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    Grey Midnight Sun Rewriting a well known story from the guy s point of view is pretty much scraping the bottom of the barrel, from a literary point of view throwing out some chum to satisfy the rabid fan base and to mix my metaphors milk the cash cow.It s bad enough when authors do it with their own creations, but worse when it s a beloved classic book no longer protected by copyright And worst, when the author has nothing worthwhile to add to the story I was gifted this book by a very sweet friend who knows of my love for PP I don t want to hurt her feelings by telling her what a waste of trees this book is, so I m venting here instead.Reading this version of PP, from Darcy s point of view, was a complete and utter waste of time Half of the book was simply regurgitating Austen s language, pretty much verbatim except for a shift in some of the pronouns the other half was simplistic and banal additional detail about Darcy s thoughts and life If he were this boring, Elizabeth would have laughed and dismissed him without further thought.Go reread the original instead.

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    There were times when I was convinced that this book was written by a computer So much of this book is merely a reshuffling of the sentences in Pride and Prejudice to make the story from Darcy s perspective Oooh, clever The author does add some original scenes, especially between Darcy and his sister, but they utterly fail to ring true I think what people are actually seeking when they pick up a book like this are insights into other characters thoughts and emotions, which were not explicitly revealed by Austen We want to see those insights so we can compare them to our own opinions, and deride them if they disagree There were a few moments like that mostly, the author succeeded in making obvious how jealous and desperate Caroline Bingley was, and how cold Darcy was toward her That s not without entertainment value Writing Jane Austen pastische ahem, fan fiction is difficult because every slight deviation from absolute Janianism is going to bring a torrent of angry tongue clucking upon you but not making any deviations or inventions whatsoever eliminates the point of writing such a book altogether.

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    Favorite line from the book In short, he found himself unable to control his own free will for the first time in his life Isn t that just swoon worthy I enjoyed this book I think because I m not one of those hard core Jane Austen fans that would nitpick at little things To actually appreciate this book fully Pride and Prejudice should be read first though because a lot of what is unexplained would bother a new reader to the Pride and Prejudice story The author did a wonderful job of telling Darcy s part of the story She kept true to the characters and didn t alter the plot His relationship with his sister Georgiana is presented with depth, and you see his growth throughout the story In the classic we are very much in the dark on what Darcy is thinking, so it was interesting to see what his thoughts were and how he dealt with all the situations that are presented in the story It isn t as witty as the classic, but that is because it s done in Elizabeth s perspective and not Darcy s.I can see why so many women and a few men love this story It is truly romantic Darcy waits for Elizabeth, and she is willing to see him for who he really is They are good for each other There isn t corny dialogue, or excessive pawning over each other I did have one irk though, Darcy kept thinking over and over again of the same exact lines like a bigillion times over Ok we get it already you feel bad and miserable Despite that after reading this book I actually love the classic Lovely.

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    Between reading this book and being in the midst of PBS The Complete Jane Austen series, I have been submerged in Jane Austen s world the last few weeks And you know what I like it Everyone is so civilized, and there are parties all the time and nobody seems to actually work for a living They just have some sort of stipend allotted to them and they ride around in carriages and drink tea I like tea.Anyway, Darcy s Story is one in the ever growing genre of sequels to Jane Austen s Pride and Prejudice, only they re not written by Jane Austen This is actually the second of this genre that I ve read A couple of years ago, as part of my now defunct book club, I read Mr Darcy s Daughters by Elizabeth Aston I think I liked this one much because I knew and liked the character of Darcy, but I had not met the daughters We see a new side to Darcy where we learn that he really is an arrogant snob, but for all the right reasons See, the thing is, he s actually shy and socially inept Really I always wanted to know Darcy s side of the story regarding his meeting and tortured courtship of Elizabeth Bennett, and that is exactly the story this book tells Aylmer tries to write in the style of Jane Austen and does it well enough she also often uses direct quotes from P P What I liked best is that she parallels the timeline in P P so that we see what Darcy is doing when we don t see him in P P Is this great literature Absolutely not Could it stand alone without P P No way This book is only for tried and true fans of Pride and Prejudice which I am Otherwise, it s not worth the time it takes to read.

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    I d give this one six stars if I could.The best Austen offshoot I ve ever read Lively prose and a ready wit combine with an interesting and well thought out view of Darcy s impulses and thought processes to make this a delightful and thought provoking read Indeed, as soon as I finished it I picked up Pride Prejudice for a re read, and found that the action in the original was illuminated by Aylmer s insights into Darcy s motivations.Pamela Aidan s famous Darcy opus, while an excellent work itself, was occasionally heavy handed with religious themes and also turned Georgianna into someone I couldn t muster up any warmth for Aylmer s Georgianna, on the other hand, is a fit sister for the former Miss Elizabeth Bennet I sincerely hope Ms Aylmer has Austenalia up her sleeve.

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    Well, the author handled the book very carefully a little too carefully, I felt like it was the cliff notes version of P P and I didn t learn anything new of value I will admit that no matter what the author wrote she would not have scored that three stars but she only got two because I would have preffered a little juice Mr Darcy described as flushed from exercise dripping wet in his soaked clothing emerging from a pond , his favorite breakfast, a little hobby we never knew he had, anything Basically I wanted the US Weekly version, where it felt a little bit like spying There was a bit of a stretch where he had some sensitive moments with Georgiana, but I didn t believe it as written Oh and the conversation he has with Lady Catherine which could have been a very exciting time where she manages to repeat word for word everything Elizabeth with the help of Jane Austen had said to her was lacking as well I am hard to please If you love P P I would say it s still worth a read, just as any movie made about it however loosely is worth a watch the story and characters are just so amazingly fantastic that even with tinkering it still affects me But don t you dare read it if you haven t read the original or you ll never know what all the fuss is about.

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    An accompaniment to Pride and Prejudice, it would dissipate like mist if you took away Austen s work Someone else here said it was like reading the Cliff Notes version of PP, and I would have to agree It s a sweet story, but there s nothing new here How Darcy felt towards Lizzy, what Darcy did to find Wickham and Lydia, what his aunt Lady Catherine de Bourg said to him to make him try for Lizzie s hand again these things are only slightly detailed in Darcy s Story than in PP In her attempt to be faithful to the language etc of Austen s work, Aylmer provides merely a quick, light version of PP, full of punctuation errors that constantly distracted me.In order to avoid repeating every conversation word for word, Aylmer instead skims over many conversations, as well as many scenes It reads a bit like a pet project, and would have been successful if she had written it in her own style, something detailed and meaty, some kind of style that reflected Darcy s personality, rather than try to emulate Austen s Then Darcy s Story could have stood on its own two feet As it is, it s a mere shadow that lets you revisit a beloved story in fast forward mode.

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    OH MY I love this story It totally mirrors Pride Prejudice but from Darcy s telling Funny how I like him even than before I thought it was also funny how Darcy had a very different opinion of his meetings and conversations with Elizabeth than what is portrayed in PP I also love how this book gives insight into his relationship with his Sister, Georgiana Just as in Pamela Aidan s stories, I really enjoy this point of view and it shows a very sensitive side to Darcy that one didn t really get in PP but assumed I love the transformation that takes place with Elizabeth and Darcy s personalities She obviously learned something from him and he from her It s not so much that they changed their character in the end but that they both seemed to improve the other and isn t that what we want in a partner Someone who makes us better and gives us the desire to become something I just LOVED this story and I could read PP, Pamela Aidan s books and this over and over again In fact, I think I will.

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    I have never read an Austen continuation or sequel that comes anywhere near the original material This isn t surprising, since most of these writers don t hold a candle to Austen in style, and most of them seem to completely forget that it is her style and biting humor that makes her books so great not the romance or broody heroes.Perhaps I wanted to read this because Darcy, like most of Austen s heroes, is not very alive on the page Since she limits her perspective to her heroines, there isn t a lot of room for the interior workings of the male characters But fan fiction is only so interesting, and I don t think I m going to look into any of these It was passably enjoyable for a plane ride, but I wouldn t recommend it to Austen fans I might recommend it if you read Austen for the romance alone, but only because if that is your sole approach to Austen, maybe you deserve it.

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