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    Reviewed for THC Reviews Your Planet or Mine is my first read by Susan Grant and the first book in her Otherworldly Men series It got off to a lovely start with the sweet, childhood friendship romance between the hero and heroine who meet at a young age when he comes to Earth with his scientist father and she rescues him when he accidentally gets stuck in a tree outside her window I love how they fell in love as kids during the few magical days they shared and neither ever forgot In my opinion, this is the most romantic part of the book, and when they finally reconnect, the author relies heavily on this brief moment in their lives to explain the ease of their relationship as adults I had mixed feelings about this I love the reunion romance theme, and think that having a prior connection went a long way toward developing their relationship At the same time though, they only spent a few days together when they were quite young and have been separated for twenty three years, so in spite of them supposedly falling in love at first sight and never forgetting each other, it would have been nice to have a little build up to their adult relationship Having them fall right back into that comfortable place with no internal conflicts perhaps stretched the bounds of credibility a bit, but overall, it was still a fairly entertaining story.As a child, Jana had a speech impediment Since she couldn t talk, she spent a lot of time dreaming about the fantastical, which makes her very open minded when a glowing boy in a bubble suit appears outside her window I loved her childish exuberance, her ready belief that Cavin was from outer space, and her confidence that she would one day marry him Then we fast forward to Jana as a grown woman She has followed in the footsteps of her famous family s political dynasty and become a California State Senator while still in her twenties I liked that Jana was an idealistic politician with scruples, and I admired her commitment to her family She s just the kind of person we all wish politicians would be once elected to public office Her grandfather believes that she will one day become president too Somewhere along the line, as she was growing up though, Jana convinced herself that her encounter with the boy she dubbed Peter was all in her imagination, but for the life of her, she can t seem to make a relationship last She s gained a reputation in the tabloids for being something of a playgirl, because she runs through men pretty quickly, always looking for someone who will measure up to Peter and never finding him When Cavin finally comes back into her life, she almost immediately discovers that sense of fulfillment again Cavin was a sweet boy, who even in his youth, recognized the wrongness of his people acquiring Earth and colonizing it He felt guilty that he and his father ever came there to study the planet, because it would be his father s scientific findings that would eventually lead to them invading When he went exploring the planet, he instantly fell for the pretty girl who lived in the dwelling near where their spaceship landed Over the years, he never forgot her and was pretty much always biding his time, waiting for an opportunity to return to her Cavin became an accomplished soldier, but when he discovered that his people were finally going to invade Earth, he simply couldn t allow that to happen Setting out on his own, he went in search of Jana, intending to do whatever was necessary to save her and her planet, but he does so with an assassin on his tail I love how sweet Cavin is when he reconnects with Jana, as well as all the naughty things he whispers to her and how he can t seem to keep his hands off her He was also very brave in his fight to save Earth I do wish however, that there had a been a few scenes from his POV There were times when I felt like I didn t know him quite as well as I wanted to, but the author does mention that he s a simple man with simple needs, so perhaps there wasn t much to know Your Planet or Mine has a number of secondary characters, primarily Jana s family Her grandfather, a former governor, is a driving force throughout Also introduced are her brother, Jared, and sister, Evie Jared is a former air force pilot who now owns his own business He takes part in the Earth saving operation from the sidelines, and when the story arc continues in the next book, My Favorite Earthling, he gets paired with Kiera, the queen of Cavin s people Evie is a chocoholic divorc e who has always been Jana s champion She becomes the heroine of the third book, How to Loose an Extraterrestrial in 10 Days, paired with someone who is introduced in this book, but I can t mention his name or it would reveal a spoiler.In addition to the romance, I thought that Your Planet or Mine had a few other weaknesses Jana s family was a little too quick to accept that Cavin was an alien which wasn t entirely believable I realize that, at the very least, he needed Jana s grandfather s cooperation, but perhaps one of Jana s family members could have shown a little doubt Instead, they, and then the government officials, all jumped on board with very few reservations The political parts of the story were a bit slow moving In addition to Earth being in jeopardy, Jana has someone out to get her and her family by spreading false rumors of campaign fraud, but I couldn t help wondering if this part of the story couldn t have been pared down or eliminated altogether in favor of building Cavin s save the Earth mission a little fully Despite these perceived deficiencies, Your Planet or Mine was a light, easy read and a pretty enjoyable story if the reader is inclined to just go with the flow It has definitely peaked my interest enough to continue with the series.

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    I had a really rough night when I read this one, so I wound up finishing it in the early morning hours Sadly, I wasn t impressed with it While I enjoy the occasional pop culture reference, this felt like pop culture rip offs The alien aspect was not believable at all, nor was it well explained as to why everyone was human Even the problems besieging the Jasper family were a bit too farfetched to me I had a very difficult time connecting to the characters, and as such, couldn t believe in their romance While I did engage with the book overall, it just wasn t my cup of tea, and I ll be deleting it from my Kindle library and abandoning the rest of the series.

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    You ever see a movie that you ve waited MONTHS to see, maybe even YEARS, only to watch it and find it ends flat That s sorta what this book reminds me of.I enjoyed it, don t get me wrong, but the author spent too much time detailing some aspects of the book that it ate up word count and took away from the important aspects of the book Sure, Jana is in hot turmoil over a supposed scandal, and yeah we need to know why, but you don t have to spend several pages explaining that You don t have to put so much effort into painting out Jana s problems as that takes away from the plot of the book Cavin s problems We pick up the book because of the back cover blurb, which is the story The meat of the novel Sure, it talks about Jana s scandal, but it also talks about the imminent threat to Earth.So why wasn t there push for that On the side of pushing too many details against the actual plot of the story you know, the aliens coming to invade Earth, in case we forgot with all the scandal info , one thing that really irks me is the speed at which Jana jumps into carnal action with near complete strangers The author builds her up to be the Snow Queen , cold towards relationships because of some fairy tale she believes she d made up as a child So within HOURS of meeting Cavin at the Safeway, after their big car chase and criminal couture, they wind up at her sister s empty house and get intimate.Um, if that doesn t scream OUT OF CHARACTER, then I don t know what does The author didn t paint Jana out to be a girl who ll be willing to jump into bed with just about anyone The author painted her out to be smart, to almost scrutinize each partner True, Cavin is the boy she s based all her past spares on, but she technically doesn t know a thing about him Any normal woman with a smart mind won t jump into the sack before knowing what sort of person they re about to fuck.And I m sorry if this gets your panties in a twist, but people change Kids loose that sweetness about them as they hit maturity and reality crashes in For all Jana knew, that little boy she d called Peter could have grown up to become a REEF assassin himself and simply needed a concubine for some reason Or to harvest one for someone else He could have grown up into anything So why trust him so easily with her sexuality Hmmm got ya thinking, didn t it Would YOU jump into the sack with a man you only knew for a few scant hours as a child Now the ending fell flat in my opinion because of a few things 1 The REEF assassin has been after them throughout the whole book Each time he s within range, he does what he can to kill Cavin, consequences of his surroundings be damned Even when he s literally knocking at death s door and fixing to die in the capitol where Jana was set up, he manages to hurt Cavin without actually physically touching the man.So when the very ending shows them fighting in the desert, and the REEF assassin doesn t go through with it, instead telling them to hurry to fulfill whatever plans they had been going for, I m left kind ofFlat.What the hell happened to that big assassination the REEF merc has been after all this time Whatever happened to their inevitable fight Why just give up and LET your enemy escape True, you ve become a wasted asset, but to stay in character, he should be or less pissed and fight to the bitter end to kill Cavin He shouldn t let death stop him, as Cavin had explained about REEF soldiers.So what the hell Then the other thing that I felt was flat about the ending 2 Throughout the whole book Cavin and Jana had to do what they could to thwart off an impending invasion that Earth seemingly can t detect with our current space technology, and when it happens, it happens with in the snap of fingers for the reader.Um what First off, Earth may have primitive space technology, but we aren t in the Stone Age any We are capable of detecting problems all the way towards the outer reaches of our own galaxy That s how we know so much about our planets Not to mention, there s a lot of technology we aren t even told about, so who knows what else our planet can detect in advanced time We aren t ALL third world countries with limited technological approach There s enough evidence of THAT floating around.Second, in the span of a few pages, Cavin and Jana were able to thwart the invasion and scare off the Coalition Army, and suddenly we re all safe Everything s fine The story pretty much descends into the epilogue from that moment.And it s a short moment.So what the hell happened to this big hype I don t know what I was expecting, but it certainly wasn t a few tinkerings with a dead spaceship and a sigh of relief It just seems so anti climatic.The whole ending was anti climatic.One last thing about the book Cavin became a welcomed man into the national seats Sort of like an Extraterrestrial Ambassador Okay, now let reality sink in.Do you honestly think that our planet is capable of accepting a space alien into our midst without scientific research first It showed proof of that in the movie District 9 It s not realistic to have Cavin be welcomed the way he was In reality, what would have happened was that they d capture him, study him his biological compounds, his blood, his musculature, brain patterns, etc and then they d interrogate him over his technology And it wouldn t end there, either The way the author has Cavin turn out is so far fetched, so wishful thinking, that I actually laughed a little.If only humans could be so understanding of things they knew nothing aboutBut humans aren t Humans fear what they do not know, while other humans want to study and learn from it.And the specimens are usually killed in the process.On a positive note, the writing wasn t all that bad There weren t really any mistakes that I ran across, but again, I skimmed over a good portion of the details Any time the author elaborated on needless details about the scandal, I lost interest I m surprised I was actually able to finish this book, actually.I plan to keep it, but I doubt my review would get any better next time around.May 12, 2018 Decided to Toss.

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    Ever on the search for tales of sexy sex with sexy aliens, I decided to try Harlequin s take Not a good move This isn t terrible, but okay, it s just really not good The sci fi elements are kind of laughable, the aliens are not very alien at all, and the plot is virtually a very VERY watered down version of Terminator In fact, Grant references Terminator and Arnold Schwarzenegger a bunch of times Yet when the protagonist, a California state senator, interacts with the governor described as a former action star with a funny accent and a Kennedy offshoot for a wife it s not Arnold Schwarzenegger Which means it s an AU where Arnold exists and made Terminator, but isn t governor someone exactly like him but with a different name is Man, I hate stuff like that Is it stupid that that bothered me Cause darn it, it did, it did.Also bothersome the yawn inducing, twu luv destined to be together since they were children he cured my stuttering style of romance present herein I m officially bored now And when I m not bored, I m still pissed off about that stupid Arnold Schwarzenegger thing.

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    I read the second book forever ago it seems like, and had this on my to read list But either I was easily pleased back then or the second one is a lot better than this one I just find it hard to believe that a single woman would have such a successful political career without being married, at least once And somewhere in there she says that she dates around, not sleeps around Regardless of whether or not she is sleeping with them, if she is dating around in the public eye, with newspapers and tabloids following her every move, she can expect to never be reelected I know, actions should be important, but the facts are if a female politician were seen with a different man every week she would be considered, well, let s just say she wouldn t be seen as a capable, intelligent woman She would be seen as a woman who is using her body to climb her proverbial ladder I just really did not like her Or her grandfather Or her sister Author failed to suspend my disbelief long enough for me to enjoy this.

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    Why are the sci fi mixes with romance the worst sigh Mindless fluff Mindless fluff with boring sex When I honestly don t care if either of the main characters survive, then the sex is just bad porn.Erotica or romance really only works once you connect with the characters But, honestly, I just can t connect with Mary Sue characters in the slightest any.Single, wildly successful, rich scion of a political dynasty family, environmentally conscious youngest evar Cailifornia State Senator Um no thanks Pretty much lost me with the heroine right there Much less Mr Miracle Healing E.T Soul Mate World Saver snort Sorry I m sick of the Saturday Morning Cartoon level of characterization where whatever cool political trend of the day is the one swipe taken at building any honest sympathy for the characters.But writing real people is HARD WORK Thus, this kind of drivel.

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    When Jana was a little girl, she meet a boy stuck in the tree outside her bedroom window She was also mute, but after meeting him, was able to talk This boy, whom she thought was imaginary, stuck with her Cavin, the boy, also never forgot her He comes to earth again to warn her about an invasion This was a light, fluffy romance that didn t take itself too seriously and just perfect to read on a cloudy afternoon I liked that Jana was a politician, who got into it for the right reasons I really like the Terminator movies, but all references date this book Also, couldn t the governor of CA have a different name Instead of Schwarzenegger, it was Schwarzkopf a real name Gen Norman Schwarzkopf I also liked the idea of the second story line, who is trying to smear get rid of the Jaspers but it flat lined In all, just too much was going on impending invasion, assassin s , smear campaigns, etc.

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    This was a cute romance story But, the science fiction elements seemed thrown in even though the main premise of the Cavin s background is that he is a human from another galaxyI was a bit disappointed at how light this big part of the book actually turned out to be.

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    As I ve been delving a bit into sci fi to broaden my reading, I decided to try this sci fi romantic comedy I enjoyed this book than I anticipated the plot is interesting and even though the characters tend to be stereotypical in varying degrees, they re engaging and likable I also enjoyed the witticisms and humour But I also remembered why I don t read romance novels Cliches and repetition If I had to read one time about Cavin s broad, masculine chest and his bright eyes shining with love I would have screamed And there was so much heat generated between Jana and Cavin I thought they would both self combust I m done with romance aliens or otherwise.

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    I liked other books by this author and in this series, but just wasn t feeling this one Not sure if I wasn t in the right mood, or if the pace was just too slow lots of angsting from the POV character but it takes a long time for much to happen

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Your Planet or Mine? summary pdf Your Planet or Mine?, summary chapter 2 Your Planet or Mine?, sparknotes Your Planet or Mine?, Your Planet or Mine? 0f0e7a3 With Outrageously False Accusations Piling Up Against Her Famous Political Family And An Ex Fiance In Hot Water Determined To Take Her Down With Him, The Last Thing Jana Jasper Needs Is Trouble Especially Man Trouble But When She Heads To The Grocery Store For An Ice Cream Fix, Not Only Does The Muscled Hunk In The Frozen Foods Section Ranting About Spaceships And Invasions Look Crazy, He Looksfamiliar, Cavin Of Far Star Has Never Forgotten The Girl He Met During His Weeks Spent On That Quaint Little World, Planet Earth, The Girl Who Didn T Believe He Was Real And Now He Ll Risk His Future To Save Her All She Has To Do Is Take Him To Her Leader Simple Enough Plan Although Jana Isn T So Easily Convinced Hell Bent On Charming His Way Past Her Defenses, He S Determined To Stay One Step Ahead Of The Galaxy S Most Feared Assassin And May Just Capture His Favorite Earthling S Heart In The Process

  • Mass Market Paperback
  • 379 pages
  • Your Planet or Mine?
  • Susan Grant
  • English
  • 18 June 2017
  • 9780373771066

About the Author: Susan Grant

Susan s childhood dreams of becoming a space explorer fizzled when she found out calculus was involved Luckily, she didn t need math skills to fly jets or to create space stories in her head, first for herself, then for friends, and now for readers everywhere A New York Times USA Today bestselling author and a military veteran, Susan won the prestigious RITA Award for her book Contact, a sci f