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Khyber Run chapter 1 Khyber Run, meaning Khyber Run, genre Khyber Run, book cover Khyber Run, flies Khyber Run, Khyber Run 20014a65fe86b Genre LGBT MulticulturalIn Afghanistan, All The Easy Answers Are Wrong And The Best Laid Plans Don T Stand A Chance A Tight Knit Band Of USMC Scout Snipers, Enraged When One Of Their Number Murders Another, Is Hell Bent On Seeing Justice They Kidnap Zarak Momand, A Burnt Out Navy Hospital Corpsman, And Blackmail Him To Be Their Guide Into Momand Land And To Find A Loophole In Nanawatai, The Afghan Code Of Hospitality They Don T Tell Him Their Target A Deserter Murdered Zarak S Estranged Baby BrotherZarak Has Lost Touch With His Brothers, His Heritage, His Religion, Anything That Might Inspire True Passion Code Named Zulu And Coerced To Hunt Down A Deserter, He Must Navigate The Ambiguities Of Fourth Generation Warfare, Where There Are No Front Lines And Where The Moral High Ground Shifts From Situation To SituationIn The End, It S Just Zulu And Oscar, A Sexually Compelling Cipher Who Embodies So Much Of The Pakhtun Way But Is Oscar S Rough Passion A Betrayal Between Brothers Publisher S Note This Book Contains Explicit Sexual Content, Graphic Language, And Situations That Some Readers May Find Objectionable Male Male Sexual Practices

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    Right from the beginning, this story throws the reader smack in the middle of events Little is explained the story, the environment and the characters unfold over the course of the story with background information only given through Zulu s memories which are strewn in While this narrative style took a bit getting used to, it added to the overall engrossing reading experience This story evoked an incredible intense sense of atmosphere and place There are several scenes which aren t really necessary to forward the plot, like the encounter with the handless spice dealer, the slave auction or the buzkashi game, but those scenes nevertheless add feeling and vibe to the setting Likewise, the element of contrariness is used in advantage of the world building, the contrast between the seemingly medieval Afghan society and the well equipped Western troops delivered in a stark matter of fact, amazingly non judgemental view through Zulu s perception And as for the locale the author created vivid images with sparse descriptions, not a word too much, and still a rough kind of poetic quality I think the key to loving this book or not is whether or not you re able to like or at least to relate to Zarak Zulu I did, apparently for me, this character was brilliantly done.Zulu is a captive between two worlds His mother was an expatriate American teacher who married a Pakhtun man and was happy to live as an Afghan woman until her husband and oldest son were killed by the Soviets She then took her four surviving sons and returned to her native Pensacola and how she achieved this is a remarkable adventure in itself, told in parts through flashbacks.Uprooted from his native Afghanistan at an age when he had already internalised his forefather s values and norms, Zulu was thrown into a foreign culture with rather diametrically opposed moral standards But once he s back in his native land, he finds his perceptions tainted by his Western education, which makes him a foreigner again For Zulu, Oscar embodies everything he has ever held dear honor, strength, maleness Oscar is the one who can give Zulu purchase, and might ultimately help him grow new roots.Curiously enough, this story would have worked for me even without the romantic element as a classic action adventure novel Nevertheless, the passionate love scenes added depth to both heroes characters, and made the book round in a way I haven t found in the latter Those were two quintessential macho males at work even though it took Zulu a while to find his inner alpha Those aren t men who talk about emotions or put their affection for each other in so much words Nevertheless, they managed to communicate their feelings so that by the end, I was utterly convinced of their commitment to each other Who wouldn t like dark, brooding and handsome Particularly when, like in Zulu s and Oscar s case, the hard crusts actually hide burning cores of passion What could be romantic This was a deeply engrossing book that took me right out of my everyday life and carried me far away to a place I ve had a penchant for ever since reading Kim when I was little Highly recommended.Read the full review here

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    Khyber Run is a very interesting war novel and definitely kept my attention from beginning to end but it s very oddly published with Loose Id The story is absolutely not a romance, there is no discernable evidence of romance anywhere, and there are a few explicit sex scenes based on situations rather than emotion Instead, this is a very absorbing read about the war in Afghanistan and the personal affect on one family and in particular one person His quest to avenge his brother is the main theme and if anything this is merely a fictional story about war Maybe if you squint it could be called gay fiction due to the few quickie rough sex scenes but that s still a stretch in my opinion If you re looking for a very intricately detailed war story from a personal level, this may work for you.The story begins somewhat choppy with a hungover, and possibly still drunk, Zarak Momand He s riding in an airplane with no idea of how he got there or why he s there Soon Zarak finds out they want him to find a traitor, one that murdered his brother Ben and is possibly hiding on Momand land The chance to avenge his brother and find his people is irresistible to Zarak and he agrees, despite the blackmail and kidnapping Once he sets off, the path is anything but easy and the various obstacles he encounters just makes him determined The beginning is very rough with a lot of nicknames and lingo thrown at the reader without a lot of context The first person narrator, Zarak, is drunk and jostled and so the story feels very much the same at the start It eventually evens out and becomes much seamless and smooth but it takes a bit to get into it Once there the somewhat limited and linear plot begins The whole point of the story is for Zarak, also called many other things in the story, to find the traitor hiding among his people The path there veers into random asides such as local games or encounters with unfriendly people The plot feels somewhat weak in that there is not much to it Zarak is out for revenge, but again not really and he doesn t realize all the various ramifications until almost the very end The inclusion of Oscar, Zarak s guide and companion on the trip, is interesting but he s far from any romance hero The two have uncomplicated, rough sex but there are so many questions brought up that aren t ever resolved Such as why Oscar called out Zarak s brother s name during sex especially when Oscar later states the brother was straight Did they have sex once No sex but an emotional connection Like so many other issues, questions are brought up than answered This is especially frustrating with the somewhat non ending The story just stops without a definite ending and answers What remain the strengths of the story are definitely the incredible amount of information and detail offered I ve no idea if the details are correct but the sheer overwhelming number of details and immersive world building is impressive The amount of research that must have gone into this story is somewhat staggering so I assume that any details included are on point They all converge to offer a very graphic and realistic world of the war in Afghanistan The incredibly high cost on a personal and global level is staggering and the effects on all kinds of people make for a somewhat sad but fascinating story I m pretty impressed with Green s writing and the story itself but it s not perfect It s also badly mismarketed being sold at a romance publisher when it doesn t belong there at all The story and depth remains somewhat light, with the details and cultural differences doing heavy lifting in the novel rather than the plot or characters themselves This isn t necessarily a bad thing however and makes what could be a very depressing topic engaging and interesting to read without needing breaks I d suggest this book for those readers looking specifically for a war novel from a personal perspective but not anyone who s looking for romance amid a war setting.

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    I read a lot of action suspense stories Khyber Run has two of the out of the box heroes I ve come across Ms Green has captured a turbulent setting and time and transformed them into a world I was completely drawn into with characters I had to stay with until the last page Her tongue in cheek style is remarkably captivating, and yet, believable I was enthralled with this book Well done.

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    Author Amber GreenPublisher Loose Id, LLCWord Count 62,023Published 2011Fictionwise 5.94The name of this book intrigued me mostly because I had no idea what it meant This story is set in Afghanistan and Pakistan, in the middle of the current war The beginning was a bit confusing as you are unsure not only where the character is, but also what all of the nicknames mean both are settled somewhat, but I found that the confusion of location was constant throughout I had to refer back a few pages every now and then to confirm where they were.This was an intense read, but not because of the sex or interaction between the apparent love interest In fact, there was no sex until page 105 other than a random quickie around page 60 or so consider yourself forewarned This is a war story, plain and simple The main character is searching to find his place in the war as a Pakistani in the U.S military on a mission to avenge his fallen brother The sex was rough and about circumstance, not feeling, lust or love and it was rough, although it only occurred twice maybe three times during the entire book I wish that there was of a connection or character development here, as I usually love military men stories.Out of four Overall Read Sex Heat Plot Read this book if you are interested in learning about a different perspective of the war and enjoy reading about rough, meaningless sex although you will be waiting awhile for it to happen

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    First off, this book is not a romance There is a connection between Oscar and Zarak, but there are no hearts and flowers in this book Ok, there are some flower seeds, but they aren t for Oscar This starts out with Zarak waking up after a binder and finding himself in a military plane on his way back to Afghanistan He is with a bunch of Marines Being a Navy Corpsman, he is slightly confused What Zarak is doing in Afghanistan is explained and I won t spoil, but Khyber Run is about his journey back to his homeland on a mission that becomes personal The small team of Marines that Zarak works with are evasive and keep him just out of the loop I liked the team though Mike, the leader, Oscar his second and Echo the young one This book has an ending of sorts, but I really think there will be a sequelAt least I hope so I really like Amber Green s writing style This book isn t very long, just over 200 pages, but she packs a lot of depth in this book.4.0 Stars

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    The intensity of this book amazes me From page one, the reader is thrown into a world of survival, renewal and finding self Not to mention the exquisitely erotic love scenes Definitely recommend this book to all readers Ms Green does not disappoint with this one

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    I liked this book very much I ll confess that I didn t read the blurb before starting this book, so I totally overlooked a few facts about Zarak s mission that are stated there, but I was glad that I didn t because I was as confused and in the dark as Zarak, the narrator was.Zarak is not one of those narrators that take you under their wing and help you navigate the story with them He is not confrontational, he s not mean, he is not a jerk, and he s not exactly secretive or reserved, but he is removed It seems he is not in touch with anything, he s sort of stuck in a life that doesn t let him go on or back He was born and raised in Afghanistan and he had to flee with his family to the United States He had to be away from his brothers to give them the chance to be together and support them He is waiting for a promotion that isn t granted The ways of his people are set deeply in his soul, but he can t heed them When we meet him he has just lost his brother and he is forced to enroll in a dangerous mission of which he doesn t know the details, but that brings him close to his family, in a land that marked him profoundly Slowly, as he gets reacquainted with the language and the ways of his people, he finds himself I don t mean that he has a revelation or a sudden enlightment, but that he becomes present to himself, solid a figure to the reader, as if the recollection of his past and his quest could re build him brick after brick, even in that desolate land.The book causes you to immerse completely in Afghanistan It s not just an excuse for a setting, it s sketched in all its colors, smells, sounds, in its climate, in the code of behavior of its people When Zarak and Oscar have to run for cover in an open market, making chickens fly and goats jump around, we get an effective and sensational experience beautifully written.The romantic line of the story is a tenuous thread in the book Zarak is attracted to Oscar, the sniper who accompanies him in his mission Even if Oscar doesn t speak the language and doesn t always understand of approve of the society rules, he seems to blend in as if he had a sort of connection to the land We don t really get to know what makes him tick and it seems to me that Zarak doesn t want to know it either, but they re than attracted to each other What constitutes than this attraction is an interesting point in the story that you have to learn for yourself, if you are able to, because there s something somewhere, but I couldn t quite grasp it and the final pages were a bit unexpected, or too little too late, or too much too soon, I have to decide yet If you expect wine, dine, flowers and all the like, you d be disappointed Harsh times, tough guys You catch something if you pay attention to the care they take of each other, to small details.I wanted to tell something about cultural identity and the way it affects Zarak s life, but I don t think I know the right words It was fascinating and it made me think throughout the book and after I put it down Zarak isn t exactly an ambassador for it, but it was interesting to see how rooted it was and the hows and whys of his behavior and beliefs I also think I wanted to see of him with his brothers, but the author was able to decline the effect of their heritage in their different attitudes.For setting and writing and overall experience, I strongly recommend this book If you are a hardcore romantic, you might not find it to your tastes.

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    2.5 Honestly this book just dragged and dragged and dragged It was confusing, boring, and down right hard to read in turns I wanted to like it, wanted to like Oscar and Zulu, but I just couldn t I had to force myself to get through it and found that in the end, I just didn t care about these characters.

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    This one reads like a war story, but it was fascinating.

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    This isn t a romance It s a very good look at the tribal situation in afghanastan through a fictional gay man.

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