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  • Paperback
  • 250 pages
  • The Sound of Secrets
  • Irene Brand
  • English
  • 06 March 2017
  • 9780373442386

10 thoughts on “The Sound of Secrets

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    For the first time I find this series of books their authors didn t quite communicate well on story.In previous book Juliet told her sisters and aunt about having a different dad then them and this book did it like she didn t say it and announced it in this book.The series is good but just wished they did a better job.Portia vw bug was in this book too and it burnt in first book.Would given 5 stars but not with mistakes.

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    w each book in this series, i seem no closer to figuring out what happened to Mom , nor whodunit to her, BUT mystery upon mystery keeps piling up don t think i ve ever been held in as much suspense, at least not for this long, w a book, nevertheless a book SERIES before it s been PHENOMINAL can t wait for 5

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    Nerissa Blanchard returns home to Stoneley to help her twin sister Portia with her wedding plans But from the time she returns, odd things happen On the night of a horrible storm, Rissa can t sleep so she heads to the library for a book, only to walk in on a confrontation and be shot at The masked intruder gets away, and Rissa wakes her sister Miranda to check out the Library with her Lying dead on the floor is their long lost mother, a woman no one has seen in over 20 years Portia s fianc Mick and his partner Drew Lancaster investigate the murder, and as Mick has a personal interest in the family, it s Drew that stays at the manor to protect the people who live there and to investigate Since the murder, Rissa can t sleep, and she seeks out Drew on guard duty Through their nightly conversations a bond forms When Rissa hears things no one else does, and receives threatening letters that later disappear, everyone wonders about the stress she s been under and if she s imagining things Drew believes that Rissa s in danger, and he sets out to protect her, no matter the consequences to his job or own safety.This book moves the series plot along, though I was disappointed that the sisters would never get the chance to actually talk to their mother There were also some inconsistencies in this one from the previous book about Juliet that thankfully didn t happen until the end There is much Christian content in this book compared to the previous three and at times to me a bit too much, though never presented in a preachy manner I like the character development we get some great insights into both Drew and Rissa This one began wonderfully but I found myself easily distracted towards the end

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    Rissa Blanchard, twin to Portia, is a playright in New York She is back in Stoneley to help her twin with wedding plans Drew Lancaster has been on her mind since the few weeks earlier since she met him.Drew Lancaster is Mick Campbell s partner in law enforcement here in Stoneley He helps support his mom and 2 younger sisters He felt a connection to Rissa from the first time he met her but cannot help but compare their different upbringings Although the he gets to know her the he sees her family is not what he thought.Between murders and mayhem and all kind of things inbetween, there is always love

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    Awesome read but found out its book 4 in a series and you have to read the next book to find out the ending I will definitely be doing that.

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    Written in the first person helps this book keep the suspense alive Not the best written story but you will enjoy the story.

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    There were several inconsistencies in this book from what was already established about the core story This threw me a bit when I encountered a few specific ones.

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About the Author: Irene Brand

In a writing career spanning three decades, Irene has won numerous awards and published 45 books that have sold than two million copies Irene primarily writes inspirational romances, but she has also published nonfiction books, devotional materials, and magazine articles Before she became a full time writer, Irene taught for 23 years in public schools Her other passions include traveling