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Between the Lines pdf Between the Lines, ebook Between the Lines, epub Between the Lines, doc Between the Lines, e-pub Between the Lines, Between the Lines 37c1b1a2333 Delilah Is A Bit Of A Loner Who Prefers Spending Her Time In The School Library With Her Head In A Book One Book In Particular Between The Lines May Be A Fairy Tale, But It Feels Real Prince Oliver Is Brave, Adventurous, And Loving He Really Speaks To DelilahAnd Then One Day Oliver Actually Speaks To Her Turns Out, Oliver Is Than A One Dimensional Storybook Prince He S A Restless Teen Who Feels Trapped By His Literary Existence And Hates That His Entire Life Is Predetermined He S Sure There S For Him Out There In The Real World, And Delilah Might Just Be His Key To FreedomA Romantic And Charming Story, This Companion Novel To Off The Page Will Make Every Reader Believe In The Fantastical Power Of Fairy Tales

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    This was super fluffy, cute, and easy to read It felt like I was reading a fairy tale as a child It doesn t feel like young adult, but it s a charming, refreshing read Here s my booktalk

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    a Just because a woman mermaid dislikes men doesn t make her a feminist Oh my Lord, do I really have to bring this up after the Tempest fiasco That makes her a misandrist a man hater A feminist is a person who believes in equality for both men and women GET THAT THROUGH YOUR HEADS This is not snark This is pure naked truth b Just because you make a lack of courage your hero s tragic flaw doesn t mean you can make him perfect in every other way I m a little sick and tired of all the boys who can make our gals blush with every smile or word they output.c An intimate connection does not occur because you ve both lost a parent Especially when the hero can t even remember aforementioned parent.d Why On Effing Earth Would You Use CENTURY GOTHIC ON THE INSIDE OF A BOOK shrieks It suuuuure didn t help me take Delilah seriously The font for Oliver s passages isn t much better DX This is a really inadequate review, I realize Please see my dear friend Nafiza s review, where she much eloquently states why this book isn t good.

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    There is a very famous play by Tom Stoppard called Rosencrantz and Guildenstern Are Dead The play deals with metaphysical elements of two dimensional characters who question their existence and its cyclical nature Between the Lines reminded me of that play It, too, deals with a character in a fictional piece of work fighting against his existence or, perhaps, the lack of it There are some very delightful illustrations accompanying the text my favourite is the one where Prince Oliver is climbing the text The premise is definitely promising and in the beginning, I was quite entertained by the novel.Unfortunately, it started unraveling for me after the first few chapters While the exchanges between Delilah and Prince Oliver are engaging, Delilah herself is not a character I can empathize with or even relate to I understand her love for reading but her fascination with one book to the point where she reads it over and over again consecutively is somehow not very believable Maybe it s just me The thing that turned me off Delilah completely is the way she treats her best friend How am I supposed to like a main character who throws away her only friend for a fictional character Who doesn t return her friend s calls, ignores her entreaties to spend time together, lies to her all for a guy who may or may not be able to change the medium of his existence And then when we do get the requisite turning over a new leaf, will love you better and yay from Delilah, it is only for the express purpose of getting her friend to drive her somewhere oh it s not written as such but really, I read Between the Lines and yes, pun is intended.Another thing that pretty much sealed the deal where the book is concerned is Delilah s comment about the mermaids For some context, the mermaids are written as boy loving when the book is being read but once the covers are closed, they do not care for men at all Apparently, according to Delilah, this makes them hard core feminists Right I do not understand what not liking men or thinking that you do not need a man to complete you as a person has to do with being a feminist Feminism has very little to do with men Hating men is not feminism Not wanting to be in a relationship is also not a sign of feminism Feminism is not, I repeat, a disease God This makes me so angry Okay.Delilah is fifteen years old and from what I read, has not experienced life at all She hasn t met many people, has not had life altering experiences, has not lived and yet, she is talking about destiny and fate and meant to be together with you forever Yep Also, the ending is pretty ridiculous I will not believe that a person would sacrifice so much so quickly I don t think so It seemed too neat and too contrived.Conclusion I cannot recommend this book to you because I didn t like it This is not saying that you shouldn t read it I don t dictate what you read and what you don t I m just saying that there are better books out there.

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    That was a fun, quick and adorable read for youngsters as if straight from a Disney movie and I won t be surprised if it does make it to the big screen It s imaginative and entertaining and the premise of the novel is indeed a curious thought that characters of the books we read could be alive and could be living a life of their own, could jump from page to page when the reader isn t reading the story written in the book I already knew my 12 year old niece would love it and when I passed her the book, she devoured it in two days She said it s the best book she has read just yet with dreamy eyes and satisfied sighs Lol Want to know , do check out Pinky s review.

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    I m not sure if the fact that I ve read a few books by Jodi Picoult in the past affected my enjoyment of this novel, and even though I knew not to expect her usual story type since it s written with her daughter, this was a lot different than what I had envisioned It s a good book It is But I think it s aimed at a younger YA audience and this is where I was left a little underwhelmed It s a fairy tale in all it s classic glory This is a story about princes, love, friends, overcoming the impossible to get to your ever afters Delilah, loner, social pariah, loves to lose herself in a story This takes a whole new meaning when a character from a child s illustrated book sweet and charming Oliver starts talking to her Like all Jodi Picoult novels, the story is told from several perspectives This case is a bit unique in that we have Delilah, we have Oliver, but also, we have Oliver s story the actual fairy tale in his book I thought this gave it an extra kick, without disrupting the flow as they are generally kept short Being a fan of multiple perspectives to begin with, I really enjoyed getting to know both Delilah and Oliver individually Delilah is in the real world with real problems a pretty average teenage life I liked her character the outcast who s trying to escape by reading She s kept fairly plain Jane and I think a lot of readers will be able to relate to her However, I found myself easily favoring Oliver s POV Oliver has been stuck in his fairy tale since it was written, with a book family of his own that makes his chapters vibrate with life Oliver himself is a very likeable character with imperfections and an enchanting demeanor, but I especially adored every single one of the unusual people and creatures that we got to meet alongside him I did notice some inconsistencies in his character, though, particularly in his knowledge of the real world or Otherworld as he calls it by mentioning things that would not have been possible for him to recognize or perceive Maybe it simply needed to tell us about how they acquired what they do know Like I said, as I felt this was aimed at a younger YA audience, these small discrepancies are most likely expected to be overlooked, which is certainly manageable The story is, in one word, pleasant For someone so young as a co author, the writing is especially fluid with beautiful, almost cinematic, descriptions Cute humor and adorable passages makes it a lighthearted novel To spice things up a bit my favorite part of the book are the sketches and illustrations that are scattered throughout to give us a very fun reading experience These are from the uncorrected proof and the finished copy may differ it stated that the final book would have full colored illustrations After everything is said and done, a fairy tale is what you get It s cute, it s fun, and it s refreshing what you expect from this story will factor in your enjoyment of it I was effortlessly and quite easily kept entertained by its imaginative plot, but as I was expecting something a bit less fluffy, it failed to completely dazzle me With that said, readers who are fascinated by fairy tales and have a weakness for happily ever afters will surely eat this one up For of my reviews, visit my blog at Xpresso Reads

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    It was an interesting concept, but not very well executed The book was extremely inconsistent For example, how could Oliver know what a fire extinguisher and orthodontia is but not a sandwich They had sandwiches back in the Middle Ages, even if they didn t call them sandwiches Plus, I m not sure what the target audience of this book it It s marketed as YA, but the writing is so straight forward and simple The authors try to add themes and deep meaning to this book, but it s so ridiculously obvious what they re trying to do, it made me laugh Oh, and the development of Oliver and Delilah s relationship We didn t get to SEE any of it happened It just got told to us Also, seeing how this is written partially by someone in high school, you d think that she would write it realistically I mean, unless she was going for satire, which I don t think she was High school for Delilah was so Mean Girls, I couldn t take her seriously It was about as realistic as Disney s portrayal of prom, which in my sister s words is so fake that even I know it, and I m not even in middle school The plot was far complex than I thought it would be but my expectations weren t really that high And the book was a tad too long for such a simple conflict It dragged a little in the end Ooh But the book gets bonus points for mentioning Harry Potter and Hunger Games even though Delilah did make a jab at it and say she was on team Peeta Ew If Jodi Picoult is going to write down for all the other young adult novels she does, she should probably just stick to writing adult Although I m incredibly jealous of her daughter I want a famous author mom so I could write books and be published and put that on my college app

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    I would have been OBSESSED with this when I was a tween Adorbs Around the Year in 52 Books Challenge Notes 7 A book about books

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    This review will contain major spoilers I really wanted to like this book The idea of it was good what book loving girl hasn t wanted a fictional character I ve always been a sucker for fairy tales, and that s why the book appealed to me.But oh, was this book terrible I could go on for hours talking about why I didn t like it, but I m just going to talk about a few major points.1 The High School DelilahCliche, cliche cliche In the introduction, Jodi mentioned how her daughter was a junior in high school As a junior myself, I thought that maybe we d get a good look into what high school and being a teenager is really all about I was so, so wrong The main character is the stereotypical outcast, hated by everyone and constantly talking about the most popular girls in school Her only friend is a emo punk whatever girl who hates Justin Bieber and has absolutely no point in the story 2 The formatThere is a reason most books are typed in black Times New Roman 12 What s with all the colors and stupid fonts They don t add anything to the plot and make readers feel like they re reading a children s book I thought this was YA I get that it s supposed to give a fairy tale feel but no.3 The ending This ending was terrible Oh my god it was bad The characters spend the entire second half of the book trying to find a way to get Oliver out of the book, and when they do it s incredibly anticlimactic and sudden It feels rushed as if the writer realized the train wreck she was writing and decided to end it as soon as possible But that s not even the real problem I have with the ending.Through the book, there s a big emphasis on the importance of family Oliver s father is killed by the dragon and his mother is so protective she insists that he doesn t fight, Delilah s father left her when she was a child, Delilah s mother is constantly worried about her The entire reason why Delilah is drawn to the book in the first place is because she and Oliver both don t have fathers Written by a mother daughter duo, you d expect that family takes a big role in the book.That s why the ending was so unexpected and inconsistent The writer of the fairy tale, Jessamyn, has a son named Edgar identical to Oliver Magically we are given no explanation , Oliver and Edgar switch places Edgar is placed into the story and Oliver is expected to act as Jessamyn s new son.WHAT SERIOUSLY DOES NO ONE FIND THIS MORALLY WRONG Despite Edgar not being the best son for Jessamyn, that does not change the fact that EDGAR IS JESSAMYN S SON Jessamyn clearly loves Edgar a lot Why is trapping Edgar in a fairy tale, away from his loving mother, a happy ending Yes Edgar s happy He makes the fairy tale his own But seriously Anyone who thinks this is a good ending for him or Jessamyn is either deluded or 9 years old.And after the book has this consistent theme of family they present that it s alright for a mother and son to be separated forever like this Jessamyn is completely unaware of this at the end of the novel she didn t even get a say in her son s fate.This is how she is repaid for making Delilah s dream guy Sigh I m so done with this book.

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    Anyone familiar with Picoult s solo adult books will know they usually involve moral issues and can be very confrontational The first thing you need to do when you pick up this book forget about her solo work and remember this is a joint effort Trust me when I say it is something completely different from any of her previous works And, boy, is it wonderful.Delilah is a teenager who doesn t really fit in to any of the groups at school and she gasp spends her lunchtime in the library She loves books, but lately there is one book in particular which she has been reading over and over Between the Lines is an illustrated fairy tale which Delilah found by accident one day in the library If anyone found out how much she reads it, she d have no chance of ever being considered anywhere close to normal, but she s willing to risk it because there is something, someone, making this book than just your average fairy tale.Prince Oliver is the main character of the fairy tale and lately he s noticed someone older reading the book Yes, Oliver, along with all the other characters, is alive inside the book Each time the book is opened they perform their required roles and act out the story to the reader However, Oliver is sick of this constant performance and longs for a life where he can do what he wants freely And that s where Delilah comes in So far, no one has ever been so attached to this story, if she loves it so much perhaps she ll be the one who is willing to hear Oliver s cry for help.Firstly, let me just say how completely amazing I found this premise As someone who has always loved reading, I have sometimes wondered what it would be like if the characters in a book were real, if they lived in our world However, I love the idea that characters in books have their own lives when the book is closed and that they are completely different people from those they play in the book The idea for the novel was proposed by Van Leer to her mother and I think it is wonderful to see a successful adult author embracing such a magical concept.In terms of the audience for this book, it is wonderful in that it will appeal to a broad age range I know I would have enjoyed this when I was nine just as much as I do now and I m sure that re reading this in a few years I will have the same reaction That said, I m sure a lot of adults will not be willing to give it a go because of the fact it is mostly aimed at children and teens However, I d love to see parents buying this for their children and sneaking it away to read themselves as my dad did with Harry Potter because imagination is a wonderful thing and it s not something which is just for children We need books like this.In terms of the writing, I found it engaging and fast paced I thought it would be difficult not to make comparisons with Picoult s solo work before I started reading, but actually it was simple because this is so radically different from all her other work I loved the fact that the actual fairy tale Delilah reads in the book is a character in its own right Although we, as readers, are not able to read the fairy tale in it s entirety, I really enjoyed reading the sections interspersed throughout the novel I also loved that I was able to read the fairy tale and then find out from Oliver what happens after that scene when the book is closed It was like seeing an actor playing their role and then seeing what happens when the director yells Cut I found the writing style to be thoroughly engaging and was struggling to put it down.Delilah was a character who blew me away because, just like Monica Geller and Hermione Granger, I could see so many elements of myself in her Firstly, she spends her lunchtimes in the library Finally, a heroine who loves the library And I love that she does, because I was totally that girl I mean, it s not like I didn t have wonderful friends, but I just loved the library and still do Also it had air conditioning Ok, I m kidding I was head of the library committee at school and my main job was shelving books and making displays and the like And you were wondering how I ended up with a book blog So, anyway, back on topic I LOVE Delilah I mean, who has not fallen in love lust with a character from a novel Looking at the illustrations of Oliver in the book I can totally see the attraction Her voice as a character was also authentic, and I have no doubt that Van Leer s input was crucial to this.The cast of storybook characters was fascinating and I really enjoyed seeing their in and out of character personalities They didn t just blend into the background behind Oliver and Delilah, but were a crucial part of what made this book so delightful to read.Although the book didn t end on a cliffhanger and could quite reasonably remain as a stand alone, there is room for a sequel This is something Picoult and Van Leer discussed during their promotional even in Brisbane earlier this year I for one would love to see a sequel, I loved the characters and am interested to see how they deal with some of the issues raised at the conclusion of the novel He understood, in that crystalline instant, that courage wasn t something you were bequeathed at birth, and it wasn t a lack of fright It was overcoming you fear, because the ones you loved mattered At that moment Oliver realized that home is not a place, but rather, the people who love you The act of reading is a partnership The author builds a house, but the reader makes it a home Between the Lines is a truly magical tale for all ages with wonderful characters, an intriguing premise and a witty, engaging writing style This is the best kind of book the kind where you can let your imagination run wild and be taken on a journey as the pages turn This review and many can be found at Maree s Musings. Well, only a little bit because where I come from our seasons tend to blend together and it s hot and humid about 75% of the year meaning lunchtime outside was always torturous Although, I loved the library before it had air conditioning Oops, rambling now I ll stop I promise.

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    Written by Jodi Picoult and her daughter Samantha van Leer, and it s evident from the very first line that the only writing Jodi did in this was adding her name to the cover The book is targeted YA, but it is a very young YA It lacked any of the punch, depth and insight that Jodi s work usually has The story concept could have been interesting if it had been better written But it was full of plot holes and continuity issues, and everything really only seemed to be addressed on a superficial level Same goes for the characters, who were not particularly interesting, nor were they fleshed out at all I would normally say that a lot of this comes down to the fact that Samantha is clearly very young and not an eperienced writer, but I don t think that s particularly fair as there have been some amazing books written by writers as young as Samantha.At the risk of being scathing, I m doubtful that Jodi would have put her name to this book if it had been written by anyone other than her daughter And even then, I m surprised that she did, considering the standard of the work Obviously it was to grant Samantha not only publication, but an immediate audience, which no doubt worked, but at the same time I feel was manipulative and somewhat deceitful.

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