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Divine Savior (Aarons Kiss, #2) summary Divine Savior (Aarons Kiss, #2) , series Divine Savior (Aarons Kiss, #2) , book Divine Savior (Aarons Kiss, #2) , pdf Divine Savior (Aarons Kiss, #2) , Divine Savior (Aarons Kiss, #2) 58e44fa0b6 Shade Doe Has Powers Scary Powers She Really Wishes She Understood Them But She Had No Memory Of Her Past Or Who She Is Living In Abandoned Buildings And Doing What She Needs To Survive She Is Also Helping Some Poor Kids As Best She Can When She Literally Runs Down A Man In An Alley After Liberating Some Dinner For Her And The Kids She Finds Herself Annoyed That She Is Unable To Stop Thinking About This Charismatic, Sexy Handsome Man Colin Lari Is A Powerful Vampire Who Has Been Around Since The Late S And Can T Believe He Cannot Get One Cheeky Street Person Out Of His Head After She Knocked Him Over On The Street Running Away After Probably Committing Some Crime When The Two Of Them Finally Give Into Fate, Sparks Fly And Hot Passion Ensues Their Love Creates A Commanding Force That Cannot Be Contained When Circumstances Align Against Them, They Work Together To Save Each Other And To Save An Entire World

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    Wow, Kathi did not fail us on this novel as she continued Aaron s and Sara s story They helped Colin have a life Colin has had a run in with Shade, literally but the scent she left is lasting on Colin Has he found his soulmate for life Shade s life hasn t been the easiest at all She has seen 2 children suffer in a way that no child should Her only wish is to make sure she cares for them since their own mother had not She doesn t understand the powers she has and thanks to our friends from the first of the series, she is going to learn that her powers are neverending Especially when her and Colin finally get the one on one time to really find out what is meant for them This story will have your senses everywhere She has done a great job leaving the door wide open for of The Aaron s Kiss Series Can t wait

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    This is the second installment in the Aaron s Kiss series, and I d say the series is off to a great start so far We ve got vampires, we ve got blood, we ve got sex, we ve got Duncan All of those add up to a fantastic read This one was just as easy to get into as the first book, even though some of the characters were new I loved that the author entwined Aaron and Sara from the first book in Colin and Shade s life You got to see what happened after Aaron and Sara s story, and I was excited about that because I loved them so much Anyways, the female in this story is Shade she s outrageously strong willed, resourceful, beautiful, caringand homeless She works odd jobs to get by, and steals for food She also is a surrogate mother to two beautiful children, whose mother is just too drugged up to care The children have been abused even sold for drugs at some points, and Shade is on a mission to save them Colin is a vampire, living in Aaron s realm, and they re close friends He has a run in with Shade one night and after that, he can t get her out of his mind He ll do anything to find out about her, who she is, where she lives He s mistaken about her at first Once they lay their weapons down, prepare for a sinfully good sort of love Their heat and passion is just as sexy as Aaron and Sara in the first book Kathi S Barton doesn t disappoint Fantastic read, and a great addition to the series Can t wait to read .

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    Colin should have known that finding his mate was going to turn his life upside down Sent to pick up the new cook for his friend , he was unprepared for the female that slammed into him in the back alley Shade just knew that running into the man she dubbed The Wall was going to cause problems, little did she know just how it was going to impact her life Misunderstandings make this relationship complicated from the start, anger, trust and some bullying just make it interesting Both these characters where strong willed, pig headed at times and driven by the need to protect the innocent Adding in Arron, Sara and a bunch of magical beings just makes the interactions darn funny While humor is apparent, the underlying storyline of abuse is heartbreaking and may cause a tear or two so be warned More background information is revealed and some new characters help to entertain keeping you guessing at what will happen next I volunteered to review this story for my honest opinion.

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    I love how Kathi can work her magic in a story This story had me reading cover to cover in one sitting I love the way she introduced the main characters of the story as well as keep bring in the pervious characters that I had loved in the first book This book tells the story of a woman withe powers that she is not sure how she got as she has no memory She tried to make a living whilst being homeless and caring for children that their own mother doesn t want The male lead character is tough on the outside and gentle and caring on the inside tha only his close friends get to see This story tells the tale in Kathi s magical writing of the mating and getting to know one another I have loved this series so far and can confirm that I have reading the stories within this series and I keep going back to them.

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    I am liking this series so far The voice is different, in a great way, from other books that I have read from this author Shades story contains drug abuse, child abuse, child neglect, torture and a chick that makes them pay Great edition to the kiss.

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    Shade Doe has powers Scary powers She really wishes she understood them but she had no memory of her past or who she is Living in abandoned buildings and doing what she needs to survive she is also helping some poor kids as best she can When she literally runs down a man in an alley after liberating some dinner for her and the kids she finds herself annoyed that she is unable to stop thinking about this charismatic, sexy handsome man Colin Lari is a powerful vampire who has been around since the late 1800 s and can t believe he cannot get one cheeky street person out of his head after she knocked him over on the street running away after probably committing some crime When the two of them finally give into fate, sparks fly and hot passion ensues Their love creates a commanding force that cannot be contained When circumstances align against them, they work together to save each other and to save an entire world.

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    In the second book of Aaron s Kiss series we meet Shade Doe Shade has no memory of her life before age 15 years and is plagued with some very strange and dangerous powers She fears her the odd things she can do when her anger is stirred and she tries to hind them and won t even use them to save herself from being brutalized by another beingthough she could do some very serious damage to them Her main objective is to help protect two young children Shade has come to love.Colin Lari is a hot sexy vampire that has no use for a mate, yet he is drawn to the beautiful Shade and will do whatever is need to keep her safe.and to make her his The love these characters share is amazing.though danger lurks around every corner for these two.can they beat the odds and save each other and the entire world What a great series this is.

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    I won a copy of this eBook, and although I hadn t read the preceding book, the first in the Aarons Kiss series, I picked up on the storyline and characters quickly and easily Which is great for someone not starting at the beginning I loved Shade even though she didn t make things easy on herself And poor Colin like many males at a loss when emotion rears its head I don t want to go into plot details as that will spoil the book for others All I want to say is anyone who has read any of Kathi s books Aaron s Kiss, the Grant Brothers will love this First time readers will have no problem diving straight in, and be lucky enough to have the others Kathi has written to look forward to Realistically written, well crafted, instantly engaging and unputdownable, it made me a fan from the first line.

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    Shade has absolutely no idea who she is All she knows is she has some magic that she wished she didn t When trying to help 2 kids she s injured and doing the best she can to take care of her and them She wants nothing to do with the bloodsucker who claims she s his mate.Colin is ecstatic to find his mate But after a mistake in identity he now has to convince Shade that he can be all she needs But in order to have the love like Aaron and Sara has he s going to have to save her from her enemies as well as past enemies of the kiss.Shade and Colin s story is probably one of my favorites because I love how no matter what life threw at Shade she overcame it with pride and dignity Colin also is one to admit when he s wrong and isn t afraid to show the woman he loves how much he needs her I voluntarily reviewed an Advance Reader Copy of this book

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    This is the second book in the Aaron s Kiss Series Colin is a very powerful Vampire and is Aaron s right hand man He is doing his job and literally runs into someone he needs to find out about There is something about her can she be his mate Shade Doe is trying to survive the best way she can She can t find a job and what she does find doesn t support her On top of that she is trying to help two little children whose Mom doesn t care about them just how she is gonna get her medicine.Shade has powers that scare her Colin is a Vampire but are they destined to be together A must read to find out the true nature of Shade and how she is related to Sara and Queen Melody Would definitely recommend to all as a must read.

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