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Katie's Hellion files Katie's Hellion, read online Katie's Hellion, free Katie's Hellion, free Katie's Hellion, Katie's Hellion 08ad674df Katie Didn T Send Her Boyfriend To Hell, But She S Going There To Bust Him Out Katie Thinks She S Going Crazy When A Baby Angel And Death S Personal Assistant Appear On Her Doorstep Both Claim She S Destined For Something Great If She Can Survive, That Is She S Drawn Into A World Filled With Immortals Like Rhyn, An Outcast Who Claims Her As His Mate In A Show Of Defiance To His Brothers Katie Rescues Rhyn From Hell, And He Discovers Fast Just How Special His Little Human Is With Death Counting His Days On One Hand, Rhyn Must Learn To Love, Before His Own Time Is Up And Katie Becomes The First Human Casualty In The Brewing War Between Immortals Will The Love Between A Gifted Young Woman And An Immortal Outcast Save The World Or Destroy It

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    2.5 StarsHmmmmm this was a really hard book to rate The first 60% of the book I found myself wanting to put it down and give up Barely anything got explained properly and I got sick of Katie being a hysterical mess It also takes ages for Katie and Rhyn to even meet, and when they do he s some rabid beast who torments her through prison cell bars even after she s basically had her throat torn out by his sadistic brother His other brother Kris also annoyed me to no end, he was such an ass Butthe last 40% the story become a whole lot better Rhyn opens up a little and mostly stops being a psychotic killer, Katie calms down alot compared to the start of the book and they seemed to be getting along I would have given the last 1 4 of book a 3.5 Stars and the beginning a 1 Star so overall I tried to even it out with a 2.5 Star Rating The ending does have me intrigued to read the second book but I think I ll take a break from all the drama and put it on my TBR pile for a few weeks.

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    5 Fan freakin tasitc Stars I love books that make you keep reading no matter how tried you are Katie s Hellion kept me up late into the night absorbing the pages as fast as I could I can t even begin to count how many times I thought, just one page, and before I knew it, it was 1 00 in the morning and the book was finished Katie s Hellion left me pleasantly exhausted I absolutely loved everything about this book Katie was a bit of a drunk and had a hard go at life, but in no time she found herself wishing for her old crappy life back She wakes up one morning to find herself with a child she doesn t remember having, and sucked into a world she never knew existed Before long she ends up in Hell literally locked up beside Rhyn, her immortal mate.After busting Rhyn out of Hell, Katie does everything she can to escape his grasp He s not the most pleasant creature to be around She soon finds that the man that drives her crazy may just be the better evil to side with With a war brewing and a dangerous mate stalking her every move, Katie is certain that one or the other will lead to her death Can she tame the wild Rhyn Will she survive this new world Read Katie s Hellion to find out.Katie is a kickass heroine Even though she drank too much, and relied on drugs to keep her sane, she was spunky and had a good head on her shoulders She stood up for herself, and even when she was sure she couldn t win the battles, she faced each one with her head held high.Ford s writing is near flawless She draws you in and keeps you wanting Her description and world building was amazing Other than a few typos and inconsistencies which I hardly noticed because the story was so awesome the pages flowed wonderfully.What else Oh I love Rhyn He s completely flawed and absolutely prefect I loved his snark and his strength, and I loved watching him grow as the book progressed He was the perfect jackass At this point I would be happy to read novel after novel as long as Rhyn is in them Katie s Hellion is definitely a re read kind of book If you like kickass heroines, flawed heroes, and paranormal hotties, then you need to read this book.

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    I couldn t put this book down It was remarkably good In fact, I haven t read anything by Lizzy Ford before but I m ready to throw myself wholeheartedly into her older books to see what else she can come up with.I liked the mythology created seven immortal brothers who should be the defenders of humanity One has aligned himself with the Dark One and one has been imprisoned as his his brother s plaything for hundreds of thousands of years Tortured and kept in hellish confinement, Rhyn has practically given up any hope of breaking free until one of Death s Assassins asks him to protect a woman who will soon fall into his brother s wicked grasp As soon as Rhyn scents her blood he knows that she s his destined mate However, in no way does this make him cuddly His years of imprisonment have left him with no social skills and he s appalled that the woman who s destined to be his is a mere human Only it turns out she s a little than human Her blood gives her immunity to some of the powers of the Immortals.I know Sounds awesome, doesn t it And there s MORE There s a baby angel and tension amongst the brothers and Rhyn is all feral and can hardly control his power and there s every possibility that he could end up destroying all of humanity I mean swoon I was upset when I finished the book and I found out that book 2 isn t out yet I was simply enthralled by the story, by the characters, by the ideas that spilled forth.It s a freebie through Goodreads and Smashwords at the moment I highly recommend this fun and intriguing story Now I m off to see what other books by Lizzy Ford I can get my hands on Kelly Reading the Paranormal

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    Katie s Hellion Rhyn Trilogy 1 This is the first book I ve read by Lizzy Ford, I must say I really enjoyed her writing and this series has left me wanting to go read all of her books.I will admit and many have said the first part of the book is abit slow and wordy if that makes sense, I even wanted to put it down a few times, but don t do that..once you get past the first few chapters it flows extremely well We meet Katie who is having a day from hell, you know when you have those days you just wished you stayed in bed Well Katie runs into problems every where she turns.Katie s character is great and I loved how determined and witty she is When she finds herself in prison in hell we are introduced to Rhyn, and finds out she is his mate Rhyn is from an Ancient family and like her the black sheep in his family Can they work together, can she trust him Will they get the revenge they both desire.This is a must read, I love Lizzy s writing, I am off to read Katie s Hope Rhyn Trilogy, 2.I recommend this book to anyone who is reading my review.

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    At the start of this book I was slightly confused Probably, because I was recovering from a cold Wow, once I got into this book I couldn t put it down What an amazing mind Lizzy Ford has The characters came to life off the pages, and I wanted to know all about them I really loved the character Katie, and Rhyn was amazing I do wish we could have seen of Toby the five year old he s very interesting When I got to the last page my first thought was I need to get the next book to find out what happens It s been awhile since I have been this excited for a series I m anxiously awaiting the release of the next book.

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    The Plot War, killing, kids and others types of hell LoL The Characters Rhyn is a half breed that is super duper powerful He is dark, strong and extremely uncontrollable Now, that s what I call a great catch Prrrrrrr,,,,,,,,,,,,,,Katie is a human, a kick ass human with the capacity of making me laugh my ass off in the darkest situations Ok, I have a strange and twisted sense of humor, but come on, the girl is having the worst day of her life in such a funny way I can t help my grin while reading her discovering she has a 5yo child that she can t remember having How can you keep a straight face reading this Ok, ok, Katie, I m sorry for laughing of your misery But is for a good cause and you get to meet this super hot ,,, Oh, shit, I was not supposed to say this Forget I told you this Oh,what am I doing Katie is just a character, she is not real Excuse me, things are getting confused and I need to take my happy pills.The Writing Jump image error

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    2.5 I probably should round this up to 3 stars but truthfully I am not feeling that generous after I reached the ending I might go back and edit this review later because I am still steaming off my reading experience This is a free download off goodreads I decided to take a chance on the story author.To say that I did not enjoy the story is the best most polite thing that I can do right now I could pick this story a part, piece by piece and yet that would be no good to anyone SO let me just say what worked for me, what I liked and what did not work for me.What worked for me I liked the world within the book The levels of demons, ancients and human interactions.What did not work for me As I say in my reading updates, this story is riddled with missing words, missing elements in the action, missing parts to conversations, and so many inconsistencies where the character would say something in the beginning of the story only to contradict that as the story progresses While each character is unique and original there are so many personality flaws to these characters that even at the end of the story I did not like any of them They all were un relatable, unrealistic, and down right obnoxious If I can not get myself to care about bond with the characters then the story falls flat.Next the abuse and violence in this story is unacceptable to a reasonable individual This book needs to be tagged with abuse, dubious consent, and the BDSM Theme of Domination submission I see that two GR members tagged this Young Adult This is Not young adult genre material.The romance is not a romance It is being beaten and raped by one of the brothers , feed upon by most all of the brothers vampire , humiliated by all the brothers, intimidated, threatened with torture and death by all of the brothers, yet somehow the main character feels that the least offending brother and her are true mates and that she loves him Wow talk about disturbing And Finally, this story has ZERO plot resolution It just ends You know there is will be to the story because nothing and I mean nothing gets resolved But to use an old quote Frankly my dear, I do not give a damn Let this nonsense continue on without me.So do I recommend this book NO Skip this download, unless of course your into this kind of thing But you have been warned by this reviewer who found this to be disturbing.

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    Originally posted on my blog, in both ENG and ROhttp vanillamoonblog.com 2013 02 23When I started this book I was already in love with Lizzy Ford s Witchling Trilogy and I would have never imagined there was a possibility Rhyn might take its place as my favourite LF book series I read the book in two days, something I rarely manage to do, since I am in the final year of highschool and have a lot of studying to do.I have been reading a lot of Paranormal Romance lately, from vampire to witches novels, and it is very refreshing when I discover books with supernatural creatures so unique as the Rhyn Trilogy has We have demons, angels and Immortals blood eating beings similar to angels, protectors of the human race.My favourite aspect about this book is how real the characters seem to be They are easy to love, and make you really care about what happens to them, especially Katie and Rhyn I especially liked how their relationship develops throughout the book, from hate to acceptance, and finally love.Katie is a very strong character It s incredible how she manages to keep her sanity when the world as she knew it is crushing down It s really hard for me not to give you spoilers on what happens to her, but I think you will love her character as much as I did Rhyn, on the other hand, was not to my liking at first But after reading about his background, it all made sense and I actually found myself cheering up for him It s one of those characters that you sometimes want to punch at some point, but you can t help loving him at the same time.I am already used to Lizzy Ford s writing style and I must say I love it You can tell she has writing in her blood, as her books keep you glued to them Full of incredible action, amazing characters and unique stories what s not to like A must read for any Paranormal Romance fan.

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    Trust me God help me, I think I do.As if hearing her thought, he gave a slow smile Demon s and vampires are hunting Katie Her blood has some special properties which makes them immune to supernatural powers Things are not looking good for her, and when she is claimed as the mate of the worst of all demons, Rhyn, things seem to have gone from bad to worse But Rhyn might just be the only one who can protect her Katie s Hellion is something of a jigsaw puzzle Almost until the end I didn t really know what was going on Lizzy Ford doesn t insult or patronise her readers, she doesn t give for dummies explanations It s one of the things I enjoyed most about this book I loved that even after I stopped reading, I was still thinking about what was going on.

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    She sighed, content to rest atop him His confidence was the only rock to stand on in this forsaken world of immortals She didn t know if she could trust him, or Kris, or anyone yet, but she could at least know the man beneath her was the only man she was safe from It wasn t much but it was than she had in what felt like a lifetime He d protected her and made it clear anything that got near her would die a nasty death Really, how long are you staying, and what do you want Katie hissed as they waited in the hall No rush We re immortal I told Gabriel I didn t want you around You couldn t give me some peace I m your mate, Rhyn grated I m supposed to take care of you At the effort he put in the difficult words, she looked up at him, her clear blue eyes vexed.He hated how pale she was, hated the scars on her body He admired her strength but knew everyone had a breaking point Hell had taught him this, if nothing else He wasn t sure what he felt toward the woman, but he didn t want her to come to harm, and he didn t want her out of his sight 201220152019 3rd re read Alright, first off, when I got my kindle and actually started reading again in earnest, Lizzy Ford was one of the first authors I stumbled across I devoured what was released of this series and a quite a few others I still love like 90% of what I read of hers But Rhyn he has always been one of my absolute, all time favorites I just love Rhyn.It s been awhile since I ve read this, but I remembered a lot of it, and what I didn t remember was like a surprise so it was fun to re read Though I have to say, if I didn t know where this was headed, or if I was reading this for the first time now with a few hundred books under my belt, as opposed to several years ago when I originally read it my opinion might have been different I don t tolerate YA nearly as well now as I did then And I don t think I would necessarily consider this to be YA, but Katie is only 18 Also, while she doesn t necessarily act immature, I m not sure how much I d like Katie if I didn t already kinda know how she turns out I wouldn t call her stupid, but she does make some dumb choices Though not all of it is her fault, she really does attract trouble like flies to shit It takes awhile for her and Rhyn to really even come together, and it s never easy I actually like that about this book, about this series, Katie and Rhyn are mates but it s definitely a rocky relationship She calls him on his shit and makes him prove himself, and he begrudgingly comes to respect and care for her.I also forgot how much of a dick Kris is in this book And how much I absolutely despise Katie s sister, Hannah I really hate Hannah, so goddamn condescending I love Gabriel, and Toby, and Ully, too Gabriel has his own story down the road, and I think that s where I stopped I remember it taking a weird turn and I needed to take a break from it and just kind of never went back, though for a while I was still buying each new book as I was seeing them But that s neither here nor there.I think there are some things that could definitely be explained better, it s a little confusing the differences between lesser Immortals and Ancients Why do they need blood, but at the same time can go without Why was Katie picked to be Toby s mom Stuff like that could be expanded, but you can still keep up Anyway, I m directly off to book 2, which I hardly ever do any I actually try not to read series books back to back any, but with the way this book ends, I just can t help myself Because Rhyn.Fury at her situation rose hard and fast She suppressed it with a few deep breaths She d been to Hell and back Ireland with a moody predator was far better than that She put on the jumpsuit she hated and emerged, expecting her first good night of sleep in a week.Her nose wrinkled at a familiar scent, and she looked first at the plate full of raw fish on the table and then at the silver eyed predator with his roped forearms displayed across his wide, bare chest His look was calculating and judging That s it She crossed to the table and lifted one from the plate, flinging it at him You miserable son of a bitch You all deserve to be in Hell Damn you, Toby for ruining my life, and Gabriel, and Ully, and Andre With each name, she flung a fish at him He was unaffected, batting the dead creatures away like flies and you, Rhyn, who should owe me something for freeing you from the depths of Hell Fuck you all I swear God, I ve had it with all this shit One week ago, I had a shitty life alone but I was normal Normal I know you don t know what the fuck that is, but it means no immortal monsters sucking my blood and tearing up my body, no tattoos, no four hundred thousand year old angels in the bodies of five year olds, no buildings exploding when I get near them, no trip to Hell And no dead fish He stared at her, and she flung the plate at him, furious at his lack of reaction He didn t care He couldn t care Monsters couldn t care You Are Mine.He hadn t believed the words himself until he said them He hadn t wanted them to be true He wanted to fulfil his promise to Gabriel, piss off his brothers, and then walk away It wasn t quite as easy as he thought, especially since she was so helpless.The doll with the large blue eyes crying on the bed bothered him on levels than he wanted to admit He d meant to piss her off earlier, keep her from developing any sort of affection for someone who had no intention of keeping her.That, too, was for him than her The minute he found her missing from the cave, he d felt an uneasy, unfamiliar sense of concern He didn t just notice she was gone he found himself wishing she wasn t.He felt the death dealer s presence What, Gabriel he said without turning Brought you another book, Gabriel said, handing it to him Hope it s better than the last This one was written by someone in the human realm The other one was from a bitter immortal Rhyn accepted the book, glanded at it, and flung it into the ocean You re right, Gabriel said, unaffected That one was probably bad, too I burned the other one How to Train a Pet Human. Really, Gabe It was worth a try I don t know anything about them They don t eat fish, Rhyn grunted Tell me why, Rhyn, she ordered, pushing him to face her She glared up at him, swaying toward him.His gaze slid over her face and down her body to her breasts She gritted her teeth and waited It was hard to reconcile the man before her with the creature that tore apart bodies like meat in a blender I wanted you, he said in his low growl, the one that gave her chills Why So you could block others Revenge against Kris An easy food source following you around for the rest of all time She jabbed him in the chest with each question, unwilling to back down.He snatched her upper arms and pushed her against the wall, their bodies close enough for their chests to brush when either breathed in The silver eyes were fiery, and apprehension fluttered through her His scent tickled her senses, his nearness making her warm body warmer I Wanted You His words were forced through clenched teeth There s gotta be she returned You re immortal You could have any woman you wanted in any time you wanted, including one who d be far docile than I am You came after me at the Arch Yeah So Why he demanded I knew you were in danger You could ve left me my fate, and you didn t You were a loyal blood monkey The thought of leaving him to die had never crossed her mind However, the thought of swan diving off a cliff the next time he called her a damn blood monkey was getting tempting with each day I can t do this much longer, she whispered I can t deal with all this shit You re strong You ll survive I don t want to survive I want to be happy and not worry about creatures trying to kill me or how often I ll be wandering into one of your massacres This I know I know This is my life, and I belong to you You re such an insensitive bastard She strained against him He didn t budge Exhausted, she rested her head, then her body, against him She was tired of fighting, tired of his attitude, tired of everything.He d hugged her before, an anomaly, she was sure, until his arms now moved around her again Would she ever understand him He didn t give a damn about her, and he sounded as if he d rather she jump from a cliff than bother him.And then he brought her here to be healed Held her At one point, he d called her beautiful, and tonight, he d called her strong He rested his chin on her head She liked the way he smelled, how strong and solid his body was It was than comforting she wanted to melt against him and stay there.The intense sensation startled her That a mass murdering demon was the only man she d ever felt so comfortable with made no sense Gabriel s soft cluck of disapproval filled the air around him as Rhyn sat in the corner, watching the most vexing woman in the world his mate sleep You just don t listen, the death dealer said, materializing, a shadow darker than night Why would I start Rhyn replied Thought you d learned something after all those years in Hell Nah Gabriel was his only friend who didn t judge him Rhyn patted the chair beside him The death dealer sat, his trench coat rustling You re lucky you don t have to defend Death against anything, Rhyn grunted Much complicated than it looks Free will s a bitch, Gabriel lamented Yeah They sat in comfortable silence, the quiet room filled only with the woman s soft snores She was tired, frustrated, and, worst of all, scared She d been scared since Hell, if not before, for which he blamed Kris Kris Don t start, Gabriel warned At some point, you two need to trust each other Not gonna happen Immortals are about as imperfect as humans I don t know about much of anything any Rhyn looked squarely at the death dealer, sensing unease for the first time in their long history It never sat well, what I did to you, Gabriel said I never held a grudge, Rhyn reminded Death s top assassin Maybe you should have Nope Gabriel chuckled, then said darkly, How can you be sure I know, Rhyn replied I know what I am, I know what you are, and I know what my brothers are The rest I don t care about Gabriel lifted his chin toward the bed Work in progress, Rhyn replied with a grimace She s mine The rest will follow Wish I had your faith I think you mean narcissism, Rhyn said.

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