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  • Mass Market Paperback
  • 1 page
  • Key trilogy collection (Key trilogy #1-3) (Box Set)
  • Nora Roberts
  • English
  • 22 April 2019
  • 9780515138689

About the Author: Nora Roberts

Nora Roberts is the 1 New York Times bestselling author of than 200 novels, including Come Sundown, The Obsession, The Liar, and coming in December 2017, Year One the first book in The Chronicles of The One She is also the author of the futuristic suspense In Death series written under the pen name

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    Three keys, three women, and three men This entire trilogy was a quick read, filled with really fun characters, and a little quirky magical mystery You really had to suspend some of your beliefs to really truly believe everything that was going on, I guess this would be considered magical realism Not sureEach book and bald a different woman looking for her key, each book involve a love story, and each book involved a little danger and Mistry Altogether very good

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    I love Nora s paranormal trilogies This was a re read for me, and I loved it.

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    I am not going to review every Nora Roberts book that I have read in the past because she is quite prolific and it would get redundant and I honestly cannot remember all the plots I think someone finds someone else attractive but at least one cannot admit it so there is sexual tension, then lots of sex, and then they live happily ever after Sometimes there is some magic , a family legacy, or a mystery Certainly not great works of literature however still 100% better than the grapes of wrath I think I have read every one of her books to date because despite the cheesy nature, the ending is always happy and the read is easy Frankly, I like these books and will continue to read each one that comes out I am going to post this same review for each of her books that I have read in the past.

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    Great trilogy I love how Roberts weaves myth into her stories.

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    Liked these stories, but, abridgedugh Must read unabridged quickly.

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    Have reread this series numerous times Nothing like Nora Roberts always facinating and fun.

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    A great read I turn to Nora Roberts for a quick escape, fun story, and romance This one had mystery and intrigue as well.

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    Nora Roberts is hands down one of my favourite authors Not only is she a prolific writer, she has a way with words that appeals to me in every way And when I found out that she has written books in the paranormal genre, I thought I d died and gone to heaven Well as long as that heaven includes Terry Pratchett, Laurel K Hamilton, Jim Butcher, Rachel Vincent, Tolkien and a number of other authors that I adore Anyways, this is not the first of Roberts fantasy mythical tales that I have read And it is also not my favourite of the lot there are quite a few to choose from so that s not a bad thing But considering that I read all three in about 2 3 days, I can assure you that they are as captivating as any of her other books I think the reason that this series doesn t rank as a top favourite in my paranormal library is because there was not quite enough paranormal for my taste There is magic and gods and mythical happenings, but this series is based very firmly in this world so it definitely doesn t tick the fantasy box I guess you could say that there is normal than para in this series lol Again, personal opinion but if you love Nora Roberts and you re not big into the woo woo stuff as my mom calls it , then you ll enjoy this.My favourite out of the three tales is Key of Valour, or Zoe s story She s a single mom whose 100% dedicated to raising her son and she will do anything to protect him That strikes a chord because I was raised by a single mom She loves DIY and can wield powertools as well as any man, but she s also a hairdresser and ultimate girly girl In other words, she s a tomgirl and I am much the same Plus, there s just a little bit para than normal in this one, and I love the woo woo All in all, I recommend it The romance is realistic, you ll fall in love with the characters because they re real people and there s just a touch of magic

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    Nora Roberts doesn t do what is currently called paranormal romance, even when old legends or ghosts show up in the background of a series, but this is one of her most openly supernatural trilogies the Donovan legacy has psi powers and stuff with four romances one established thousands of years ago but still valid which was lovely and three that develop through the plot three fae princesses were cursed to sleep unless three human women could find the keys that open the soul casket that holds their souls It can only be attempted once in every generation and this time the chance to help and high rewards is offered to three women in a small but pretty town in the US.Key of LightMalory Price has just had one of the worst days, jobwise, of her life and lost her longtime job at an art gallery When the invitation to a gothic castle like house on the outskirts of town comes her way, she hopes she ll be able to convince the owners to buy something from her former gallery so that the owner of said gallery whose new trophy wife sacked her might ask her back.She meets two other women there and each for their own reason they accept the challenge and danger of looking for the keys to the soul casked from Rowena and her lover, the fae guardians.This whole series is a fascinating twist on plot elements we ve seen in other NR romances how couldn t it be , with her prolific writing in a very attractive combination the women become fast friends aren t lifelong friends as in other series, or sisters as in other series and open a shop together during all three books They are very different but complement each other that is usually the case with these stories the next new twist is that the men who end up being their perfect partners all DO know each other and have grown up in this small town only one of the women is a native and they have been the best of friends and it shows in their interactions.The first guy to be mated off is another version of the Bride Quartet s Carter McGuire the BQ is a later series the beta supportive male who knows what he is doing, who understands the compromises he had to make and is totally secure in himself so that when he actually wants something, he is prepared to move all out Flynn, the brother of Dana one of the other women involved owns and runs the newspaper in town but has been in a rut because people who remember his mother as the owner and chief editor have been treating him like a kid still In this book he not only reconnects to his two childhood best friends but also makes a move to get the woman he wants and set limits on what he will allow for old time s sake.Mallory on the other hand finds the support of her dreams and her crazy quest in Flynn who uses his research skills, too and moves in with him the conflict in this book is within the quest and in the introduction of the various romances, because all the heroines and heroes are introduced at once, working on the mystery so if you want to read for angsty romance and strong conflict between heroine and hero, this wouldn t be a book for you It s about meshing each other s lives and finding out what is important for each of them and just enjoying the exploration.Key of KnowledgeDana, the ian take charge sister of Flynn, is a dedicated librarian and just like Mallory she gets a real kick at work because of a jealous co worker this time This time the love story is a friends to lovers story with historical baggage She has always been in love with one of Flynn s friends, moody Jordan and had one incredible fling with him when he was dealing with the upset from his mother s horrible fast illness and death we learn that he just couldn t handle staying in town at the time and she was a few years younger and he didn t return from New York because he wasn t able to build a relationship then.Dana has had lovers since but not at the moment and when Jordan returns it is not only her disappointment and resentment that come to life again he really has to successfully crawl until she ll see him as than just a nice break in her current sexual draught she has thrown herself and all her research skills into the quest and into building that new shop with her new friends.There s a lovely paean to books and book loving included in this particular novel which is just delicious Jordan is an author, by the way and his books play a big role in the mystery part.Key of ValorThis was my favourite of the three books because it showed a woman who had come from the poorest roots and had made the mistake of believing a rich teenager and then become pregnant believing in that she could do better, going out and doing so AND successfully raising her awesome son into the bargain it did turn into a bit of a fantasy when she was not only awesome at her job as beautician and hairdresser but also the perfect interior decorator and business woman I do hope there are woman who find themselves reflected in this character, but I got a bit of an inferiority complex, especially considering her past.Zoe McCourt has the initial idea and drive for the new store and a lot of her plans are what gets realized concerning the store because she has an eye for interior decoration, too, on the shoestring she was able to afford so her son would have the best home she could offer him.All through the two previous books she has thrown of sparks with the richest of the three boyhood friends, Brad, whose father owns a home improvement store business chain that has struck it big and was away from the small town for a few decades He fell in love with a portrait of her all the girls look like the three fae princesses drawn by Rowena and when he sees her in the flesh the attraction is instant.But Zoe, having been stung by a rich kid once although she adores her son and pities the father s family for not wanting to have contact with him , is very careful about her physical attraction to him and he must try to curb his alpha tendencies and take charge personality to win both her and her son s trust.Zoe even deals with her past directly by visiting her mother and taking Brad along, so he can see where she came from Which makes her the stronger in this relationship by far, to my mind, and once she overcomes the feeling that his money makes him important than her, she can openly accept the love that he has for her son, her son for him and they both for each other.To reiterate this trilogy works better than the Dream trilogy on reread.

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    I did reviews on the individual books in this trilogy, where I rate them on the specifics of each But for this review, I want to rate the trilogy as a whole and I ll share my kindle highlights for those who care about those things.As a whole, I really, really enjoyed it Yes, I could nitpick and I do some of that in the individual reviews But the whole arc, and the characters who they became, how they grew I just loved it When I think of this book, it is like a warm bonfire in my heart I loved the fantasy elements, but I also loved how they weren t overbearing, didn t throw out all the rules of the plot and just waves hands MAGIC This was solid storytelling, and I really enjoyed it This is one I ll re read again and again 5 stars

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