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Dire Needs (Eternal Wolf Clan, #1) quotes Dire Needs (Eternal Wolf Clan, #1), litcharts Dire Needs (Eternal Wolf Clan, #1), symbolism Dire Needs (Eternal Wolf Clan, #1), summary shmoop Dire Needs (Eternal Wolf Clan, #1), Dire Needs (Eternal Wolf Clan, #1) e34446eb Feared By Humans And Envied By Werewolves, The Dire Wolves Are Immortal Shifters, Obeying No Laws But Their Own Bestial Natures Rifter Leads The Pack, And His Primal Instincts Have Led Him To Claim Gwen, A Woman Seeking Solace From The Chronic Pain That Has Wracked Her Body Her Entire Life But Whatever Future Rifter And Gwen Have Is Threatened By An Enemy Of Both Humanity And The Dire Wolves

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    Okay, so what the hell was this Wait, let me back track first and say Stephanie Tyler is an awesome writer Her Romantic suspense titles are amazingfull of great characters that you can t help but give a shit about, enthralling storylines, and edge of your seat action, they re just freaking insane, and if you haven t read any of them, you really should give them a try Same goes for the ACRO series, the PNR s she co authorsand thy re crazy amounts of hot to boot So, color me blindsided by the very meh ness of Dire Needs I cant help but feel like either her editor is slacking on the job or she got a new one that s no where near as awsome as the last one.there were a number of times I couldn t figure out what was going onI had to keep flipping pages back, but often then not I was still confused There were even times this didn t even feel like a stephanie Tyler titlelike someone with a similar name wrote it insteadand I ll admit it, I double, triple and quadruple checked that the spelling was the same, and that this was indeed the Ms Tyler I ve become addicted to it was like she was so busy building up the world, and giving far too many characters a voice, that the story and the characterization of our two leads as well as for all the other mentioned characers sufferedfor example we re told the heroine is science logic minded, but her actions never really show that And maybe it s just me, but the emotional strings the book tried to pull were shallow at best The heroines supposed to be dyingwith no hopeagain, maybe it s just me, but I never felt the heaviness, the desperate resignation to her fate, or even any sort of acceptance with the exception of a small scene in the beginng it seemed like she didn t know what to feel, and maybe that was the point, but it just left me feeling confused Add to that, I couldn t figure out why the the main characters had to seal their mating so quicklyit felt like they met, found out she was part wolf, and oh hey we re mates, let s seal the deal It was like very little thought was put into iton both their parts So it came off, IMO unbelievable Also there were times I had to double check that this was the first book in the series, as it was written in a way that implied I should know certain things, and therefore those certain things weren t as fully explained, as IMO they should ve been And not a lot happened I think this was going for a mix between PNR and UF, so a lot of the story was setting up the overarching storyline.so much so that It kinda sorta stole the thunder outta the H and h s relationshipTo be fair, maybe I wasn t in the mood to read this, although generally speaking ST s name on a book, usually puts me in the right frame of mindbut for me, this was at best a 3 star read, with only a slight chance propagated by the fact that I know My Tyler is a great writer of giving the next book a try Also on a sidenote, the word dire is used a lot Like a lot a lot.I don t think I ve ever come across, or hell, even used it as many times as it comes up in this book.

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    A new werewolf series and you re all thinking ho hum read it all before well you d be wrong.In this world there are Dire Wolves, Werewolves, Humans, Witches and we re told there are Vamps Dire wolves were created by Norse Gods and are to protect humans and police the weres.There are only 6 Dires left, all male, lonely sinlges, who look like a lickable motorbike gang, all with gifts from the Gods and each have their own problems Led by Rifter.The villains are humans Weretrappers who have enslaved allied with the Outlaw werewolves and also with a powerful coven of witches They are intent on taking over the world and will use any means necessary to do it.Along comes our h Gwen, a Doctor who is dying from some unidentifiable illness which causes seizures.If I was to say this book reminds me of any other it would be the BDB series, but only in a superficial way.Really looking forward to reading the next one.

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    Review Courtesy of Dark Faerie TalesQuick Dirty Look, Dire Needs is another alpha male group of shapeshifters intent on saving those weaker than them Opening Sentence Rifter needed a woman, Brother Wolf needed to run wild, and their appetites for sex and destruction mingled, rose with a hot howl as Rifter s Harley roared through the winter night.The Review I would like to start out by saying there is nothing wrong with this book The characters are intriguing, the love story is full of suspense and triumphs, and it delivers a sense of doomsday looming at the end After all that is said and done, I didn t like it There are too many other novels series that are out there that are better Nothing in this book, Dire Needs, leaves me with any memorable scenes or characters I don t feel the need to bite my nails until the next release I most likely will not think about this book later on, unlike some other series I can mention Black Dagger Brotherhood for one That being said The Dire wolves are a group of six surviving alphas whose job is to monitor and protect their weaker cousins, the Were wolves They are responsible for keeping the humans in the dark about both of their races The Dire wolves main enemy is the weretrappers, humans that hunt and kill Weres and Dires alike Each Dire has an extra ability, like being able to see ghosts, along with being stronger and faster than anyone else It allows them the edge they need to take care of business, so to speak But in a war, numbers count and they are only six against many.Rifter is the defacto leader of this group of alphas His special ability is to dream walk, enter into another s dreams He, like his brothers, have lots of excess aggression to work off and they do LOVE to work it off either fighting or screwing or running as wolves and they don t care in what order He s a man s man, or wolf as it were, and is hard as nails, both inside and out Until he meets Gwen Then, he is just another misunderstood man looking for the right woman to make him complete sniff, sniff Will Rifter choose love over duty Can he seize this opportunity or will he drive it away Will the other Dire wolves resent his mate, since they have little to no chance of having one of their own Gwen is a doctor in training who is dying Her seizures are becoming frequent and she can no longer do her job at the hospital effectively With only a short time left to live, she decides to go to a biker bar and pick up someone to have a one night stand with She chooses Rifter because he was the biggest But are her seizures a sign of a sickness or of something else She s a rare half Dire half human and her medications have been suppressing her initial wolf shifting Can she survive the change Will she become immortal like the other Dire wolves And why are the weretrappers so hard up on capturing her Will she doom the last of her kind or help save them Out of all the scenes, the only one that interested me was when they make a reference to another series I happen to enjoy, the Demonica series by Larissa Ione One of the Dire wolves, Rogue, is in a coma and Eidolon, a sex demon doctor, from Underworld General Hospital comes to examine him And, like I said before, the exam is just referenced and not part of the main story.I m sorry, but if you enjoy this type of storyline, proceed with caution If you have yet to read anything similar and want to try it, do it I would rather recommend this book as a nice library find.Notable Scene Being good is so overrated No one ever looked back on their lives and thought, Well, at least I was good.She d bet even Mother Theresa had regrets about that.And so, when she d gone to the bar tonight, she d been looking to feed those long buried instincts, her nerve endings tingling, as she d downed the tequila, as if her body was thanking her for finally allowing it some enjoyment.How long had it been for her Felt like forever she d had to choose between medicine and men She couldn t believe she was still a goddamned virgin.She d made her bed and now she was so ready to undo it and experience it all.The Eternal Wolf Clan Series 0.5 Dire Warning1 Dire NeedsFTC Advisory Penguin Signet Eclipse provided me a copy of Dire Needs No goody bags, sponsorships, material connections, or bribes were exchanged for my review I only get paid in hugs and kisses from my little boys.

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    Dire Needs, Book 1 of the Eternal Wolf Clan seriesAuthor Stephanie TylerSynopsis The full moon is their mistress They are predators of pleasure and pain Feared by humans, envied by werewolves, the Dire Wolves are immortal shifters, obeying no laws but their own bestial natures Once they were many, but now only six remain, a dangerous wolfpack forever on the hunt Rifter leads the pack, embracing the lifestyle and ethics of an outlaw biker even as he battles an ancient enemy who has become a new, powerful force But with his Brother Wolf raging inside him, howling to be unleashed, he needs to satisfy his hungers And when he meets a drop dead gorgeous blonde drinking alone in a bar that caters to both human and inhuman, Rifter s primal instinct is to claim her.Gwen has her own desires, long unfulfilled She hopes a passionate night with the leather clad, Harley riding biker will ease her suffering The seizures that have wracked her body her entire life are incurable and they re killing her.But none of that will matter if Rifter can t stop the growing threat to them all trappers who are determined to enslave humankind and use the Dire wolves as part of their nefarious plan.Our Review by Michelle L Olson LITERAL ADDICTION s Pack Alpha I was excited for this book from the minute LITERAL ADDICTION hosted Stephanie to promote the last Sydney Croft ACRO novel and she announced that she was working on bringing it to life When I finally received my Advance Reading Copy from Stephanie I set all other books aside and settled in, reminding myself that I needed to keep an open mind and judge based on what I was reading and feeling, and not what I had hyped it up to be That wasn t difficult, seeing as Stephanie literally grabs hold of the reader 5 pages in and doesn t let go The Eternal Wolf Clan is comprised of 6 sexy alpha males who are the last of their kind and who have been thrown into the battle of good vs evil to save themselves, their distant cousins the Werewolves, and humankind from a group of overzealous humans known as the weretrappers The trappers basically have a grudge against any others , though their grudge has evolved into a nefarious plot to use the others before exterminating them To make matters worse, they have conned a coven of powerful witches into helping them, and that is just making things harder for the Dires This is Rifter and Gwen s story, but it s also a beautiful set up for the rest of the series and I can pretty much guarantee that readers will be picking their favorite Dire immediately upon meeting him in this first installment Without breaking the flow, Stephanie gives great descriptions of each of the Dires and some of their backstory, making it almost impossible for the reader not to choose their own personal hunky wolf to champion Rifter is a fabulous male lead the leader of the Dires with the weight of the world on his shoulders and a melancholy that he can t shake just for the simple fact that he s felt so alone for so long.Gwen is a great female lead She s smart, sassy, strong, and while looking for her prince charming, doesn t completely turn herself off when she finds him The story was beautifully told extraordinarily crafted, not only as a standalone book but as a set up for the rest of the series The world that Stephanie has built for the Eternal Wolf Clan is unique and fresh, not something easily done in today s market of rampant shifter stories The added twists of magic and the Dires individual gifts add another layer of intrigue to the mix and there were just enough secrets left untold to keep the reader wanting I can t believe that I ve finished book one of this long awaited treasure already I want book 2 so badly now, it s not going to be pretty until the next release I guess I ll just have to satisfy myself with spreading the word about Dire Needs and the Eternal Wolf Clan series so that everyone can read it, love it, and be in misery along with me while we wait for book 2 LITERAL ADDICTION gives Dire Needs 5 Skulls and would recommend it to everyone It s a great read for Urban Fantasy buffs, Paranormal Romance lovers, fans of the strong sexy alpha male, lovers of magic and mayhem it s a well rounded book for just about everyone Kudos to Stephanie for giving us an amazing new shifter world to fall in love with.

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    Impressive series debut featuring a pack of dangerous, sex addicted, Harley riding alpha males.Tyler has created a group of characters that are complex and intriguing The dynamics of the pack and the world that they reside in are described in a way that is easy to understand I still have several questions about certain aspects of the story, but it was not handled in a way that leaves me frustrated, but instead has me looking forward to discovering the answers in the series sequel The developing relationship between Rifter and Gwen was intense and incredibly sexy, but is only a portion of what this story is about It often focuses on the relationships within the pack and the wolves struggles with who they are, what they are, and the responsibilities placed upon them by the Elders.Frequent point of view changes kept me engaged in the story and gave additional insight into many of the wolves personalities and occasionally some background.Throughout this novel we are introduced to an almost overwhelming amount of new characters with various talents As the story progressed, I found myself eager to learn about each of them It wasn t long before I was heading over to Tyler s site to see who she would be writing about next.I am grateful that I was able to receive an advanced copy of the first book in the Dire Wolves series Anyone who knows me can tell you that I am a huge fan of shifters, especially werewolves, and Tyler writes them in a way that ensures I will continue to follow the series.

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    Review posted Happily Ever After ReadsRifter moved toward the group bare chested, jeans half undone and looking like some kind of primal god on the hunt She could almost see the swagger of the wolf as man and beast melded to work as one Gwen and Rifter meet very early on in a bar where Gwen is trying to forget that her life is ending and Rifter is just simply drawn to her He takes her home only to witness one of the seizures that will ultimately claim Gwen s life Just in the book s opening alone, Gwen is facing death as her seizures keep getting worse, she loses her job due to her illness and has nobody Her family was killed, she s never known who her father was and she s just counting down her days Until Rifter comes along and draws her into a world that she can t wrap her scientific mind around.Rifter is a Dire wolf and the leader of a small group of the six remaining Dires in the world They had once been a powerful group, a large clan that was killed in a mass extinction many years ago The few remaining Dires all have certain talents, including immortality which they all look at as a curse In addition, Rifter can dream walk, which is again something useful and dangerous But he was able to use it to his advantage a few months ago after he and a member of pack, Rogue, were captured after being set up by another Dire, Harm Rogue is now unconscious due to a spell set by one of Rifter s ex friend turned enemy, a witch named Seb As if bringing a human in Gwen into their world wasn t bad enough, they re dealing with humans known as were trappers who want to capture the Dires for experimentation and rid the world of were s and Dires completely.Ok, whew There is a LOT of information packed into this book that introduces us to the new world Stephanie Tyler has created Before starting this book, I had no idea what a Dire wolf was and how exactly it differed from a werewolf, or were shifter And halfway through this book, I still wasn t sure The details are slow in coming, and it was a little hard to really get into the story during the first 50% This is complex world, with different characters that all have different abilities and it was hard to follow at first It helped when Gwen really got into the heart of the story and we could see the Dire s world through her eyes She s so much than just human and it takes Rifter to help bring that out of her Their relationship fell into the mate category they were able to sense that they were destined to be together Problem is, with Gwen being human and now knowing that Dires exist, she should be killed Their existence, along with all supernatural creatures, is a secret from the humans Gwen and Rifter s relationship is intense, a little animalistic, and once Rifter understands that she s HIS, no one is taking her away from him.His mate was beautiful and strong Smart She made him laugh In the short time they d been together, she d made him care She mattered to him in a way he hadn t been able to let anyone matter Not since his brothers, but that had been a different kind of bond This was beyond fate he felt like the luckiest man in the world.While the larger series storyline was just getting established in DIRE NEEDS, there was a book storyline that found a young shifter Liam, who s next in line to lead his Were pack, being betrayed by his mate in the worst way possible and Rifter turning himself over to the enemy in return for Gwen and his own packs safety Gwen won t allow this and jumps right into the middle of their fight, literally I found the action surrounding this book s specific storyline a little weak, as it felt like the book served as a build up for the series as a whole In that sense, it was great series start, getting all the basics and the world laid out in detail, but there was so much happening, so many details that the plot got lost and I had a hard time really connecting to Rifter and Gwen story They do have intense chemistry, but I just wanted of it for them.One thing I was really interested about by books end was the set up for future books and all the vastly different characters we re introduced to Rifter and his brothers aren t in a strong place when we first meet them They re cursed with immortality and believe that there are no of their kind in the world They re meant to mate, to have families and this drives not only their human, but their wolf side as well Each of Rifter s brothers have something that they re dealing with on a personal level, be it strong emotions as Vice has to live with or a specific talent Harm and his hypnotic voice, or Jinx and Rogue and how they deal with ghosts and spirits they re all so different and it will be interesting to see from them.Overall, it s a good start to this new series and while it did have slow start, I got into the story around the midpoint mark when we start to experience this world through Gwen s eyes So many things get set up for this new Eternal Wolf Clan series, and while this book might not have completely captured me, I do wonder who the next hero will be and find myself wanting to know about the pack.

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    This review was posted at Under the CoversI am really enthralled by the Dires world The dires are basically werewolves but they are Sexier, alpha, badass, tortured Right up my alley Their job is to protect humans from werewolves and cover their tracks to keep their existence under cover They are immortal and lonely Oh and did I mention they have a sexy tattoo of their wolf Well, it s like a natural tattoo when they change their first time they wolf comes out Love that This book is all about Rifter He is the leader of the Dires He is at a point where he is almost ready to die Too bad they can t He goes into a bar to find a female shifter to spend the night with but ends up very attracted to a human female He normally doesn t go for humans, ever But Gwen is it for him tonight And she takes him up on his offer because she has actually just being given very little time to live Some rare disease that causes her to have seizures.Gwen will come to play an important role in the Dire Pack dynamic when they find out who she is, but the chemistry between her and Rifter was off the charts great The Dires are now fighting against Seb, and I have to say I kind of really like this bad guy Something about him and his past that I just want to know , know his motives, know what makes him tick.Now onto my complaint, yes I have one Even though there s some action, there s romance and there are quite a few smexy scenes oozing alphaness, I feel this book suffered from a major case of First Book Syndrome There was a lot of information in the book that I thought at times was not needed Maybe it will be important info in the future but it overwhelmed this book.The rest of the Dires are a very intriguing bunch, I really can t wait to read their stories I am kind of the most intrigued by Vice, and he seems like he has the most issues at times I look forward to reading about him as the series goes on.I really liked the whole process of the mating between Rifter and Gwen, it wasn t without emotion and a lot of drama around them, and towards the end of this book it was nonstop and had my full attention ARC provided by publisher

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    I presume you know what the book is about, I m letting you know what I liked or disliked about it.I read this book within the first day of it s release but waited until today to write the review I d first like to say what I liked about it the characters are fantastic, much as I d expect with any of Ms Tylers work Gwen is charismatic, her confusion endearing as it is understandable a very likable character Rifter is every bit the Alpha Male, and the bond with his brothers is strong I liked how his perspective was shared with the reader I liked this part very much.It s in the telling of this story I grew frustrated I hate repetition within a story I m reading It was like one step forward in the story and four steps back 40% thru the book and I only knew three things for certain what the Dires were, how hard things are for them, and what they could and couldn t do ACK There were times when I couldn t even turn a page without something being repeated from the previous page ISH The approach to telling this story is completely different than in any of her other books Ms Tyler and associates your readers are smart enough to like you they are smart enough to understand the premise of the story by the end of the first few chapters Really no need to beat the reader over the head with fundamental aspects of the story.Because of the repetition things I normally overlook I couldn t It just add to the overall unpleasantness of reading the book It was not edited very well grammatically so much so it seemed sloppily or hastily published, Gwen was smart enough to ask insightful questions but then turn a page and she was learning the very things repeated to the reader a thousand times before And really the thousand comment not such an exaggeration.Overall I am disappointed I think Ms Tyler has the foundation for a truly great series here but unless the repetition is edited out, and of the story is told, this series simply won t sell well.I will wait to read reviews from other readers here before I read the next book in the series.

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    DNF Abandoned at 47%It isn t often I abandon a book but I just can t get into this and just wish it would get going I know things have to be bad when I choose to watch the TV rather than lose myself in a book

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    This is a very hot cover

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