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    1 star Theology I have a rule about finishing books before writing a review Thus, I finished this book only to warn the world against self published authors who claim to be Greek experts Self published, you ask The publisher is a division of Rick Renner Ministries Any neutral publisher with one semester of exegetical training would have used the manuscript for toilet paper I am sorry for the emotional effect this scathing review could evoke, because Renner is a brother in Christ However, books must be judged on their merits, not on the piety, intentions, or even good missionary work of their authors Corruption of scholarship is a detriment to Biblical Studies Writing 0.5 stars Awful My Writing category s 1 star description is Frustrating, but that would be too generous in this case Hyperbole and dumbed down prose are constant The book repeats entire paragraphs It employs exclamation marks and italics like a conspiracy theorist with a free blog It artificially balloons concordance words into text ranging from paragraphs to pages long The book ends at page 463, but if one were to take out every iteration of the words very, extremely, always, and every other fluffy adjective, adverb, and superfluous phrase typically found in 3rd grade essays, one might reduce the page count by 100 Use 1 star as an Example of Gaping Holes Dressed to Kill is the best example I know of that warps Greek glosses into ill fit, campy preaching characterized by unnecessary points The book s only academic use would be to demonstrate to the analytical student who having read an exegetical textbook like Carson or Barr thought that their examples of fallacies were contrived, or couldn t happen in real life Renner provides hundreds of them.Truth mostly 0.5 Patently Untrue , with a small amount of 2.5 Common Knowledge.Exegetical fallacies riddle nearly every original language attempt Renner makes His knowledge seems to wholly depend upon the Etymological Fallacy and facile concordances like Strong s which is so worthless in real exegesis that I was forbidden to use it in seminary Apparently, none of his knowledgeable friends or colleagues have directed him to the last 100 years of linguistic theory.The only bit of this book that rises to the mediocre is his spiritual application Decent truths exist in some of them, but they are the sort most Christians have heard if they have gone to church than a handful of years.Finally, he ends the book by adding a seventh piece of armor to the Bible s six the lance He says Paul clearly had it in mind, without making any argument for it He just asserts it a few times over the course of a few pages, then takes it for granted.ConclusionI implore you, reader do not be deceived by glowing reviews of this book written by people who have possibly never even spelled the word exegesis Stay away from the works of original language gurus who fabricate meaning based upon homiletic expedience If you receive this book as a gift, truly its best use is fuel for a good campfire.

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    The Armor of God is an intriguing section of Ephesians And while I appreciate the work and research that Renner put into this project, I can t really get behind it The research for the armor itself is lacking, but what saves it is the full color inserts in the middle of the book The historical armor is intriguing, but Renner s description of it is not entirely helpful This is of a survey basic read and I actually found historical information in the children s section of my local library I bought this book because the cover was awesome and I used that to teach a series on this subject to my students The pictures saved this purchase It is very heavy on faith theology At times it can be painfully redundant And on than one occasion I noticed creative liberty taking precedence over credible research like when Renner goes so far as to add a piece of armor not found in Ephesians chapter 6 This book walks a fine line for me and wasn t exactly what I expected It did give me some helpful insights and thoughts, but it s not one I would recommend to my family or my students.

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    By far, the most complete book on spiritual warfare I ve read

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    This book is an incredible reference to the Roman soldier s uniform in New Testament times And the author s discussion of the Greek terms and their meanings is tremendously helpful to visualizing and understanding what the apostle Paul meant when he describes the armor of God in Ephesians 6 I truly learned a lot without feeling talked down to or inadequate in any way.That being said, I struggled with a few things in the book First, the author makes quite a few absolute statements that require thinking on my part not that I won t agree with him, but I m not convinced he s completely correct either And a few of those statements are supposition, so I m not entirely sure anyone from the modern age can know for sure Additionally, he is very repetitive, and at times wordy, going into far explanation than is necessary This became somewhat annoying, and I found myself skimming sections of most of the chapters And once or twice, he skimmed over a critical detail without much discussion, which I think has caused some of the confusion in a few of the reviews I read of this book like he declares the belt of truth is the written word of God while the sword of the Spirit is the spoken word of God.This is a fantastic book for anyone who wants to better understand spiritual armor but should not be read like all books without carefully considering what s being presented It s suitable for most audiences who can handle academic discussions of weapons and modes of war.

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    One of the most balanced book on spiritual warfare I ve read The armor section with full color pics was a huge plus He takes each piece of the armor and gives not only the historical background but also the spiritual implications of each It was definitely a game changer

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    I found this author to be up there with Derek Prince on balancing depth of material with simple execution So although this book is rich with information, it is an easy read.

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    As a writer and lover of words, I especially enjoy diving into the original Greek of Ephesians 6 10 18 This is an amazing book that will bring you a deeper understanding of your spiritual armor I consider this a must read for every Christian.

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    Very enlightening What a blessing Rick Renner does such a excellent job on very important subject I recommend this book to all Christians as they live out their lives following Christ here

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    It looks long and daunting at first glance, but once I started I found it easy to finish Renner is such an amazing teacher, and this book does not disappoint.

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    Battle of the MindThe greatest battle in life is the one of the mind We have to walk in faith Great explanation about the armor of God

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  • Paperback
  • 301 pages
  • Dressed to Kill: A Biblical Approach to Spiritual Warfare and Armor
  • Rick Renner
  • English
  • 13 December 2019
  • 9781880089064

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