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Immortal Heat (Immortal Lovers #2) quotes Immortal Heat (Immortal Lovers #2) , litcharts Immortal Heat (Immortal Lovers #2) , symbolism Immortal Heat (Immortal Lovers #2) , summary shmoop Immortal Heat (Immortal Lovers #2) , Immortal Heat (Immortal Lovers #2) 23a01dc5 A Goddess In Peril A God In Exile Aglaia Has Been Sent On A Mission To Right A Love Gone Wrong Hephaestus Has Exiled Himself To The Caverns, Away From His Ex Wife And The Humiliation He Suffered From Her Infidelity Only The Lusty Body And Untamed Spirit Of Aglaia Can Mend His Broken Heart

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    Hephaestus what s not to love Amazing ingenuity, served by robots that make Alexa look like a Model T, creator of gorgeous jewelry, brains and lots of sexy brawn, and a tendency to worship whoever he hocks up with Yum, yum, give me some A sexy Greek myth retelling.

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    Would have been 3 stars, but because it s on of the few books about H phaistos, who is one of the Greek gods I have a fondness for, I rounded up It also have a bit of Beauty the Beast in there, only because unlike all the other gods, H phaistos is lame and imperfect Since in mythology, Aphrodite ends up cheating on him, I liked that at least in this story, he found love and someone to accept him as he is.

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