie s mum Clara is the life of the party who doesn t take no for an answer, she is also very good at persuading people to get what she wants I thought Clara was an interesting character because she never worried or stressed about anything and when she found out that Monica had breast cancer she was very calm, Clara didn t see it as a negative thing like Dennie s family did Clara was very supportive of her best friend and did anything to make her recovery easier.

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    I decided to read Stresshead by Allayne Webster because I was going away on a trip and needed some novels too keep my reading skills up over the summer holidays.Stresshead is about a girl named Dennie who grew up with a family of lawyers, however she s trying to find a way of telling her family she doesn t want to be a lawyer, along with dealing with her not a good boyfriend boyfriend, her sister s issues and helping her best friend with her pregnancy, as well as dealing with her mother s best friend s alcohol problems But the main thing on her mind is her mother because she makes an appointment with the doctor and Dennie is the only one who knows why, but she promised her mother she wouldn t say anything Everything appears to be going downhill for Dennie, it would be easier for her to get through it if she wasn t such a stresshead A character I found interesting in the novel was the mother Her character is shy and vulnerable, which you rarely see in a motherly figure sort of character, I guess you could say that Dennie had to act as a mother for her own mother due to the circumstances.My favourite quote from the novel is, I m toast I m burnt toast I m the charcoal you scrape off the toast with your knife Because it could be taken in different ways, on one hand it could be taken as someone thinking they serve no purpose in life and could be seen as very depressing, or it could be someone seeing themselves as over dramatic or over the top, like they have done too much of something Coming from Dennie s perspective I guess it s her way of saying she is over stressed and or stresses too much I learned after reading this novel that it is okay to be stressed and it s okay to face your issues head on, but you should also break down your issues every now and then and sort them out so you don t become such a stresshead I couldn t take my eyes off this book, I read it in the space of a day, I would definitely recommend it to a friend.

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    This book was a great mix of everything a typical 16 year old has to go through Life has its problems but it isn t a breeze when you are the only one acknowleding them Meet Dennie a complete stresshead who worries about grades, relationships, problems of others, her career choices but most of all, her mum when she is diagnosed with breast cancer Dennie lives with a family of lawyers and its pretty much a perfect lifeto anyone from outside But like any other family, each person has their insecurities, their problems After all, what would life become without them This book is about learning to deal with problems because each one of them presents an opportunity to learn and grow and makes you everything that you were supposed to be Sometimes, it feels like there is no way out and trust me, as a teen I know what I am talking about I guess that s the reason why I picked this book up..I am a complete worrier and I stress too muchbut I did want to know, would life actually be better if I wasn t such a stresshead Well Dennie has her moments and her breakdownsthose are the times that you find who your real friends are There are some who will pick you up while others won t even offer a second glance You just have to find a person who is worth it all And of they are not, let them go This doesn t necessarily mean that they are bad people, it just means that their part in your story is over In this book, I loved the friendship between Kat and Dennie but most of all, I loved the friendship between Dennie and her mum I think this is what got both of them through To me, relationships are important They teach us about other people but most of all, about ourselves Overall, this book was witty and emotional and to me, thats a well sought out combination

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    Dennie and her family of lawyers live in Sydney s wealthy area The Rocks, with a fabulous view of the bay But being rich doesn t mean you escape illness or pain Dennie s mother is going to see the doctor, something she never does Her sister and brother in law have arrived for Christmas and they have their own issues Her best friend Kat has troubles too Even her mother s best friend Clara, who loves to party, has troubles hse has never shared.The novel is well written, and should appeal Possibly the cover could have been different blurb and cover image alike implied a humorous book and it really wasn t funny, or intended to be, apart from a few scenes, such as Dennie and Clara sneaking a ride on what turns out to be a tour bus and being stuck in the Blue Mountains The heroine has a lot to stress over than whether her boyfriend still likes her and probably than the average sixteen year old has, despite the shout line about being sixteen not being a walk in the park.

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    Stresshead by Allayne Webster, is about a 17 year old girl called Dennie who is pressured into being a lawyer like the rest of her family But her problems get worst when she finds out her mother has Breast Cancer and her best friend Kat is pregnant Then it keeps getting worst when her school thinks she s cheated in a test and she keeps fighting with her boyfriend, Jack This book shows how Dennie faced these problems and how even though she is 17 no one can deal with all these problems at once It also shows how family can help you though the hardest of times, even if you might not get along with all of them But most importantly it shows how you can overcome anything with hope and love.Overall I think this was a great book and very well written It is perfect for teenagers and the problems the characters faced in the book were very realistic to what a teenager might face I definitely recommend this book to ages 12 18 or for anyone who enjoys a all rounder good book.

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    This is an easy, afternoon read I didn t realise how quickly I was getting through it.Stresshead is the story of Den Denise who is from a family of lawyers and is always stressing and worrying about pretty much anything and everything and then she gets something important to worry about and begins to think about what really matters in life.I m not sure I really liked Den too much, mainly because of her stressing and worrying about absolutely everything but the supporting characters were great That is a trend with me though I rarely ever like main characters.The book in some parts felt a bit rushed, it would have been great to have time spent with the supporting characters to see them for themselves rather than just extensions of Den.A good ready for teenagers who always think everything is the end of the world.

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    Holiday Book When her Year Eleven results come out, her boyfriend isn t talking to her and her mum is acting seriously weird She wants to turn herself into her best friend Kat but her life is gone form hero to zero She needs someone to talk to but they have their own problems Would life be better if I wasn t such a stress head This book is sad but also funny at the same time Great book.

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    I understand her pain

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    Set in Australia, Dennie is awaiting her exam results, trying to work out why her boyfriend is acting weird and wondering why her mum has to got to the hospital It s going to be a stressful summer.

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    personal note the edition of this book I own has the ISBN 13 9781862918207

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