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How to Be a Person txt How to Be a Person , text ebook How to Be a Person , adobe reader How to Be a Person , chapter 2 How to Be a Person , How to Be a Person 3a3f1e From Dan Savage, Lindy West, And The Stranger Staff Comes This Hilarious Guide To Life For College Students And Beyond Here Is All The Information You Actually Need To Know That No One Else Will Tell You Including Which Majors To Avoid, How To Not Get A STD, Everything There Is To Know About Philosophy In A Single Paragraph , What The Music You Like Says About You, How To Turn A Crush Into Something , How To Come Out Should You Happen To Be Gay , How To Binge Drink And Not Die, How Do Laundry, How To Do Drugs And Which Ones You Should Never Do , Good Manners, Tips On Flirting With Film Nerds, How To Write A Great Sentence, And A State By State Guide To The US Of A It S All Here, Along With Dan Savage S Very Best Advice About Sex And Love Hi

About the Author: Lindy West

Lindy West is a columnist at The Guardian, a contributor to This American Life, and a freelance writer whose work focuses on feminism, social justice, humor, and body image Her work has appeared in the New York Times, Cosmopolitan, GQ, Vulture, Jezebel, The Stranger, and others She is the founder of I Believe You, It s Not Your Fault, an advice blog for teens, as well as the reproductive rights

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    I could not stop laughing.Ever since I read The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F ck A Counterintuitive Approach to Living a Good Life I have been trying to find another super funny self help book I wasn t disappointed at all But honestly if you don t have an ounce of humor in your teeny tiny pinky this book will never be for you EVER.Unfortunately for me I have already been to college and graduated before I even knew about this book So, it doesn t really apply to me and none of this really happened to me either but it was just so funny that I momentarily forget that I ever went to college Hell, this made me want to build a time machine and go back to when I was college Sadly, I don t have a machine and I kind of like making money right now Other than that, this book is a pretty quick read Especially if you re into it like I was I couldn t put it down I didn t want to either And now I m off on my new adventure to find another super hilarious self help book.

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    This book definitely won t be for everyone For one thing, you have to have a sense of humor If you don t at least smile at the inside flap, then drop this book now, because I can almost guarantee that you won t like it In addition to prolific swearing, the book contains a LONG, detailed chapter concerning sex straight, gay, lesbian, bi and trans by way of real written letters and responses a la Dear Abby , and a chapter on politics specifically describing Republicans and Feminists However, there are also laundry tips, tested recipes, and true stories of working in restaurants.I guess I d recommend it to anyone who is really, really stressed about going off to college who has a sense of humor and an open mind A lot of statements in the book are there purely for comedic effect see the sections on music and books , but there are quite a few sincere pieces of advice as well see the chapter on Drugs I don t know if I would have picked this up before heading off to college, and if I had, I don t know if it would have changed much of my experience But I do think that voicing and addressing some of the fears a newly graduated 17 18 year old can be helpful, even especially when delivered in a comedic and frank fashion.Approximate Reading Time 4.5 hours

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    I wanted to like this book with every fiber of my being I was ready to order it for our library It sounded right up my alley and honest, funny, sassy, unfiltered scandalous guide to college and life for the 17 crowd It was Buzzfeed endorsed and one of the authors shares my name what could be better This book This book could be better Some parts were great and helpful and direct and funny However, all that was overshadowed by Dan Savage s unnecessary hypocrisy and religion bashing I knew going into this that he is not everyone s cup of tea but I dont generally mind him however he lost me here I am not a sensitive person by any means and I was offended by some of the things he wrote with regard to Catholics and homosexuals Ultimately he was behaving exactly as the reader he was berating in one of the featured exchanges I know being gay is not easy, and a lot of people catholic and otherwise only add to the difficulties but to outright Catholic bash makes you no better of a person especially when so many people catholic or otherwise are LGBT supporters I never feel it is beneficial to fight hate with hate because all you do is alienate people who are already on your side and that is exactly what Dan Savage does in this book and unfortunately this is what stuck with me rather than any of the advice that could be considered helpful Its a shame because without a handful of unnecessary inflammatory exchanges this book could have been great It seemed kind of childish and I m not sure what the authors were intending to achieve by including them.

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    Dan Savage, Lindy West, and the staff of the Stranger put out a quick book of advice about life, love, drugs, sex, rock and roll for 18 year olds generally practical information viz., pot won t kill you but DEFINITELY stay clear of heroin , and of course the Savage entries are pretty worldwide and amusingadded this in to counterbalance the 4s and 5s that have been filling up my reading queue part of the situation is that Goodreads s glut of information now allows me to zero in, laserlike, on the very best titles ordinarily that would be a good thing, but as one s average book rating creeps to 4 territory, suddenly there s an inversion of help if every book is a 4, then of course none of them are.what else continuing economic chaos as in, I gotta scramble for either China or Guam employment 2 months of paychecks have dried up, leaving me working the Rolodex 2013 is a curveball thank god mere hours remain.good reads cake day I approach or have passed the one year anniversary of joining GR my primary contribution many of the top GR reviewers now peevishly note that blog style reviewers are annoying yes we are hahahahaother developments goodreads formally transferred me from USA to Japan in its rankings thus, I zoom from 117 reader in the USA to the 3 reviewer in Japan haha, context is everything after all.world scene tensions, mildly rising

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    This is maybe the best book for someone going into college I ve ever heard of It is straight to the point with life advice And it s written in a light tone and good humor More than once I thought to myself That s so obvious now, but I really wish someone had just told me that 10 years ago Anyhow, very funny, witty, and not too serious.

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    This is the first book I have ever read where I truly felt too old to be reading this book The book tries to invoke both humor and provide advice on several topics that the typical college student faces such as sex, binge drinking, etc I do recommend this book for any high school senior as I can see how the advice would have been of interest to me at that time of my life, however now with a few years under my belt a lot of the advice provided is of common sense to me now and I frankly don t find it humorous any Again, highly recommend this book for any high school senior, however anyone else would just be wasting their time with this book.

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    This book is pretty funny, but not necessarily super useful for someone about to leave for college It s actually feels like a humor book for a college grad.

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    Some good stuff in here.

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    Relatively funny a little at times, so it gets 2 stars But in general this book was pretty useless It wasnt very funny, I didn t learn anything, and it was mostly the authors finding different ways to promote liberal viewpoints I m not anti liberal, I just didn t find it particularly thrilling I also felt that it was very oriented toward gay people, with many of the stories being about gay couples, etc If you are gay you will love it

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    I was given this book by a family friend in honor of me going away for college, and it really wasn t anything that I experienced Maybe it will be applicable later, but as of right now, it hasn t been that helpful I am not someone who does very many of the things mentioned in the book, and if I do do the things, then I already have my own advice given to me by people I know and trust That being said, if this kind of book is your thing, go for it

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