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Real Mermaids Dont Hold Their Breath (Real Mermaids, #2) files Real Mermaids Dont Hold Their Breath (Real Mermaids, #2) , read online Real Mermaids Dont Hold Their Breath (Real Mermaids, #2) , free Real Mermaids Dont Hold Their Breath (Real Mermaids, #2) , free Real Mermaids Dont Hold Their Breath (Real Mermaids, #2) , Real Mermaids Dont Hold Their Breath (Real Mermaids, #2) 83468dde8 Jade Begins Her Summer Confused Yes, There S That Whole Will This Be A Leg Day Or A Tail Day Kind Of Confusion, But Jade S Got Even Bigger Problems It S Been Three Weeks Since Mom Returned To The Ocean With No News Of Her Whereabouts Plus, It S Been Twenty One Days Since Jade First Kissed Her Mer Boy Luke And Now NothingWill Mom Find The Enchanted Tidal Pool That Will Allow Her To Become Human And Why Is Luke Acting So Weird The SEAquel To Helene Boudreau S Critically Acclaimed Real Mermaids Don T Wear Toe Rings Is As Energetic And Fresh As A Salty Sea Breeze

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    Cute story Fun and fresh, I had no trouble diving into this book, falling into the world quickly.Being that this book is the second and I still have not read the first, I did not have any trouble picking up where the author left off The author does a great job on catching up the reader without it being too much The subtle hints and past thoughts help the reader move at a smooth pace along with the story.The plot line of this book is enjoyable There is some action in it that made me feel giddy I love that Jade is practical in all that she does At times, she acts way mature at her age I admire that about her Jade is just like any other teenager, a plate full of school, drama, and of course, her adventures under the sea I especially enjoy the little plot twist here and there The reader doesn t expect them, so it makes the book so much exciting with each page turn.The love interest play out good too I like that Jade takes everything in so calmly even through she is freaking out in her head Her thoughts and feelings are well describe for the boy The excitement that Jade feels of smirks, drama, and life in general makes me feel young again.Real Mermaids Don t Hold Their Breath is an sweet and enduring story With the rise and fall in the plot, it hold the reader in their seat Made to be charming, you can t help but love this book.

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    Butterflies over Boutiques Cute and quirky A fun quick read to relax before my upcoming finals Kind of disappointed that the next book is not on Kindle Unlimited.There is a bunch of fun humor within this book, so that was fun Lots of fish puns It was a quick read to help me stay on track with my reading challenge in between classes But I feel for the characters in this book, being a teen is hard Especially when you end up getting a tail But I also do not remember having as much freedom when I was 14 as the characters do So it seemed a bit odd but worked out in the end.

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    Don t hold their Breath is a book about a mermaid that is a fourteen year old girl named Jade and had a best friend named Cori, she was a mermaid the only person who knew was her mother, but her mother is missing and Jade is trying to get her mom on dry land with legs since the mother only has a tail.The mermaid and her best friend Cori would always hang out together they would always get ice cream with each other Then they meet up with a girl named Chelsea but they called her Chelse for short Chelse would always be on her phone with earbuds on The narrator was talking about Chelse and how much she would always be on her phone but also how much of a great person she was The narrator was also talking about how much she loved being Cori s friend she was also explaining what she liked about her and why she wanted to be her friend in the first place when she met her So now let me tell you a little bit about the story Jade is totally confused because she doesn t know if she wants to have legs forever or if she wants to be in a tail forever Jade is also confused because she had her first kiss with a boy named Luck and she hasn t got a text messages or a call from him since the kiss happened But Jade doesn t have time to figure this stuff out about boys or how to use her stinky new tail since we has always had legs but her mother is a mermaid so that makes her a mermaid as well, The only biggest problem is that Jade is afraid of the ocean because she doesn t want to get stuck in the water again This is one of my favorite books because it s interesting and it s just fun to read I think anyone could read this parents, teachers, and middle school students If you wanna know about the story then you could buy it on GoodReads or you could just check it out from the library.

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    Cute and fun book I haven t read the first book but wasn t lost at all Jade found out that she is half mer in the previous book In this sequel she is worried about and teying to find her mother while working in an ice cream parlor She has that headstrong I can save the day attitude these tyoes of books known for but not in an annoying way I m going to go back and read the first book for sure Oh and she and mothers save than her mother.

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    This was really fun and enjoyable but still the writing was pretty bad.

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    Jade s summer starts off rather confusingly She s never sure if it ll be a tail day or a legs day, she s heard nothing about her mom s whereabouts after she returned to the ocean, and while she might ve been kissed by mer boy Luke, it s been twenty one days since and now nothing But she doesn t really have time to figure him out or how to use her new tail The plan find Mom and figure out a way to get her back on dry land If only the ocean wasn t so big and frightening.More than anything, Real Mermaids Don t Hold Their Breath is fun and entertaining Jade s story continues in this book with some of the same issues as the first, like her shiny new mermaid s tail and the weird complexities of teenage boys, but there are also some new ones that keep it fresh and exciting.What I ve enjoyed about both the previous book and this new one is that all of Jade s problems and experiences get an equal amount of worrying over Sometimes, certain plot points or events get overshadows by others, but Boudreau has a way of plotting and gives readers a well rounded mix of Jade and the things she has to deal with Like being a mermaid, and searching for her mom, and figuring out Luke and why he s been acting weird, and some undersea troubles, and some dry land troubles Jade gets wrapped up and weighed down by so many things, but she seems to find a way to keep on going.Jade s character is rather interesting She s quirky and not so average not counting the mermaid s tail Her teen girl insecurities were perfect, because what teenage girl actually understands teenage boys Also, it might just be me, but I kept having to remind myself that Jade is only fourteen There were times when she felt older Of course, there were times when her age did show.There s an apparent influx of YA novels featuring mermaids, but the humour and the intrigue of this series makes it stand out It s not as dark as some, not as otherworldly as others, but there s something about it that made me think it was all real That Jade was real, that her small oceanside town was real, that the ice cream store she worked part time in was real, that everything was real It s the fact that Jade has mermaid issues mixed with actual real life issues that make this series one to enjoy.

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    One word for this book cute The cover drew my attention first I mean, how cute is it I love that the mermaid tail is drawn on a chalk board and looks like it could or could not be attached to the girl Super cute That air of whimsy carries over into the book as well I did not read the first book in the series, but that didn t seem to matter The author does a nice enough job of highlighting the main points from the earlier plot without retelling every single detail As I ve said, I had fun reading Real Mermaids Don t Hold Their Breath, but it didn t wow me I m not sure why I didn t find myself caught up in the story It was a fast read that I enjoyed, but it didn t really leave a lasting impression I m sure a tweenage reader would appreciate it than me I really don t have a lot to say because it didn t wow me The story line was tightly woven and consistent, which is always a must for a good story That much I did appreciate The characters were cute and came across as wholesome I think that was the biggest issue I had with the story The characters were too perfect and everything seemed to wrap itself up with a nice little bow in the end I need conflict in my books But, like I said, it s probably just right for younger readers.

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    Much to my surprise, I ended up enjoying the second book even than the first While the first book had the charm of having Jade turn into a mermaid for the first time, and deal with the problems that entailed, this one features a larger cast, a intricate plot, and some interesting twists to the established lore It also had some really funny moments, especially from Gran Jade has learned that her mom didn t drown after all, but was pulled into the lake by a group of mer prisoners, called freshies since they are kept in a fresh water lake In the previous book, Jade was able to rescue her mom from the lake and return her to the ocean but unlike Jade, her mom can t just simply walk out of the water and turn into a human It requires the use of a special tide pool, and takes time to transform When they escaped, they took another mermaid with them a girl named Serana, who was the daughter of two of the prisoners in the freshwater lake Now the problem is that Jade needs to find out where the tide pool is and use it to turn her mom back into a human She also has to deal with the continuing problem of hiding her mer secret, as well as her crush on fellow mer Luke Jade continues to be a fun character to follow She has a wry sense of humor, and even when things are dark, she manages to push through and try to find a way out Her friendship with Cori was a lot of fun, view spoiler especially once Cori finds out that Jade is a mermaid I was happy to see they got that revelation out of the way fairly quickly hide spoiler

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    I have only begun reading the book very recently, but I am enjoying it so far The story follows Jade who is half human and half mermaid Her mother has been gone for a long time, while on her journey to transform back to a human Jade and her father have gotten very worried and are desperate enough to plan a journey across the ocean in the search of Jade s mother Unfortunately I am not really liking how rushed to character development feels Like how Jade s relationship with her father is only mentioned once or twice I would recommend this book to people who are looking for an adventure with quite a bit of teenage drama.

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    Cute and fun like the first book but I am not a fan of the 14 year old dating situations Too young in my opinion I really wish I could find some books for girls with strong positive female characters that do not include romance.

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