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TV Goes to Hell: An Unofficial Road Map of Supernatural pdf TV Goes to Hell: An Unofficial Road Map of Supernatural, ebook TV Goes to Hell: An Unofficial Road Map of Supernatural, epub TV Goes to Hell: An Unofficial Road Map of Supernatural, doc TV Goes to Hell: An Unofficial Road Map of Supernatural, e-pub TV Goes to Hell: An Unofficial Road Map of Supernatural, TV Goes to Hell: An Unofficial Road Map of Supernatural e2658d1d54d Bringing Together Elements Of The Road Movie And The Horror Genre, Supernatural Follows Brothers Dean And Sam Winchester As They Crisscross America, Struggling To Protect Humanity From What Lurks In The Dark By Battling Monsters, Witches, Demons, Angels, The Devil, And Sometimes Even Each Other A Natural Heir To The X Files And Buffy The Vampire Slayer, Supernatural Has Developed A Strong Cult Following As It Evolved Past Its Monster Of The Week Origins And Into A Global Battle Between Heaven And Hell, As Dean And Sam Attempt To Avert The Apocalypse Amidst The Action And Horror, The Brothers Enjoy The Pleasures Of The Road, Listening To Hard Rock, Drinking Beer And Eating Fast Food, While Driving Their Iconic Impala TV Goes To Hell Is The First Book To Give A Full And Fascinating Examination Of The Series Under The Creative Control Of Creator Producer Eric Kripke This Collection Of Essays, Written By Leading Scholars, Situates The Series Within Debates Surrounding Folklore, Religion, Comedy, Gender, And Sexuality, And Considers The Impact Of The Show S Genre Bending Hybridity And Its Signature Use Of Hard Rock The Book Aslo Examines The Show S Innovative Approach To Storytelling And Its Unique Relationship With Its Critics And Its Fans Designed For Fans Of The Show, As Well As Scholars And Students, TV Goes To Hell Unravels The Wonders And Horrors Of Supernatural Includes A Comprehensive Episode Guide Through Season Six

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    Bringing together elements of the road movie and the horror genre, Supernatural follows brothers Dean and Sam Winchester as they crisscross America, struggling to protect humanity from what lurks in the dark by battling monsters, witches, demons, angels, the Devil, and sometimes even each other.First things first, I am a BIG fan of this show I thought it would be nice to relive the highlights from past seasons but wasn t quite sure what to expect of this television tie in It turned out to be so much than a simple episode recap though it had that too The essays were really thoughtful and gave me a lot to chew on A quality collection overall The book s contents are grouped into six main sections Bon Jovi rockson occasion Comedy and Music Skin Mags and Shaving Cream Sam and Dean on the Fringes of Time and Place Jerkbitch Representations of Gender and Sexuality The Gospel According to Chuck Narrative Storytelling in Supernatural What s the lore say Exploring Folklore Religion Cruel Capricious Gods Auteurs, Fans, CriticsIt was obvious early on that this would not be a light read As a fan of Supernatural, I m all for the myriad ways the essayists turned a critical eye toward the show It made for some tasty tasty brain food I also found it impossible to resist the urge to revisit earlier episodes of the show after reading through the book Not a bad side effect, me thinks A topic I find of particular interest.

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    Is it disingenuous to be a fan of a book you contributed to even in a small way Actually, the most of the essays are really good, tight and thoughtful And face it the subject matter can t be beat.

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    Received as a First Reads Giveaway Really enjoying this not abook to be read in a sitting but have been dipping into it for the last few weeks SOme books of this type are really good thinking Buffy Philosoply and the LOTR Philosoply and some have been disappointing Firefly This is one of the good ones It adds depth to the charcaters and points out much that I have missed or not properly appreciated Read it if you re a fan

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    I loved the essays in the book It gives great insight into the characters, they are real now then just watching them on TV or DVD No wonder this particular show has such a following, if your a fan of the show you MUST read this book.

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    Great book for a Supernatural fan.

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    Have you ever reached blindly into the fridge for your drink , expecting it to be lets say Mountain Dew and instead swallowed something else we ll go with coconut milk Do you remember the shock The bit of throw up you swallowed immediately after The promise to yourself that you will never, EVER, drink before looking That s kind of how this went down, with the swapping out of a serious headache in place of the vomit I expected a companion piece to the show, Supernatural A in depth look at the show itself, the characters, etc You know, the hows and whys of it all delivered in a fun, but informative way Like Ovaltine tasty, but healthy What I received instead was a philosophical breakdown of each and every aspect of the show in the format of a college thesis Now, don t get me wrong, it s not that the book itself was bad it was simply not what I had anticipated Geared towards Sociology, Anthropology and Philosophy enthusiast, this books breaks down the show Supernatural and examines the remnants to such a degree that for anyone else to enjoy it, in my opinion, would require a grocery list only Hunter S Thompson could provide So, that being said, the ratings are as follows 5 For fans that enjoy sitting around analyzing the layers upon layers of hidden meanings, religious aspects, archetypes both present and absent, and what each reveal about our society as a whole both past, present, and future of popular fiction ie The Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter, Game of Thrones, Battlestar Galactica I will say, though it was a struggle for me at times, it was very informative raising some valid questions and answering plenty of lingering ones that I didn t even know I had 3 For fans of Supernatural who want to add to their collection of memorabilia, were given a shout out in an essay and want to show their mom, or who really, really love them some Dean and Sam Otherwise, wait for a fluffier version to be published.Now, while I didn t get what I wanted and you, the fan, might not have either, here s a present from me to youMerry Christmas

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    Read my full review at wadingthroughbooks.wordpress.com I m a pop culture junkie, especially science fiction pop culture and fandom, so I love essay books like this I d have done my masters in pop culture studies instead of library science if I could have figured out a job to use it for Well, maybe one day just for fun, when I m old and retired which will be never, at this rate I really enjoy active participation in fandom as opposed to just passively and individually watching the shows though if that floats your boat, whatever This kind of academic study is really broadening to me Due to the nature of Western post secondary education, it tends to be quite difficult to take a wide variety of classes and subjects the ideal is to take only degree subject specific courses and to get out of school as soon as possible, as opposed to actually learning something interesting I ve only taken one film studies course, but this and other television show essay books have taught me a great deal about film studies and history and concepts It s easy to say I love this show , but these kinds of essay books help to articulate why I love this show, and to help me think about things about the show that I never noticed on my own For example, the essay about Supernatural s connection to the 1970s is interesting because I missed the 70s, on account of not being born yet, so it explains references that I didn t catch from lack of familiarity.This book will appeal to academic nerds and pop culture and fandom studies junkies, but likely not to the casual viewer of the show.

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    Not what I expected when I saw the title I bought it online I expected this to be one of those unauthorized books about a TV show with episode guides, photos, interviews, etc Although this book does have an episode guide from season 1 6, there was far to it As quoted from part of the back cover this collection of essays, written by leading scholars, situates the series within debates surrounding folklore, religion, comedy, gender and sexuality Some of the contents include essays titled Music and Character Development The Representation of Women in Supernatural Exploring Folklore and Religion Metafiction Strategies and many other topics all written as essays by a multitude of University professors with PhDs or MBAs, film education lecturers, doctoral candidates, folklorist and other professionals Not what I would consider a lazy, easy read, but definitely worth reading if you re a Supernatural fan.

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    for fans only lots of fun.

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    it really wasn t what I thought it would be, but still some interesting thoughts

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