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Divine Evil summary Divine Evil, series Divine Evil, book Divine Evil, pdf Divine Evil, Divine Evil e4cd6efc69 Librarian S Note Alternate Cover Edition For ISBN A Decade Ago, Sculptor Clare Kimball Fled Emmitsboro, Maryland, To Take The Art World By Storm Now She S Celebrated As The Artist Of Her Generation But No Amount Of Success Can Eclipse The Nightmares That Haunt Her Or The Memories Of Her Father S Suicide Just As Her Star Is Shining Brighter Than Ever, Clare Leaves It All Behind To Face Her DemonsEmmitsboro Sheriff Cameron Rafferty Loved Clare From Afar All Through High School Now That She S Back, They Form A Bond That Grows Stronger Each Day Fueled By An Attraction That S Been Simmering For Years But Clare S Past Soon Rises Up With A Vengeance, Rocking The Town With A Sinister Murder That Is Clearly Linked To Her Return As An Investigation Gets Under Way, Clare And Cameron Will Learn That Evil Can Linger Anywhere Even In Those You Love And Trust The Most But It S A Discovery That May Come Too Late To Save Them

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    Clare Kimball is a sculptor whose work has gained notoriety and success in the art world Just as she should be basking in the acceptance of critics and buyers, Clare abruptly decides to leave New York and return to her Emmitsboro, Maryland, her hometown and site of so many painful memories After having worked as a detective in Washington, DC, Cameron Cam Rafferty has also returned to Emmitsboro as the sheriff, escaping to a much quieter life on the streets and in his home Neither Clare or Cam could have foreseen the evil that lived inside of the town, even though her nightmares were born there What a truly creepy story At least 13 men in that town were practicing satanic rituals incognito but it seemed to me it was a cover for some kinky behavior, that is until it took a murderous turn Before I reached the end, I d guessed the identities of most of them but was stunned by the twist at the end Very, very clever Ms Roberts and message received Evil doesn t necessarily show up in plain sight or stereotypically sinister I enjoyed listening to the story as the narrator delivered an excellent performance Even though this is an older book, it didn t have many dated moments, if you exclude the obvious absence of cell phones Highly recommend this book and the audio format 4.5 stars

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    There are quite a few negative reviews for this book which surprises me a little, but at the same time, I can also understand Divine Evil is a rather atypical for Roberts as its much descriptive and gruesome than her other books The plot deals with a Satanic cult that abuses and tortures young women girls and Roberts is surprising graphic in her detailing of those situations It creeped me out a bit, but not nearly enough to stop reading the book or to refuse to read another Nora Roberts book as some reviewers said they have done Personally, I thought the descriptiveness added to the reality of the story and created a great dark and twisted nuance But if you are one who is squeamish, then you probably should steer clear of this book.As for the romance I really enjoyed it quite a bit I loved the first scene between Clare and Cam It was rather amusing On the whole, there s a great chemistry between the two and I liked reading about the progression of their relationship I d say , but it s been ages since I last read this book Clare was an interesting heroine to read about her repressed memories, how they ve haunted her and affected her work as an artist She s a heroine that you can really root for.I think my only complaint overall about the book was the very end There was just a not so little detail that really rather bugged me.but I won t say what so I don t give away anything I would rather Roberts not have done what she did It left me wondering too much But I still loved the book It s definitely one of my all time keepers and Nora Roberts favorite.

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    What a book What a book I can t sleep because all I m thinking about is what happens next Clare is an artist living in New York, she is a successful sculptress, from a little town called Emmitsboro, 28 years old redhead and haunted by weird nightmares of her childhood, she is messy, smokes, lives in her own head and tries to move away from her past.In Emmitsboro, a cult is murdering again and cop Cam is on it

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    This was so long and tedious Also there s barely any romance and what there is you quickly forget about it when it comes to reading about the group sex, rapes, murders, and animals being killed Heck we even get a scene of a man being beaten to death which actually turned my stomach I don t think the main characters or secondary characters were very developed And there s a topic of racism introduced and dropped quickly which was odd The ending was a total nonstarter I can see if Roberts had wrote a sequel to this, but since she didn t, this book has an odd and menacing ending.Clare Kimball is a sculptor living in New York Even though she is on the cusp of making a name for herself she still feels unsettled by her father s death years earlier Coming home she found him dead of what looked to be an apparent suicide And a dream she had as a child which comes back to her now and again haunts her When her mother remarries and goes on her honeymoon, Clare decides to return to her former home in Emmitsboro, Maryland She thinks she can stay there and work on new pieces and maybe come to terms other her father s death and her anger towards her mother for moving on.So Clare sucks She has a best friend named Angie, who runs an art gallery with her husband Jean Paul Apparently she has no other friends though her twin brother Blair makes random appearances She also is divorced though you don t hear much about her first marriage You quickly find out that Clare is angry upset about her mother and her moving on She feels stuck and thinks returning to a town she hasn t lived in in about a decade is definitely the answer When she returns she runs into Cameron Cam Rafferty Cam has also returned to the hometown after being a cop in DC He s now the new sheriff and is dealing with a lot of bad memories due to his mother and his stepfather.Obviously theses two are romantically interested in each other But Roberts breaks that up with allowing readers POV of a young woman being raped and murdered and then a young teen boy who is apparently into Satanism and is obsessed with Clare Clare hides what she starts to discover about her father s interest in the occult And Cam gets into it with his stepfather and locks him up When the man is found naked and beaten to death things come to light in the supposed sleepy rural town I honestly felt like this was two stories meshed into one Either Roberts should have had Clare investigating once she realized some truths about her father Or Cam should have been the focus with him trying to reconcile with his mother Instead neither characters are center stage in this book I felt for Cam especially when there s a reveal about how his father died and I hated that I don t think he was told during the course of the story I did want him and his mother reconciled but sadly that doesn t happen Either way Clare does her sculptures and then all of a sudden gets emeshed in a case when a young woman she accidentally hits with her car that was running from men in the woods Though she still wants to hide any thoughts about her father Her brother and then Angie and Jean Paul are in Emmitsboro trying to keep and eye on Clare It honestly doesn t make any sense why anyone is afraid of Clare s return She doesn t go around asking questions or anything related to her father Whatever Can I say that these Satanists are stupid Who goes around abducting and murdering people thinking they will get away with it And these seem like 80s TV movie versions of Satanists I wish Roberts had introduced information on how these dumb men were even lured to do things like this Roberts tries to with the ending, but it was so out of left field I rolled my eyes The setting of this small town didn t feel like Maryland to me It felt Midwest to me With the talk of the smallness of the town and barely any stores or shops and small farms I had a hard time with that As I said above, the ending left things open ended and was a weird note to end this book on I don t recommend this.

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    I am a huge NR fan, but I never did like this one It s conclusion was very disturbing to me, and I actually had nightmares I am very against disposing of books in general, but this one hit the trash bin with amazing speed I m just glad it didn t turn me off of her writing for good, and I still collect anything and everything else she s written, even when they aren t my favorites I definitely would NOT reccomend this book to others In fact, I usually tell people to stay away from it.

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    A sect of Satanic worshipers who rape and kill women in a small town in the middle of nowhere.Not my thing This book is too disturbed for me But it is shockingly similar to the movie Hot Fuzz DDDDD

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    B Forgettable Probably Divine Evil kept me entertained throughout and there was never really a dull moment I m still not sure why this wasn t a 5 Star for meit might have been the characters or maybe just my personal lack of connection with them , or the fact that the cult killed and raped for than 20 years and no one in this teeny gossipy small town noticed WTH Even after my negatives this was still a great summer read and I really enjoyed it Nora never lets you down well until her recent works When you buy one of her books you always have the comfy cozy never a waste of money feeling b c you know you re getting a good story, fast action, a real romance, and an ending that never leaves any questions unanswered Ha This one not included.

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    Nora Roberts books are my go to guilty pleasure books, but this one did not work for me This is one of her older works early 90 s , and it shows The characters smoke like chimneys, for one thing I don t keep up with trends in romances, but I would think that is unusual these days The whole cult thing was just so melodramatic and over the top I know there are active cults in our country and that Satanism is a thing, but really view spoiler hide spoiler

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    4.5 stars This is my mums book I ran out of books to read so she lent it me I really enjoyed this book I found it hard to put it down The story was really interesting and mysterious At first, I was a little shocked at how dark it was The plot is a lot darker than the blurb lets you believe I liked the characters, including Clare and Cameron I liked reading their relationship and liked how it progressed throughout the book My favourite character has to be Annie though She was so sweet and I couldn t help but smile at the parts she was in The reason I gave it 4.5 stars was because I wasn t keen on the ending I still have questions that need to be answered What happened to the men What happened to Ernie How did people react What happened with Clare and Cameron I felt that the book could have done with one last chapter, maybe about what had happened when it all came out, how people reacted etc It was a really good book with a lot of surprises If you re interested in mystery books with romance, this would be a good book to read.

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    Emittsboro, MD, is a small town where every body knows everybody and their business But this town holds a dark secret.Clare iss now a successful artist that has been living in New York City She has now come home to Emmitsboro to settle her past She s been having recurrent nightmare about her father, and something she saw as a small child.Cam is a former bad boy that left town to become a DC detective He too has come home, but he is running from a horrible memory in DC He s now the sheriff of Emittsboro.He had a crush on Clare when they were teens, but she never new it Cam never quite new it either until he sees her again.They are thrown together to solve what is happening in the town Murders, disappearnces, possible Satan worship What is going on I liked the story, though it had a ton of characters to follow and keep straight I recommend for any romantic suspense fans However, it contains rape scenes and satantic worship as well.

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