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Doubletake chapter 1 Doubletake, meaning Doubletake, genre Doubletake, book cover Doubletake, flies Doubletake, Doubletake 7fac1892ad0be Half Human Half Monster Cal Leandros Knows That Family Is A Pain But Now That Pain Belongs To His Half Brother, Niko Niko S Shady Father Is In Town, And He Needs A Big Favor Even Worse Is The Reunion Being Held By The Devious Puck Race Including The Leandros Friend, Robin Featuring A Lottery That No Puck Wants To Win As Cal Tries To Keep Both Niko And Robin From Paying The Ultimate Price For Their Kin, A Horrific Reminder From Cal S Own Past Arrives To Remind Him That Blood Is Thicker Than Water And That S Why It S So Much Fun To Spill

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    This isn t a novel as much as a short story strung together with a novella and padded with a buttload of recap and filler For those of you that missed Susanne and me in chemistry 101 at Occidental College, a buttload generally means enough to spill over the sides of whatever containment device you may be using, resulting in a mad rush to the neutralizer Sodium bicarbonate was our friend.At any rate, the lowdown is that the first section is taken up with a worldwide puck reunion, providing the opportunity for Robin the puck to make about a hundred sexual innuendos about the size of his parts and who he s used them with, and Cal to voice his adolescent disgust at sexual intimacy another hundred times As a self contained character highlight, it doesn t fit with the rest of the book in plot or focus In a great or even good book, a character might get a chance to do a solo jam, but it should be integrated with the rest of the music Here it s not Moreover, the sexual jokes are repetitive and, ultimately, not funny after the first eyeroll Terminal boredom.At the same time, Niko s father appears on the doorstep, providing an opportunity for Cal to tell us all about his philosophy of brotherly love, just in case we missed it in the first six books In fact, Cal will tell what brotherly affection means about every other page I m not kidding, people It s tell don t show to the nth degree It also gives a chance to recap their upbringing and again complain about their mother s lack of motherly instincts and emotional attachment It is unbelievably repetitious, borderline misogynist, and used as a crutch for antagonism between Cal and Niko s father It s extremism gives me pause, because Cal s arguments consist of 1 you left Niko with a monster our mother, and 2 you left Niko with a monster me Boring and worthless plot wise, because 1 their mom is dead since book one, and 2 Cal s supposed to have made peace with the degree of his monstrosity Once the pucks clear out of New York, the focus shifts to the main plot, specifically, some sort of supernatural hunting the brothers, using a mechanical device as a stalking horse As far as plots go, it s a rehash of the earlier books with the Auphe bad monster, people as food, world domination, yada yada Cal s mental defect of being unable to build than one transportation gate every three days is the deux ex machina that gives an out from untenable situations but limits Cal s power so that he can be up against a tougher antagonist.I was also irritated by the portentous but vague reappearance of old character in the antagonist s thoughts, a character that hasn t been seen for a number of books, abandoned as a plot line To bring back a character, hint that something awful happened but then refuse to elaborate on what why is a cheap attempt to develop tension and emotional engagement I wonder if Thurman feels she has to engage us through harm to a likeable character because it s so challenging to empathize with our three main men, Niko, Cal and Robin Ultimately, Thurman seems to have run out of ideas on how to make her plots interesting The last two books had jump started my interest in the series, and this one reminded me of everything I don t like Cal s endless snark trope first person smartass , the repetitive writing, the general oinkism from using tropey trope characters the hero, the modern anti hero, the sexual deviant For me, this has become again a library only series to read if when I get around to it Cross posted at

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    Since the beginning, Rob Thurman s Cal Leandros series has been fueled by the undeniable brotherly bond between Cal and Niko Doubletake drags this relationship that serves as the heart of the series and puts it front and center, analyzing the many meanings of family and the lengths to which one will go to defend one s blood.I read for the characters, and most times this proclivity leads me to champion books with strong romantic threads Yet the relationship between Cal and Niko rivals all others that I ve come across, romantic, platonic, or familial Throughout seven books, Thurman has thrown every despicable circumstance you could imagine at these two, and they haven t always emerged unscathed or complete No matter how large and ominous a threat might be to either brother individually, no matter how much damage it might do on a personal level, both Cal and Niko have grown through their sacrifices for each other Neither is the same as when the series began, and whether their evolutions are for better or for worse may remain to be seen, though I personally admire the direction in which Thurman has taken her characters In Doubletake , both Cal and Niko show the strain that the events of previous books has taken, while proving that the extent to which they will go to save each other is yet unproven The theme of Doubletake is family, and nearly every character is accordingly afflicted with some form of familial problem In the midst of the ensuing chaos, we gain some interesting insight into key characters, with revelations concerning Robin and Niko shedding some light on the path each has taken so far while at the same time raising major questions for the future I found the many plot threads to be somewhat disparate than in past installments, Blackout in particular, yet as the novel nears the midway point Thurman shows that even seemingly disconnected events have their place in the larger scheme of things The action is unrelenting as usual, though for once I missed Thurman s usual trademark humor I counted only five or so occasions on which I laughed out loud, a low mark indeed for this reader who otherwise almost never laughs while reading Still, Thurman hits her stride in balancing plot propulsion with character progression, and manages to throw in a few shocking twists that will undoubtedly cast reverberations in upcoming books.Though I never quite forget the strength of Thurman s writing, each new book nevertheless throws me for a loop She is truly at the top of her genre I only regret the year or until we next get to catch up with Cal and company.http abookandashortlatte.wordpress.com

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    4 3 4 starsMy Night Owl Review Doubletake by the talented Rob Thurman is another of her thrilling dark paranormal tales of those fascinating brothers, Niko and Cal Leandros The surprises continue to unfold as Cal continues to deal with the repercussions of his sacrifice of even of his humanity Brothers Before Souls and the handicap of only being able to Gate twice without a refractory period to recover without risking death The repudiated ties to the Vayash clan are revisited when Niko s despised father re enters his life, coincidentally at the same time as a metal monstrosity that is a killing machine With the author s typical flair, the action is nonstop, ranging from a Puck reunion to choose who is tasked with breeding Pucks that Robin hires the brothers to work at as well as a visit to the insane god Haphaestus and an encounter with the boggles in Central Park Adding to the chaos that surrounds the brothers, a being named Grimm is determined to use Cal in even tortuous auphe manipulations, with or without his cooperation The brothers continue to unite against their enemies, aided by the only people they trust, Robin Goodfellow and Promise Niko s vampire lover but their enemies seem to be stacking the odds against them and Cal may be forced into a decision that Niko will never recover from.Amazingly, Ms Thurman continues to create even stirring tales of the uncannily talented duo even as she provides glimpses of the life that has honed them into the well tempered and close knit pair that they are Everyone has family issues but these two find a way to take their problems to an even higher level than the expected tension between strangers who are genetically but not emotionally related Niko s continued expectations for Cal s upright and moral behavior is than balanced by Cal s unswerving loyalty to his older brother as one tries to keep the monsters at bay while the other fights to keep his inner monster under control The depth of love displayed by these two warriors who couch their affection in insults and physical sacrifices continue to demonstrate the allure of this fantastic series which is filled with fantastical creatures and thrilling fight scenes combined with an imaginative storyline Another wonderful addition to an intriguing series.

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    And if we re too far from each other and it s too late I shrugged vengeance has nothing to do with the Lord Cain was wrong I am my brother s keeper And Niko s mine I ve been saying it with all of my updates through this re read but I ll say it again HOW HAVE I JUST NOW DISCOVERED THAT THERE ARE AUDIO BOOKS FOR THIS SERIES Granted, I probably knew about it like a decade ago but forgot because I wasn t really able to make myself focus on audio books until just last year, but I ve read this whole series like 10 times and I am still discovering new things about it And honestly before I listened to it I would not have thought that anyone could keep up Cal s level of 500% sarcastic asshole for 11 hours of reading, but I could not have been wrong MacLeod Andrews is an absolutely PERFECT Cal and I found myself laughing out loud way too much at the way he read a lot of Cal s lines Ok, onto the review of the actual book This book and the next have always been my two favorite books in the series, mostly because of how they are set up with a lot of interesting parallels I like how she used this book to weave together doubles from all of the main three characters family Cal and Grimm, Niko and Kalakos, and Robin and Hob The Panic in general and show that your real family is the people who you choose and who are always there for you And of course we ve also got Cal s non stop sarcasm, a lot of really great fight scenes, some really great Promise moments, and Cal going and Auphe as he tangles with Grimm, which is my absolute favorite thing Asshole Cal is the best Cal and after all his whining about being a good person in the previous book it s good to see he s back to being practical

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    How many times does it need to be said before you totally believe that Cal and Nico are the tightest of the tightest wedgies..cannot seperate them due to their black hole like gravity to each others liveshell, their souls must be super glued together brothers in the universe I think maybe 2 times before I think I may have it Overall the story was pretty good especially with view spoiler Nico s fathers double cross, I honestly didn t think that would happen..I know it was plain and fucking obvious as the sun in daytime and now that I look back I feel kinda dumb but whatever hide spoiler

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    Recently I read book entitled Doubletake created by Rob Thurman The story was about Cal, who was half Human and half Auphe With his brother and a group of different beings, that it would seem that they shouldn t get along with each other they tried to understand the magical appearance of Janus, an ancient creature that chases Cal and not die doing it.From the first pages, I wasn t liking this book It didn t catch my attention and constant use of the curses didn t help at all I can see that author had an idea, but transfering it onto paper wasn t good The main character was really blank, his thoughts were completly illogical and practicaly focused only on his brother When he had a view on something, he didn t change it even if all the arguments were against it For this reason, reading a book that was in the first person was terrible, because I didn t even like the main character.In summary, the book sometimes had good threads but there were few of them Some characters were colorful and because of them the story was pleasing to read, but still it wasn t enough for me to like it.

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    You can see the following review also here family is the people you choose most of the times And that is what this book proves us Cal and Niko are family and they have chosen their family a long time ago In the dark urban fantasy book they have to deal with other family members that are not welcome at all But the surprise is that even Goodfellow has some family problems I am not going to say anything about the plot Just read it What I am going to say is that for one time I am impressed by the relationship between the brothers Every time I read a flashback from their childhood I want to cry and I want to hug them It s easy to see that Cal and Niko made each other s character Cal is who he is because always has a great model to look at in the face of Niko And Niko was born a great fighter but the fact that he had to look for his brother all the time, made him even better.I loved both of them because they are far from perfect but they do everything in their powers to do everything right Of course, I love also Goodfellow who s having some trouble with a family reunion The rest you can imagine I suppose But my favorite part George is back Just a small appearance but a total badass one I always liked her and I hope that we are going to see her again Please let this be true I really enjoyed this book from the series and I recommend it to all the fans of this genre

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    If I bit my nails, this one would ve had me doing that Very tense, quite disturbing in places Cal s new enemy, Grimm AKA Black Sheep is frightening as hell and the sections from his point of view have some gruesome moments His plan and what he thinks will happen to Cal makes me shudder.Cal s war within himself continues to be fascinating and, at times, scary I can only keep hoping, given that he still knows certain things are right or wrong, given his continued loyalty to Nik and to a lesser degree, Robin , that this series will not end on a dark and sour note.The revelation about George was a jawdropper She is far powerful than I d ever guessed, and we ll surely be seeing her again hopefully to help Cal win his battle with the Auphe side While the long lost parent plot twist is not a favourite of mine, bringing Nik s father, Kalakos, into the mix did certainly provide for some interesting moments I suspected his true mission from the start, but Thurman did such a good job at misdirection that I figured I had to be wrong I definitely felt bad for Nik.Robin Goodfellow continues to be a fun and complex character, and his efforts to help his friends this time were significant and very timely I only wish there d been a way to see his successful meeting with Hephaestus Thurman continues to be inventive with her supernatural elements even throwing in a dragon this time no matter what Robin wants to call it and continues to include clever pop culture references and dark humour Hardly a dull moment to be found, even when characters get introspective.

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    Hey, Supernatural fans You ve delved into the world of Cal and Niko yet If not, do it Start at the beginning though with Nighlife as it ll make everything make sense and then you get to enjoy this latest installment of the Cal books, Doubletake With all our favorite players, Cal, Niko, Robin, Promise and the introduction of a great new villian in Grimm and add the spice of Niko s lost lost father coming into the pictureit all makes for another fun, action packed and solid read from one of the best urban fantasy authors out there.I, like others, were a bit disappointed a couple books back when the Auphe were destroyed forever, but with the intro of Grimm into the series, and having that play into Cal s constant and accepted battle with his inner monster, I love the re introduction of the old evil returning It pushes Cal in and out of that Auphe part of him that grows and is now accepted, but that he still tries so hard to keep down Cal and Caliban are now one in the same, but still distinctive and seperate.At the core of Doubletake though, as with all the Cal books so far, is the brother s bond It s just as strong and evident here as it ever was Ms Thurman treats us with a couple wonderful and always welcomed flashbacks to a younger Cal that succeed in deepening even further, the bond of Cal and Niko Taking their co dependence up another notch It s that bond that cements me as a fan of this series It s the core and the heart of what makes these brothers tick.Thank you, Ms Thurman for another great notch in a great book series.

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    3 StarsDoubletake by Rob Thurman is the 7th book in the Cal Leandros series After the incredible 6th installment, Blackout the best book of the series to date , I was prepared for this to be a bit of a disappointment I really love the series, the characters, and the writing, but I grow a bit tired of some of my recurring complaints I am a huge fan of Rob Thurman and the whole Cal Leandros series but was disappointed with this one Like Roadkill, I was annoyed that I had to read nearly 25% of this book as rehash of the past Not only that, I had to have everything shoved down my throat repeatedly as if I am an idiot and might not have gotten the point the first 60 times that I am told We all get it, Cal Leandros loves and respects his ass kicking brother Yep, Cal is than just human, he is part monster I cannot believe how much time is wasted going over this again and again I am also really put off with the continual whining of Cal about his past He is who he is and he needs to struggle to stay Cal Doubletake is a fast and fun read and worth reading even with my complaints as it does advance the overall story line The ending of this book is fantastic and needed I love these books I just wish that we didn t have to sit through endless rehashing.I love this series but this one is just OK.

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