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Gabriel's Bride chapter 1 Gabriel's Bride, meaning Gabriel's Bride, genre Gabriel's Bride, book cover Gabriel's Bride, flies Gabriel's Bride, Gabriel's Bride 6104d7ab935f4 Trapped By Duty And The Demands Of His Cruel,unyielding Father Lord Gabriel Sinclair, The Dark And Moody Earl Of Wakefield, Is Being Forced To Find A Bride But Gabriel Plans An Exquisite Revenge On His Cold Hearted Parent Wedding The Sultry, Low Born Yankee Wench Who Tried To Steal His Watch Ragged And Beautiful Cassie McClellan Is Desperate To Escape Her Life Of Poverty And, Therefore, Willingly Accepts The Handsome, Arrogant Aristocrat S Offer Of Marriage In Name Only But Neither Is Prepared For The Awakening Passions That Will Bind Their Fragile, Damaged Hearts Or The Blistering, Sensual Need That Comples Them Both To Surrender Body And Soul

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    This is a wonderful book, with the following caveat Gabriel is a very cruel hero He is a bitter man So full of anger at his father that he often uses Cassie as a verbal punching bag His father is after him to marry, so he picks a bride that he is absolutely sure will aggravate his father Cassie is a poor, overworked tavern maid that he finds on the docks in America He thinks she isn t virtuous, but it turns out that she is He doesn t make her over or clean her up, but delivers her to his father in the condition he finds her Then he abandons her At first, his father is pretty mean to Cassie But Cassie s wonderful and kind heart wins his regard He is also impressed with her determination to better herself by reading and learning how to be a wife of a noblemen When Gabriel comes back, he realized what a gem he s married This is one of those books that I loved for the heroine, and for the beauty of the storytelling Gabriel could use a hard knock upside his head with a shovel That what I use as code for an uber alpha hero who needs to be taken down a peg The sensuality is steaming, although it seems whenever Gabriel makes love with his wife, he is driven by angry passion and rarely by tenderness Gabriel does everything he can to drive his wife away, and finally he succeeds It is then that realizes how much she means to him and goes to get her back The ending of this book is so poignant that it is another reason I love it so much I definitely recommend this book if you can handle a hero with a serious chip on his shoulder who has a tendency to be mean to the heroine If so, it s worth reading, and I consider it a keeper.

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    This h H are brought together in a moc by a very convoluted and highly far fetched route So many thoroughly unbelievable and anachronistic things happen here Who can believe that an earl and heir to a dukedom will marry a tavern wench very likely a whore well, he totally believes her to be one just to spite his father And she not only manages to retain her v card but is a complete innocent in the ways of men women Born and raised in a tavern as she is with a tavern whore as a mother, as are her colleagues So men grab and fondle and pinch but let her be Sorry, very implausible And the marriage remains unconsummated during the six weeks voyage back to England Even when these two snuggle together naked semi naked, in a bunk through this voyage I was ready to throw the book as the inconsistencies far outweighed anything meaningful.So what made it better bearable Simple If you like an unapologetically and unrelentingly mean and cruel H who uses and humiliates a h like yours truly then this is the book for you Yes, and flashes of connection and chemistry A bit of an obvious whodunit mystery And a big dollop of sob sob papa mama issues So an entertaining and absorbing plot, with timely doses of angst thrown in for good measure 3.5 But please suspend all disbelief first

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    The book was OK in the beginning I understand why Gabriel hates his father But, marrying a girl to take revenge against his father is not a good idea Gabriel marries Cassandra, a lowborn Yankee wench and exactly those are the things Edmund, Gabriel s father hate At some point, I like Cassandra She is brave and tries to accept her position as a countess and learn how to be a proper lady, even learn how to read and write Gabriel was cruel and rude to her He insulted her every time When he found out that she was a virgin, he got angry because she didn t tell him earlier But still, Cassandra try to understood Gabriel and support him in front of his father For all of this reason, I respect Cassandra I didn t like Gabriel at first, he is arrogant, rude, cruel and mean But Author explained why he is like that While I was reading the book, I clearly saw that how confused and twisted his feeling was for Cassandra Later he understands what kind of person Cassandra was But one thing was very disappointing that he still insulted her without any valid reason and didn t trust her at all with another mans When Cassandra confessed that she was pregnant again Gabriel got angry and this time Cassandra left After he found her, they make amends and I truly felt that Gabriel was changed for good The baby was born and everyone was happy Until that point, the book was ok but, It was the last three chapters that actually ruined the book for me In the beginning of the book, someone tries to kill Cassandra, but without any valid reason, she accused Gabriel She thought Gabriel dislike her and that s why he tries to kill her I mean seriously, disliking a person is one thing and killing a person is entirely a different thing Another thing is, at that time of the book Gabriel already told her that please don t leave me again while they were making love So how Cassandra thought that it was Gabriel who is the killer I know he was not good to her, but that doesn t mean he will kill her After solving this mess, Cassandra said sorry to Gabriel and they both confessed they loved each other and live happily ever after Bullshit, If you love someone then without thinking further you don t accused him as your killer Without that last drama, I would have given this book three stars.

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    Gabriel, who stands to inherit a dukedom, marries a barmaid in order to frustrate his father whom he hates The barmaid knows that his reason for marrying her is revenge but not quite the extent of his hatred for his father In order to make her agree with his plans, Gabriel tells her he will make sure she will want for nothing AND their marriage is to be in name only Cassie agrees and together they leave with his ship for England Of course nothing goes as promised neither for Cassie nor for Gabriel.I came to care a lot for both of them pretty soon Gabriel and Cassie as well, were well drawn characters with flaws and strengths and both very alone They also had some skeletons in their closets, some pretty serious ones and not just something silly that will make the reader roll her eyes when revealed But, it seems from early on that Cassie might be sweet and caring enough to offer Gabriel that which he s missing all his life love Of course he s too stubborn to see it and admit that what he feels for her is than lust.The story is very intense, angsty and deeply emotional My heart was aching the whole time from the struggles those two had to go through However, Gabriel became a jerk after a while, saying things he never should have to her, but Cassie s reaction at a later point was exactly the same And then, she said them again And instead of clearing their misunderstandings, both of them chose to stick to their pride and risk loosing each other More than once That fact the than once, not that there was a misunderstanding along with Cassie s difficulty at the end to actually trust the man she loved, are the sole reason this didn t get a 5 stars rating for me.Highly recommended but for romance readers not looking for a PC story.

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    This book was pretty horrible It wasn t well written, yet it was still readable, which explains how I managed to finish it.At first I was intrigued It was kind of an unusual setup with an English earl picking an American tavern wench as a wife to spite his father Okay, I can go with that Gabriel offers Cassie a pretty sweet deal she ll be his wife, never want for anything for the rest of her life, and as a bonus, he agrees that she won t even have to sleep with him.Yet for some reason Cassie isn t looking at this situation the right way In Charleston she had resorted to theft and formed a tentative plan to work as a seamstress, but now she s going to live an easy life, wanting for NOTHING She ll be so comfortable and secure It was either marry Gabriel or be turned in for her theft But all she does is rail at him for no reason, constantly So annoying.I knew Gabriel was going to be a cruel hero, and that wasn t something that bothered me He eventually decides to consummate the marriage, of course, and ends up raping Cassie because he thought she d slept with a lot of men in her life as a tavern wench Only when he finds out she was a virgin is he sorry and then he immediately turns the whole thing into her fault Naturally His desires are uncontrollable, you see.Even that would have been fine if he learned from the situation he didn t, and went on to rape her again But he was stupidly jealous, always suspecting Cassie of infidelity on the basis of nothing In her defense she speaks up for herself and even leaves him twice But of my god, these characters were so stupid Their behavior was in line with familiar tropes spirited heroine, bitter hero, fighting with each other because they re dissatisfied in some way , but their motivations and feelings weren t explained as well as in some other romances It just made the whole book bizarre and annoying Like, WHY are you people acting like this GET IT TOGETHER Gabriel turned everything back around on Cassie to make it her fault EVERY SINGLE THING Cassie randomly falls in love with Gabriel even though he s never once shown her a moment s tenderness.This was in the style of older bodice rippers but without the give no fucks panache, uninspiring writing, and the merest sliver of historical detail.

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    This is actually a 3.5 star for me This was a good read and found myself on an emotional rollercoaster along with Cassie Yes, Gabriel was a cruel hero and said very hurtful things to Cassie However, his anguish over her disappearance certainly tugged at my heartstrings One of the reasons I didn t give this a full 4 stars is even though Gabriel did redeem himself over his treatment of Cassie I wanted him to be a little nicer to her after she returned and the baby was born Another reason is Cassie s belief that Gabriel was the one trying to kill her It just didn t fit with me Up until the last attempt she never had a thought Gabriel might be the guilty party I don t know I just felt if she loved Gabriel as we were told then she wouldn t have believed him capable of something like that Unlike His Wicked Ways, I didn t get the warm and fuzzies about this romance Oh, it was romantic but I liked the romance of His Wicked Ways than Gabriel s Bride It seemed the love story was intense in HWW Maybe it was because of the cruelty of the hero I do plan to read of Samantha James s books I think she s a great writer and tells a wonderful story.This was still a good read.

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    I loved everything about this book Gabriel is the ultimate alpha hero Hard and brooding and bitter and yes even cruel The emotional roller coaster journey between Gabriel and Cassie is just thrilling Gabriel, a duke has to marry not because he wants to but because his hateful father orders him so In America he meets Cassie, a poor uneducated tavern maid and decides to marry her as an act of defiance and revenge against his father Cassie accepts cause she is miserable and desperate to escape the tavern brothel she works in She begs him to be a marriage in name only and he agrees But when they arrive in England things get a bit complicated I have such a soft spot for a marriage of convenience story and the baby theme I liked how both Cassie and Gabriel were tormented sad souls They both suffered, they both had bad childhoods, they both feel unwanted and insecure Hero having the impression that Cassie is a whore is super possessive and jealous of Cassie s friendship with his best friend Cassie is strong and fiesty but she is also vulnerable and starved for love and attention She hates how Gabriel sees her as a weapon to use against his father His anger and indifference hurt her badly Why why do you hate me she cried brokenly Will you always hate me His reaction to her pregnancy was beyond cruel and Cassie s fear and tears broke my heart If I had to be burdened with a wife, why did I have to choose you Why couldn t you have been barren Towards the end though it was Cassie who became a paranoid and her lack of trust, her belief that Gabriel wanted to kill her and the mean things she said to him are the reasons I gave 4 stars Still SJ definitely kept me on the edge of my seat with this one, the angst, the drama, the sexiness, my emotions were all over the place

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    The way I came upon this book is by reading a post regarding pregnant heroines I first read Annie s Song and was fascinated by the story and the characters in it, so I decided to give this book a try.Cassie is a barmaid in Charleston, her mom is dead and she doesn t know who her father is, regardless of her situation she is very bright girl and a hard worker and is looking for a way out though none is forthcoming, until the night her boss sends her to the room of Gabriel Gabriel is captivated by her beauty and her spirit and he wants her in his bed, he thinks her one of the bar harlots, however Cassie manages to evade him and snatches his golden watch Early next morning the Earl finds out she stole her watch chases her down and retrieves it Gabriel s father wants to marry him off and secure the dukedom by getting a heir since his eldest son passed away, however Gabriel has had a troublesome childhood with a father who did not love him and marries Cassie to spite him.He gets her to her father in the same dirty and disheveled state he finds her in Cassie however manages to win everybody and even her husbands affections despite her lowly birth.I loved Cassie, she won me from the start, however Gabriel is a hero that to me was unredeemable He was spiteful and mean to the very end I honestly wanted someone to come and rescue her from him because he was utterly undeserving I believe that Gabriel s character is the reason the book is not receiving 5star ratings If he had any human emotions in him he would have been different Despite the main hero s character this book s pages flew I applaud books that make me want to read them in one sitting and this was one of them.

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    Cruel and jealous hero Forced seduction I felt like the heroine was always yelling at the hero She is very young, 18 and she acted like it The first half the couple didn t spend much time together so the attraction yearning between them was all physical They got to send time without other in the second half I felt like the pacing of the grovel was good.

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    Why do so many authors shove words down the throats of readers The whole book can be summed up with the following words Casey I had never been so angered I have never been so insulted I have never been so ashamed I have never been so frustrated Repeat, reuse, recycle This was pretty much her mantra for the whole book Gabriel Yank Yank Yank Yank Yank Yank Yank Yank Yank Yank Yank Yank Yank Yank Yank Yank Yank Yank Yank Yank He said it enough times that I was thoroughly exhausted by reading the words and offended in place of the female lead There was a page in which he says it after every sentence, at least 7 times Sheer endurance kept me reading this book since it s almost impossible for me to stop reading a book once I start Plus a bit of bullheadedness as well.

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