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Catch Your Death (Kate Maddox, #1) chapter 1 Catch Your Death (Kate Maddox, #1) , meaning Catch Your Death (Kate Maddox, #1) , genre Catch Your Death (Kate Maddox, #1) , book cover Catch Your Death (Kate Maddox, #1) , flies Catch Your Death (Kate Maddox, #1) , Catch Your Death (Kate Maddox, #1) 7a04168295757 Fear Is Contagious The No Bestselling Internet Sensation Now In An Updated Edition With Exclusive New MaterialA Terrifying Enigma With The Power To Destroy Twenty Years Ago, Kate Maddox Was A Volunteer At A Research Centre Where Scientists Hunted For A Cure For The Common Cold Virus That Summer, Kate Fell In Love With A Handsome Young Doctor, Stephen, But Her Stay Ended In His Tragic Death And Kate Fled To A New Life In The USNow Kate Is Back In England And On The Run With Her Young Son, This Time From Her Vile Husband But A Chance Encounter Sets Her On A Terrifying Path Of Discovery What Really Happened At The Cold Research Unit Two Decades Ago Pursued By Both Her Estranged Husband And A Psychotic Killer Who Is Obsessed With His Prey, Kate Must Fight To Solve The Puzzle Of The Past Uncovering A Sickening Betrayal And A Truth Horrifying Than She Could Ever Have Imagined

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    This was a cheap ebook, and, as always, it s a bit of a gamble Some are brilliant, some are awful, this was just a bit meh There is a cracking story in here somewhere, but the authors have buried it under a positive mountain of cardboard cutout characters and unbelievable plot contrivances The premise of mysterious goings on at a research facility, ostensibly working on the common cold but actually up to something far devious, is an intriguing one, and the plot rattles along at a good pace But somehow, it never quite works.The main characters are completely flat Kate is meant to be a highly intelligent scientist but, frankly, she comes across as pretty stupid, not to say flighty Paul is entirely nothingy The bad guys are over the top cartoon characters The minor characters are one dimensional The technique of allowing pretty much everyone to have a shot at being a point of view character, which should give them greater depth, actually manages to make them less interesting In Sampson s case, seeing exactly what is going on in his head makes him less scary Hitchcock understood that very well and it removes a great deal of the tension by revealing pretty much everything that s going on Even so, there s still pages of detailed explanation necessary at the climax of the book.Vernon is a classic example of a missed opportunity The authors could have made him a much sympathetic character Kate must have seen something in him at one time, after all, and he s described as being intelligent but no, instead he s a one dimensional bad tempered misogynist whose only function is to be a mini bad guy early on and to create the dramatic climax by hiding away with Jack and miraculously turn into a nice guy for the happy ending bleah.As far as the plot goes, there are a few moments of cleverness the business with swapping the two boys is nicely done but there are too many coincidences and contrivances all the way through The car chase sequence is quite ridiculous A stag Oh please And what was the point of the shotgun in the boot There were moments, too, when I was distracted by some of the historical details Would Paul really have been able to use a PIN and card to get 1000 from a cash machine in 1989, for instance There was one other aspect that grated on me, and that was the crude sexual descriptions Sampson s fantasies I could live with he s barking, after all , but Kate s panting lust felt all wrong, somehow I couldn t quite see what the authors were aiming for Sexual tension is a great driver, but that doesn t mean telling us every physiological response in Kate s body It s not romantic or erotic, and frankly distracts from the thriller part of the story It would have been far effective and subtle to keep Kate and Paul s relationship in a enigmatic state.But overall, the story is moderately readable, with a nicely dramatic if overdone climax, and if you can overlook the flaws it s quite a page turner I m feeling generous, so I ve given it 3 stars for effort.

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    This book was kind of meh It started off really well, I really enjoyed the first 30% of it but then it just became really difficult.The premise is really good, I really liked the sound of it, I really thought there was going to be a brilliant crime thriller in here The authors have, however, buried it under a positive mountain of generic characters and unbelievable plot twists The idea of mysterious goings on at a research facility, working on the common cold but actually up to something far devious, is an intriguing one, and the plot moves along at a good pace But somehow, it never quite works.The characters had promise to be really, really brilliant Kate is meant to be a highly intelligent scientist but, honestly, she comes across as pretty stupid, the bad guys are over the top cartoon characters, the minor characters are one dimensional and as for Vernon he was a very missed opportunity Kate fell in love with him once But he is, instead a one dimensional bad tempered misogynist whose only function is to be a bad guy early on and to create the dramatic climax.This could have been brilliant, instead it was just average I have loved many of Louise Voss novels in the past, and this is a stark contrast to To Be Someone for example and I don t know if maybe the problem was that it was joint authors I ve not read many joint authored books in the past to cast judgement All I know is I went in to this very excited and came out of it marginally disappointed It was a good book, but it wasn t what I was expecting.

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    Kate Maddox fleeing from her abusive husband in the USA returns home to England with her son By chance she sees her lover Stephen who she knows died twenty years ago The sighting takes her back to the time she spent with Stephen in the Cold Research Unit two decades ago But the person Kate sees is Stephen s twin brother Paul The meeting with Paul has her questioning her time at the unit and what happened there, and as she concentrates on it she realises that her memory is at fault and that there are gaps Can she fill in these gaps and should she What was happening at the Cold Research Unit all those years ago This is a chilling tale, as Kate seeks to uncover exactly just what did happen twenty years ago when she thought that she was participating in finding a cure for the common cold As with Paul s help Kate probes deeper, she puts herself and others in danger.These mysteries set in Research Stations always make fascinating reading, but just sometimes, one wonders just how much is fiction However, although we are all aware on one level of the flu virus s, seeing then listed was a scary moment This is one of those unable to put down books have to finish it or won t be able to concentrate on anything else And there is one of those delicious twists that have the reader reeling.Highly recommended Lizzie Hayes

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    this was a fantastic book, couldn t put it down, so much so that i had to read it on my phone while i was walking the dog fast paced book that kept me wanting to know what was going to happen next.a book i would certainly recommend.

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    I co wrote it so I m biased

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    A compelling conspiracy thriller with a fast pace throughout enjoyed reading it Although development of a deadly virus is the root of the underlying story it does not dominate the action and you certainly do not need to know anything much about science.

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    She felt as if she was inside the sort of bad dream which just goes on and on, silently unfolding and transmuting from one nightmare scenario to another Main protagonist Kate Maddox, an intelligent and successful scientist working at Harvard researching viruses, has returned to her native England from the US, bringing her young son Jack with her She feels her marriage to obnoxious husband Vernon is over, and has made the break without telling him he is expecting her and Jack to return to Boston in a couple of days Kate, meanwhile, is staying in a hotel in London, considering her next move, when she is stopped dead in her tracks at the sight of someone she can t believe she is seeing Two decades ago, after graduating from Oxford, Kate spent time as a volunteer at the Cold Research Unit, arranged via longtime family friend Leonard Bainbridge The scientists there were attempting to make a breakthrough in their studies of the common cold virus On her second stay there, a fire took hold and Kate escaped the building, later fleeing to America to live, but her beloved boyfriend Stephen, a young doctor at the facility, didn t make it.The person who she is so shocked to see when she is in London becomes a companion to Kate in trying to uncover the mystery of what really happened to her beloved Stephen, and what was going on behind the scenes at the Cold Research Unit Ultimately Kate will be pursued on two fronts, both by her angry husband and by someone much worse, a terrifying killer driven on by his obsession with Kate and by the instructions of his sinister superior Dr Gaunt Dr Gaunt and his menacing sidekick John Sampson are chilling, ruthless and amoral Gaunt has devoted his life to collecting and developing viruses, with scant regard for anything or anyone who gets in his way, and his secretive work hints at a frightening possibility of a future outbreak of virulent diseases Sampson is a cold blooded, unfeeling killer who was glad he had no morals , with no feeling towards his victims put simply..he was a monster Together they provide a tangible sense of terror and fear throughout, and they are a persistent threat to Kate as she slowly starts to uncover the truth about the past, and realises that there is an horrific impending threat looming over her and her family and loved ones What an addictive read This thriller, written by two authors combining their talents, had me picking it up again at every opportunity to read a page or two because it was exciting and tense from fairly early on, and it successfully maintained the tension and my curiosity throughout, until the dramatic and revelatory ending The main characters are flawed individuals who take wrong turns and make bad decisions at times there were instances when I wished Kate had done something different, but the actions and decisions taken all add to the development of the story and lead us to a nail biting conclusion The terror Kate feels when confronted with Sampson is all too evident When Sampson spoke, Kate had the sensation of being stroked by cold fingers She could hear the darkness inside him If you are looking for an exciting, fast paced thriller with twists, tension, and an element of romance, this could very well be the read for you.When you ve finished this book, next time you are ill and the Doctor tells you it s just a virus , well, you might just wonder

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    Zusammenfassend Kate packt sich ihren Sohn Jack und reist mit ihm von Boston nach London Was sie ihrem fast Ex Mann als kleinen Urlaub verkauft ist in Wirklichkeit eine Trennung Eine Trennung von ihrem alten Leben mit ihrem fremdgehenden Ehemann Doch was sie nicht weiss, ihre fr here Vergangenheit wird sie rasant einholen.Den Kate war als Studentin in einem Forschungszentrum, welches sich mit Erk ltungsviren besch ftigte Doch als dieses auf mysteri se Weise abbrannte und dabei Stephen, die Liebe ihres Lebens, ums Leben kam wollte sie alles verdr ngen und verschwand nach Amerika.Doch kaum ist sie wieder zur ck in England trifft sie einen Geist, der sich als Zwillingsbruder von Stephen entpuppt Paul Und schon beim ersten gemeinsamen Gespr ch bemerken die beiden, dass mit dem Feuer damals etwas nicht stimmte und Paul berredet Kate ihn zu begleiten, um dem Ganzen auf die Spur zu kommen.Doch im Hintergrund spielt sich noch viel mehr ab, denn verschiedene Leute haben davon Wind gekriegt, dass sich Kate wieder im Land befindet Den Kate ist gef hrlich, sie weiss mehr als sie wissen sollte und wird als Bedrohung eingestuft Pl tzlich wird sie zum Ziel von etwas gr sserem und eine Verfolgungsjagt um Leben, Tod und Viren beginnt Hier gelangt ihr zur Leseprobe.Gefiel mir sehr Schon nach den ersten paar Kapiteln war ich sofort von der Handlung und dem R tsel um Kate gefesselt Was war damals im Zentrum wirklich passiert Wieso kann sie sich an kaum etwas erinnern und wer ist dieser seltsame Mann, der sich um sie k mmern soll Die Autoren schaffen es die Spannung von Kapitel zu Kapitel anzuheben, dies gelang ihnen vor allem dadurch, dass sie fters Mal an einer Stelle aufh rten und das n chste Kapitel mit einer vollkommen anderen Person begonnen haben, so dass man auf die Antwort bis zum bern chsten Kapitel warten musste Ich mag diese Art von Geschichtsfluss sehr, da dies einem zum weiterlesen fordert.Ausserdem, ohne zu spoilern, das Ende war wirklich nochmal eine berraschung und sehr Action reich Gefiel mir nicht Die Liebesgeschichte zwischen Paul und Kate gefiel mir leider nicht wirklich Das sie sich in den Zwillingsbruder verliebt und diese dann bereinander herfallen war mir irgendwie zu unsinnig Da alles innerhalb von wenigen Tagen bzw Stunden passierte, machte das ganze noch unglaubw rdiger.Schreibstil Cover Der Schreibstil war fl ssig und zugleich packend Obwohl es um Viren geht, wurde das Thema so beschrieben, dass man auch als Virenanf nger verstand, um was es geht und man nicht jeden Begriff googeln musste.Das Cover ist schlicht und dunkel gehalten, doch weckt durchaus Interesse und trifft das Thema der Geschichte gut BewertungBuchl nge 4 5 Schreibstil 4 5 Botschaft 3 5 Lesevergn gen 4 5 Vielen Dank an Randomhouse und den btb Verlag f r das Rezensionsexemplar With Love E.

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    It wasn t bad but like I said before, I had a serious problem with that fact that Kate just met the twin of her dead boyfriend and sent her son to her sister,mostly to have sex with him.

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    I can t imagine the writing process of a novel written by two people, but here we have Catch Your Death written by Louise Voss and Mark Edwards, and it really works This thriller is a fast paced, edge of your seat kind of read that has its reader gripped right from the start and doesn t let go until the very end I realised I d read almost half the book in one go by the time I first put the book down, it s that good The authors have obviously done a lot of research into the subject matter, but don t let the fact that it is a medical thriller put you off It isn t complicated or wordy, it s easy to follow with just the right amount of detail in it In fact, the story will have you hooked I enjoyed the mystery side to it whereby Kate is missing chunks of memory and so we don t learn about what really happened until she does That and the tension helps keep the reader on their toes.I liked the fact that the story dealt with a deadly viral situation that could realistically happen And that s quite a scary prospect really, especially when your immune system is already struggling to get rid of a lingering virus I thoroughly enjoyed reading Catch Your Death and I think it has to be one of my best reads so far this year So what are you waiting for Go and grab a copy

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