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Wonder Woman: Love and Murder txt Wonder Woman: Love and Murder, text ebook Wonder Woman: Love and Murder, adobe reader Wonder Woman: Love and Murder, chapter 2 Wonder Woman: Love and Murder, Wonder Woman: Love and Murder c9ffe4 New York Times Bestselling Author Picoult The Tenth Circle Puts Wonder Woman On A Collision Course With Her Long Missing People, The S, In This Action Packed Story After Special Agent Diana Prince Is Assigned To Capture Wonder Woman, Her Problems Are Only Beginning, As A Deadly Foe Begins To Close In Her

About the Author: Jodi Picoult

Jodi Picoult is the author of twenty four novels, including the 1 New York Times bestsellers Small Great Things, Leaving Time, The Storyteller, Lone Wolf, Between the Lines, Sing You Home, House Rules, Handle with Care, Change of Heart, Nineteen Minutes, and My Sister s Keeper She lives in New Hampshire with her husband and three children.Her new novel, A SPARK OF LIGHT, is available in hardcove

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    Yeesh This was one of the first Wonder Woman comics that I read Maybe even the first So for sentimental reasons, plus the fact that the art was nice, I m leaving it with 3 stars.Back when I originally read it, and had nothing to compare it to I mumble gaveita5starrating mumble .After a re read Ugh This was definitely not a 5 star comic Jodi Picoult writing Wonder Woman No No to that whole sentence.This was supposed to be the Diana Prince after she killed Maxwell Lord So obviously she had been on Earth for a while, right But in Picoult s world, Diana didn t know what a credit card was, couldn t pump gas, and had no idea how to walk through a fuckin turnstile Oh, well, that makes total sense Grrrrr.How about the LURVE interest Nemesis was a pig But somehow Diana saw through to his inner little boy, and fell for him anyway There was even a vomit inducing moment when Wonder Woman after a fucking EXPLOSION lands on top on Nemesis.And then they do that stupid thing where they look into each other s eyes and say Hi. in breathy voices.Because after something explodes, your first thought is always going to be to make googly eyes at a perv, right I hate you Picoult Stick to writing stories about dying children and their petsor whatever it is you and Nicholas Sparks write about.

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    Wonder Woman is persona non grata after killing a supervillain who had mind controlled Superman to do evil see The Sacrifice and thus takes on a secret identity using the old strategy of comic books Hey, these glasses make me look entirely different Check it out.In this tale she starts as an agent for Metahuman Affairs with her wise cracking potential love interest, Nemesis, who has the ability to use illusion to change into any other person Wonder Woman s character is clueless about using every day devices and while it s amusing it doesn t make much sense at times because you have to ask yourself how likely is it in all the decades she has been around that she wouldn t know how to get through the gates of a metro What appears to be just a ploy to capture Wonder Woman for her murder of the supervillain turns out to be a lot There are some plot holes and logic issues described in spoilers below but I am giving it the benefit of the doubt since this is the beginning of the series Additionally, Wonder Woman has some self actualization issues but it s too early to tell if it s going to pay off.Appearances by JLA members most especially Batman and Superman who had issue with Wonder Woman s choice to execute the supervillain even though they both suffered greatly from that ordeal Additional appearances by the s as well as the villainess, Circe The wanna be superhero and supervillain bar as one of the story venues was an amusing touch.Best selling novelist Jodi Picault gives her spin in this tale with wonderful artwork by Paco Diaz, Terry Dodson and Drew Johnson STORY PLOTTING B ARTWORK PRESENTATION B plus CHARACTERS DIALOGUE B WHEN READ 2011 reread end of August 2012 for this review OVERALL GRADE B view spoiler SPOILERS you can say that the Queen would not just openly attack Earth since they do have an embassy with Earth Of course, one would have to presume that this is the real Queen back from the dead and that she isn t being controlled by Circe in some manner Then again, even Batman comments that it s strange that the Hippolyta, the mother of Wonder Woman, would openly attack simply because her daughter is being held captive and wouldn t try to talk first Based on the fact that the readers may not know everything I am going to hold characters and story at a B since this is the beginning of an idea and I want to give them the benefit of the doubt.The old nuclear bomb through the portal to territory smells of Circe, too.There seemed to be no emotional tension between Wonder Woman and Superman and Batman compared to the ending of The Sacrifice when they were all pissed at each other.Some asked why Wonder Woman went willingly and the answer is because she observes the customs of laws of mortals, even if she is powerful enough to break out Additionally, she didn t leave from her murder non scathed Think about it hide spoiler

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    When it comes to graphic novel, I m being choosy because they are printed in a glossy paper, colored, expensive and I don t have the place to protect them I saw this copy from a sale bin and bought it for P99, approximately 2 and I bought it without hesitation since I m doing a Jodi Picoult challenge this year I never expected that Jodi will be one of the authoress of Wonder Woman and I never been a fan of her, although I was a hardcore fan of Justice League before It was a pleasure for her to be part of the gang and the second female authoress of Wonder Woman I m glad I really enjoyed the collection.From the beginning till the end, you can identify the dialogues that are really meant to be Jodi She uses her own style like the other books, trying to use too much monologue which is kind of weird for a normal graphic novel This time, Wonder Woman, is looking for her own identity, who she really is or what are the things that really important for her Choosing between human and the s, Love and Murder is a story in which our leading superhero is questioning her own identity, who am I.I don t have any idea what really happened before the story starts but it stated that Wonder Woman killed Maxwell Lord or the Black King because of controlling Superman for destroying the world and by killing innocent people She snapped her neck and died, but the result of her judgment put her into the man s world in which she should learn to become human and what is human all about.She hide her identity by the name of Diana Prince, a special agent for the Department of Metahuman Affairs and partnered with Nemesis Now, they face how crucial a life to become human Facing Wonder Woman s enemy, Circe, revived and fooling around her life again Trying to deceive every people, s and even her mother to start a war between the s and the human race.Hippolyta, came back to life What really happened to her five thousand years ago, that s a big question mark, I don t know how she died or who killed her And Circe fooled her for capturing Wonder Woman by Sergeant Steel Everything goes upside down when Wonder Woman chose the path that her mother never taught her.In the end there are questions that are crucially I can t answer, like what really happened in the end, ended was a cliffhanger Nobody knows what happened to her choosing to be killed or lived And what was the price that the gods wanted to Circe after entering the place of the s or the paradise Too much questions but I m not interested in continuing reading the other series I was amazed how Jodi ended it fantastically and with guilt in my own opinion.A Wonder Woman who reflects upon her previous actions and realizes that what we convince ourselves is right might now, in hindsight, be as innocent as we believed at the time a Wonder Woman who is strong enough physiologically as well as physically to stand up to her mother and say that there s as difference between love and duty and who is willing to put her own life at stake to teach her mother that lesson as well Wonder Woman Love and Murder by Jodi Picoult Introduction A fan of Wonder Woman made a Wonder Woman poster using photoshop and she s on the top of the list so far Megan Fox is dominating the world with her star underwear You can read the article, here Not bad for an amateur.Rating Wonder Woman Love and Murder by Jodi Picoult, Terry Dodson, Drew Johnson and Paco Diaz Illustrators , 4 Sweets and the icon of Womanhood, Wonder Woman Some parts are humorous I can t stop laughing last night and my sister was trying to stop me from reading I can t imagine, Wonder Woman don t what s venti means or don t know what s a pump means and how to ride a bullet train Anyway, I think I was like her before Challenges Book 59 for 2011 Book 35 for Off the Shelf Book 7 for Jodi Picoult Reading Challenge 2011

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    Mmm I m not sure Jodi Picoult has found her calling here I love superheroes in spandex but there comes a point where there s too much cheese even for me Clich s galore, scenes plucked out of a romantic comedy nope Even the cameos couldn t redeem this one for me I enjoyed it enough because well WW, but not great.

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    Bullet Review This occurs just before and concurrent with s Attack this makes s Attack make sense and clarify major plot elements.That said, it s still crap.Some of it admittedly is not Picoult s fault The plot itself I am sure was a DC creation but the execution is all hers And it s complete shit Hugely disappointing the only saving grace is the art.Full Review In previous comics, Wonder Woman had to kill a man, Max Lord, because he was forcing Superman to be a horrible person This made her very unsure of herself and her place in the world she doesn t typically kill , so this comic is about her wondering who she is as she lives life as Diana Prince, Esteemed Federal Agent who has no clue about credit cards and metropasses.Now, the metropasses I get, as I am a small town girl and when I went to San Francisco a few weeks past and rode their BART, I was TOTALLY clueless how to operate ANYTHING But Diana Prince isn t established as small town boy, like Clark Kent I mean, she s a FEDERAL AGENT She must be at least SLIGHTLY familiar with technology like social security numbers and birth certificates and CARS So this goofiness about credit cards and coffee sizing though, yes, it s weird to pop into Starbucks and order a tall as the smallest size undermines Wonder Woman at every turn.Otherwise, this just isn t that good of a comic, and I can t blame Picoult She was brought on as a publicity stunt That s basically how it went DC Comics realized they had like ONE regular female author and went, Oh, sh t, its the 21st century and 99% of our creators are STILL men We need to fix that STAT And that will TOTALLY make everyone buy our Wonder Woman comic notoriously one of the weaker titles in their line When I got on my Wonder Woman kick and started looking up any and all Wonder Woman, I saw Jodi Picoult s name attached to this and went, Really I reread the authors, then the blurb, and I STILL couldn t believe that Jodi Contemporary Novels with Important Messages about Family and Life and Death and Infidelity Picoult was the one to write THIS, a WONDER WOMAN COMIC I must assume that the powers that be at DC just scanned the most popular female authors on the New York Times Bestseller and started calling them up.But you can get surprises from the weirdest places just because Jodi I Write Books for Women to Get Them to Cry about Cancer and Family and Infidelity and Being a Woman Picoult is writing doesn t mean she couldn t do some good for Wonder Woman.She doesn t, but at least I tried.I don t know if it s Picoult s inexperience with the medium or her just being an author I don t like NOTE I didn t say bad author , but I think this was a big, fat belly flop Wonder Woman walks around, constantly telling herself she is so and so, but that she doesn t know what she s doing with her life any I think slugs have confidence greater than she does There were attempts at witty banter that splatted on the floor like a slice of bread, butter side down And don t even get me started on the romance between Wonder Woman and Tresser I absolutely see NOTHING in Tresser worth saving, and no matter what so called witty banter Picoult gives them, I will NEVER ship these two together Wonder Woman would be better off in a romantic relationship with her Invisible Plane.The art was decent, probably the saving grace of this comic I absolutely love Wonder Woman s look in here But a pretty picture can t make up for the stupid s Attack storyline While Picoult does attempt to bring light to WHY Hippolyta becomes such a man hating warmonger, the story is as stupid as it was when I was reading s Attack It makes ZERO sense for the peaceful people of Paradise Island to get all trigger happy about Wonder Woman being captured by the government Even if they did decide to pursue war, WHY when Wonder Woman approaches her mother, does Hippolyta INSIST on attacking the people who are attacking her because SHE, HIPPOLYTA, started attacking first It goes from, I WANT MY DAUGHTER BACK to WE MUST FIGHT AGAINST THESE AGGRESSORS but makes ZERO sense because the s STARTED IT It s preschool if the parents and teachers all took a coffee break at the same time One of the worst Wonder Woman comics I ve read and worst comics period If my mind weren t still reeling from Katana and s Attack, I d be harsher My biggest consolation is that I did NOT buy this, only checked it out from the library.Not recommended.

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    Well, I like the art I feel like this is mostly Wonder Woman I also feel like she knows who she is and doesn t need need to ask Wonder Woman ends up fighting her dead mother after she comes to rescue her from government bondage This is a good book, not a great one Our library doesn t have the one previous or after so this will be all I read I would at least read the others if they were available.I liked the character of Tom He was interesting and a good fit for Diana.

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    To get this out of the way having Jodi Picoult write Wonder Woman was a blatantly obvious publicity stunt on DC s behalf But that s fine, because most of the issues here probably have little, if anything to do with who was writing it This crap came from on high.To start with, we have Diana taking up the Diana Prince alternate identity for the first time in this continuity Damn Crisis I need to point out, though, that Wonder Woman has been publicly going as Diana all along, so maybe not the best pseudonym But it works, and this is the same universe where glasses are a cunning disguise Diana is bizarrely, unrealistically naive about normal life She s been living in man s world for years, she should at least know what a credit card is.The real problem here is the horrific s Attack storyline God help me, that s the actual title Nothing about this is good, or makes sense There s no reason for Hippolyta to insist upon taking over the world entirely It s entirely out of character for her and so is most of her dialog and it s out of character for the s to go along And then the killer bees come out Probably most of that is nothing to do with Picoult I m guessing that it wasn t her cherished idea to start the war, then leave halfway through But I can lay the dialog entirely at her feet It s not good Some of it is irritatingly cheesy, like virtually everything Circe said The flirtation between Diana and Nemesis was flat and irritating than anything else There s some good art here, and a few good scenes at the beginning But overall, this just isn t good.

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    Full disclaimer I do not follow Wonder Woman s monthly adventures, and only read about her on comics web sites I picked this up because I was intrigued that Jodi Picoult was writing an arc I have to say that I was greatly underwhelmed The plot shape shifting, resurrections was nothing new, so the writing style should elevate it, right Wrong Picoult throws a few pop culture bones to the audience, and the banter between WW and her agent partner is cliched romantic tension The ending is a total cop out, and is not interesting enough for me to seek out the next TPB.The artwork was solid, but not my cup of tea The Dodsons tend to draw the exact same woman in any comic book they work on I used to HATE that back in the days when they were on Generation X Seriously, Circe and Wonder Woman could be twins.Now a general comic book rant This book collects 5 issues of WW s monthly series, and I BLEW through it in 30 minutes I remember when a single comic book would be full of dense plotting and twisty subplots that required extended scrutiny I really miss that in these days of writing for the trade paperback I can t imagine being a monthly comic book buyer with all this story decompression Am I becoming a bitchy troll

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    This took me forever to find I almost gave up on my search but I finally found it guys And after reading it, I m kind of disappointed I don t know, ever since I read Wonder Woman Warbringer I feel like nothing can top that, ya know But it could just be me Plus, this is like my second ever graphic novel to read The first being Wires and Nerve, Volume 1, which I loved every second of and I m super pumped to read Volume 2 Maybe I didn t love it like I thought I would because Jodi Picoult kind of made Wonder Woman Diana Prince like super dumb How the fudge does she not know what a god damn credit card is Hasn t she been on Earth for a while now Hell, 3 year old s have cellphones now I m sure WW knows all about credit cards.Then there s the whole romance thing that kind of made me want to barf and light this book on fire Nemesis REALLY Le Sigh I don t even want to talk about that horribleness I m glad that I got this book off my TBR I m sad that I read it because I didn t really like it.WHY JODI WHY We had a good thing running and now. idk.

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    YESSS Wonder Woman is drawn strong, statuesque, and even her fibbie suits can t quite conceal her defined muscles I was wary that getting Picoult to write a comic about a lady superhero was a marketing gimmick, and perhaps it was I don t much care why they got Picoult to write this trade I m just glad we got a series of WW in which her morality, her strength, and her relationship with the s took precedence over her love life or the latest godawful title spanning epic crisis Let WW stand on her own The plot itself is a bit fuzzy though really, no worse than what I read in most titles , but the dialog is funny and realistic, the art is great and dynamic, and the characterization coherent and interesting Well worth a read.

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