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Drowning Instinct quotes Drowning Instinct, litcharts Drowning Instinct, symbolism Drowning Instinct, summary shmoop Drowning Instinct, Drowning Instinct a3428fb8 There Are Stories Where The Girl Gets Her Prince, And They Live Happily Ever After This Is Not One Of Those Stories Jenna Lord S First Sixteen Years Were Not Exactly A Fairytale Her Father Is A Controlling Psycho And Her Mother Is A Drunk She Used To Count On Her Older Brother Until He Shipped Off To Afghanistan And Then, Of Course, There Was The Time She Almost Died In A Fire There Are Stories Where The Monster Gets The Girl, And We All Shed Tears For His Innocent Victim This Is Not One Of Those Stories Either Mitch Anderson Is Many Things A Dedicated Teacher And Coach A Caring Husband A Man With A Certain Magnetism And There Are Stories Where It S Hard To Be Sure Who S A Prince And Who S A Monster, Who Is A Victim And Who Should Live Happily Ever After These Are The Most Interesting Stories Of AllDrowning Instinct Is A Novel Of Pain, Deception, Desperation, And Love Against The Odds And The Rules

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    this is a karen four, and maybe not four everyone four.it is dense and intense it is like 5 YA books in one it is like HELLO I AM A BOOK AND I AM ABOUT A GIRL WHO NEARLY DIED IN A FIRE AS A YOUNG CHILD AND IS COVERED WITH HORRIFIC BURNS AND HOW THESE COMPLICATE HER LIFE OH AND SHE IS ALSO A CUTTER OH AND ALSO, HER FAMILY IS COMPLETELY MESSED UP WITH THE ALCOHOLISM AND THE SCREWING AROUND AND THE INABILITY TO COMMUNICATE AND WHATNOT OH, AND SHE WAS INSTITUTIONALIZED OH, AND ALSO ALSO SHE COMES FROM A FAMILY HISTORY OF MADNESS AND SUICIDE OH, AND ALSO INCEST AND MURRRRRDERRRRR OH, AND LET S THROW IN AN INAPPROPRIATE RELATIONSHIP WITH HER TEACHER.AND SOMETHING ELSE THAT ORDINARILY WOULD HAVE BEEN ITS OWN BOOK BUT IN THIS BOOK IS JUST ONE.MORE.THING.i mean, most people would just write a couple of books out of that not ilsa j bick she just goes for it, full throttle and for the most part, it works.i read this book straight through, all page turning and groaning and needing to know what else could possibly happen a lot did, my friends a lot the structure of this book, which is a sort of audio confession into a policeman s recorder thingie on the evening of an incident, makes the story incredibly fast paced, but of course only gives us one side of the story a damaged side but what a great voice this character has and i kind of want to blame any inconsistencies of other character behavior on her on her being an unreliable narrator, but it might just be wide eyed trust and me liking the book enough to overlook how parents can go from not letting this girl shower with the door closed and inspecting her for new cuts every single day to just booking out of town for a week without a thought about possible hazards for example there are a couple of whaaaa moments like that, and i will just say that s what happens when you have an unreliable narrator, son and hope that that s true.but yeah these are very nuanced characters who don t always behave the way you think they would should and that s pretty great in YA books i love to see that and even though sometimes you feel like, AND that AND this , the snowballing is fun than unrealistic fun is definitely not the correct word here but you know what i mean gripping satisfying awesome dunno i kind of don t want to say too much about this but i do recommend it so image error

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    Insane This is the best word to describe Drowning Instinct Insanely good insanely terrifying i n s a n e Ever since I cracked the cover, I can t stop thinking about this book First, to analyze it, now, to figure out what the heck I ve just read It s the type of book that you just plow through because it makes you so restless that you must keep reading and reading, all the while knowing, just knowing, that the storm is coming So close it could be right on the next page Really, it s freaking brilliant Even though I m still dumbfounded by it You ll turn the last page, you ll gasp, you ll think, you ll reminisce Some may even read it again, though I doubt that would help Don t get me wrong, the book is far from confusing, it s simply unreal You just need to read it to understand It s also the the type of story best enjoyed when you know nothing about it going in So all I m going to tell you is this Jenna tells us her story Scratch that She tells the police her story by way of a tape recorder they give her so she can do it at her own pace The format is reminiscent of Jay Asher s Thirteen Reasons Why While she s telling it, you feel so close to this character it s like you re connected to her You can hear her intonations, feel the tone of her voice On top of this, she sounds her age she sounds like you d expect her to sound It makes her so real and most importantly sincere Jenna comes off as smart and flawed, she s struggling to find herself To find someone who will listen and care Then she does she finds Mitch her teacher We re sent deep into Jenna s thoughts and feelings during this story So deep that we get easily confused as to who, exactly, is the victim here Things that you thought you were against, don t seem so wrong any It s not black and white just like real life Flawlessly weaved together, the multiple plot lines hypnotizes you so, that you don t realize you ve been holding your breath for 45 minutes frantically turning the pages What you can t hold your breath for that long Well you will LEARN.Do you get it yet This book is intense Intense, suspenseful, passionate all masterfully put together into an incredibly, profound novel For of my reviews, visit my blog at Xpresso Reads

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    That pain moves when you move it mutters between every breath it spikes your ears it rips You think pain can t be any horrible than that.Until you discover that the well is bottomless There s always I swear that quote isn t some slogan for chonic pain Which was a travesty it really should have been.Drowning Instinct Boring Shady Illegal.Inappropriate.Weird.Dull mystery.Nice narrator for audiobook though.And really beautiful cover.That s everything.Yup.rating

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    In my experience, the truly evil are few and good people, with the very best intentions, often make very bad decisions and get in way over their heads before they know it People drown, quietly before our eyes, all the time Ilsa J Bick in the Acknowledgements of Drowning Instinct I can never resist a compelling, unreliable narrator There are few literary techniques I find engaging than a strong, distinct voice especially one I m not sure I can trust And in sixteen year old Jenna Lord, Ilsa J Bick has created a razor sharp voice in a story that is anything but clear cut Drowning Instinct puts the reader in the uncomfortable position of listening in on Jenna s very unsettling story, as she dictates it onto a digital recorder for the detective waiting outside the door She is, in her own words ..lucky, a liar, a good girl, a princess, a thief and a killer And what she has to say is not easy to hear As Bick herself says, this is a difficult, risky book It does not present predators and victims in a black and white fashion There is a great deal of ambiguity and complex content including, but not limited to self harm, alcoholism, sexual and physical abuse, grief, PTSD, suicide and view spoiler a relationship between a teacher and student hide spoiler

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    Everybody breaks sooner or later Anyone can drown Sometimes you see it Most often you don t because the body protects and the skin hides, so drowning doesn t look like drowning and some people scar so nicely No, this isn t indeed your typical YA contemporary I should have believed the blurb Right now I am so tempted to tell you what kind or rather kinds of story this book has in store for you, but I wouldn t because it s very important that you find it out yourself and then you ll understand why I hid that important detail from you Everything during the first seventy percent of this book is anchored on a huge, heavy metal question mark My mind bathed in endless i feared unanswerable questions What is going on What are these characters motives Why does every sentence every character says is punctuated with that stubborn and almost annoying question mark Why is the story narrated by Jenna, a supposedly innocent girl in front of a detective via a recorder Why are these inducing reaction events seem to keep randomly popping up everywhere It was almost stressful reading it, not to mention the effect of the fast unleashing of events that I had to grapple for some air to breathe And then came the last thirty percent of the book and everything dawned on me and it all became crystal clear to me the purpose of this brilliant and exceptional author in writing this complex, gripping, disturbing yet provocative masterpiece Would you dare seek out that purpose I highly recommend it.

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    You can read my review at badassbookreviews.com tomorrow or belowIf you are reading my review, let me first start off with a small disclaimer, I seem to be the only one in the entire book universe that disliked this book In fact, most reviews speak of how much they loved Drowning Instinct I encourage everyone to read those reviews before you make any decisions on whether this book is right for you I had so many issues with this book But I am going to attempt to keep them down to a minimum However, notice I said attempt Let the issues beginJenna is so clumsy at the beginning.There was at least three separate incidents at the school where she is walking into doors, tripping in the hallway, spilling her food coffee all over herself, and in general making a complete mess of herself You would think she couldn t put one foot in front of another We are supposed to believe that Jenna, this elegant, graceful, long distance runner, is suddenly clumsy I don t think so Instead, I think the author needed a way to put Jenna together with Mr Anderson.Jenna s in patient mental hospital treatment records were released to her school without her knowledge I do not know Wisconsin law Let me repeat this, I do not know Wisconsin law However, I cannot imagine any school having rightful access to a student s in patient mental hospital records I know what some of you are sayingmaybe the parents authorized the release of the records This is completely contrary to Jenna s father s previous actions He wanted Jenna to go to this high school in an effort for her to fit in, and move on, from her problems Why would her dad allow the school to access something he wanted everyone to forget The parents do not trust Jenna at all but suddenly, they are willing to leave her for not just a few hours, or a few days, but for an entire week.Earlier, just before the parents leave Jenna for the week, they wouldn t even let her lock her own bathroom door In fact, there is one scene where Jenna is hiding in the bathroom behind a locked door Jenna at this point talks about how her mom, once she leaves the bathroom, will inspect her body for signs of cutting That is how extreme the parents mistrusted Jenna I can t believe Jenna s parents would go from complete mistrust to complete freedom Ok, I know, I know, there was one itty bitty line about how Jenna thought her parents could suddenly leave her for a week because they didn t care about her any But that doesn t hold up and that cannot be used to validate the author s decision to do a quick switch First, we already know that Jenna s father doesn t really care for Jenna That has not changed He doesn t trust Jenna There is no way in hell he would let Jenna stay in the house for a week alone Not because he worried about Jenna but because he didn t trust Jenna in HIS house around HIS stuff And Jenna s mother called Jenna every single day when the parents were gone If the parents didn t care, and that was the real reason they could leave Jenna, then why would Jenna s mom speak so lovingly to Jenna each and everyday Trust me, if a parent doesn t care about you, you do not hear from them at all Again, I think the author, the medical professional she is, managed to show how cutting causes parents not to trust their kids alone Except there is one problem, the author, the story teller she is not, didn t know how to advance her own story after setting up this issue in this manner And before I officially leave this issue, the parents took a week long VACATION from Jenna It was sickeningly sweet Numerous calls from Jenna s mom made it clear to Jenna which in turn, made it clear to the reader that Jenna s mom and dad were in romantic throws of love, lust, and passion Sound perfect right Wrong Before this infamous week, Jenna s dad was screwing everything with a vagina except the mom and Jenna s mom was suspected of screwing someone as well Not only were they cheating on each other, but Jenna s parents really disliked each other I don t get this sudden switch It just doesn t work And really, one final thought on this week long vacation I may need the author s psychiatric services after this review I m feeling a bit OCD here , dad is a surgeon, mom owns a bookstore with just one other employee Before this imfamous week, dad was always on call, mom worked like a billion hours, but suddenly they can extend a weekend away into a week away Ok, seriously, I m done on that issue I m sorry I promise I got it all out of my system The clues were way too obvious Warning this might have some spoilers Read at your own risk.I was at 25% when I figured out the situation about the brother All the clues were obvious Mom and Jenna saw Jenna s brother off when he left for the war But at the 25% mark, Jenna has to hide the fact that she is emailing her brother because she says both her mom and dad would not like it Her mom has a raging drinking problem, dad is full of anger, and there is no indications that Jenna s brother ever lived in the house or even visited Further, Jenna never talks about receiving a recent email I m sure you figured out why based on my summary above but if not, here it is view spoiler brother is dead and Jenna can t let go hide spoiler

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    3.5 stars Deciding whether to round up or down was an extremely hard decision and I m still not sure why I don t want to tell this story and you know why Because this is a fairy tale with teeth and claws Have you ever finished a book and found yourself unsure of what to think I m having a hard time wrapping my mind around what I just read Part of me was intrigued by this story, while part of me is sitting here thinkingwait, what Jenna, please Please, look at me I did and that s when I realized that eyes really are the window to the soul Don t go, he whispered Jenna and Mr Anderson Mitch are a teacher and student who have entered into relationship after realizing that they are the only people who might be able to help one other heal from a broken past However, each of them happen to be spinning their own web of lies to the point where you start to question what is real and what is not Is this love real or is there something sinister at work I found myself drawn into the story and the mystery surrounding the past lives of these two before before they found each other There were several predictable moments along the way and even though I mis guessed on a couple things, it wasn t hard to figure out the main gist of what was going down Even with that, I didn t find myself frustrated that there weren t enough big gut punches throughout the book because the way the story ended threw me for a loop I was expecting something much wicked from one of the characters than what I was given As of right now, I m not sure how I felt about the way everything came to fruition I ve read my fair share of student teacher stories and this one is not like any other I ve readin both a good way and a bad way If you re looking for a passionate and all consuming love affair, you re barking up the wrong tree So much of what s going on revolves around how screwed up these characters lives are, that the actual love story was not always the focus, even though it did have a big impact on the outcome Jenna, he said, and he put everything into that one word He put in a lifetime It s not hard to see why some people had issues with the book My friend Rebecca and I were buddy reading this and as we were discussing, she mentioned a couple of inconsistencies which didn t quite match up The few complaints I had didn t make me dislike the story, but I can see why some of these things would be a stumbling block for readers who like all of their ducks to line up in a row.My thoughts are a bit twisted, but I will say that the story had me, for better or worse Okay, so I wasn t initially crazy about the tape recorder narration, but it worked when everything came to a head The last sentence of the book changed my feelings about the style of writing Overall, I think the positives of what was trying to be accomplished in this type of storytelling did outweigh the negatives although, I would not have complained if the family issues had been limited to one or two things at the most The problems were a bit too everything but the kitchen sink for my liking I really was invested in wanting to know what was going to happen.The author s notes at the back are interesting to read I appreciated that Bick didn t make excuses for the characters she wrote, nor did she try to make the characters out to be better than they were She explained that not everything in this world is black and white and sometimes the story just is what it is In her own words Reality is Complex.Am I going to recommend the book Yes, I think I mightmaybe not quite in an enthusiastic cheer leading kind of way, but if you re looking for something to shake up your routine, Drowning Instinct is probably going to do the job This is the type of story which would make for an interesting discussion or book club read And no one asked questions No one gave us a second thought Everyone looked, and no one really saw End note If you re looking for a black and white teacher student affair book, I d go with Boy Toy if you want to read about something that shows the consequences of embarking on such a relationship, or Want if you are wanting to engage on a romanticized version of this type of story.

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    WHAT THE FUCK IS THAT ENDING ILSA J.BICK, I COMMAND YOU WITH EVERYTHING THAT IS HOLY IN THIS WORLD TO MAKE A SEQUEL FOR THIS BOOK I WANT MORE.YOU CANNOT LEAVE ME WITH THAT ENDING nooooooLike goddamn This book is GOOD This book is motherfucking GOOD Like Like I cannot even pinpoint just what it is about this book that had me glued to every single page and every single word But it sucked me in without problem and I was addicted Needless to say, this woman can write I just Man Let me just say this because currently my brain is fried because I was still trying to cope with the book There are two kind of books There are the kind of books that you read and you ll be like, wow it s good wonderfully written but then those books are not going to be the ones that stay with you It will be a good read, but that will be all there is to it But then, there are the kind of books that stun you That sucks your breath away That made you have to sit down and think and just regroup yourself after reading it Those kind of books are very very rare, and they only come once in a blue moon And those kind of books Those kind of books are the one that stays with you for a very very long timeAnd this book This book is the latter Please love me, Jenna, please hold me, please save me, and then he was groaning his mouth was a fever trailing down my neck, his tongue teasing mine and then my breasts, his hands knotting in my hair, and then we began to move together, and there was nothing but this and this and this and this and him Love me, Jenna, please, he gasped Love me, love me, love me, love me Pre reading Review Fuck it Reading the reviews for this book is like sitting on a see saw I saw a 5 star review and then 3 star, and then 5 star and then 2 star That s one way to convince someone to read a book I suppose lmao You win book I am adopting you to my TBR shelf Blog Look mom I have a blog Youtube Self promo here I come lol

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    3.75 StarsThis is an extremely well written book However the ending, though interesting, was a bit perplexing.

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    Actual Rating 2.5 stars.It s ok , I liked it just fine, did t love it.My big problem with this book is that it got tiresome at times actually, many times There are 3 main reason why I found the book tedious sometimes 1 There is a lot of pointless information and endless ramblings I wasn t interested in Too many unnecessary detailed mundane information I have no patience for Therefore, I skipped some paragraphs from time to time, made the book fluid and bearable that way 2 It takes a long time for the story to start to get interesting enough, or at the very least, it takes a long while for things to start happening.3 All the juicy parts are told quite superficially and briskly, which in contrast with the long aimless wanderings Jenna has going on, is not satisfying enough In a way, I felt cheated, since you would expect something better and greasier after enduring all those dull moments In conclusion, by the end of the book I felt deprived of something bigger Which in my book, is not a good way to finish a book and the main reason why nothing of the positives of the story made their way to my review.

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