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Themba chapter 1 Themba, meaning Themba, genre Themba, book cover Themba, flies Themba, Themba 05c0843b55123 Recently Made Into An Award Winning Film, Themba Meaning Hope Tells The Story Of A Young South African Boy Who Realizes His Dream Of Playing For The National Soccer Team But Must Come To Terms With AIDS That Has Infected Both His Mother And Himself

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    If you have a teenage boy who likes playing football and you want to get him to read, try this book.It s about a boy in South Africa who is mad keen on football and makes it to the premier league Along the way there s heartbreak and pain, a lot of growing up and discovery about who to trust and how to look after yourself It says the author runs a charity for AIDS victims in South Africa and inevitably, there are characters in the novel who suffer from this disease and are unwittingly affected bringing a healthy dose of reality to teenage boys who tend to think they are immortal and will never catch a sexually transmitted disease let them be warned as they dream of bending it like Beckham.

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    So far so good

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