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A Good House pdf A Good House, ebook A Good House, epub A Good House, doc A Good House, e-pub A Good House, A Good House 4c4817b5c69 In Canadian Short Story Writer Bonnie Burnard S Deeply Moving Novel, We Meet The Chambers Family Bill And Sylvia And Their Three Children, An Ordinary Family From Ontario Beginning In , We Follow The Chambers For The Next Fifty Years Through The Many Joys And Disappointments Of Their Lives A Childhood Accident, A Tragic Illness Ending In Death, And A Remarriage For Bill Some Of The Children Choose A Traditional Route, Marrying And Having Children Of Their Own One Forges Her Own Very New Path The Clan Expands And Changes Marriages Fail And Careers Bloom But Despite The Heart Aches And Difficulties Each Member Of The Family Faces, There Is Never A Lack Of Love To Be Found With Writing So Clear And Crisp It Rings With Honesty And Grace, Burnard S Characters Work Their Way Under Your Skin And Into Your Heart An Auspicious Debut

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    not sure if I will finish this so far it has not engaged me someone else called it a laundry list well that came true It s not a very long book but I had a sinking feeling on page 1 as the little stream burbled out of a cleft in the hills, made its way through the town whose name I forget, performed a right turn at the backs of some houses with a story to tell and proceeded in a north westerly direction past the parade ground where I m making the details up, but this was the tone Way too much whimsy and inconsequential detail It s the story of an extended family in a small Canadian town from the post war years to round about now It could have been interesting, but as the host of characters who might or might not have had some bearing on later developments grew, I felt and detached.It was like listening to the relative with verbal diarrhoea who has an great piece of history to tell but fancies themselves as a raconteur can t help filling in every detail and following every thread so you have tuned out long before the end For me that was chapter 1, somewhere in the 50s Yawn.

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    Lovely to read a multi generational family story without dysfunction and incest B.B performs a literary magic trick making a happy story interesting.

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    Read it twice to remember why it was I liked it the first time Now I ll have to pull it off the shelf again one day I can say that I liked it far than her book of short stories.

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    This book was given to me as a gift one found at a yard sale for 1 , and I encountered it knowing nothing about the author or the story.I loved it It s the story of a family over 50 years, which seems kind of ho hum, been there read that, right Burnard makes it into something She makes daily life and the big events illness, early death, loss of love equally riveting I slowed down as I came to the last few chapters of this novel, not wanting to hurry it.There s nothing epic in this family s story, but Burnard makes their time on earth seem both hard to bear and worth it.Why not a 5 star I m measuring it against other books it, for some reason, reminds me of, for example, Stone Diaries by Carol Shields and Housekeeping by Marilynne Robinson, which are 5s This Almost.

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    I like the meandering style of this family story I was rather partial to the story gaps, where chapters would start 2 9 years later and you are left to catch up on what had happened and what was happening I found it an enticing way to read a story.The almost never judgmental love that is portrayed in the story is a nice change from the often dysfunctional families in so many books.I also like how, for the most part, the entire story focuses on the people in the family Not on the changing world around them or even how those changes are effecting them It s just about family dynamics through 50 years of love, tragedy, marriage, divorce, death and children.

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    I read than half of this book before I finally admitted that I couldn t care less what happened, and there are too many books in the work to waste my time feeling unfulfilled This book is about a family, so you would expect some sort of emotion, some human aspect Instead it felt like a laundry list of the family events accompanied by excessive detail about their surroundings A moment would peak and the author simply wrote then they understood why she was crying , except she never tells us, and there wasn t enough character development for the reader to figure it out Of course, we knew exactly what they were eating and where they were sitting when it happenedThe fact that I put this book down in the middle of a dramatic thunderstorm and a moment of illicit relations between two characters should illustrate how unmoved I was by this book GeezI guess it really annoyed me Sorry for rambling on like that

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    I almost gave up on this a couple of times It is a family story told over a period of 50 years, but the author goes into way too much detail It begins in 1949, then jumps to 1953, then 1955 and on up to 1997 Sometimes these gaps make the story a bit difficult to follow A child is born in 1963, and is mentioned in 1970, but you don t really know much about her until she is an adult in 1986 With the birth of children and grandchildren, there were so many characters I had trouble keeping track of all of them and the various spouses However, the story did pick up during the second half of the book, and I did read it to the end.

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    I couldn t finish this book, surprisingly, even though it won the Giller Prize The slow moving start, that went on for about fifty pages before I gave up, broke all the rules that editors want these days, of hooking the reader on the first page or risk losing him forever.

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    I enjoy a good family saga, and I think that is what this book is intended to be, but it didn t quite work for me This family is too ordinary, and the things that happen are too mundane Children are born, people die, marriages begin and end, but there just isn t much to bring tension into this novel The family is as boring and ordinary as my own, and there is no background of war, dysfunction, scandal, migration, hardship, or any of the usual things that make family stories interesting, that make a reader feel invested And it covers too long a time period and too many generations in one book It started out well enough The beginning is set in the 1950 s and 1960 s in a small town in Ontario, and is quite a charming look at the simplicity of life at that time The characters are quite well developed at the beginning, but as the book moves on, large leaps in time are made, and and people are added as the characters marry and have children and grandchildren By the end I felt I didn t know anyone any and really didn t care what happened to them This was disappointing, as some of my favorite books are family sagas, but this genre is better done as a series, with each book covering a shorter time period with substance.

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    You don t just read A GOOD HOUSE you move into it for a while Chatelaine A GOOD HOUSE by Bonnie Burnard is 1 National Best Seller and 1999 winner of the Giller Prize and the CBA People s Choice Award and was published around the world in many languages A Good House is Bonnie Burnard s first novel A recipient of the Marian Engel Award, Burnard lived in London, Ontario The story begins in 1949 in Stonebrook, Ontario and spans almost fifty years to 1997 I enjoyed the beautiful writing style of Bonnie Barnard and was totally immersed in the ordinary lives of Bill and Sylvia Chambers and their three children Patrick, Paul and Daphne In this old fashioned generational saga, we accompany the Chambers family through childhood accidents, vacations, tragedies, death, marriages and births Thanks to the one who chose A GOOD HOUSE for our book club to read this month It is the perfect book to start my reading this year and I can easily see why this book won the Giller Prize 5 shining stars

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