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Infidel txt Infidel, text ebook Infidel, adobe reader Infidel, chapter 2 Infidel, Infidel 4290e1 Nyx Is A Bodyguard In Mustallah, The Capital City Of Nasheen The Centuries Long Holy War Between Nasheen And Chenja Is Taking Its Toll, With Shortages And Rationing Causing The Queen To Lose Power And Popularity While Protecting The Daughter Of A Ras Tiegan Diplomat, Nyx Is Attacked By A Group Of Assassins Nyx Survives, But Begins To Suffer From A Strange, Debilitating Condition That Nobody Can Identify Caught Up In A Whirl Wind Of Intrigue Involving Bel Dam Assassins Plotting Against The Queen, Nyx Must Learn Who The Rogue Bel Dam Is, And Find A Cure For Her Illness, While Avoiding The Wrath Of The Queen She Is Trying To Protect The Danger That Swirls Around Her May Have Finally Become Too Much, And Nyx S Colleagues And Friends Began To Die Will Nyx Be Next

About the Author: Kameron Hurley

Kameron Hurley is the author of The Light Brigade, The Stars are Legion and the essay collection The Geek Feminist Revolution, as well as the award winning God s War Trilogy and The Worldbreaker Saga Hurley has won the Hugo Award, Locus Award, Kitschy Award, and Sydney J Bounds Award for Best Newcomer She was also a finalist for the Arthur C Clarke Award, the Nebula Award, and the Gemmell Morn

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    The smog in Mushtallah tasted of tar and ashes it tasted like the war I had to remind myself to breathe when I was reading Infidel. Kameron Hurley s Bel Dame series is simply amazing So many themes packed into each page action, honor, faith, regret, resolve, all woven into a fast moving plot, character exploration and innovative world building It feels real and harsh and heartbreaking When I finished late at night, I felt rather the same way I felt when I finished The Last Argument of Kings, only so.Yeah, that Infidel takes place six years after the events of the first book, God s War The countries of Nasheen and Chenja remain at war with each other, as they have been for the last hundred years Nyx worked as a bel dame for Nasheen, a government enforcer assassin, but after making some very questionable decisions, she s been working a mercenary She has a new team, a young shifter boy named Eshe and a hardened ex veteran, Suha The story begins in the midst of bodyguard detail for a diplomat s daughter, in the setting dreaded by all bodyguards everywhere, the crowded shopping district Nyx realizes they are being boxed in and manages to scare off one assassin and behead another When she learns the assassin might be a rogue bel dame, she journeys to the headquarters of the guild and meets with a former colleague What follows is a fast paced hunt through the countries of Umayma.As the second in the Bel Dame series, details of the world are fleshed ha ha out, so to speak For those that struggled with the world building in the first book, Hurley is kinder here, filling in details about the neighboring countries and the history of various peoples A little is also filled in about the emigration from the moon to Unamya, and the unclean areas that remain even after colonizing The insect based magic and technology continues to play a vital role in the plot, and despite my own bug aversion, it s very interesting.Plotting is fast There s nation politics than I usually like in my book, but it is built organically, connected to personal actions and motives that make it both plausible and interesting Something in Hurley s plotting feels unusual to me, and I think it s partly her ability to sustain tension through small event arcs, and then repeating them at escalating frequency It has the satisfying feeling of building to a crescendo, resolving small conflicts and then creating bigger ones It helps too that the world she s built allows for a certain kinds of rejuvenation, provided one has the money, connections and time What I discovered this time was that very little of the details were predictable, and I loved that So what the hell s wrong with me Nyx eased off the marble slab Besides your deviant moral flexibility and severe phobia of emotional commitment Yahfia asked I consider those virtues, Nyx said Characterization is outstanding Nyx is not an easy person to like, but she has an idea of honor and protection that makes her accessible Her cynicism brings a dry, biting humor to her character and her story Rhys, an educated exile, provides a way for Hurley to engage in sophisticated cultural analysis One of the fascinating aspects of the story is the attraction that Nyx and Rhys have for each other despite enormous cultural and emotional differences If you weren t what you are, and I wasn t what I am, we d both be dead, Rhys said And we would have nothing to speak of Why have people not read this series I highly recommend it, particularly if you enjoy some of the darker fantasy such as Weeks Shadow series, Mark Lawrence or Abercrombie This is better than all of them I particularly recommend it because of the nuanced character development and the unusual world building Definitely personal library worthy.

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    I come away from this novel with the same feeling I had from the first Oppressed.Of course, that s the point War, religious or otherwise, is hell Being good at it does nothing to improve your relations with others, and Nyx is a shining example of the honor bound disgraced warrior working to regain her good name and status as a Bel Dame elite.And yet, for all the fighting, the tight plotting, the hopes, the fears, and the twists of everything, what I really feel is the oppression of deep heartache It s wonderful to read a novel that sets out to tear us up and does a grand job of it It s even wonderful to throw in some of the most dense worldbuilding for a SF novel out there, whether as a continuation of the first in the series or not It s all very close to the cuff The devil is in the details, and great god in heaven, we re dumped in it Most of it is political and cultural, but the most striking aspects are of course the bugs It might as well be magic, and of course the class of people who use the tech are called magicians, and of course there s also the shapeshifters, but don t be fooled into thinking this is some sort of UF.It s hard SF, through and through.The same warning I gave for the first novel, I continue for this one It s rich, it s dense, and it requires patience Things aren t easy for anyone in the book, especially Nyx, but then, it s not easy on ANYONE Since I as a reader am getting into the story pretty deep, it is also not easy on me.Don t read this if you want a light and easy read.Definitely read it if you want deep immersion and a truly fascinating and well fleshed world and characters Even if they lose their heads now and again.

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    Utterly fantastic follow up to God s World This remains one of the most original and gripping speculative worlds I ve ever read about The arc of the stories works, the war time scenario and motivations ring true, the insect technologies seem weirdly logical It s just damn well thought out and beautifully, brutally executed.

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    Revisiting the world of God s War several years later sees Nyx again the at the focus of political events.Nyxnissa is older but still in much the same position as she was in God s War the leader of a small mercenary squad in the country of Nasheen, one side of a perpetual conflict that has consumed generation after generation of men In this one she gets caught up in a coup by a group of bel dames where she s either working for the bel dames or the Nasheen monarchy, but mostly for herself.I felt this book flowed a lot better than the first one and definitely shows Hurley s continuing improvement as a writer Nyx is as characteristically brutal as the world is to her, and everyone and everything around her ends in tears If you read God s War and you thought it was ok you should definitely continue to this one it s a big improvement.

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    The Good Just like last time, the setting is creepy and dark and wonderful The characters are awesome, headlined by the best heroine in fantasy fiction The ending is pretty good too.The Bad It s just a bit too slow, especially early on Friends character the protagonist is most like Nyx is still like Rachel, but sometimes drily humorous like Chandler She is angsty like Ross, bloody minded like Monica and out of her fucking mind like Phoebe In book one she was smooth with the ladies, much like Joey, but six years later her lack of self worth seems to be getting in the way.

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    5 StarsI am giving Infidel a full extra star and full marks because this is the second book in the trilogy and it does not suffer the normal mid cycle blues Hurley does a rare thing with this sequel In that she does not hold back, there are many major plot twists, series changers, and characters killed I love how this series is incredibly dark and dirty and filled to the brim with bugs Hurley has created a world that would fit right into a China Mieville setting Better yet, this world reminds me of a favorite novel of mine The Gone Away World by Nick Harkaway with the major addition of all the bugs.This is a special read to me.First, the lead character Nyx, is a woman No, she isn t a young hottie that is good with a bow She is no young undead loving high school tramp And although she is truly different from the rest, there really is no real group for to fit in with Nyx is a large, scarred, man hands type of woman that can fold you up into a pretzel She prefers blades over guns She has no fear, no real morals, and no real friends She is however loyal to a fault Nyx is a one of kind that will scare you into routing for her and her cause.Second, the world is worth the read alone The magic behind this insect laden world is incredible, amazing, and freaking awesome You will be blown away by what can be done with a bug.Finally, praise to Hurley for not selling out to make this a accessible read It is fucking dark and dirty.tough shit if you don t like it Abercrombie who Kameron Hurley can write These books are fast page turners.A snippet As the tree s colors paled, the melted shape took on a human form The gaping hole in the face to half formed mouth vomited a black cloud of flies, and with the flies came another scream not from the bugs this time, but a true human scream the rage and pain and terror of birth I love this series, I loved this book Some sick and twisted part of me loves Nyx My highest recommendations and a must read for those looking for the opposite of today s Young Adult laced fantasy genre.

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    Kameron Hurley never disappoints Awesome, AS ALWAYS.

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    4.5 Great follow up to Gods War Kameron Hurley so far can do no wrong Great world building, amazing characters and fast paced action in this scifi post earth world Interesting relgious themes and issues combined with intriguing plotting makes this a must read series Nyx is an awesome character Cant wait to pick up book 3.

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    Everything I hoped for in a sequelI felt this was every bit as good as God s War, and I loved being transported back to Hurley s poisonous, bug infested world.However I d definitely recommend starting with the first book this is one where you won t be lost, plot wise, but it s going to be a richer experience if you ve already gotten to know the characters.Mercenary assassin Nyx is down on her luck, taking babysitting jobs as a bodyguard But when she stumbles into a revolutionary plot involving warring governments, supposed third parties, and, of course, the organization of female assassins called bel dames who kicked Nyx out years ago she jumps at the chance to get involved, and drags her team in behind her.It s a violent, gritty, action oriented book but it also explores complex motivations and emotions, the interplay of cultures, and conflicting loyalties Plus, it s chock full of nasty, fascinating detailsNow time to find the third in the series

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    Book Info Genre Dark fiction science fantasyReading Level AdultRecommended for fans of dark fiction, deep thoughts.Trigger Warnings killing, biological warfare, murder and torture including of children My Thoughts This is the second book in the Bel Dame Apocrypha series, following God s War review linked here where formatting allowed The third book was recently released, and it is called Rapture This book is very dark, but there were rare moments of humor that brought a laugh out of me, like this one Nyx had finished off a fifth of vodka for breakfast, since she d sworn off whiskey. I really enjoy Kameron Hurley s descriptions, too, such as, Suha spit and mutter and bang around the hub like a woman possessed by gun loving angels. At its root, I am starting to believe this book is very much about a world at war with itself and unable to find a way to stop fighting As Nyx says, All you do is learn how to fight a war Nobody ever teaches you how to stop. As such, the story is very dark, and very intricate, since there are several disparate groups of people involved at different levels Definitely a book that needs to be read at its appropriate point in the series not to be read on it s own If you like a dark story that will make you think, then definitely check out this book, and this series.Disclosure I bought this e book for myself All opinions are my own.Synopsis Nyx is a bodyguard in Mustallah, the capital city of Nasheen The centuries long holy war between Nasheen and Chenja is taking its toll, with shortages and rationing causing the Queen to lose power and popularity While protecting the daughter of a Ras Tiegan Diplomat, Nyx is attacked by a group of assassins Nyx survives, but begins to suffer from a strange, debilitating condition that nobody can identify Caught up in a whirl wind of intrigue involving Bel Dame Assassins plotting against the Queen, Nyx must learn who the rouge Bel Dame is, and find a cure for her illness, while avoiding the wrath of the queen she is trying to protect The danger that swirls around her may have finally become to much, and Nyx s colleagues and friends began to die Will Nyx be next

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