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A perfect bride explained A perfect bride, review A perfect bride, trailer A perfect bride, box office A perfect bride, analysis A perfect bride, A perfect bride ba70 Perfectly Marvelous Devon St James Must Surely Be Dreaming She Closes Her Eyes In London S Poorest Slum, And Awakens Wrapped In Fine Linens Staring Into The Eyes Of The Most Gorgeous Man She Has Ever Seen Sebastian Sterling, Marquess Of Thurston, Is Clearly Shocked To Have A Girl From The Streets In His Bed, Though The Heat Of The Desire Burning In His Gaze Is Unmistakable But If He Believes Devon Will Easily Submit, He Is Quite Mistaken What The Devil Has He DoneIt S Bad Enough Their Family Is Already Mired In Scandal, Now Sebastian Has To Deal With The Exquisite Young Beauty In Rags He Had Impetuously Carried Into His Home Worse Still, The Lady Is Driving The Serious, Responsible Marquess To Distraction With Her Fiery Spirit And Breathtaking Sensuality But Perhaps, Just Perhaps, With Some Of Sebastian S Private Schooling, This Low Born Enchantress Can Learn Refinement And Manners And Be Miraculously Transformed From Merely His Passionate Obsession Into A Perfect Bride

  • Paperback
  • 384 pages
  • A perfect bride
  • Samantha James
  • 20 November 2018
  • 9780060006617

About the Author: Samantha James

Growing up in Joliet, Illinois, Samantha James had many childhood aspirations being a writer was never one of them When she was ten, she was certain she was destined to be an astronomer That soon changed happened a lot during those pre teen years when she decided archaeology was in her future Detective work was her next goal, thanks to the Trixie Belden mysteries she was reading, and before

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    5 stars Historical Regency RomanceThis was my first read by Samantha James and I loved it It s definitely my favorite of the Perfect Sterling trilogy, all of which I enjoyed I was in desperate need of a feel good romance, and this definitely hit the spot It s reminiscent of My Fair Lady and Cinderella and also reminded me a little of Julia Quinn s An Offer From a Gentleman, which is one of my favorites in the Bridgertons series yet the story and characters seem wholly original as well.With an ideal combination of emotion, angst, and touching, sweet romance and a remarkable H H who will have you cheering for their HEA, A Perfect Bride is a satisfying read It was the perfect antidote for my crummy mood, which is why I m rating it 5 stars

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    Un romance hist rico muy dulce, con un tono juguet n que me gust mucho, pero bastante predecible respecto de los or genes de Devon Ella, como personaje, me ha encantado, pero Sebastian, a pesar de ser un hombre en esencia muy bueno, me ha quedado un poco al debe, demasiado reflexivo, demasiado apegado al qu dir n y con el doble est ndar propio de la poca yo puedo porque soy arist crata y t no yo puedo porque soy hombre y t eres mujer Afortunadamente, nuestra protagonista permanentemente le est dando buenas sacudidas de realidad, que hacen que su evoluci n sea muy cre ble.En todo caso, me ha dejado con las ganas de leer la trilog a completa, con las historias del hermano y hermana de Sebastian que, por sus personalidades, auguran novelas m s interesantes.

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    Updated after re read 16 1 1This book is such a hidden gem Just as good the second time around It made me a very very happy girl I loved everything about it Devon St Clair is a bastard daughter who grew up with her mother in St Giles Despite this, she promised that she would never steal, beg or whore and she s managed to survive with her innocence intact One night she is attacked by two ruffians and she stabs one of them to get away and he stabs her back She s left bleeding in the street and thinks she will dieuntil Sebastian Sterling, Marquess of Thurston comes along His sense of honor can t leave her bleeding to death in the streets so he whisks her off to his townhouse where he lives with his brother Justin They think she is a thief when they find her clutching her mother s necklace and when Devon wakes up sparks fly This book was the most delightful books I ve read in quite a while It was funny and sweet and it was a Pygmalion story as good as they get Both Devon and Sebastian was truly lovable and following their building romance was a pleasure And the HEA let s just say that it was as sweet as cotton candy How can I have missed Samantha Jones Scurries off to check the rest of her books

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    4.5 Yaayyy Finally, a good one What s not to love here A beautiful motormouth and completely unsuitable h from the slums St.Giles and a strait laced duty bound Marquess and lots of sweetness, tartness and spice Only then did she discover one of life s deepest truths that dreams sometimes had a way of changing Or perhaps it was simply that she had changed Completely formulaic and unpretentious with the usual schmaltziness of oh so opposites, big guy petite girl, class divide, can t keep my hands off you, dayumm it s hot in here, oops obligations, sorry but you not wife material, villains and tons of things working against them Nothing new, of course but this comes up wrapped up in an interesting, captivating and sizzling package This was all she d ever wanted to be locked fast within the binding protection of his strong embrace But not like this Not when he was filled with regret, and she with pain Not when she ached to the bottom of her soul. I think SJ likes working with the barest of characters But I love how we get of h H and that too happily with a reasonable progression of plot, instead of the repetitive push pull and fillers So we only have the H s brother and another expected late entry making up for the rest of the cast, apart from the expedient appearance of the villain There was a bond between them A link Some thing far beyond friendship Far beyond desire Far beyond his power to master He didn t fight it He couldn t For somehow he was beginning to recognize this was a battle he could not win.

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    Loved it What a beautiful love story Rich aristocrat hero falls hard and fast for the poor girl he saves one night but their different status does not allow them to marry But naturally love conquers all Adorable hero and heroine and sweet ending with twin babies I will read the whole trilogy This author is amazing.

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    1.5 seriously disappointing stars I think I spent 75% of this book repeating What the fuck am I reading right now in my head over and over Don t get me wrong, there were certain parts that were kind of sweet, but they were few and far between From the glowing reviews, I was certainly expecting better But I refuse to believe that was part of the problem This book didn t suffer because of my high expectations, it suffered because of its underwhelming, melodramatic, frankly awful, writing I know this is a classic, beloved by many, but I wasn t impressed And I stand by my opinion.This is a classic rags to riches My Fair Lady esque romance, a trope I m actually quite fond of They usually involve a heroine who is strong and feisty and a hero who slowly or quickly comes to admire the heroine for her survival skills and courage Even better, usually the hero s eyes are opened to the plight of the less fortunate and sometimes even decides to do something about it This book really didn t get the memo on either Sebastian Sterling, the Marquess of Thurston, finds a bleeding Devon on the streets of St Giles She s clutching a necklace that should be out of her means so he assumes she s a thief, but his conscience keeps him from leaving her bleeding out in the street So naturally, he takes her home to see what the damage is and call a physician Devon comes to in the Marquess home and is dismayed to find that the Marquess and his brother immediate assume the worst of her She s protective of her identity of course, but not for the reasons they think She was stabbed by one of two evil street gang members who were trying to rape her and she killed one of them in self defense She knows that the surviving man will hunt her Sebastian, very against his starched up, rigid personality, decides to let her stay until she s healed and figures out a plan It turns out that Devon wants to be a governess her mother was a governess so Sebastian takes it upon himself to teach her everything she needs to know you know, like reading, writing, geography etc She already has some knowledge, her mother was a governess after all During this time, when Sebastian isn t insinuating or outright saying that Devon is a thieving whore, they begin to fall for each other But, stuffy stick up his ass Sebastian refuses to bring further scandal upon his family by even entertaining the idea of marrying Devon There was a lot I didn t like about this book I ll start with Sebastian For one, when Devon was injured and Sebastian and his brother, Justin needed to take off her clothes to get a better look at her injuries, they both shamelessly ogled her body, mainly her breasts Full on, telling each other Oh my god, they re gorgeous, aren t they Who knew she d have such beautiful breasts ogled Gross Then we have some massive slut shaming And just as bad, maybe worse slut assuming He assumes she s a whore and refuses to believe her when she tells him otherwise Even when she tells him that not making a living on her back was a promise she made to herself because it was something that was important to her mother She simply must be a whore because Sebastian decided to visit Devon s former place of work and witnessed her fellow barmaid tolerating men grabbing her body Bridget, she said levelly, is not a harlot His lip curled in distaste If that is what you think, then your morals are most assuredly displaced Devon opened her mouth, prepared to deliver a cutting retort Before she could say a word, he spoke There is no question she s a harlot What then, I wonder, does that make you I d like to clarify that this isn t at the beginning of the book This wasn t the first, second, or even third night she stayed with them This is almost 40% into the book He knows her Likes her Has had his hands all over her For some reason, Sebastian s asshole qualities didn t diminish as he fell for Devon In fact, the closer they became, the worse it was Instead of Sebastian slowly growing on me, I hated him and view spoiler For example, later in the book, after Sebastian has spent a decent amount of time with his tongue down Devon s throat, Devon overhears Sebastian tell his brother that he s willing to pay someone to marry Devon because he worries that if she s a governess, she ll be taken advantage of by some lecherous gentleman of the ton Cough hypocrite cough Of course, he becomes said lecherous gentleman Why Because she tempts him too much and he just can t keep his hands off of her Doesn t she realize that she d be safe from him if she were less beautiful and alluring She s doing this to him Pffft FFS hide spoiler

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    Devon St James is attacked while walking home from work in the slums of St Giles Sebastian Sterling, Marquess of Thurston, rescues her only to discover that she awakens in him many boners But because of Tragic Backstory, their LURVE can never be than boning illicitly OR CAN IT Tune in after the break for turgid erections, the fetishization of innocents, and poorly timed parental revelations 1 I don t know why I finished this I m 99% positive it s because I m stubborn and a fool.2 Sebastian is not a romantic hero he s an asshole He ogles Devon while she s unconscious after telling off his brother for doing the exact same thing he then accuses her of being a thief and refuses to believe her even though he s the one who picked her up off the streets he only cares about how his words actions impacts Devon if she cries He s also SUPER hung up on whether or not she s a virgin because that obviously impacts the territory or some shit IDK It s gross 3 Devon is your standard manic pixie heroine she s spunky and fun and naive but also a sexual goddess just waiting to be revealed Her dedication and loyalty to Sebastian seems to be 90% to do with the size of his shoulders hands otherwise, she s constantly running from him in tears TALK ABOUT A HEALTHY RELATIONSHIP.4 Here s the thing about some of these older romances they create these characters that have to fulfill certain molds in order to tell the story that s expected In this case, Devon needs to be the delicate innocent who breaks through Sebastian s crusty sense of duty It seems to be a pretty standard translation of the beauty and the beast trope except that it slides right into gross jealous alpha dynamics that don t really work for me I honestly thought Devon and Justin s interactions were much interesting and would have loved to see what their relationship could have looked like one where Devon wasn t constantly reminded of how much less than she was in size, in intelligence, in societal placement, in life experience, in trauma, etc.

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    I was craving a good historical romance, and this definitely worked for me I was intrigued by the premise, poor girl taken from St Giles, the worst slum in London, by a rich, handsome lord, how will they make it work, because, y know, lords aren t supposed to marry poor slum girls But since this is a romance, I knew it would end well, and the journey was great Devon St James is the heroine, in the beginning, she s working in a tavern, dealing with all these grubby guys groping on her, trying to make her living Her mother recently died, and now her landlord just raised the rent on her crummy little basement room to an impossible amount It s closing time, and she s going home, all alone in the wee hours, through this awful part of town All she has left of her mother is a cross necklace, which she keeps in her pocket, with her at all times Soon she s set upon by two notorious thugs, and they steal her money and her necklace, but she tries to fight them off, killing one in the process, but not without getting hurt herself She proceeds to pass out in the street Along comes the hero, Sebastian Sterling, marquess of Thurston, in St Giles in search of his wayward younger brother Justin, who s out gambling and drinking, and most likely whoring The carriage stops due to the obstruction in the road, and he decides to help her, seeing that she s very pregnant, and bleeding from a wound in her side He scoops her up and takes her home, installing her in a guest bedroom, cleaning her up, and finding out quickly that the pregnancy is just a disguise He bandages her wound but not without ogling her glorious boobies of course , and dresses her in one of his sister s fine nightgowns Justin is already home, having beaten his brother back from whatever he was doing in St Giles, so he helps fix her up, and even ogles her boobies too She wakes up, and understandably freaks out a little, mostly concerned for her missing necklace, which Sebastian has hidden away, thinking the worst of her, assuming she stole it He tells her the rightful owner can have it back once things are straightened out, and that kind of ticks her off, but she s too weak yet to make a rebellion She knows he won t believe her, due to their class differences Oh, yea, and there s the threat of the gangster out there looking for her, because she killed his brother So Sebastian decides to keep her with him and Justin for awhile A couple of days pass, and Devon heals, and begins exploring the house, finding the library, Sebastian s favorite room That leads to a discussion, wherein Seb decides he s going to teach her to read, and help her gain the skills to become a governess like her mother before her it was only through Dev s own stubbornness that she wouldn t let her mother teach her, much to her shame He s also gone to St Giles to check her story, and is horrified by her working and living conditions He swears to never let her return to that life Days pass, and a friendship and lust for each other blooms between them Seb is pleased to learn she s smart, and finds her beauty irresistible, and she s the focus of many fantasies for him Sebastian s always the perfect gentleman though, always following the rules and being polite, not letting any hint of scandal touch his family since their scandalous mother ran away from their mean and overbearing father years ago When Justin spills their family history to Devon, Seb leaves the house in an angry rush, but Devon begs him to take her too, and they leave for Thurston Hall, the Sterling country estate, and the place where Seb is most comfortable They spend the next day wandering the estate together, through the gardens, and meadows, flirting and teasing each other, sharing a kiss, falling in love if you will Then Justin shows up and the men decide they can t let Devon be a governess, at the whim of the men of the houses she d be employed at, knowing she d probably end up back on the streets So they decide to marry her off Well she finds out about their plan, and is pretty upset, feeling like Seb just broke her heart He rushes after, and consoles her in the only way he knows how, by making sweet, sweet love Well, of course that only makes her fall even in love with him, and the next few days they spend together are positively magical for them Then, Justin shows up again, and tells her that his brother will never marry her, because of his proper ness and duty to the title and all that, breaking her heart all over again when Sebastian doesn t exactly argue against his brother s claims He consoles her again, telling her he can t let her go, but not telling her he ll marry her Thankfully, Devon s surprise long lost grandma from her unknown father s side shows up and whisks her away back to London Seb can t stand the thought of living without her, and realizes what an ass he s been, and has to fight to make amends, with her grandma s help in the end, leading to a very touching reunion and HEA I had watery eyes, I ll admit This was my first try at Samantha James writing, and I was pretty impressed, so she s definitely another author on my list of one s to look for I d love to read the next two in the series, Justin s story, and their sister Julianna s as well A very good book in my opinion.

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    I loved this A lovely romance about a young lady, Devon, whose mother died and left her alone to fend for herself in the slums of London She is attacked by thieves on night and stabbed but manages to kill one of the criminals The H Sebastian saves her and takes her to his home I enjoyed reading about his attempts to turn her into a lady and teach her to read It was so perfect He s a stuffy but very sexy Marquess and has a bit of emotional baggage himself his mother had been a rather promiscuous woman who had always embarrassed the family before her death and so Sebastian has sworn to himself that he will only marry a woman who will be the perfect bride for a man in his position He wants a noblewoman who is not going to scandalize his family name The homeless, illegitimate heroine fills none of these requirements but he is still drawn to her from the minute he saves her Devon has had a hard life Her mother had been a governess who had fallen in love with a duke s son All that rake gave the mother was a family heirloom necklace and pendant and a pregnancy Devon still has the necklace and pendant and it helps her paternal grandmother, a dowager duchess, identity her She also has her dad s rare colored amber eyes so the old duchess knows she has found her granddaughter Before all this happens though, Sebastian thinks that the ideal plan to safeguard Devon s future is to marry her to a suitable and wealthy gentleman It was so funny seeing him eaten up with jealousy when the prospective husband candidates turn up for dinner Sebastian eventually seduces Devon and falls in love with her but still cannot see her as his wife because of her background Just when he decides that he loves her enough to marry her, her grandmother turns up and takes her away Of course I ve simplified it a lot, but this was truly one very beautiful romance novel I will definitely be reading the third novel in the series That one is called A Perfect Hero and features Sebastian s sister I won t be reading the second novel A Perfect Groom because I didn t like the description of the heroine and I really liked Sebastian s brother Justin.

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