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    A job to steal a precious stone goes wrong and a thug named Joe Sunday is murdered Now Joe s a zombie with a craving for human flesh and everyone in town is after the stone Is there anyone Joe can trust and can he find the stone before a centuries old madman uses it to become immortal Right out of the box, I have to say that this book is pure fun While I m giving it the same rating as Winter s Bone, it in no way is as well written or powerful That being said, here we go City of the Lost is an entertaining noir tale that just happens to star a zombie The dialogue is hard boiled and in the present tense It has moments of hilarity and not the lame attempts at humor other urban fantasy noir tales that shall remain nameless use It also has a lot less misogyny than the tales about a certain unfunny wizard from Chicago normally display.Joe Sunday wasn t a nice guy before being made a zombie and dying didn t help his manners He kills and bludgeons his way through this tale, all in pursuit of a stone that may or may not be able to turn him back into a human and Giavetti, the man who covets it The supporting cast are an interesting bunch a Nazi sorcerer named Neumann, and his henchmen Archie and Jughead Jughead s a little person with the teeth and demeanor of a pitbull There s Samantha, the woman with a connection to the villain, the Bruja, an urban witch, and Frank Tanaka, a detective who s also investigating Giavetti.There s a lot of dark humor in this book and I caught myself snickering a few times, from Joe using a dog to bludgeon someone, speculating on the ethics of eating hookers to keep from rotting, to Joe sneering and saying I didn t want any part of that guy in my mouth Funny stuff.Any complaints Not really There were a lot of twists and only about half of them were predictable I have a feeling it s meant to be the first book in the series but it was quite a satisfying read on it s own For a fun zombie book, it s an easy four.

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    Please note Originally read in Dec 2011 updating the review to add a disclosureDisclosure I received this book through the Goodreads First Reads program in exchange for a review.My Synopsis Joe Sunday is a henchman and a thug he s worked for the same guy for 20 years and enjoys his work, for the most part Then his friend and co thug Julio has a breakdown goes bughouse in a bar, leaving Joe to pick up the pieces of a job left undone Joe has to go kill a man and steal a gem from him for his boss However, things go a bit amiss when Joe ends up being killed himself The problem is he doesn t stay dead What has happened to Joe What s the deal with this gem And who, exactly, is Sandro Giavetti My Thoughts I really enjoyed this book it is a different take on pretty much everything zombies, vampires, demons, witches and wizards nothing is quite what you expect and Joe himself is right in the middle of everything There is a great deal of dark humor in the book Joe has a lot of great one liners, and has a lot of great one liners said to him as well If you are looking for something distinctly different in the urban fantasy genre something that reminds me a bit of a Guy Ritchie flick then you will love City of the Lost Don t miss this one

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    Take a shot of noir, a shot of supernatural, a shot of mystery, add a dash of levity Shake Serve neat and you ve got City of the Lost, Stephen Blackmoore s exciting debut novel.I completely enjoyed City of the Lost Joe Sunday, the hero is a thug No two ways about it But he s a thug with a heart, or less When he gets caught up in supernatural shenanigans because of his boss, Simon, things really go sideways for him He s turned into a sentient zombiewith an expiration date He s got to figure out what s going on, who to trust, and how to save himself and Los Angeles at the same time.I really like Joe He s a bad guy who s easy to like, which continually amazed me Despite his profession, he s got his own sense of honor He ll often do the right thing under the circumstances Joe is a great noir anti hero You know, the bad guy who is also heroic.While Joe is the central figure, Mr Blackmoore does a great job fleshing out the rest of the cast of memorable characters in City of the Lost It s quite a collection of characters too, some of whom I hope to see again in further novels Stephen Blackmoore is particularly adept at writing dialog He captures the back and forth conversational patter that I would expect to find in a noir infused novel It is a pleasure to read.City of the Lost is fast paced, sometimes gory Joe is a zombie , sometimes amusing, and always well written It will keep you on your toes and you will enjoy being there I suggest you set out a block of time for reading because once you start City of the Lost you are not going to want to put it down.I give City of the Lost 5 Qwills.

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    Zombies, noir, shades of Casa Blanca How in the name of all that is holy can the this wild stew work Well, quite well thank you very much In the hands of Stephen Blackmoore not only does it work, it is a stunning novel If this is Blackmoore s first novel, whatch the hell out, and wait to see what he does next I, a firm hater of all things zombie have found after reading City Of The Lost that I needed a fix, so whilst I await his next book I have taken up watching Walking Dead So to sum up damn good book, don t have to like zombies to love it, may cause you to want zombies in your life.

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    This is the debut novel for Stephen Blackmoore and I dare say it won t be his last City of the Lost is being described a detective noir with zombies by some I haven t read much noir detective fiction, so I can t and won t on whether it fits that bill, but I can comment on it as an urban fantasy with a rather hardcore detective as the main character who just happens to become a zombie.The premise is that Joe Sunday is a thug, hired to break legs for his mobster hoodster boss, Simon Simon hires some croonies to steal a strange stone, but the croonies all end up dead, so Simon sends Joe to take out the man Simon thinks did it and stole the stone Joe thinks its a run of the mill job, until he ends up dead and is brought back to life by the man he was supposed to kill using the stone Now, in order to keep from rotting and eating people s hearts to rejuvenate himself, Joe needs the stone With it, he won t need to kill to stay in one piece All he has to do is find it and keep his hands on it, which is harder than it seems since it appears everyone with any magical talent whatsoever in the LA area is out to get it.I like the idea of the book, and enjoyed the combination of urban fantasy and mystery elements Joe Sunday isn t someone that you d normally empathize with, but you do in the end The novel is dark and brutal, which you d expect from someone who is essentially a hitman Joe doesn t waste time when violence is necessary, and he isn t afraid to hurt people to get what he wants So the book is violent, with its fair share of blood and guts In general, there is no blurring of the details for these scenes, although it isn t gratuitous in any way For example, when Joe s new urges for hearts rears its ugly head, the hardcore reality of what he s doing is skipped over and left to the imagination But it s still pretty dark.There s a large slew of rather interesting characters after the stone as well, which certainly gave the book a unique flavor A few of them were over the top But you need a good cast of characters to keep the waters of the mystery itself muddy and Stephen Blackmoore does that well By the time the real mystery begins to unravel and play out, you can see how all of the threads are coming together, including all of the things you should have noticed as you were reading the answers to all the questions you should have asked along the way now obvious.So, a good mystery novel wrapped around a believable zombie origin story For those who cringe from blood and violence, this is not your book, although I didn t think what s in here was gratuitous or over the top It s a dark novel, with dark characters, but certainly a novel I d recommend for those who enjoy a good, bloody zombie book I m not certain there s a sequel planned, but I d buy it when it comes out, just to see what Joe Sunday does now that he s undead.

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    I didn t realize I had been waiting for this book a fresh new take on Paranormal Noir A zombie crime novel with fascinating characters and a brilliantly written plot This plot jumps up and down so action packed, there isn t a dull moment I dove straight into this novel and didn t let up until I finished So much fun The quick, witty dialogue added to the awesomeness This is a super fast read too at only 224 pages.I love anti hero Joe Sunday Even his name sings to me Joe is somewhat dry, but there is some definite dark humor going on here Almost reminds me of movies such as Death Proof or Planet Terror I can t remember who to give credit to for those movies But I got the same vibe from this book I don t know if this is going to be a series by the ending maaaybe I hope so Highly recommend this book to those that love Urban Fantasy but need a new twist, different feel Not for the faint of heart, lots of swearing and violence I find one or the other necessary in my fantasy action zombie crime novels This is one wild ride that I would love to take again More please, Mr Blackmoore

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    Joe Sunday is a thug , an enforcer When his partner is sent to kill a mysterious new business partner, and Julio his partner goes all bug house in a bar After seeing Giovanni, Joe calls his boss to tell him what happened Joe is murdered and brought back to a twisted half life.And he,s stuck in the middle of a race to find the ancient stone that has the power to grant immortality With the stone he may live forever without it he,s just another rotting corpse Everyone has a stake from a psycho Nazi wizard to a powerful witch who just wants to help her homeless vampires, and the one women who might have all the answers if Sunday can only figure out her angle Before the week is out he,ll find out what lengths people will go to to live forever And just how long someone can hold a grudge If you love Zombies, Vampires, or just anything a little unexplained i highly recommend you read this book captured my interest from page one Stephen Blackmoore really is a fantastic writer look forward to reading books by this author

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    It s not easy to do classic Chandler Hammett hard boiled in a contemporary setting All the trappings are so familiar that if the author is not careful, it will fall into parody That s not something CITY OF THE LOST has to worry about While it plays out in classic form, Blackmoore is original enough to give it a much needed twist.And what a twist The detective is essentially a zombie, there is a witch, vampires, and even a strange toothy little thing on a leash Yet for all that lunacy, Blackmoore keeps the book grounded and doesn t let it get too out of control.This is rare for me to say about anything, but I wish this book was a little longer Usually I gripe that 95% of movies, books, plays, everything is too long, but I feel like there are places where he could have lingered a little I guess I ll have to wait for the next one.This is a very confident and entertaining first novel An author to look out for.

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    I started reading this book and then life got in the way after 30 or so pages and I didn t pick it up again for over a month But that is nothing against the writing, that s just points against my crappy life The most important thing here is that I picked it back up and finished After finishing it, I tweeted to Mr Blackmoore and told him that I need Joe Sunday.Joe Sunday is not your average zombie Instead of brains, he eats hearts to survive and keep from falling apart He ll help himself to all your other parts too but the heart is essential for him to carry on This book kept me guessing through the entire thing I was right there with Joe questioning who to trust and who to eat for supper He s a hired gun turned zombie and he needs to find this mystical stone that is supposed to make you live forever with the correct ritual There are many magickal types of people trying to get their hands on the stone and they all make some sort of empty promise to Joe who s running around town trying to keep from falling apart and figure out who to trust Even a cop can t be trusted in this book There was one scene with Samantha, the immortal vengeful beauty, where they get quite close to each other and I found myself wanting to be Samantha I mean really, look at Joe on the cover of the book Makes a girl weak in the knees even with part of his chest missing Joe isn t the only guy I found myself lusting after I m also quite fond of Darius, the demon bartender He s snarky and big and wella demon I am heir to the throne in Hell after all, so of course I m going to find myself fawning over the bad boys Back to the story thoughThis book was just fantastic I was confused at times as to what was going on and who double crossed who at what time and who attacked who But it all came clear to me in the end Stephen told me that I can tell him the truth if I didn t like the book but I d be lying if I said I didn t like it So Mr Blackmoore, give me Sunday

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    I ll start off by saying that I won this book through Goodreads First Reads and although it isn t for the light hearted or weak stomached, it was definitely an interesting book to read I ve read other zombie books, but what I liked most about this one is that it is written through the eyes of the zombie I m sure there are other books out there that the point of view is the zombies I just haven t read them There are quite a lot and I mean A LOT of curse words, so if you re against cussing you might not want to read it.I liked the characters quite a bit A zombie thug with a sense of humor, a young Bruja that has even the gangsters frightened, a demon bartender, and immortals What else can I say That says it all.The reason I gave the book 3 stars instead of 4 is because of the constant omittance of common words like who and what I can picture Joe Sunday speaking this way It fits him, but I think it should have stopped there Not everybody states questions this way, The f you doing, man or The f happened to her Both questions posed by different people If it was just Joe speaking this way, it probably would have endeared me to him As I said though, a lot of characters asked questions this way and it just started to grate on my nerves I would still recommend this to certain friends or acquaintances of mine It s a quick read and holds your attention throughout.

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  • Paperback
  • 224 pages
  • City of the Lost
  • Stephen Blackmoore
  • English
  • 10 October 2017
  • 9780756407025

About the Author: Stephen Blackmoore

Stephen Blackmoore is the author of the noir urban fantasy Eric Carter series DEAD THINGS, BROKEN SOULS, HUNGRY GHOSTS, and FIRE SEASON , about a necromancer in modern day Los Angeles.You can find him online at stephenblackmoore.com, or follow him on Twitter at sblackmoore.