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Risky Business / Storm Warning / The Welcoming explained Risky Business / Storm Warning / The Welcoming, review Risky Business / Storm Warning / The Welcoming, trailer Risky Business / Storm Warning / The Welcoming, box office Risky Business / Storm Warning / The Welcoming, analysis Risky Business / Storm Warning / The Welcoming, Risky Business / Storm Warning / The Welcoming cbc6 Risky Business She Was A Maddening Combination Of Mystery And Innocence But Liz Was The Key To Finding His Brother S Killer, So Cynical Jonas Sharpe Had To Stick Closetoo Close For Comfort Storm Warning He Had Shattered Her World Once, But When Lucas MacLean Reentered Autumn S Life, She Couldn T Deny The Love Still Blazing Inside Her Or The Evidence She Had That Said He Could Be Guilty Of Murder The Welcoming He D Never Known The Warmth Of A Home Until He Found His Way To Charity S Innand Into Her Arms But Roman DeWinter Had Come Looking For A Criminal Mastermind And All Evidence Pointed To Charity

  • Mass Market Paperback
  • 683 pages
  • Risky Business / Storm Warning / The Welcoming
  • Nora Roberts
  • English
  • 10 December 2017
  • 9780373285297

About the Author: Nora Roberts

Nora Roberts is the 1 New York Times bestselling author of than 200 novels, including Come Sundown, The Obsession, The Liar, and coming in December 2017, Year One the first book in The Chronicles of The One She is also the author of the futuristic suspense In Death series written under the pen name

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    Risky BusinessThis was a decent story While the plot was predictable and easily resolved with a little feel good twist up at the end , it allowed for complex characters with complex motivations Jonas fancied himself not a nice guy but really he was His behavior at the beginning wasn t all that bad standoffish, cold, willing to do whatever is necessary including using Liz to find his brother s killer and really all came from his profound grief Liz was a good, strong character I think she let what happened to her at 18 control too much of her life and kind of had an overreaction in the first place but I like the determination it gave her I also really liked when she d shoot down things Jonas was telling her to do with good points They had some sweet, romantic scenes together that were nice to read Though, of course, they fall in insta love I also like how sweetly protective Jonas became of Liz not psycho overprotective 3 stars.Storm WarningThis story had a lot of potential when it started I really liked the fast friendship between the Heroine, Autumn, and movie star Julia Bond It was sweet The pacing of this story was slow and kind of off It took forever to really get anywhere and then kind of tumbled together The Hero, Lucas, started off as a jerk for what he did to Autumn three years prior However, she d hold her own mostly when she went up against him Even getting in some good, and well deserved digs Then, because she keeps rebuffing him pretty nicely, he quite clearly threatens to rape her if she keeps pushing him She runs from him but doesn t think of it that way, she s afraid of her feelings But then literally two freaking pages later someone destroys her camera and she says, The mutilation was rape The first time that word is used and THAT S why Are you kidding me RAGE Cut to later on in the book and she does, in fact, view spoiler push him too far and so he makes good on his threat He throws her down on the bed, forcibly kissing and pawing at her and while she s fighting tells her that it s happening no matter how much she kicks and bites I m ready to throw the book across the room and then set it the fuck on fire because it was looking like nothing was going to stop it However, she starts crying NOT because she s about to be raped but because if they have sex she won t be able to hide how much she still loves him Iare youwhat in the fuck He sees her tears and assumes it s because of what he s doing to her He stops and promises he won t touch her like that again His excuse later is so fucking stupid I wanted to stab him in the head he has missed her so much since he threw her out of his life that he has been a wreck and now being so close to her he couldn t control himself and was constantly doing the wrong thing The only shred of a positive I have to say for his character is at the end of the book when he explains himself he does admit very clearly and with the actual word that he nearly raped her At least he actually understands what he did and the severity of it, even if she doesn t and doesn t call him on it The worst is maybe only a page after he says those words he askes and she agrees to marry him MARRY HIM I CANNOT hide spoiler

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    Risky Business was a 2 stars, Storm Warning was a 1 and The Welcoming was a 1 so the average rating was 1 I will probably never read another Nora Roberts.

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    I love the way Nora Roberts creates her heroes in that feel like you know them Her books however seem to follow the same pace, same formula, same out there heroines It s like she has a database of heroines and she simply changes their occupations and it s always something off the wall, like a trapeze artist or boat company owner or yep Wedding cake maker The romance is always delicious, the chemistry always divine, but three books of Nora later and I m sated Won t be reading any Just not exciting enough, feels too much like a longer Mills Boons

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    Three from the 1980 s Re read.Risky Business a woman fled to Mexico because of her illegitimate child yes, it s that old Gets mixed up in drug smuggling ring Hero is identical twin brother of man who is killed to set off the book.Storm Warning Didn t realize how similar this is to Mary Stewart s Wildfire at Midnight until now Heroine is photographer, not model but shares similar physical characteristics , hero is tortured writer in both, bad guy is the nicest of the rest Small cast of characters trapped by a storm in an Inn Even the sex bomb actress with heart of gold in both There is almost a rape forced submission scene, which I wouldn t have even noticed except for reading Beyond Heaving Bosoms.The Welcoming My favourite of the three Set in San Juan Islands, mystery involves smuggling Canadian conterfeit money into states Really like the hero in this onereluctant to love, but once does, makes a good job of it.

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    Nora Roberts is a good author I ve read all of her books and read this one several years ago.

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    Risky Business 3 5 So this isn t the worst of Nora s early books by any stretch of the imagination Compared to some of her other early works this was very readable The suspense was pretty good, as the Hero and the heroine try to work out who killed the Hero s twin brother, Jerry I didn t suspect the bad guy until right before the reveal The Hero was not my favorite Jonas was something of a selfish ass coming in planning to use the heroine however he had to in order to get his revenge for his brother s murder He just inserts himself into her life, bosses her around, demands she take him places for her own safety supposedly and he comes across for much of the book as cold and unfeeling So imagine my surprise when after days of the hero being an ass the heroine realizes she s falling in love with him Why Later in the book he kinda becomes a different character And yes, even I think he s too pushy creepy there at the end view spoiler He leaves per the heroine s request but goes off to woo the heroine s 10 year old daughter, admitting that the way to get to the heroine is through her daughter What kind of grandparents let a strange man take their granddaughter to the zoo Then he brooks no argument when he says they will marry, puts the ring onto her finger and tells her to get used to the idea Not very romantic hide spoiler

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    The only reason why I rated this lower than I normally would is because of the middle story Storm Warning because while it was an interesting read it was a terrible reconnection Spoiler In the middle story the main characters are violent and almost have a rape scene which he apologizes later for almost raping her yay and then she agrees she loved him all along even when she was terrified of him being so verbally threatening and violent with her So she agrees to marry him which is a terrible reaffirmation that oh maybe if I stick it out long enough the violent tendencies would be worth it after all he apologized right happy ending Nope not for me Don t romanticize violent people.The other two stories however, I liked them a lot particularly the last one.

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    I think the reason I most enjoyed reading this is that it pointed out the evolution in Nora Roberts writing career This is an early work and even if I hadn t known that, I would think so anyway because the writing is just not as full bodied as I m used to getting from Nora Still an excellent read but , wellPG rather that R rating Maybe that s the best way to describe it But I ll read anything Nora Roberts JD Robb writes, absolutely

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    This is a collection of three stories 1 Risky Business 1 star2 Storm Warning 1 2 star3 The Welcoming 2 1 2 starsThe truth is, they were all too short to be fulfilling in the suspense department 150 pages just is not enough time to create a truly scary villain and suspense and romance at the same time Also, the romance in Risky Business and especially Storm Warning was just really off, with two thoroughly unsatisfying male leads Lucas in Storm Warning is just an absolute jerk and comes close to raping Autumn at one point, and I didn t find that romantic at all Roberts slightly redeems herself with the last story, The Welcoming, which had just a really sweet cast of characters and a touch of humor in it that the others were lacking However, it still was just too short to be really fulfilling and do the storyline justice I don t know why Roberts does these little short vignettes when they have enough storyline and meat to be full tales Borrow it for The Welcoming, but certainly don t spend money on this one not up to Roberts usual standards I recommend Blue Smoke or the O Hurley series Born O Hurley and O Hurley s Return for the best of Nora Roberts.

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    Risky Business I had trouble getting into this story at first and overall, I was not impressed with it It could just be that I am not interested in reading stories involving drugs However, the romance Roberts created was very nice and heart warming The passion between Liz and Jonas was enjoyable to read while it unfolded and Jonas s determination and persistence to show Liz he was genuine was lovely.Storm Warning I enjoyed this story a lot than Risky Business I liked the suspense Roberts created as well as the character development I was very turned off by the behavior of Lucas The way he behaved scared me he was very violent, rough, and demanding I don t know what type of woman would be attracted by this behavior It seemed that at any moment he could snap and hurt Autumn The Welcoming I enjoyed this story and the romance between Roman and Charity This was probably the best story out of the three With all the stories in this compilation, I feel Nora Roberts ended them all so abruptly Overall, I did not enjoy this book I think reading three similar stories by the same author was just too much.

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