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The Temple Mount Code explained The Temple Mount Code, review The Temple Mount Code, trailer The Temple Mount Code, box office The Temple Mount Code, analysis The Temple Mount Code, The Temple Mount Code 1692 From The Author Of The Atlantis Code Comes A Dramatic Quest To Locate An Ancient Scripture With A Powerful SecretA Long Lost Ancient Scripture Which Holds The Key To One Of The World S Greatest Treasures Is Discovered, Hidden Under The Legendary Temple MountWhen Thomas Lourds, The World S Foremost Scholar Of Ancient Languages, Is Contacted By His Old Friend, Dr Lev Strauss About This Discovery, He Immediately Rushes To Inspect His FindingsBut When He Arrives, He Finds His Friend Has Been MurderedAnd The Book Has VanishedLourds Must Uncover The Murderer And Track Down The Missing Manuscript, Fast, Because This Ancient Artefact Contains A Hidden CodeA Code That Will Give Its Solver Access To A Formidable And Frightening Power The Fate Of Humankind Rests In Lourds S Hands But Time Is Not On His Side

  • Paperback
  • 483 pages
  • The Temple Mount Code
  • Charles Brokaw
  • English
  • 05 January 2017
  • 9780141047607

About the Author: Charles Brokaw

Charles Brokaw is a pseudonym for an author, academic, and college educator living in the Midwest He s had a rich and varied life, and is fascinated by history, human accomplishment, and archeology He began the book The Atlantis Code after seeing an article in a scholarly journal The piece featured a satellite photo, and pointed out ruins visible in Spain which matched closely the description o

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    l loved and enjoyed the story I felt like I was part of it Traveling to all of the different countries, the fast pace, the action It was a fantastic read.

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    Scene 1 World renown linguistic, Thomas Lourds, is in China, on a dig, where he chases off plunderers, while being shot at, who might steal something of import Here he finds a lost civilization and a secret message of course , scribbled on a tortoise shell that leads him to the Himalayas.Welcome to the loving peaks of Himalayas, where it s cold and Lourds is on the trail of a Temple that might hold something hidden for centuries He finds it He receives a message from an old friend He leaves Scene 2 Iran, Jerusalem, Turkey and some other countries.Lourds realizes that an old friend was working on something big, End of World Big but he couldn t solve it without him of course he couldn t and has been killed trying But he planned for it, counted on dying and left a trail of crumbs for him with a personalized message, asking him to complete the task, for old time s sake Lourds is game He picks up the trail, keeps digging deeper into things while being shot at, conspired against and is even taken captive at some point but FUCKED if that d faze him even just a little.He realizes what the whole puzzle is, with about 10% of the book remaining and on cue, begins the big chase of cat and mouse, of finding lost artifacts that could destroy the world.He finds it He hands it over to a secret intelligence agency He walks away.The End.You might think that I ve left something out but I haven t The author never bothers to even reveal what he has his lead character looking for throughout Something that could destroy the world is never even hinted at, isn t that really convenient This is the problem of the author He tries to blend reality with fiction but he just has no hold over the fiction and its elements He wants to wrack your nerves but won t tell you WHY His lead character is a vain man, who doesn t come across well He s just.meh All he does is, translate lost languages, fills his carnal appetites, goes back to translating and then nails a few chicks No character development to speak of The author is obsessed with the Muslim community and loves to write about it That was the basic setting of his last book and that s what he s repeated here as well.But wait, here s the worst part, he never even bothers to tie the two parts of the story together What he unearths in China is in no way related to the story or to what he unearths in Tehran So why bother writing half the book about something that is not the part of the story Answer is simple, coz these are half formed stories, put together to complete a book It s a bad story line and disappoints in huge amounts.Now let me tell you what I m gonna do about it I m gonna read the final book in the series CIAO.

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    Brokaw s third book is as good as the previous two, with as much action and excitement as the others Creating almost two separate stories into the one book a historical dig in China before arriving in the Holy Lands , Brokaw presents so much information in such an interesting fashion that the reader cannot help but be amazed Obvious research, both of the archeological finds and the linguistic nuances, helps the book and its characters leap from the page Some of the religious details leaves the reader wondering where the facts end and the fiction begins, as well as pondering the secrets rarely challenged from the pulpit on Sunday mornings While usually pushing the limits of acceptable Christian doctrine, this book examines the Muslim key religious story and documents with the zealots in Iran the purification police, prepared to punish those who stir the pot While the main character does see himself as a James Bond ladies man, this is somewhat easily ignored to get to the root of the story While zipping from all over and coming oh so close to destruction, Brokaw weaves a story that will have its readers flipping pages well into the night, in hopes of knowing what comes next for this academic go adventurer.How might one properly classify Charles Brokaw Perhaps a cross between Dan Brown s academic character Robert Langdon and Steve Berry s antiquities sleuth Cotton Malone with a hint of Sam Bourne and or Tom Knox with their biblical inquiry He does stand alone though, able to shake off the shadow that all these men bring to the literary mix The story is quite multi facetted and involves so many aspects of a good thriller intrigue, mystery, politics, lust romance , and last second salvation Brokaw knows how to pen a great book and could surely keep the reader enticed for many novels to come Perhaps a little lighter on the Casanova attitude of the main character and we ll be fine.Many kudos, Mr Brokaw Keep it up and dazzle readers with many adventures.

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    The Temple Mount Code by Charles BrokawIn a snap shot of current events, Thomas Lourds linguistic talents have landed him in another intriguing mystery A deadly grad student, a relentless Iranian zealot and a Saudi guardian angel make up the cast of Lourds addressing a mystery that may rock the Islamic wolrd The forces of evil marshal to thwart Lourds in solving a linguistic nightmare that purports to change the world again As in the Lucifer Code and Atlantis Code, Brokaw paints vivid characters with strong characteristics His main protagonist, Thomas Lourds, is a world famous linguist of immense sex appeal who unlike Indiana Jones attempts to avoid any physical confrontation outside of the bedroom Once again Lourds shows na ve good character and although he purports to be in good physical condition, he doesn t seem to have the sense to duck a punch So far this is pretty much the same description as his last two books The formula is there is a secret that captures Thomas Lourds attention, he ferrets out the secret and is saved from harm by lethal females smitten with his boyish charm It sounds simplistic but regardless of that, the stories move well, entertain and provide creative action As in the Lucifer Code and Atlantis Code, don t anticipate a great deal of cerebral activity just lean back and relish the action I recommend the book.

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    While this is the third book in the series this is the second one I ve read in reverse order Professor Lourds has another wild adventure, starting in China, then Israel, Austria, Israel, Iran and back to Israel He has a complete disregard to the fundamentals of archaeology, smashing, things open, grabbing any documents and running The Israeli Mossad is portrayed almost as keystone cops, and the section of the story set in Austria makes it seem that rampant antisemitism is openly practiced in Austria The ending is interesting, there is an interesting good guy who emerges near the end of the story A fast paced and fun to read book.

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    Couldn t finish it After 150 pages I still couldn t get into it First off, the beginning I find boring The main character is involved with some discovery that really has nothing to do with the main plot The story progresses very slowly at first, it seems to go on forever There are way too many references to the main character previous discovery which took place in the first book, that became annoying Thomas Lourds also isn t a love able character to me, he seems narcissistic and arrogant, definitely no Robert Langdon.

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    Ok, so this one was better than the previous book Although there wasn t much of a code And most of the book had very little to do with the main plotline It all sort of rushed together there toward the end.

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    Really enjoyed this book and the earlier ones Good story that kept me reading

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    An international adventure into the unknown, starting at an archaeological dig in Henan Province, People s Republic of China, this exciting tale of modern day mystery and intrigue speeds its way through a range of settings that are beset by terrorist activity, including the Gaza Strip and Tehran Counterpoised against the hectic pace of the unfolding plot in such urban settings as Jerusalem, Tel Aviv and Vienna is the finding of a key inscription in an isolated monastery set high up in the Himalaya Mountains.Charles Brokaw clearly exploits the fear of Muslim world domination, as the plot hinges on a frantic race to find the hiding place of Mohammed s divinely inspired handwritten Koran and a scroll that foretells the fate of Muslims on Earth Despite the urgency of the quest, the chief protagonist and catalyst of all the action, the internationally renowned linguist Professor Thomas Lourds, also takes a keen interest in beautiful specimens of the opposite sex, in the form of an ex lover, Alice von Volker, who is presently married to a pernicious anti Semitic neo Nazi arms dealer, and a lethal young Mossad agent, whose torture by Revolutionary Guards in Tehran s notorious Evin Prison is related in graphic and ghastly detail The Temple Mount Code is most definitely not for overly sensitive readers This third book in the Lourds series is as exciting and titivating as are the first two Brokaw does not tread gently around highly sensational topics, instead appearing to revel in known antagonisms the Western Christian world versus the militant Jihad faction, and pro Jewish sentiments against radical neo Nazi fanaticism Although such issues are used to impel the novel forward, Brokaw at no stage goes into any great depth in dealing with their ramifications, as the plot that he unfolds, despite being multi threaded, is a straightforward linear narrative As such, his novels are likely to appeal to those who wish to have a fast, stimulating read, without requiring any profound insights into the modern political world.Despite the fortunate lack of academia in The Temple Mount Code, Brokaw is the pseudonym of a Midwest academic and college educator His interests, as can so clearly be seen in the Lourds series, are history, human accomplishment, and archaeology One just rather wishes that he would take a little time delving into the psyche of his major characters, but then, perhaps his writing is not only intended to reach a wide ranging audience, but also to act as a well earned timeout from the tediousness that comes from being one of the intelligentsia

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    Religious fact and Fiction I seriously enjoy reading fictional religious novels that include historical facts, existing historical monuments and geological architectural features, as well as a good storyline that keeps me interested I ve always been fascinated by archaeology and wanted to go to Egypt, the pyramids, the Nile, Jerusalem, etc., etc I have been lucky to find authors with series of books that scratch that itch Brokaw was an author that recently ran across and have now read 3 4 of his Lourds books I will continue to do so until I run out of his published novels then go find another prolific author until a new Lourds novel or any other character Brokaw dreams up hits the bookstores Hope others enjoy this one as much as I did.

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