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    Blog Facebook Twitter Instagram Pinterest Bitter Demons is the third book from The Shadow Demons Saga, and the third book of my challenge to read my sister s books If you haven t read the two parts, you can read my reviews below Beautiful Demons The Shadow Demons Saga 1 Inner Demons The Shadow Demons Saga 2 As a third book of this series, I have to be honest and say that this one didn t deliver I expected so much to happen, and so many questions to be answered The story continues where the second book ends, and now we have Harper, that knows she is a Prima and has great powers She also really likes this handsome guy, who happens to be a Demon And Demons can t have relationships with Primas, because demons are supposed to be slaves, and witches are supposed to use their power When two Prima sisters come into town and Harper meets them, she becomes friends with Caroline, one of the sisters They decide to play a game and swap their looks But Caroline, who looks like Harper is attacked, which means that someone wants Harper dead and Harper has to keep this a secret and resolve the mystery by herself Now, of course we get to see a lot of Harper in the book after all, this book is about her But we don t get to see her character or story improve in any meaningful way We learn a lot about Jackson and his past, and his brother ooooh spooky , and how he tries very hard to resist Harper in any way, but ends up doing the exact opposite On another note, we are introduced to new characters, but also some of the old characters are given time in this book and we get to know them better which I might of not liked so much Give me Harper please We meet Caroline I loved their friendship with Harper and I loved how nice and cute she was A bit naive, just like Harper, which maybe got her in trouble Mary Anne Oh, Mary Anne Even though we don t get to know her much and she always only shines in the end of the book, I loved the mysterious bit about her, and her will to make the sacrifice that she did She was the hero for me in this book Brook We got to see the mean side of her, and wow, how fast she changed Can people really change that quickly and fall under pressure so easily I still love the story so much, and will of course read the rest of the books, but I didn t enjoy this book as much I enjoyed the first two parts I am hoping the next book will pleasantly surprise me Blog Facebook Twitter Instagram Pinterest

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    Oh My God That was just amazing I finally have my answers, and what are the answers We finally know who is the villain in this history, and in my personal opinion, I think it s a good one in this history I can t wait to read the next books but I know are going to be great.

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    Holy shit, this was SO good So many answered questions from the last one Sure, I still have questions about certain characters But I know we will find out all of our answers Patience is a virtue But damn, this was such an awesome ride on this twisty windy never slowing down road I loved it And as you can see I gave this one 5 stars It was thatgood Oh Jacksonhe has my heart Since book 1 I ve been a fan But now he s sealed the deal There s no turning backno collecting 200 dollars Just straight up Jackson is the man Or thewell, I won t give away what he is He s just Jackson And I m so glad Harper is determined to fight for him You go girl Honestly, I have of a review to write but it s late So I ll continue later But it s safe to say I m in love with this series Each one I finish quicker and quicker I started it late last night and finished tonight I was so engrossed and couldn t put it down So much action, mystery, romance, and lots of drama drama drama So go pick the first 4 books up and read You ll enjoy it And then you ll want More Jackson More Harper More Peachville awesomeness It s a fact

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    I m a fan of these novels and I m pretty happy that Sarra Cannon has managed to hold it together into book 3.The filling in of Jackson s character and a bit of insight towards Mary Ann has managed to inject just enough freshness to keep the novel crisp.The characters have maintained consistency with their development and the mystery factor isn t too bad considering the choices I am hoping that in the next novel the mystery aspect broadens out with an injection of some new characters This book did manage to take a bit of a leap of faith mystery wise, but those choices are certainly starting to wither down.

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    If found this book to be ok The middle, I thought was very slow and a bit boring This was an ok read for me.

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    I LOVE that we see a lot Jackson in this one teamJackson.Harper is becoming one of my favorite book characters She is funny, loyal and totally fireless, how she saves Caroline is amazing She s almost a little wreckless considering if she dies all the other witches does Again this reminds me of Coven from AHS Must just be the witch thing I KNEW there was something off with Mary Anne I m am glad she stuck up for Harper though and helped save her.As for Brooke she has got to be one of the most annoying characters ever, for real.I also really like Lark s character She seems very down to Earth.I feel like these books should be made into a T.V series I think it would be great, there s not a lot of T.V series about witches any.

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    Still loving Harper and this series

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    This third installment is one par with the previous book and we get some answers Also the magic battle scenes were done better and I enjoyed meeting other Primas from different towns Can t wait for next one

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    The Peachville High Demons series has been good so far Bitter Demons was an okay read just like the first two books, at least Sarra Cannon is consistent.I liked the start of this book, New character s were introduced and I thought Caroline and Harper switching bodies appearance wise was very cool The story got pretty intense when Caroline was taken and I was really interested in the mystery surrounding her disappearance Once she was found however I lost interest slightly and the story started to drag When Caroline was in her dream or coma like state nothing interesting happened.The ending really did make up for it and it was cool how confident and badass Harper can be when put under pressure I m glad Mary Ann view spoiler decided to take Harper s side and not let her powers be transferred hide spoiler

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    Reread Jan 1 2013Short and sweet Loved it and can t wait to move on Oh wait I don t have to wait this time Woohoo Feb 2012I realized that the series wasn t finished yet while reading this book I was completely engrossed in the story all the way through this book Every book has gotten a little better and this one left me wishing that the series was finished I stopped the series at this book and will pick up the rest when the final book comes out.

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Bitter Demons summary pdf Bitter Demons, summary chapter 2 Bitter Demons, sparknotes Bitter Demons, Bitter Demons 9b7c990 This Is An Alternate Cover Edition For BPGNNI So Far, Life In Peachville Has Been Tough For Harper Madison She S Survived Attacks On Her Life, Learned How To Control Her Magic, And Met The Most Gorgeous Boy Who Also Happens To Be A Demon After Her Latest Stunt At Brighton Hospital, The Order Of Shadows Is Determined To Tighten Their Control On Her Life So When A Future Prima From A Nearby Demon Gate Comes To Town, She And Harper Decide To Use Magic To Switch Places At A Party All Harper Wants Is To Have A Little FunBut The Night Will End In BloodAnd Harper Will Find Out The Attack Was Meant For Her

  • Kindle Edition
  • 172 pages
  • Bitter Demons
  • Sarra Cannon
  • English
  • 08 November 2019

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