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Pity the Beautiful txt Pity the Beautiful , text ebook Pity the Beautiful , adobe reader Pity the Beautiful , chapter 2 Pity the Beautiful , Pity the Beautiful e0843f The Long Awaited Fourth Collection By One Of America S Foremost Poets O Lord Of Indirection And Ellipses,ignore Our Prayers Deliver Us From DistractionSlow Our Heartbeat To A Cricket S Call From Prophecy Pity The Beautiful Is Dana Gioia S First New Poetry Book In Over A Decade Its Emotional Revelations And Careful Construction Are Hard Won, Inventive, And Resilient These New Poems Show Gioia S Craftsmanship At Its Finest, Its Most Mature, As They Make Music, Crack Wise, Remember The Dead, And In A Long, Central Poem Even Tell Ghost Stories

About the Author: Dana Gioia

Dana Gioia is an internationally acclaimed and award winning poet Former Chairman of the National Endowment for the Arts, Gioia is a native Californian of Italian and Mexican descent He received a B.A and a M.B.A from Stanford University and an M.A in Comparative Literature from Harvard University Gioia is pronounced JOY uh Gioia has published four full length collections of poetry, as wel

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    I bought this poetry book from a second hand bookshop a few weeks ago It s my first Dana Gioia poetry book and in the spirit of full disclosure, I must admit this is the first time I encountered his name So I delved in with no expectations whatsoever All I can say is that, after reading, I thank my lucky stars I picked up this book randomly and decided to purchase it after a few moments of hesitation His poems in this book are a wonderful mix of emotionally packed texts and wisdom laden pieces Some poems gives a glimpse of life Sometimes it s other people s lives, sometimes his life, and sometimes the reader s own Always, I saw pieces where the over all theme is a search a search for something that evades the seeker, be it a memory of the past, a sense of achievement or something that cannot be brought back More often than not, there s a hidden message in the text be it to live your life to the fullest NOW or the fact that pride sometimes entail not only selfishness but also selflessness in sacrifice Again, picking up this poetry book was indeed a spark of serendipity in my life Now, I finally know who Dana Gioia is and believe me, next time I see a book of his in a secondhand bookshop, there ll be no hesitations in my part.

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    English major, and I have a confession I hate most poetry written in the last 100 years I don t hate this In fact, I think it s awesome Savor it.

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    Because it s Dana Gioia, we expect First, the cover is badly done Come on, it s Dana Gioia and it s from Graywolf The design looks very amateurish to me, as if I was holding a book of a self published author who just has his work produced with POD Though the image the amputated angel on the cover echoes a poem in the book The Angel with the Broken Wing , the overall stylistics is a fail Then, the content Most poems in Pity the Beautiful interrogate the function of God or religion in general in our world But it has been done by lots of poets Do we really need another book on this However, there re other interesting approaches In Shopping , the speaker meditates upon the religious fetishes he sees in a department stores, where he can also shop for other household commodities This juxtaposition is clever and potentially interesting There are two very smart lines Because I would buy happiness if I could find it Spend all that I possessed or could borrow Meanwhile, there are also very sentimental lines that weaken the piece well, I think the poem is way too long Cut the drama Where are you, my errant soul and innermost companion The strongest piece is definitely part I of Special Treatment Wards which I have read in Poetry Mag Each line shows control, each image is carefully chosen and effectively brings out the mood, not to mention most lines contain similar numbers of syllables, which makes the pace of the work flow smoothly But this poem has outsmarted most of the remainders in the book The weakest ones are those with rigid rhyme schemes They read light and mediocre to me These are the clever lines I got from the book, though there aren t many As if the only purpose of desire Were to express its infinite unfolding The Lunatic, The Lover, And the Poet Symbols betray us They are always or less than what Is really meant Lovers swear loyalty in a careless world Autumn Inaugural Yes, that s all.

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    This is a beautiful collection with some truly extraordinary poems I have been a fan of Gioia ever since encountering his verse for the first time I love his dialog with form and forms as he works through rhyme and meter in a way most modern poets refuse to do, except to begin that way and then seek to turn it inside out, destroy it, underline the rhythm, the consistency.There were many standouts for me in this collection Majority is a beautiful, tragic poem reflecting on the loss of an infant son on what would have been his twenty first birthday Autumn Inaugural deals with Autumn of course and the return to school Reunion speaks the hard truth of memory to the sentimental vision that often accompanies a reunion of which group doesn t really matter here Shopping is a wise and clever send up of materialism I m not sure what Prayer at Winter Solstice is, other than bright, and beautiful, and excellent The Seven Deadly Sins was quite clever and snarkily wise Special Treatments Ward recognizes that their are no easy answers to suffering and loss The answers that appear easy, are only easy because the person who finds them that way is disconnected from the event at hand in some fashion Pity The Beautiful the title track , Being Happy, and The Apple Orchard all differ widely except for the deep thought and consistent excellence they all display I thoroughly enjoyed this book I d only ever been able to read Gioia in tiny bits, a poem here, a poem there, always liking what I d found This my first full collection was a great pleasure, and wholly worth the effort.

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    I received my copy of the book through the FirstReads program.Even though they say a poet is his own worst critic, that often appears not to be the case Poetry as a genre is very easy to criticize The formation, the metaphors, the context of each piece can either resound within a reader, or be rejected by them Every poem s meaning is changed when another new reader absorbs the words There is no one right answer.That being said, the poems within Pity the Beautiful Poems are certainly worthy of praise instead of critique While the language is not necessarily flowery or complex, the images it creates are But what astounds me than the vocabulary of his work is the topics or subjects that Mr Gioia depicts They are simple objects, situations that normal human beings go through everyday, yet they are written of in such a way that you see them through brand new eyes His work evokes a sense of discovery, wonder, curiosity, and remembrance Mr Gioia s poems are of a quality I have not read in a while The reader spends time thinking about the poems than actually reading them, and in this humble reviewer s opinion, that is a trait of a successful poem Any poetry enthusiast would love to have this small volume in their collection.

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    A TOP SHELF review, originally published in the June 13, 2013 edition of The MonitorImperfection as Our Native SpeechPoet Dana Gioia is a former chairman of the National Endowment for the Arts and noted proponent of the New Formalism that would rescue poetry from the remote hinterlands of ivory tower academe and put it back in the people s hands Last year, Graywolf Press released his first new collection of verse in than a decade, a slim but powerful volume infused with melancholy and hope.The poems in Pity the Beautiful range from quick lyrical bits to longer narrative works and include translations of several works by Italian poets as well as extracts from a libretto Standouts for me include The Angel with the Broken Wing, in which a scarred statue ponders its role as an emblem of futility Las Animas, a translation of Mario Luzi s poem in which a procession of lost souls makes its way through a burning landscape a very moving d a de los muertos reflection Autumn Inaugural, a well crafted apology for ritual and its key role in our lives and the moving eulogy for children who ve died in a hospital entitled Special Treatments Ward Also amazing are the unconventional but wise ghost story Haunted the selections from Tony Caruso s Final Broadcast, an opera for which Gioia wrote the libretto, the story of a failed tenor whose late night radio program is about to go off the air for good and Majority, a heart breaking piece written to commemorate what would have been the 21st birthday of the son Gioia lost in infancy.Throughout Pity the Beautiful Gioia, whose background as a native Californian of Italian and Mexican descent has clearly made the symbols of Catholicism a versatile tool in his compositional kit, interweaves ghostly glimpses and hints of divinity with the faith shattering realities of human existence Amidst the intense juxtaposition of hope and doubt, his humor and compassion shine through warmly Though clearly new formalist in his embracing of meter and rhyme, Gioia is willing to employ free verse where warranted, and elsewhere his rhythms spring naturally from the material while his rhymes are never trite, always organic Technically accomplished, thematically relevant, lyrically beautiful, this collection is definitely top shelf.

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    A favorite AUTUMN INAUGURAL I.There will always be those who reject ceremony,Who claim that resolution requires no fanfare,Those who demand the spirit stay fixedLike a desert saint, fed only on faith,To worship in no temple but the weather.There will always be the austere onesWho mount denial s shaky ladderTo drape the statues or whitewash the frescoed wall,As if the still star of painted plasterPraised creation less than the evening s original.And they are right Symbols betray us.They are always or less than whatIs really meant But shall there be noProcessions by torchlight because we are weak What native speech do we share but imperfection II.Praise to the rituals that celebrate change,Old robes worn for new beginnings,Solemn protocol where the mutable soul,Surrounded by ancient experience, growsYoung in the imagination s white dress.Because it is not the rituals we honorBut our trust in what they signify, these ritesThat honor us as witnesses whether to watchLovers swear loyalty in a careless worldOr a newborn washed with water and oil.So praise to innocence impulsive and evergreen And let the old be touched by youth sWayward astonishment at learning something new,And dream of a future so fitting and so justThat our desire will bring it into being Dana Gioia, Pity the Beautiful Poems, Minneapolis, Minnesota Graywolf Press, 2012, pp 27 8

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    I have read poetry recently the rich lines of Tomas Transtormer, Christian Wiman, and Scott Cairns have given much thoughtful pleasure But I find myself most taken by Dan Gioia s recent poetry, Pity the Beautiful Perhaps it is because we are nearly the same age, but reading poems like Reunion or The Road seemed as if the poet had heard the utterances of my heart and had placed them in sensical order I am not a poetry expert or critic I read poetry because I love words that connect my eye and ear and heart with my mind This volume did it for me.

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    Really enjoyed this collection overall, especially his poem Autumnal Inauguration, on the power of symbolism and ritual and faith Some poems left me cold, not because they weren t quality poems, but I just didn t resonate with them, especially some of the lighter poems that I think others will enjoy, but overall, the poetry in this book is strong.

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    Lovely, classically written poetry, Gioia writes of love, of the death of an infant son, and of past loves All are portrayed with exquisite language that makes you wish you d been a past love of his just so that he d have written a great poem about you.

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