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    4.5 5Mon avis en Fran aisMy English reviewI enjoyed the first volume, which was a nice surprise and I was curious to discover the second I must say that it features this time Japheth, the character that intrigued me so much at the beginning So I was really happy to be able to learn about him.Our dear angel dreams only of one thing, to be forgiven and return to heaven He wants redemption Since he is tainted, his ultimate goal is to remain distant from all possible sins And this is it until he meets Harley Rose, the young Angels slayer She is a vampire, he should kill her, but it s not possible for him to do that She aims to make him drink her blood so she could curse her, but the feelings that arise between them jeopardize her mission They will team up to get rid of the demon who changed her She could then be free and He could win his ticket to heaven But with an alliance like this one, it is always dangerous and many obstacles will get in their way.I loved these two characters here I must say that Japheth is very different from the other angels that we could discover I really wanted to understand what he did to be banished from heaven He is so straightforward and courageous, it is difficult to imagine him otherwise So when he begins to feel desire to Rose, a demon he had vowed to kill, his entire world is turned upside down He does not know what to do Kill her Help her Love her But he knows that whatever he decides he can no longer remain the man he was Having spent so many years doing what was right, one person manages to distract him from his goal He will then question himself about many things, trying to understand what he can do, although the easiest solution is never really an option He will evolve a lot throughout the story, while discovering the truth he never wanted to know I also enjoyed Rose, she is a young woman abused by life and trying to live as best as she can She never wanted this life, but is obliged to follow the rules that are dictated to her She is fragile and damaged as is Japheth, and they will try their best to help each other, not in the best way sometimes We discover them throughout the story their lives and their past All this broke my heart and made us appreciate them a little with each chapter It was a pleasure to follow and understand them, I think these are the two characters that I prefer for the moment in the series.Of course there are also Jaz, this angel that we meet in the first volume We will be able to see her a little bit in the story, and I admit that the revelation of the end left me speechless I did not know very well which way to play and even if the idea came to me at a time of my reading I was completely taken aback when I learned the truth It was a really good idea to close the novel like that Now I can not wait to learn and see how it will continue.This is a very good novel, even better than the first and I will wait impatiently for the next one A really great PNR series to discover for everyone

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    I couldn t put it down and I can t wait to read the first book I literally spent all day reading this, and I m in love with the writing, story, and hold nothing back approach The action, the suspense, and the sexual tension and release were executed perfectly.I did stumble through the first few chapters though, I didn t have the chance to read the first book This is my fault, but I wouldn t recommend reading it out of sequence I m still new to the angels vs demons in a literary sense, so a lot of the terms were new for me A seasoned reader, I think, would be fine.With that being said, I think the author painted the world in a dazzling manner The characters were real to me, so real that I felt their emotions At times I was moved by their struggles, and there were a few times were I even wanted to reach through the pages and smack around Japheth, Michael tons there , and even Rose Of course i wanted to kick some demon vampire butt too.I look forward to reading the first in this series, and if all books printed or not are like this one, well the author has made a new fan for life.

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    I read and reviewed book one, Revelation, a while back And was really looking forward to this one But for some reason I was having a hard time getting into it Maybe it was because I am out of my angel kick I don t know.BUT, I am glad I stuck it out Rose and Japeth are both such tortured souls you can t believe there is any way either of them can find love, let alone the redemption they are both seeking Do they find either I m not telling .I also really enjoyed getting to know some of the other side characters a bit better Although I wish I could get of Luniel and Morgan, from Revelation, than just a passing mention I would like to know where they stand a month later Sexy times still happening Speaking of sexy times, I wanted to scream at Rose and Japeth to just GET IT ON ALREADY sometimes Yeah yeah I know, Angel and Vampire not usually compatible But geez Some of us are waiting over here.Overall 3.5 A good solid end of the world story Looking forward to

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    Review I don t read many paranormal romances, and I m not sure why I enjoy them on the odd occasion when I do pick them up, and Redemption was no exception This is the second book in Erica Hayes The Seven Signs series, and I didn t have much trouble figuring out what was going on, even though I haven t read the first book, Revelation which has a zombie virus, so I will be reading it, hopefully soon The series features the war between angels and demons and the prophesied end of the world I enjoyed how the angels were portrayed in this story just because they are angels didn t mean that they were good What was even better Japheth, a Tainted angel, is working tirelessly for his redemption, so he can return to Heaven His fellow Tainted behave like fraternity boys drinking, chasing women, and partying in between missions slaying demons and hellspawn, and trying to stop the Apocalypse from happening.Michael is in charge of the angels, and he s a ruthless jerk I hated him He s power hungry and cruel, and he doesn t hesitate to sacrifice his angels if it will fulfill his ambitions He sends Japheth to kill Fluvium, the Prince of Thirst, and recover the vial of wrath in his possession Japheth doesn t know why Michael cast him out of Heaven He s always been brave, righteous, and dedicated to serving God All he wants is to be let back into Heaven He lives a life a purity, distaining pleasures of the flesh, and obeying orders to the letter What does he get for his sacrifices A never ending hard on and no sense of humor Poor guy.Rose Harley is Japheth s unlikely match Like Japheth, she s been tricked, and now she s a vampire, the slave of Fluvium He s ordered her to steal Japheth s soul, or he ll throw her into Hell Terrified of the never ending agony of Hell, Rose is determined to carry out his commands She s killed angels aplenty they don t call her Angel Slayer for nothing When the two meet, however, they both discover that they have clearly met their match They are both fierce warriors, they are both driven to carry out their mission at all costs, and they both have preconceived notions about the other that are wrong, wrong, wrong Circumstances have fooled them both, and robbed them of their dreams Rose has lived through the horror of being a demon lord s plaything, and Japheth is the casualty of another s powerful ambitions.I enjoyed the world building in Redemption I loved how the lines between the hellspawn and the angels blurred, leaving me wondering who was good and who was truly evil There is a large cast of characters, and I want to know about several of them, both angels and demons I m sure they ll be back for future installments of the series What I really want is to see the characters I dislike meet their comeuppance There are several who deserve the wrath of both heaven and hell.The pacing is blistering After all, Japheth is racing to complete his mission and put a stop to the Apocalypse, all at the same time He s saddled with Rose, a vampire he doesn t trust, but is forced to rely on He has nothing but contempt for Rose, and he won t even consider that there might be than he realizes about her turning into a vampire Nope, she s hellspawn scum, and the sooner he finishes his mission, the sooner he can put an end to her cursed life Nice guy Maybe he s not so righteous after all Though he took a while to warm up to, I did come to like Japheth His fall from grace was only possible because he couldn t see the evil in those he served He was the ideal warrior fighting for the faith he believed in with all his heart, making his betrayal that much bitter It takes him a long, long time to come to terms with what he believes his fellow angels should be, and the reality of what they are I wouldn t want to have to trust any of these guys, because I wouldn t trust them as far as I could throw them.The action is intense, and the sparks between Japheth and Rose are blinding As they begin to trust each other, their attraction for each other blazes out of control If only Japheth wasn t trying to stay so pure Redemption is a fun, action packed romp through a nightmarish vision of the Apocalypse, where the lines between good and evil aren t all that clear The romance between Japheth and Rose, two strong and noble characters who have had their faith and trust shattered, is hot and steamy and will leave you believing in their HEA.Grade B

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    I received a complimentary copy of this book as a part of a book tour in exchange for a fair and honest review Redemption, the second book in The Seven Signs series by Erica Hayes, picks up the tale of the Tainted host shortly after the events that took place in Revelation Continuing her extensive world building, Ms Hayes gives us two somewhat doomed would be lovers, whose path to peace is fraught with guilt, blood and violence While I m not sure I d call them likable characters, they do none the less grab your attention and garner your sympathy,.Once a warrior angel, Japheth, is now one of the Tainted Unsure about exactly what he did to earn Archangel Michael s wrath, Japheth has spent the last 14 centuries killing demons and denying himself any kind of glory or joy in an effort to earn redemption Regardless of how many demons he kills, it never seems to be enough to get Michael off his back at least until now.Given the order to kill the demon vampire known as the Angel Slayer and her master, a demon prince known as Fluvium, Japheth has been promised re entry into heaven upon the successful completion of his task by Michael Japheth never thought he d fall in love with the enemy.An up and coming star on Broadway, Rose Harley becomes a demon vampire after a night with Fluvium, a demon prince Tricked into surrendering her soul and hurting the only person she loves, Rose is angry at both heaven and hell for her situation Taking her anger out on angels keeps her out of hell where the soul of the person she betrayed angrily waits for her.Trying to stay one step ahead of her master, Rose roams the night and streets of Babylon alone and in despair At least until she runs across one of the tainted angels, Japheth Promised time on earth if she can turn one of the Tainted to the dark side, Rose plans to use seduction as a way of taking down the Tainted she couldn t kill As Rose and Japheth meet and circle around each other, the third and fourth vials of the Apocalypse take center stage Ms Hayes continues her world building by giving us glimpses into an Earth full of despair, destruction and little to no hope We get to know Rose and Japheth as the people they were, through flashes of their past, and the people they ve become.While both are desperate to stay out of hell, they can t deny their attraction and are reluctant to carry out their assignments to destroy each other Both are sympathetic characters and easy to understand While desperate to gain re entry into heaven, Japheth is still disdainful of humans who he refers to as monkeys , though he can t deny his desire for Rose Meanwhile Rose finds herself falling deeper and deeper in love with a man she s supposed to corrupt The secondary characters continue to play an important part in this series, especially Archangel Michael, whose hatred of pretty much everyone and everything seems to know no bounds We do meet the Archangel Gabriel, who s not as clueless as Michael thinks Gabriel has his own doubts about what s going to happen at the end, and also seems to suffer from a spirit of despair.The demons also play an important role, especially Fluvium, a theatrically inclined demon who is annoying as all get out, and his boss Azeroth Azeroth is running things in Hell until Satan is freed from his prison All four of these powerful beings have one thing in common, their disdain for humans and their growing thirst for power In fact one wonders what will happen to mankind as no one seems to care for the humans Will Rose be successful in her attempts to seduce Japheth to the dark side Will Japheth choose to stay on Earth with Rose when he s given a chance to get back into the heavenly host You ll have to read Redemption to find out I want to warn the reader that this is a series you ll want to read in order as each book builds on the previous installment.

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    The following review is my opinion and not a paid review I was given a free copy of the book from the author for my honest opinion.Japheth is a tainted angel who was casted out of heaven to watch over and protect the humans and to slay the demons Ever since he was cast out of heaven Japheth has been doing whatever it takes to earn his way back into heaven again He has tried to follow all the rules and go on all of his assigned mission to find and kill demons.The archangel Michael has made Japheth a deal he can t refuse Michael sends him after a vampire that has been slaying angels They call this vampire the Angel Slayer Japheth goes out hunting this vampire angel slayer and who does he meet Rose Harley the vampire angel slayer herself Japheth does not expect the angel slayer to be this very beautiful woman whom he is attracted to instantly.Japheth and Rose discover that they both have one enemy in common A demon who is known as the Prince of Thirst A blood drinking vampire the one and same vampire that turned Rose They each want this one demon for their own personal reasons So they decided to team up together and go after this demon for their own revenge and to save all the humans from him If they can find this demon and kill him maybe they can stop the apocalypses.What I really liked about Redemption is that the angels were not perfect as we are taught perfect is What I mean by being perfect is being like Jesus Not saying bad words and not killing people or hurting people An angel can be bad or have evil in their heart just like most demons And demons can have a good heart never wanting to hurt anyone but yet they are still a demon.Redemption is telling us that God knows what is in the angels and the demons hearts God or heaven only cares about what kind of person you are or what is in your heart As the saying goes action speaks louder than words Words doesn t mean anything only what we put on them and the way we use them.Would I recommend Redemption Yes I would but I do suggest that you read revelation book 1 in the series before you read Redemption Well you could read Redemption first and still know what is going on Erica gives you enough info in Redemption that comes from Revelation so that you can understand what is happening But if you want to know who and what the other characters are all about and their rolls in the story then reading Revelation before Redemption would be a wise choice.I can t make my mind up as to which book I liked the best book 1 or book 2 It is a very difficult decision to make All I can say is I don t know Please don t make me make that choice Hey I know how about you guys go get your copy of both books Revelation and Redemption and read them then come back here and let me know what you think How does that sound I know Erica would really appreciate you buying both of her books I can t wait to read the next book in the series Who s story or life will we get to read about next Will it be Jadzia or maybe it might be Michael s Or one of the other tainted angels

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    In Erica Hayes Redemption we jump right back into the chaos of the upcoming Apocalypse as the sexy Tainted Angels return to find another of the keys to the end of the world while fighting demons here on Earth as well as those inner demons weighing on their souls And no Tainted Angel seems to have weighing on him than Japheth, who s kept his emotions locked inside since being cast out His inner torment made me ache for him and I longed for him to find someone to ease his pain He allows no comfort or happiness into his life as penance and continues on as the dutiful soldier, at least until he meets the one woman to tempt him in over a 1000 years She s his enemy though something about her calls to him and unthaws his cold heart and for the first time he s unsure of what is right Should he give in to the only bright spot he s found since being cast out or throw away his last chance at redemption for the love he sees in her conflicted soul Rose was made a vampire against her will and has done whatever necessary to keep from being sent to Hell Her latest mission is to corrupt the incorruptible Japheth through seduction and once they meet it s hard to tell who s really being seduced Rose knows she s abhorrent because of her demon blood and can t understand why the pure hearted and sexy Japheth wants her, but wants her he does Rose is a strong willed woman who hates what she s become and the hurts she s caused She doesn t believe in redemption or the concept of honor until Japheth shows her a different way of living.What follows is a journey full of sexual tension where they have to rely on each other to get what they both want It s a dangerous and bloody war they wage against powerful enemies and with their own desires Neither wants to hurt the other but at times it s hard not to cause each other hurts when there s constant betrayal all around them They fight each other every step of the way but you can sense their connection and the succor they could give each other if they just give their true feelings a chance The verbal sparring at the beginning is the first glimpse into their attraction Their sexual interludes later on are super steamy and well worth the wait The final part of the story was about great sacrifice and brought a tear to my eyes It gave new meaning to what redemption truly is.Hayes world building is unique and vivid with its dark and gritty city full of a dangerous cast of various demons all partying their way to the Apocalypse The action scenes are numerous and heartpounding with much blood being shed In a separate storyline we see the rest of the Tainted Angels hunting another piece of the Apocalyptic puzzle in a deadly fight of their own where the archangel Michael continues to crave power and continues to poison his warriors through promises and lies He s becoming dangerous and I fear for those sexy and heroic Tainted Angels A final scene that caught me completely by surprise involving Tainted Angel Jadzia and her demon lover opens up an entirely new can of worms and has me greatly anticipating the next book in this series.

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    Won from a Goodreads Giveaway This is my second foray into the work of Erica Hayes and I have to say that this book has pretty much solidified my status as a new fan The second book in The Seven Signs Series focuses on Japheth, the most frosty assed son of a bitch you ll ever meet But like every good story out there, there s a reason behind his closed off indifference You see, unlike the rest of his fallen angel comrades of the Tainted Host, he s the one who craves redemption the most So much so that for fourteen hundred years our poor angel hasn t allowed anything that could be deemed a sin, touch him No indulgence of any kind, even the deserving sort He survives on nothing above the bare necessities because he truly believes that s the only way he can regain the forgiveness that will allow him to finally go home He won t even allow himself a warm friggin shower A warm shower Until one day, his once beloved, now cruel and calculating Misha a.k.a Archangel Micheal offers him the chance of a lifetime complete 2 simple tasks and you ll finally be able to go back to heaven Or maybe not so simple coming from Micheal His last little offer to Jae ordered him to kill one of his friends well, as close to friends as you can get with a shut in like Jae , Dashiel in exchange for his soul Ummmm, no thank you.1 Kill the Demon of Thirst before the full moon in a day and a half Simple for a demon killer like Jae, right Well here s the 2nd When the time comes, lie to the powerful Archangel Gabriel by keeping your suspicious mouth shut Not so simple for a highly honorable angel like Japheth, who hasn t lied, cheated or stolen in centuries.Vampire Rose Harley on the other hand, has done a lot of despicable deeds in recent weeks that she wouldn t have even considered a few months ago Deeds ordered by her psychotic demon Master Fluvium Once a beautiful up and coming Broadway dancer, Rose lost everything the night she met her Master Disguised as a tall, dark and sexy stranger, Rose unknowingly allowed the sneaky, evil being seduce her to bed It was a night she ll never forget, and not for the right reasons Forbidden sparks fly when Japheth runs into the darkly delicious Rose Light and dark clash in the most passionate of ways when they find out they have a common enemy but will the secrets they keep from one another save them Or destroy them Unleashing Hell on Earth in the process The fight continues for the 7 Holy Vials of God s Wrath and this latest installment had me hooked from the get go Bring on the next one please

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    Originally Reviewed At Mother Gamer WriterRating 5 out of 5 Tantalizing ControllersReview Source Blog TourReviewer HeatherVampires, Demons, Angels, oh my stars I don t even know where to begin Redemption, The Seven Signs is book 2, and I m all but salivating to read the first after this steamy, bloody, tantalizing story I ll forewarn though, it has a lot of yummy, erotically written sexual scenes and sexual suggestion that hold nothing back, tossing you head first no pun intended into the moment.Japheth is a fallen angel, tossed from heaven by the archangel Michael and for fourteen hundred odd years, he s made it his mission to become redeemed On Earth, he allows himself only the pleasure of hunting and killing evil, the minions of Satan He takes no pleasure from the flesh and allows nothing gratifying into his life, which earns him the nickname frigid, icy, and frosty It matches his blue angelfire perfectly until Rose Harley was just a young woman with huge dreams before she became seduced, confused, and then forced into the world of bloody thirst She seeks no redemption because she doesn t believe it possible, not for her, and certainly not after what she s done Instead, she is a vampire Rose is a slave in every aspect from her body to her fangs Still, her instinct is to fight back, not for her soul, but to stay out of Hell Her job is to hunt and kill fallen angels, a job she excels at, until Two unlikely supernaturals are thrown together in this quick paced, suck you in until you beg for , read There is passion there is lust, greed and envy as the story twists and turns in this multiperson point of view apocalyptic fight for the future There is action, sex, mystery, and suspense rolled into one super charged ball of fury that will keep you on the edge of your seat, frozen in stupefying wonder.Want to know how it all plays out I can tell you that I barely scratched the surface, so you better read it While I started with 2, I would suggest starting with the first I was able to grasp it, but I typically won t read anything out of sequence unless I have to.I ve read a lot of paranormal fantasy This is by far the perfect blend for adults It s real, real in the fantasy sort of way, but real nonetheless This isn t your wishy washy teenage angst filled romance The pull, the fight, all of it drips with a human edge, which brings you to the front lines If you love steamy romance, read it If you love PNR UF Apocalypse read it.

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Redemption summary pdf Redemption, summary chapter 2 Redemption, sparknotes Redemption, Redemption 595d5f7 Japheth The Tainted Is On The Hunt For A Mysterious Demon Vampire But Meeting Her Face To Face Might Disarm His Warrior Spirit And Spark An Unquenchable Passion With Apocalyptic ConsequencesAs A Fallen Angel, Japheth Is Determined To Make His Way Back To Heaven By Staying Pure And Slaying Hellspawn With A New Scourge Of Vampires Unleashed By A Blood Drinking Demon, The Prince Of Thirst, There S Plenty To Be Done But Japheth Is After One Vampire In Particular The One They Call The Angel SlayerRose Harley Never Wanted To Be A Vampire, But The Prince Of Thirst Can Turn Even The Kindest Soul Into A Soldier Of Hell Feeling Abandoned By God, She Stalks The West Village Taking Revenge On His Angels Until She Meets Her MatchWhen Japheth And Rose Encounter Each Other, The Battle Is Fierce And Charged With Desire But When They Discover A Common Enemy The Prince Of Thirst Himself They Form A Dangerous Alliance That Could Either Cost Them Their Eternal Lives, Or Spark A Love Powerful Than Heaven Or Hell

  • Mass Market Paperback
  • 352 pages
  • Redemption
  • Erica Hayes
  • English
  • 06 March 2019
  • 9780425258385

About the Author: Erica Hayes

Erica Hayes was a law student, an air force officer, an editorial assistant and a musician, before finally landing her dream job fantasy writer She writes dark paranormal romance, urban fantasy and romantic science fiction, and her books feature tough, smart heroines and colorful heroes with dark secrets.She hails from Australia, where she drifts from city to city, leaving a trail of chaos behin