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Simplify Your Work Life: Ways to Change the Way You Work So You Have More Time to Live chapter 1 Simplify Your Work Life: Ways to Change the Way You Work So You Have More Time to Live, meaning Simplify Your Work Life: Ways to Change the Way You Work So You Have More Time to Live, genre Simplify Your Work Life: Ways to Change the Way You Work So You Have More Time to Live, book cover Simplify Your Work Life: Ways to Change the Way You Work So You Have More Time to Live, flies Simplify Your Work Life: Ways to Change the Way You Work So You Have More Time to Live, Simplify Your Work Life: Ways to Change the Way You Work So You Have More Time to Live e7d45645767e0 With Than Two Million Copies Of The Simplify Series Books In Print Now There Are Two Million And One Reasons To Simplify, Simplify, Simplify Elaine St James Simplify Series Has Taught The World How To Start Doing Less And Enjoying It Now Elaine Teaches Us To Balance One Of Life S Most Difficult Areas The Work World Filled With Tremendously Helpful Advice, And Easy Yet Profoundly Smart Suggestions, Her New Book Shows Us Big And Small Ways To Scale Down And Simplify Life On The Job, Such As Breaking The Habit Of Bringing Work Home From The Office Estimating The Time It Will Take To Complete A Project, Then Double The Estimate Cutting Back On The Amount Of Time You Spend Working Learning How To Make The Right Decisions QuicklyWritten In The Same Upbeat, Relaxed, And Matter Of Fact Tone That Won Millions Of Readers To The Simplicity Movement, Simplify Your Work Life Is Certain To Attract Even Followers Elaine S Syndicated Weekly Column Simplify Your Life Is Carried In Newspapers Nationwide And Is Read By Than Million Fans Each Week

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    Baru membuka buka beberapa halamannya saja, dari buku Simplify Your Work Life karangan Elaine st James ini, ide di kepalaku sudah bermunculan Tangan ini sudah gatal ingin menuliskan sesuatu Buku ini kubaca di perpustakaan UI Akhirnya kuambil hp dan menuliskan beberapa catatan di notes.Dari buku ini aku menemukan beberapa clue yang aku ambil dari ide Elaine, sang penulis Bahwa pekerjaan yang tak ada habisnya tak terasa telah menyita seluruh waktu dan kehidupan kita Sehingga terkadang dunia kerja tak memberikan sedikit saja kesempatan buat kita untuk bersosialisasi dengan teman, tetangga bahkan keluarga sebagai orang terdekat Pekerjaan sungguh tak berhenti, berputar deras bagai arus yang mengikuti roda kehidupan Bertahun tahun berkutat di dunia kantoran, mungkin meninggalkan kejemuan yang bisa menjadi momok buat sebagian orang.Ada beberapa ide yang ditawarkan Elaine untuk menyederhanakan waktu kerja di kantor Diantara yang aku catat adalah, kurangi jam kerja dengan bekerja efisien, jangan mudah memberi alamat email, mengambil cuti panjang dan melakukan lompatan quantum Dua hal terakhir menarik untuk menjadi perenunganku.Setelah mengakhiri membaca, aku merenungi ide tadi Tanpa terasa, sudah 7 tahun aku bergelut dengan dunia kantoran Dan tanpa terasa pula, sudah beberapa tahun aku tak bersilaturahim, baik dengan tetangga, teman kuliah atau kerabat Tanpa terasa, sudah bertahun tahun aku memenjarakan diri dalam dunia rutinitas yang menjemukan, yang tak terlalu membawa perubahan financial yang berarti buatku Aku sendiri menyadari beberapa kali telah meninggalkan undangan teman dan sahabat pada momen pernikahan dan kelahiran anaknya Sebuah momen berharga dari teman terdekat Dan, ketika itu pula aku bahkan tak sempat mengucapkan kata maaf dan membalas kunjungan balik di hari lain, karena alasan klise kerja Ingin rasanya mengambil cuti panjang dan bahkan resign untuk mencari pekerjaan part time.Dan, buku ini membuatku mengambil kepastian untuk mengambil cuti panjang di kantor

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    I really enjoyed this book because it had different types of strategies that were both mental and physical Some of them you d see in many books, like how to cut back on paper clutter, while others were unusual, such as using your body language to make decisions I found myself flagging lots of pages with Post it notes I enjoyed the setup and organization of the book into different areas and the fact that the chapters are short, so you can read a few a day Even though there are many, many suggestions, it doesn t feel overwhelming because of the format in which it s presented I don t have the type of job that I can cut back hours or work from home I m a teacher , but this book did help my mindset so that now when I m at work, I m focused on work, and when I m at home, I focus on family and hobbies I feel balanced.

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    PRACTICAL MEETS IDEAL IN THIS BOOK I was lured into buying this book because who wouldn t want to attain the most eluded work life balance , right For me, work is something that I take pride in It is one of the most important aspects of my life right now It is where I feel like I am being of service, not just to the company but with others as well But putting so much effort into work places us in a shaky situation of overwork Little by little, unbeknownst to us, we are creating a habit of overwork that monopolizes the way we live our life This book has provided facts and insights on how work affects our life in general The book shows us WAYS on how to handle situations professionally and ways to just dodge the work without sacrificing the output that is expected of us This book doesn t tell you to QUIT your job, nor it tells you to be efficient effective at work This book made me assess HOW and WHY I work and IF it directs me to the KIND OF PERSON I WANT TO BE Isn t that awareness a thing that we should aim for The book just reminds you of what is truly important for you It reminds us to be s i m p l e

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    This book was published in 2002, so the recommendations on how to simplify your work life may not be suitable for today s workers esp those relating to technology The author offered bite sized tips on how to simplify our work life and she has broken it down into different sections, e.g working hours, productivity, working relationships, finance, belief system The finance section was a good reminder to myself to re look at my financial situation and the true salary working hour I also particularly liked the last section on my belief system at work It s really a conscious decision to stop working so much overtime after years of thinking that it s normal

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    I picked up this beautiful little book and took it home I was attracted as much to its cover as to its title It gives off a peaceful zen like feeling in its asparagus framed cover I liked the look of it and loved reading it You have to love an author that encourages you to Daydream with Intention I often find myself doing that very thing This book is full of surprising advice which answers not just to your predicatment but to your soul St James suggests you work a shorter day and balance your leisure to your work She also has some good information on managing money and investing An overall good book that filled many niches as I read it I could use much of what she espouses and plan on doing so.Check this book out read it cover to cover or hop around You ll get something out of it.

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    I m not sure, but I believe this might have been the book that launched the simple living movement in the early 90s In any case, it s amusing to read all the references to the 80s as if they were just yesterday.This is a quick and simple book not all simplicity books are Most of its content is in the table of contents, but the two small pages of text in each chapter help to elucidate each suggestion contained in the chapter heading I read it in about an hour, with a little skimming The ideas are fairly basic, but it can be helpful to review the basics now and then.

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    Why didn t I write this book Very quick read, but encouraging not to work too much Amen She also suggests closure at the end of the work day to prepare the psyche to move on to non work activities.

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    Although I don t have a job I am trying to make sure I do things better This book is a little old and might be out of touch with how things are today rather than 2000, but there are some neat ideas and tips to be better.

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    This book has helped me balance my crazy work home art life Great advice that has helped me leave my work place each day without feeling unraveled Very good practical suggestions that are easy to live with and create time for the things you love outside of your job

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    Well organised and almost mechanical advice giving book on simplification of work Most of the advice giving is common sense and very very prescriptive I would read another of hers in the ftrure as it was an easy read but need a breather from her style for the present.

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