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    This is the story of Vikki Kirkland who plays Vixen Mallory on top rated daytime soap Always Tomorrow Daniel Falkner is the investigative journalist sent to do an in depth article on the show He discovers that Vixen Mallory is far of an enigma than he first realised and falls in love along the way.This was another fantastic story by this author This will be the third or fourth book of hers that I have read and they just keep getting better Vikki tries to keep Daniel at arms length by vamping it up as Vixen, she won t allow him to get close because of a secret in her past All this does is intrigue him and strengthens the chase What she didn t anticipate was falling in love with him This was a lovely well written love story The teasing back and forths between Vikki Vixen and Daniel had me yelling Get on with it But the slow build up made the final get together all the poignant and believable This seems to be the authors style, slow build up and a heartstopping finale I love it If you like this author, this is a must If you haven t read any before give it a go, you will be richly rewarded.

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    Showing the true power of an eReader, I started Video Vixen because I was out and about when I finished the book I was reading I needed something to entertain, so figured I d read a short work to pass the time.Well, Video Vixen was not what I was expecting It had been on my eReader for some time I don t even remember where I picked it up or why, but it was probably because I found the concept of looking past the assumptions to the reality of what it takes to put together a daytime soap intriguing When I saw the page count, I almost went looking for another title, but since I d already opened it, I gave the start a chance and never regretted the decision.I ve read only a few titles classified erotica, and honestly, I wouldn t have known this one was except when I opened it on my computer this morning to get the title, it was one of the tags I ll admit the sex parts were both explicit and less than in most romances I read, and if that had been the main focus of this book well, it s not the strong point.So what is the strong point The story I m all about story, and this one has trouble written all over it In the very beginning, you learn about Vikki Vixen, a woman whose momentary assist became a rising star acting career She credits her success to the support of the real professionals around her at Always Tomorrow Vixen is her personality opposite, but taking on that role gives her the ability to do what she believes worthwhile She believes in soap opera as a vehicle for entertainment, escape, and education, exposing the public to a variety of important topics and how to find help regarding those.Vikki is the innocent, Vixen is the seductress, and the show needs Vikki to play her part both on and off the stage The public mixes the character with the actor often, and even in her case because she s so high profile and is the villain everyone loves to hate.She s a focused, dedicated, loyal woman with deep feelings At the same time, she s up for the game, willing to step out of her comfort zone, and even plays it up when confronted by not quite fans She s having fun being Vixen Mallory, the black widow of daytime television.Daniel, on the other hand, is an award winning investigative reporter who doesn t think soap operas are worth his, or anyone s, time But he ends up firing the man assigned this story, and when his gut responds to her fully clothed layout in Playboy than the centerfold, he wants to meet her in person.Yes, there s an element of instant, physical attraction, but it doesn t bloom until they learn about each other, something they have every opportunity to do when the cast and writers beg Vikki to keep him distracted because they ve each got something in their past they want to stay there.It s a tangled web she weaves, both for her and Daniel Vikki has to face up to moral dilemmas, the dual demands of her own feelings and those of her friends, and the need to put her own past behind her and come back to life after losing her first love.Daniel, on the other hand, has his assumptions handed to him about the soaps, and not just by Vikki either The contradictions in her behavior let him see beyond the glamour, but at the same time he s not against playing along.The story line is complicated and draws you in, the characters are deep, and the interactions are both fun and well done Even the seduction worked for me, if not so much the end result.If I had to rate this book by stars, it would probably be no than three, which is why I don t like the star system There were some rough parts in the text even beyond the sex, but I was looking to be entertained and got than I d bargained for Story and characters are Elaine Raco Chase s strengths, and she excels in those aspects.

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    I loved watching Dan try to figure out Vikki Vixen When Dan comes to do a story on show, her castmates are afraid of their secrets coming out, so they try to distract him with Vixen, since Vikki has no secrets And Vikki enjoys her role There is lots of fun banter between them, and plenty of steam I listened to the audiobook Sheila Book has the perfect voice for this one She is a great narrator, I just wish she would stop casting aspirations on people s character She could also use a tiny pause sometimes when switching POV because it can get a bit confusing Other than that, the narration is excellent.

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    I thought Elaine Raco Chase had written her best books so far. oh boy was I wrongThe sexual attraction between Vikki and Dan is so hot it brought me out in a sweat. Gave me goosebumps my heart raced. and my palms got so hot and damp. I thought Mr Kindle would melt This fantastic story is fun and funny. will hold you captive. charm you..and drag you in and will not let goThis a cannot put down book. You must not miss out on this book I was so happy to see dan was a Silver Fox. we need of these in books

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    I enjoy all of her books, but V V is one of my all time favorites I read all of her books in print Have re read all of the ones in ebook Most have been updated and expanded Humorous to the point of laughing aloud Sizzling hot She s talented and creative.

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    Frothy as a soap bubble and just as much fun Read this and learn how to be a vixen.

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    AudioBook Review Stars Overall 5 Narration 4 Story 5I am an admitted fan of Elaine Raco Chase s work and it is entirely her doing that I am now addicted to audiobooks That s not a bad thing when you have the opportunity to review and this recording has managed to climb to some of my all time favorite titles that she has written Vicki Vixen is an actress, and loves her life, the celebrity and the perks that come with her job as a soap opera star Her life is an open book while some may think her calculating I found her refreshing and surprisingly candid and matter of fact about her looks, her life and her desires When Dan is sent to write the story about the backstage world of the hit soap opera, and his determination to dig has many of the cast members running scared Not Vicki, however her lack of secrets and ability to keep men off balanced is the perfect solution to what could become a PR nightmare Since Vicki finds Dan particularly attractive, and her go to offensive move is to seduce, the games begin With a touch of Marilyn esque va voom mixed with the intelligence of a woman who can and will use every asset to her advantage, the sexual tension and interplay with the two characters is delightful and entertaining as the two realize the inevitable they will be involved, and it will not be professional Steamy and saucy, with dialogue to die for, this is a winner of a story Narration is provided by Sheila Book, with a voice that feels right for the story and does not distract overmuch with her tone or pitch changes for characters While I would have appreciated some well placed pauses before character change, this was not overly distracting as the characters are solidly created with distinct personalities that are evident in their words and enhanced with her delivery At just over 4 hours this is a perfect afternoon s escape listen Again, Elaine Raco Chase has delivered a story that is both entertaining and well researched, with enough steam to actually explain those packages from inmates that were sent to her publisher Yes that is part of the introduction to the story, and made me laugh out loud in anticipation I received an AudioBook version from the author for purpose of honest review for the Heard Word I was not compensated for this review all conclusions are my own responsibility.

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    I really enjoyed this book, it was the first that i had read by Elaine Raco Chase, and i really enjoyed it, although it started a little slowly it soon picked up pace The story is about Vikki and Dan, how they come to meet on the set of Always Tomorrow and soon a cat and mouse game pursues Dan wants to get to know the real Vikki but just when he gets close Vixen is always in the way, you see him try to break down all the walls that Vikki has put up to protect her already fragile broken heart Vikki is keen to see how it plays out however isn t sure if its Vixen or Vikki that Dan wants and is surprised how when she is with Dan she actually likes the Vixen side of her that comes out to play.The that Vikki keeps Dan at arms lengths the he is intrigued to find out why, he has never met a girl like her before and the games that she plays is exciting and he soon finds its him that cant keep away.

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Video Vixen summary pdf Video Vixen, summary chapter 2 Video Vixen, sparknotes Video Vixen, Video Vixen cb34b6d Good Girls Finish Last, And I Ve Always Been At The Head Of The Class That S What Vixen Mallory Would Say, And Vikki Kirkland Was Saying It Now To Dan Falkner, Ace Reporter, Who D Come To Do A Story On The Soap Opera And The Star That Had Taken The Nation By Storm Vikki Had Sworn An Oath To The Cast Of Always Tomorrow Dan Would Never Get To Know What A Sweet, Shy Innocent She Really Was The Public Wanted A Sexy, Unscrupulous Siren, And She D Play Her Role On Camera And Off To The Hilt

  • Kindle Edition
  • 190 pages
  • Video Vixen
  • Elaine Raco Chase
  • English
  • 22 October 2019

About the Author: Elaine Raco Chase

Elaine Raco Chase is the award winning author of seventeen paperback novels with over 3 million books in print She is published in 25 countries and 15 languages.As a romance writer, Chase has won two sales awards for top romance novels of the year, Romantic Times Lifetime Achievement Award for romantic suspense, and the Affaire de Coeur Silver Pen Award for writing excellence Her non fiction deb