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    Intense and brilliant plot.I didn t expect much from this book but it turned out to be a pleasant surprise for me I was really engrossed in the story that I couldn t seem to put it down Ethan and Zoe s investigation got all my attention effortlessly and it kept me anticipating what they would find out or what would happen to them, throughout the entire story.To be honest, it was a bit dissatisfying in the romance part, but thoroughly riveting in the suspense part instead.What to say about the romance Well, the chemistry between Ethan and Zoe was there, and of course, the heat was there as well Nevertheless, I still felt like there was something missing, but couldn t yet put my finger on what it was.The suspense part, on the other hand, was very well written and every unexpected turn of events surprised me again and again I wouldn t say it was flawless in this part, but somehow, it just simply hit the mark for me Zoe s mysterious past initially piqued my curiosity and all the puzzles they d tried to solve had me intrigued and guessing right up until the surprising conclusion And in the end, the story was neatly wrapped up and I was pretty much pleased with the answers I got However, as much as I want this to be my 5 stars read, I have to reduce one star as there was no epilogue and view spoiler no I love you hide spoiler

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    2,5 Estrellas Por fin termino el libro de este mes del RetoRitaDos llego justita Aunque he tardado un siglo en leerlo, es una historia que se lee f cil y entretenida No ha estado nada mal, me ha gustado Me ha parecido bien escrita y seguro que le dar una oportunidad a la autora y leer algo m s de ella

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    Le do dentro del RetoRita2 La novela se queda en un tres raspadito porque, a decir verdad, llega un punto en que se hace muy pesada La historia se lee r pido y bien, los personajes est n diferenciados, cada uno tiene su estilo y est muy bien definidos Pero hay detalles que, sac ndolos de la historia, no hay un cambio notable, con lo que tenemos un exceso de informaci n que abulta m s que aporta Eso no es ni bueno, ni malo, pero no me ha gustado Por otro lado, siendo una especie de thriller con su crimen de por medio, y una historia de amor a su vez, se queda a medio camino de un lado y de otro Esa resoluci n final es m s bien sosa, detesto cuando el asesino es alguien que pasaba por all de casualidad y no un personaje con el que nos hayamos quedado desde el principio Al final, la historia nos lleva donde quiere su autora y no hay profundidad, no hay espacio para la reflexi n o para que podamos meternos en el proceso de investigaci n Como tampoco nos podemos meter en la evoluci n del romance, al final los lectores somos simples espectadores de esta pel cula de sobremesa No es mal libro, solo me ha parecido ins pido Para pasar el rato, pero hay que leerlo de un tir n o acabar aburriendo.

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    ritajack retorita23,5 estrellas para una novela de intriga rom ntica de la que no esperaba mucho y sorprendentemente me ha hecho pasar un muy buen rato leyendo sus p ginas Es una lectura f cil, simp tica, con una trama r pida, gil, sencilla pero completa, lo que permite disfrutar sin muchas complicaciones de la historia que la autora nos cuenta Tiene unos di logos adultos, directos y correctos, quiz sea lo mejor que tiene unos personajes que, sin estar profundamente presentados, me han parecido adecuados para este tipo de lectura hay misterio, algo de pasi n, aunque sea impl cita, y deja la puerta para futuras historias de parejas secundarias.Aunque pueda sonar a clich , creo que es una muy buena lectura entrelecturas No me ha supuesto ning n esfuerzo leerla, y lo he hecho de un tir n Es verdad que no es intensamente dram tica pero, como ya os he dicho, ha estado bien.Opini n completa en el blog

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    First in a two part series followed by Truth or Dare , this book is a great re read Ethan Truax is a very believable three times divorced and financially bankrupt private investigator starting all over again in Whispering Springs Zoe Luce formerly Sara Cleland is a less believable widow and fine arts major who feels emotions in the walls of rooms, particularly rooms where violence has occurred She has relocated to Whispering Springs after escaping from the asylum in which her in laws have imprisoned her and has started an interior design business It is a credit to the skills of Jayne Ann Krentz that she makes a believer out of you before the end of the book A truly delightful tale in spite of the foray into sixth sense fiction, it is well worth reading over and over again, which I do, and it is very telling that I have trouble putting it down every time I wish I had a dollar for every hour of sleep I have lost thanks to JAK s books You would think it would get easier when you know what s going to happen, but unfortunately for my sleep deficit, it doesn t.

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    Review of audiobook, narrated by Joyce BeanZoe Luce AKA Sara Cleland is a widow whose husband Preston was murdered several years ago When, at that time, Zoe kept insisting, loudly and publicly, that Preston s cousin, who is CEO of Preston s family s huge corporation, killed him in order to get control of Preston s shares of the company, the cousin had Zoe legally declared incompetent and committed her to the Candle Lake Manor Psychiatric Hospital This institution is so evil, it reminds me of the insane asylum in One Flew Over the Cuckoo s Nest Though there is no exact duplicate of Nurse Ratched, the inmates are kept constantly drugged to sedate them into compliance, and there are brutal, rapist guards patrolling the hospital building and the grounds In short, it is run like a private prison, where inconvenient relatives are locked away, at extortionist rates, on behalf of wealthy clients Zoe and her best friend and fellow inmate, Arcadia Ames, an attractive, 40 something woman, nicknamed the hospital, Xanadu, presumably as a reference to the fictional estate of Charles Foster Kane, the titular protagonist of the 1941 film Citizen Kane The symbolic meaning of Xanadu in the years since this film has come to be a Gothic prison that one builds for oneself The term is sarcastic for Zoe and Arcadia in that they are not in this Gothic hospital prison by choice Zoe was trapped there for over six months until she and Arcadia brilliantly contrived a daring escape I am not listing this information as a spoiler, because all of this is in Zoe s backstory and is not the main plot of this book At the time the main events of this book begin, it has been one year since Zoe and Arcadia fled Candle Lake They are living under assumed identities in Whispering Springs, Arizona, a fictional small city which is a typical artsy craftsy, New Agey, tourist destination similar in spirit to nearby Sedona Arcadia is hiding from her on the lam, criminal husband, who has vowed to murder her, and Zoe is determined that her evil in laws shall not imprison her again Zoe has developed a career as an interior decorator, based on her degree in fine arts Arcadia has created a thriving shop selling handmade jewelry and expensive, silver, hand cast knickknacks to tourists Both have taken strong steps to recover from their ordeal at Candle Lake by learning how to better keep themselves safe In particular, Zoe has gotten training in self defense, and Arcadia has bought and learned to use a handgun.Ethan Truax is a three time loser in the marriage stakes Several years ago, his relentless pursuit of justice on behalf of his murdered younger brother, a CEO in Los Angeles, caused his third wife to desert him, both because Ethan s obsession left little emotional space for their marriage, and because Ethan had gone bankrupt and could no longer offer her a luxurious lifestyle His highly successful, multi million dollar, private investigation corporation in Los Angeles was vengefully destroyed by powerful bigwigs They were enraged that Ethan s successful efforts to expose the murderer, a fellow mover and shaker in LA with whom their businesses were linked, drastically damaged their bottom line Ethan has taken responsibility for his sister in law, Bonnie, and his nephews, currently aged six and eight, stepping in as a father figure for the boys in his brother s place He and Bonnie agreed, soon after the resolution of Ethan s hunt for justice on behalf of his dead brother, that it would be best for all of them to resettle far away from LA They decided on Whispering Springs where Ethan s uncle, a fellow PI, lived Due to the uncle s retiring, Ethan purchased both his uncle s PI business in Whispering Springs and took over responsibility, at a too generous purchase price, for his uncle s unmarketable monstrosity of a house This enormous, gaudy mansion from the 1930 s is appallingly decorated, inside and out, in glaring shades of bright pink.The inciting incident of this book, and the impetus for the first meet of Zoe and Ethan, occurs when Zoe, who is psychic, hears metaphysical screams emanating from the walls of the master bedroom in the home of a rich, potential client The man informs Zoe that he wants his whole house redecorated due to his ongoing divorce from a wife who has deserted him, but Zoe strongly suspects he has actually murdered his wife She hires Ethan to try and find out if the missing wife is still alive.This is Book 1 in a duology and, fair warning, no romance reader who demands a HEA happily ever after will be satisfied with the happy for now ending of this book To get the full story of the romance between Zoe and Ethan and a complete HEA, it s crucial to also read Book 2, Truth or Dare I had no trouble with this ploy in this particular case, though as a general rule, I rarely bother to invest time in reading multiple part novels by anyone else JAK has only created multiple part novels a few times that I can personally recall In addition to this duology, she wrote a two part story in the form of the first two Harmony books written as Jayne Castle, After Dark and After Glow She also did a three book story as Amanda Quick, the Lake March trilogy In all three of these cases, I enjoyed spending extra time with the sympathetic, compelling protagonists of these books.I had previously read this particular book in Kindle format, and this past week, I experienced it a second time in audiobook format The narrator, Joyce Bean, has also recorded many other JAK novels I myself much prefer Barbara Rosenblat, who has narrated some of Krentz s Amanda Quick historicals Ms Rosenblat is a fabulous narrator, capable of voicing both female and male characters equally well Unfortunately, Ms Bean is only a 3 star narrator by my preferences She does children and all ages of women s voices well, but she is merely adequate when voicing male characters because she cannot effectively deepen her voice.JAK s protagonists are almost invariably age 30 31 for the heroine and 39 40 for the hero She does not specifically say how old they are in this book, so readers who care about such things are left to do their own calculations based on the protagonists backstory Or, if you are a fan of her books, as I tend to be, you can simply assume that 30 39 are their ages In addition, though all of JAK s heroines are slender, they are never beautiful, except in the eyes of JAK s heroes, who are always blazingly sexually attracted to her heroines JAK s heroines, including this one, look like JAK herself and are always vegetarians who like wine, with an occasional shot of brandy to settle their nerves which is always offered to them by the hero, who always drinks brandy as his booze of choice Her heroes are also never handsome, but instead described as ruggedly attractive And, of course, her heroines are always as wildly sexually drawn to the heroes as these heroes are drawn to them All JAK s heroes, and Ethan is no exception, are always physically fit with a fine physique and are fabulous lovers, which is, of course, a genre expectation of all romance heroes, not just those of JAK.This story has a bit of the paranormal in it, though far less than JAK s Arcane Society or Harmony books Zoe can psychically hear screaming in the walls of rooms where violence has occurred Beyond her paranormal ability, Zoe is a classic, feisty, JAK, romantic suspense heroine Like all of JAK s heroines, Zoe fights to remain on co equal footing with the hero while solving a murder mystery, and she often takes foolhardy risks in the process, which gets her into life threatening trouble However, when she gets into terrible danger, also as occurs for all other JAK heroines, Zoe doesn t just sit around waiting for the big, strong hero, in this case Ethan, to rescue her from evil villain s She is excellent at defending herself.Ethan is a very sympathetic romance hero He is a loving, loyal brother in law and uncle, and he is a determined, accomplished, and extremely ethical PI who, once on a case, never gives up until it is solved It is a relief to read a modern romance novel in which the hero is not a billionaire In fact, in this case, Ethan is far from it As mentioned above, Ethan is struggling to get out of a financial hole.Arcadia is also a strong, sympathetic, female character, who is a survivor like Zoe I enjoyed reading about the friendship between her and Zoe and how as narrated in flashbacks the two of them bravely worked together to escape the evil insane asylum.Ethan s sister in law Bonnie is a third, strong, sympathetic, female character in the book She becomes a good friend to Zoe and Arcadia, and there are some fun, female bonding scenes between the three of them.Bonnie s two little boys provide some lighthearted diversion in the midst of the intense suspense situations in the book They also allow the reader to directly experience what a great guy Ethan is as he kindly and affectionately parents them.Over the course of this book, JAK introduces two other intriguing, strong, honorable, male subcharacters as love interests for Bonnie and Arcadia Together, these six characters and the two little boys form a band of quirky misfits who become a caring, supportive family of affiliation This element of the book is very appealing to me personally, because a family of affiliation is one of my favorite tropes in popular fiction.There are multiple antagonists and villains in this book because, as always, JAK has both a main suspense plot and several, complementary suspense subplots Several of her villains have a rather melodramatic, one dimensional, Snidely Whiplash feel to them, which is fairly characteristic of JAK novels You either enjoy that sort of thing or you don t I don t particularly like it, but I don t actively dislike it either What I do appreciate about the way she creates her villains is that, compared to some of the other bestselling romantic suspense authors out there, JAK is not nearly as graphically brutal in the violence portrayed in her books as those other authors are Her books are about as gruesome as I can personally stomach.I rate this book as follows Heroine 4 starsHero 4 starsSubcharacters 4 starsSetting 3 starsRomance Plot 4 starsSuspense Plot 4 starsSuspense Subplots 4 starsWriting 4 starsAudiobook Narrator 3 starsOverall 4 stars

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    One of her best in my mind A tight, interesting plot with 2 intriguing MC.

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    Zoe is an interior designer who can sense the mood of a room literally So when her new client s bedroom screams bloody murder, she hires PI Ethan Truax to investigate That part gets solved rather quickly, but then Zoe s past comes up to bite her or at least, blackmail her.This was a decent book, good for Krentz I have been thinking a lot about why I read these novels when they re so incredibly formulaic, and I think it s because no matter how stoic the hero is, they re always at the core, kind, caring men They may have an incredible urge to protect the heroine, but they re never violent in fact, most of the time, the hero gives in And, as in this book, the heroine often hires the hero to do some specific task for her So that puts the power dynamic in an interesting place.Ethan, the hero, is much like all the rest of Krentz heroes he seems a bit dull to everyone but the heroine As Ethan explains to the bookseller who owns his building, when they have a chat about their respective ex wives She said I did not show a sufficient interest in upward mobility, Singleton said.Ethan nodded My third wife said something along those lines, too Yeah What did the other two say First one said she married me by mistake The second one said I was not good at communicating I think maybe she was trying to be polite What d she really mean That I was boring Yup, that s right Ethan s been married THREE times That s unusual Ethan s sister in law explains it like this What I m trying to tell you is that he is fully capable of making a commitment, Bonnie said In fact, I don t think he knows any other way to be His problem is that no woman has ever really made a commitment to him This was sort of a run of the mill, B novel you enjoy it while you re reading it, but it doesn t affect you Generally speaking, I liked the plotline, although I thought the murder was tied up too quickly and I think someone needs to have a chat with Krentz about her mystery plots Because none of us who read her books think that the mystery plots are really very interesting they re just a conduit for the romance This book actually has a sequel, apparently, and I just didn t think that was necessary tie up the loose ends and let it go I wouldn t read the next one for that exact reason I already got the romance, and what could that book give me that would make it worthwhile Probably not much.

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    Light in Shadow is the first of a short 2 book series following two women who escaped from a mental hospital It s followed up by Truth or Dare Zoe Luce can feel the emotions of a room When working as an interior decorator, she feels something wrong in a bedroom she is about to redecorate and hires Ethan Truax to solve her little mystery This mystery was solved in the first half of the book and really had me wondering what was going to fill the rest of the pages But, Zoe s past comes back to haunt her and Ethan is there to help.Jayne Ann Krentz is a prolific author and this was another solid book Good romance, plot and character development The touch of paranormal with Zoe s psychic ability adds a nice twist in what would be a rather ordinary story I listened this this book on CD which prompted my blog on audio books The reader did a great job If you re looking for a romantic suspense, then I d recommend trying this book.http www.romancing the book.com 200

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    3.5 I loved Ethan and enjoyed Zoe The book includes a decent suspense plot and some great dialog I look forward to the sequel, Truth or Dare.

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Light in Shadow summary pdf Light in Shadow, summary chapter 2 Light in Shadow, sparknotes Light in Shadow, Light in Shadow c79d9a9 Zoe Luce Is A Successful Interior Designer In The Arizona Town Of Whispering Springs Who S Developed An Unusual Career Specialty Helping Recently Divorced Clients Redesign Their Homes, To Help Them Forget The Past And Start Anew But Zoe Knows That Some Things Can T Be Covered Up With A Coat Of Paint And When She Senses That One Of Her Clients May Be Hiding A Dark Secret, She Enlists PI Ethan Truax To Find The TruthWorking Together, They Solve The Mystery And Barely Escape With Their Lives But Ethan S Exquisite Detection Skills Are Starting To Backfire On Zoe She Never Wanted To Let Him Find Out About Her Former Life She Never Wanted To Reveal Her Powerful, Inexplicable Gift For Sensing The History Hidden Within A House S Walls She Never Wanted Him To Know That Zoe Luce Doesn T Really Exist She Never Wanted To Fall In Love With HimNow, No Matter How Much She Resists, Ethan May Be Her Only Hope Because The People She S Been Running From Have Found Her And Just When Zoe Dares To Dream Of A Normal Life And A Future With The Man She Loves, Her Own Past Starts To Shadow Her Every Step And Threatens To Take Her Back Into A Nightmare

  • Paperback
  • 369 pages
  • Light in Shadow
  • Jayne Ann Krentz
  • English
  • 28 March 2019
  • 9780515136180

About the Author: Jayne Ann Krentz

The author of over 50 consecutive New York Times bestsellers, JAYNE ANN KRENTZ writes romantic suspense in three different worlds Contemporary as Jayne Ann Krentz , historical as Amanda Quick and futuristic as Jayne Castle There are over 30 million copies of her books in print She earned a B.A in History from the University of California at Santa Cruz and went on to obtain a Masters degre