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Leaving Lancaster pdf Leaving Lancaster, ebook Leaving Lancaster, epub Leaving Lancaster, doc Leaving Lancaster, e-pub Leaving Lancaster, Leaving Lancaster ea842603b1a Can A Splintered Amish Family Reconcile More Than Anything Else, Thirty Something Holly Fisher Longs For Family Growing Up In Seattle Without A Dad Or Grandparents, She Wonders What It Would Be Like To Have A Heritage, A Place Of Belonging Holly Is Furious When Her Mother, Esther, Reveals A Long Kept Secret Holly S Grandmother And Uncles Are Still Alive And Begging Esther To Return And Holly Is Shocked When She Learns That The Family She S Never Known Lives On A Lancaster, Pennsylvania, Farm As Part Of An Amish Community Her Mother Once AbandonedGuilt Ridden Esther, Terrified To See Her Mother And Siblings, Begs Holly To Accompany Her On A Visit To Esther S Mother Before She Dies But Can Their Journey To A Conflicting World Heal Their Emotional Wounds And Finally Bring Them Home Set In The Heart Of Contemporary Lancaster County, Leaving Lancaster Explores The Power Of Forgiveness, Family Reconciliation, And Love Where Least Expected

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    I don t usually read Christian fiction, I m of of non fiction Christian reader, but I received the book free from David C Cook publishing for winning one of their Free Book Friday Facebook contests I never would have read or even picked up this book otherwise.I got about half way through the book, and I just didn t care to finish it The characters are especially immature 38 year old Holly reads like she s 21 bad attitude on one hand, and then the awkward social acumen of a 10 year old Her 50 something year old mother, Esther, is so imbedded in the darkness and secrets of her past that she comes across as cold and selfish I have a hard time caring about what these two women do because their attitudes are so bad and they are so petty And the idea that a devout Amish man would propose to an apostate within 24 hours of reuniting with her doubtful.As for the writing, I didn t like the change between 1st and 3rd person as the author changed character perspective each chapter She could have just as easily switched character perspective and stayed in 3rd person, but the switch to 1st was just awkward.

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    Almost forty years have passed since Esther Gingerich and Samuel Fisher ran away from their Amish upbringing in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, and headed west to live in a hippie commune and sing on the streets of San Francisco They married, Samuel was drafted, shipped off to Vietnam and declared MIA, leaving Esther to raise their daughter alone because she was too proud to return to her family Holly grew up believing her grandparents were dead, so it comes as a complete shock to her when Esther announces her intention to visit their Amish family and wants Holly to come too.The story alternates between being told in the first person by 37 year old Holly and the third person from the point of view of Esther, Holly s mother I continually found myself backtracking to the beginning of the chapter because I hadn t picked up the change Call me fussy, but combining first person and third person doesn t ring true for me It reminds me that I m just reading a story about a bunch of made up characters.This meant that I was noticing the writing rather than being carried along by the story, and as a result, I kept finding things that bothered me While these were mostly minor, many of which were addressed later in the story, I found these glitches were pulling me out of the story There were also contradictions in the plot line, and I found Holly hard to relate to I could understand her anger and resentment towards her mother for having hidden her very alive family for so many years She struck me as very self centred, and I didn t really see this change as the story progressed.Overall, I can t say that I enjoyed Leaving Lancaster Plot wise, it had a solid underlying theme of honesty and forgiveness But I found the writing style too distracting to allow me to get into and enjoy the story.Thanks to David C Cook and NetGalley for providing a free ebook for review.

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    Many reviewers have done an excellent job describing the events of this book, so I will focus on what I liked and disliked about it What I liked The story flowed well and I found myself quickly turning pages to find out what was going to happen, especially as the women approached Pennsylvania.The details of Amish and Mennonite life were interesting and seemed to be well researched They were what really kept me reading.The character of the Grandmother Anna, Esther s mother, was my favorite I wanted her for my grandmother What I disliked I had a lot of trouble believing in the characters of Esther and Holly Many of the things they said and did were not in keeping with what we knew about them I could ve smacked Holly several times A spoiled, obnoxious woman I d be hard pressed to find I received a complimentary copy of this book in a Goodreads Giveaway.

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    I read this on the KindleI really enjoyed the book, but must say wanted to slap the 2 main people who are Esther who left the Amish when she was a teenager her daughter HollyThe way the story went you think that Holly was a teenager not a 30 something she throws her toys out the pram also if she really wanted to know about her father as someone who works with computers she could also her mum who is 50 something well she came across as not a great person also as if she helpless yet telling her daughter what to doAll that said it was a good read just that the 2 people to wasn t that believable but the other people in the book i think will come out like in most trilogy I will be reading book 2 3 in the series

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    .The 30 year old daughter was very annoying and constantly acted like a spoiled teenager No matter which faith she was raised in, you would think that she would have had far respect for her mother The lack of respect between this family was wide spread, prevalent than one would imagine, especially with ties to the Amish faith The Amish are definitely strict in their ways and don t leave much room for personal decisions outside their rules So there was a lot of forgiveness needed to reconcile this family.I like Amish tales normally and this one surely had a different twist But I discovered it was than I was able to comprehend and enjoy.

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    2 1 2 stars out of 5Love, regret, forgiveness, redemption, second chances, new beginnings these are some of the words that best describe the idea or themes behind this novel This is the story of a woman coming home to the family she deserted, and the story of this woman s only daughter finally feeling at home with the family she never knew she had Both women are afraid, scared and in desperate need of love, mercy, grace and each other It could have been such a wonderful, beautiful, touching story, but the execution prevented it.This is the problem I had the two female leads were so unlikable, their attitudes so undesirable, that it was very hard to find a redeeming quality in them The thing is that both women appear to have been written with much younger versions in mind Holly, the daughter, sounded like an 18 year old, and the mother maybe a 30 something, but they were both so childish and immature in their thinking, actions and in the way they spoke that it was hard to sympathize with either one They were fighting constantly, and contradicting their thoughts with their words for instance, the daughter would do a little soul searching and realize that she needed to cut her mother some slack, but then almost immediately say something rude to her, out of the blue She was a brat Half the time I was expecting them to start a You did I did not Did, too Did not fight.Also, sometimes it felt as if the author had forgotten her own plot and previous scenes For example, the mother mentioned her 5 brothers to her daughter, and Holly says Mom, you re talking gibberish First a mother Now, five brothers Then, a few pages later, the mother mentions her five brothers again, and Holly says Five brothers and this is the first I m hearing of them Really, no Other times the characters words and actions made no sense, their expressions and reactions coming out of nowhere.I will say this, however the author did a beautiful job writing the big confrontation redemption scene It was beautifully written, expressed and managed It was really moving Also, Nathaniel was a very nicely written character, as well as Jeremiah and Beatrice.The novel did keep my interest as it slowly unraveled the mysteries and secrets behind this family and their actions But not all was revealed, which I think means that there would be to come I received a copy of this book from the publisher, David C Cook, through NetGalley in exchange of an honest review.

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    Review for Leaving Lancaster by Kate LloydKate Lloy takes us on a gentle journey through grace and forgiveness Our story starts out with Ester receiving word that her mother is very ill and wants her to come home Home is in Lancaster PA where her mother and siblings reside Ester is a grown woman with a grown daughter of her own Ester s husband has been mia since he left for the war, before Holly, Ester s daughter was even born Ester s kept her past well hidden, and has told Holly that her mother had died and her relatives moved on All Holly wants is a big family and a father Imagine Holly s consternation when she finds out that her mom s been lying to her all along, that her mother is not dead, and she has a huge family an Amish family waiting for her in Lancaster My goodness what excitement she must feel but what about the betrayal Holly feels from her mother lies What must Holly feel about this and why did Ester withhold information about her family from her daughter What happens when they go to Lancaster I really liked the way the story flowed and loved the different points of view as the two main characters shared their thoughts and feelings by taking turns relaying their story in every other chapter My thoughts do run to something that was rather unusual for an Amish fiction story I thought there were too many subplots going on It didn t really take away from the story, but it appeared as though there were too many ideas going through the author head at the same time I hesitated as to whether to write that last statement, but then I felt my review wouldn t have been totally honest.I am glad to see there is another book out there which thank you NetGalley for giving me access to it I felt that the end of this book was a bit rushed and wanted the book to continue further.I would recommend this book to my friends that read Amish fiction.

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    Leaving Lancaster is the first book in the series, and despite the name, the book has very little to do with the title The book alternates between first person third person something I hate in a book and makes it hard to get into any of the characters In the beginning, I thought the book was taking place in the 60 s and I was thrown for a loop when I realized it was actually taking place in current times I also thought one of the main characters, Esther, was a teenager, and was really thrown for a loop when I realized she had a 30 something daughter Most of the characters continue in that vein they act so extremely immature, it s hard to like any of them The book begins with Ester receiving a letter from her mother, and even though she s ignored her mother s repeated pleadings to come home in the past, this time she decides to go home, admit the truth to her daughter, and drag Holly along And so begins a novel of whining, lies, lies, and whining Ester s obsession about the past, and blaming herself for things that were out of her control and not her fault, really drove me crazy I get obsessing being rather an obsesser myself but at some point you have to say to yourself to suck it up and move on, and that doesn t happen in the course of this book.And of course in the end, there s a happily ever after, though little is actually resolved Yet, despite all of that, I did really enjoy the book and was glad to have the next book in the series at hand, ready to read.I picked up this book to read for free on , and read it as part of the Pennsylvania Patchwork book tour.

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    This is the first book in the Legacy of Lancaster Trilogy Holly Fisher, 37, is the main character She lives with her widowed mother, Ester, in Seattle Holly never met her father as he died before she was born She has always wanted a family, but it has always been just she and her mother Holly has recently been told by her boss that due to the economy he has to let her go She had loved her job and now is anxious to find another Money has always been tight for Holly and her mother Ester receives a letter from her mother stating that she is very ill and probably won t live much longer She is begging Ester to come home to Lancaster so she can see her one time before she dies Ester knows she must go, but that means she will have to tell Holly that there is family in Lancaster that Ester has never told Holly about She has also never shared their Amish traditions with Holly either Ester knows that they must go but she fears what this will do to her relationship with her daughter The book is well written with strong and likable characters The plot line pulls you along as you learn about Holly, her mother and their large Amish family and all the secrets that Holly is uncovering I thoroughly enjoyed reading about Holly s budding relationship with the town s very popular Vet and Ester s prospects for a happy ending as well.

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    Holly Fisher never knew her father He died before she was born, in Vietnam As far as she knows, her mother Esther is her only living relative.She is about to lose her job, a victim of the bad economy Here relationship with her mother has always been strained Now that she s living at home, even than usual.She has no idea how much worse things are about to get.Her mother springs on her, with no warning, that her grandmother, who Holly thought was dead, is alive, sick, and wants them to come home to Lancaster County, Pennsylvania.What will Holly and Ester find when they visit Mamm Anna s House What will Esther do when she is forced to confront her past Will Holly find the large extended family she has always coveted Will Holly be able to forgive all the lies her mother told her, and all the things she never told her This book is a bit different from many Amish Fiction stories It lets us inside the heads of some who have not lived Amish for years and some who never even know what it is to live Amish A very enjoyable read, with a dash of twists, turns and romance thrown in for good measure I was a bit frustrated to not find out all the answers, I hope they will come in books from Kate Lloyd.

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