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A Secret History Of The IRA chapter 1 A Secret History Of The IRA, meaning A Secret History Of The IRA, genre A Secret History Of The IRA, book cover A Secret History Of The IRA, flies A Secret History Of The IRA, A Secret History Of The IRA 583e379a673df For Decades, The British And Irish Had Got Used To A Situation Without Parallel In Europe A Cold, Ferocious, Persistent Campaign Of Bombing And Terror Of Extraordinary Duration And Inventiveness At The Heart Of That Campaign Lies One Man Gerry Adams From The Outbreak Of The Troubles To The Present Day, He Has Been An Immensely Influential Figure The Most Compelling Question About The IRA Is How Did A Man Who Condoned Atrocities That Resulted In Huge Numbers Of Civilian Deaths Also Become The Guiding Light Behind The Peace Process Moloney S Book Is Now Updated To Encompass The Anxious And Uneasy Peace That Has Prevailed To

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    One of the best nonfiction texts I ve read This text gives a detailed account of the development and history of the Irish Republican Army during the Northern Ireland Troubles, as well as the development of their associated political party, Sinn Fein However, the text doesn t feel heavy in the way that many historical texts do It s very engaging and reader friendly, reading like a novel than a history text.The only downfall of this book is that Ed Moloney is clearly a very big fan of Gerry Adams He paints Adams as the hero who led Northern Ireland out of the Troubles Not exactly an objective view point, but then, Moloney s opinionated writing is part of what keeps this text from being just another dry historical document.

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    Interesting, if perhaps not quite what I expected Lots of backstory and history of Gerry Adams and Sinn Fein, which is of course an important part of the story, but it s missing a lot of the foreground I suppose that s the point of calling it the secret history, but I found it doesn t stand very well as a history on its own.

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    Ed Moloney tackles a huge subject with his A Secret History of the IRA The title is sensationalist but the book is written in a very dry, practical way Moloney is a journalist who got close to different people in the IRA structure and has been following their moves throughout the Troubles of the 1960s through the 1990s He could have just written about the IRA and what he discovered about the organization and its crimes and aspirations, but instead he framed it in discussions about how the peace compromise was created by Gerry Adams and his supporters in a secret way It is startling to see how a person like Gerry Adams can be so complex He deliberately misled the IRA leadership and manipulated events and situations to create a system that would force peace and even shocking than that, decommissioning All while he was still actively in the IRA and participating or helping to plan the violence that shook the nation for so many decades The book gets bogged down in details and is at times quite repetitive in its information But it is well thought out, purposeful and thought provoking At no time does he side with the IRA s violence, but he does not make too many judgment statements It is obvious that he can sympathize with the way that Catholics were treated by Protestants, and with Protestants who were victimized by IRA violence What he does is put the IRA and Gerry Adams under a microscope and analyze the decisions and the effects of the choices that were made Thankfully the book has an extensive appendix section that has a glossary of terms, a list of the dominant characters and a chronology of events for the violence and peace process in Northern Ireland The book doesn t need to be any longer than it is but I do wish that there was a beginning chapter that did a quick summary of the relationship between Britain and Ireland and how the people were put in the situation of needing an IRA in the first place.

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    the first book ive read on the subject so i cant really comment on how it fits in with the rest of the scholarship moloney is mainly interested in explaining the peace process he discusses the roots of the troubles very shortly, and glosses over or only briefly summarizes some major military developments, but sinn fein and ira army council meetings, by comparison, are always covered in minute detail moloney s thesis is basically that gerry adams and his think tank of trusted advisors came up with a peace plan in the early eighties and slowly managed the rest of the organization and the nationalist grassroots into being forced to accept it as a fait acompli by the mid 90s he is also of the opinion that the british had basically rolled up the ira as a military force by that time the book gave me a good overview of a lot of dimensions of the conflict for instance, the effectiveness of british intelligence, the asymmetrical targeting strategies of the loyalist and nationalist armed groups, the evolving military posture of the ira and the british forces and their northern ireland auxiliaries, the complicated three or four way diplomatic exchanges that sinn fein had to navigate, etc once ive read a few books i might be able to tell where this one fits in and exactly how good it is.

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    I read this book for academic and professional purposes I ended up putting it done with a personal outlook on things that affected me so personally I ended up being removed from them entirely Ed Moloney was as bold as to write the account of his twenty years spent undercover in the IRA as a novel, mixing personal stories of leaders and Irish history with a respectful distance Never does he indulge into unnecessary judgement or overwhelming sensitivity, which is a testament to his talent as a journalist A secret history of the IRA reveals all the military, political, and social links between the IRA, the Sinn Fein, Ireland, the United Kingdom and, in the distance, a growing european community centred around an idea l of freedom many thought lost From Gerry Adams personal journey from the hills of Ballymurphy to the Stormont Castle, from Martin McGuinness training to the fateful days of August 1969, from army deals with Libya and tight connections with the United States, Moloney is not sparing anyone, nor is he willing to The questions anyone would ask at the beginning are not answered, as it s not as much a political analysis as it is the quest to find legitimacy in action Moloney keeps an open mind and tosses personal politics aside, while strongly encouraging the reader to do the same A must read.

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    A secret History of the IRA is a long book Moloney piles on the information here and a fair bit of it is interesting Focus throughout is on Gerry Adams than IRA Sadly a lot if the book is not interesting Page after page is spent on background and family of people with only marginal involvement with IRA or Adams The story is broadly told chronologically but then suddenly 50 pages drops into the future or back to the past for no reason Causation is another thing Moloney is not too eager on explaining, how a leads to b, but then suddenly the story is illuminated with a logical string of events I assume the lack of causation is due to information simply not being available.In the end Moloney manages to paint a solid broad picture of IRA and Adams between 1970 and 2005 With better structure and tougher cutbacks this could have been a great book As it is now its real work to get through the book Anyone finishing the book will learn at least something new about IRA so if this is your area of interest, have a go at it.

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    Moloney had access to an enormous number of sources and there is a lot of new information here Howeverthis book could just as easily have been titled A Secret History of Gerry Adams It also veers a little too close to conspiracy theory and or hero worship I didn t know you could blend the two, but Moloney manages There s some good information here, but take his conclusions with a grain of salt Or a cellar of salt.

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    Gerry Adams Responsible For The Peace Process Say It Aint So

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    A Secret History of the IRA is a behemoth of a chronicle that has successfully created clarity in regards to one of the most complex conflicts in modern history The unfolding of the events that spanned the decades of the troubles read like the a great Le Carre novel If you have an interest to try to understand the conflict, gain context about the situation in Ireland and the road to the Ireland Peace Process without a doubt this is the book for you.The credibility that Ed Moloney has was earned he was there as a journalist throughout the decades about which he writes His insight is backed by exhaustive research and interviews This book catapulted my ability to understand many of the layers and far reaching history of the troubles Further, Moloney helped to dissect and show light on Gerry Adams and Father Reid and the unfathomable intricacies of the steps towards a cease fire that had to work on so many levels with so many different audiences each with their own beliefs and wants.This book is very much worth a concentrated and focused read.

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