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I Love to Tell the Story txt I Love to Tell the Story , text ebook I Love to Tell the Story , adobe reader I Love to Tell the Story , chapter 2 I Love to Tell the Story , I Love to Tell the Story 57f92a Is It Possible To Emerge Unscathed From An Evangelical Upbringing Yes, As Surely As David Slew Goliath I Love To Tell The Story Is Susan Barnett Braun S Account Of Growing Up Baptist In A Small Midwestern Town, Touching On Many Cultural Icons Common To Those Who Came Of Age In The S Braun Recounts Childhood Obstacles, Which Loom As Large As The Walls Of Jericho In Her Eyes She Encounters A Trio Of Sunday School Mean Girls Who Make King Herod Look Tame She Worries About Being Ugly As Sin Due To Her Chubbiness, Glasses, And Braces She S So Consumed With The Idea Of Jesus Imminent Return That She Wonders Whether It S Even Worthwhile To Brush Her Teeth At Night Humorous, Poignant, And Ultimately Triumphant, I Love To Tell The Story Will Stay With Readers Long After The Last Vacation Bible School Craft Stick Cross Has Fallen Apart

About the Author: Susan Barnett Braun

Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the I Love to Tell the Story book, this is one of the most wanted Susan Barnett Braun author readers around the world.

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    Reviewed at The Power of Words ever a book seemed like looking into a mirror as I read, it would have to be I Love to Tell the Story Susan Barnett Braun has a gift for writing and expressing the tons of growing up experiences she shares and I enjoyed every word It was literally like taking a walk down memory lane for me.Braun s memoir sparkles with humor, poignancy, and spiritual insight Other than the church and geographical location, our lives were incredibly similar I grew up in the suburbs of a large southern city and my life revolved around the neighborhood Christian church from the day I was born We were plagued with some of the same insecurities, but were nurtured by family and life was very good overall.I loved Braun s thoughts about her pastor I figured Dr Silver was a lot like God would be, if God were a person You knew him, but then again, you really didn t I didn t really know my pastor well either, but he was funny, maybe a little accessible than Dr Silver, and I was glued to his sermons as I got older.So many of Braun s nostalgic images are wonderful, and I could relate to every single one Each chapter begins with a beloved hymn, reflecting the chapter s content, and the words to every verse are in my heart But it was the youth songs and choruses that touched me most, because again, I had sung each one she mentioned I m in the Lord s Army, Zacchaeus, and Deep and Wide just to name a few Braun also mentions a children s musical called It s Cool in the Furnace and as a youth leader after college, I actually directed a children s choir in this performance The memoir concludes with Braun s high school graduation and worrying about understanding God s will at the time The words of her teacher are timeless and so relatable You just take the next step If you live your day to day life in a way that pleases him, you won t miss God s will Recommended.I received a copy of this book through Celebrate Lit The opinions expressed in this review are entirely my own.

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    Susan Barnett Braun has penned a beautiful memoir of growing up in a Midwest Baptist church, with a hymn or Christian song set with each chapter She had me at Midwest and hymns , as in the last couple decades I ve had a renewed appreciation for the hymns I grew up with Susan talks about the many activities and groups her church in Seymour, Indiana had that she participated in for age groups from about age 4 to high school seniors There are a few years and a denomination between us, but from the flannelgraphs to Christmas programs, we share similarities that brought fond and not so fond memories.Susan writes when an adult while keeping her descriptions of herself, her family members, and friends from a growing girl s point of view She excelled at playing the piano as she grew up, and it sounds like knowing the words to all the verses, how much she values the message, and making the keys sing are interrelated We see milestones from asking Jesus into her heart to getting baptized and taking communion for the first time There are so many things that struck a chord with me, such as loving the Little House books, the way Susan thought of her appearance including the pixie haircut , watching I Love Lucy, getting gifts from cereal box offers, and one of my contemporary favorite hymns.I think many adults of any age will find common ground, especially if growing up in 50 s, 60 s, or 70 s in a Christian church or church school Susan voices questions and concerns when growing up that many of us as adults still voice or stuff deep inside including how to know what God s will is for one s life or sharing one s testimony Some of the things we struggle with remembering to do at times as adults are things we learned when young, such as learning hymns and Bible verses One entry that I found humorous was when they visited a Lutheran church especially since I am one of those German Lutherans whose hymnals have the word gasp wine in it One doesn t have to be of a particular denomination to appreciate the humor, angst, and raw honesty Susan writes with.The last chapter, Amazing Grace, is short yet powerful It is an excellent way to close, even though I would like to know about Susan today The entire memoir is a worthy read Whether the memories are fun or painful, each has value to today s Christian women and older teens The younger we learn some of these habits, hymns, and scriptures, and continue practicing instead of letting the cares of the world get in the way and not having the tools handy in our hearts when we need them I highly recommend this memoir it is timely and reminds us of the values so important to ascertain our children and grandchildren have.From a grateful heart I received a complimentary copy of this from the author and CelebrateLit, and this is my honest review.

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    Author Susan Barnett Braun has written a delightful memoir about growing up in an Indiana small town Baptist Church Her conservative upbringing brought back many happy memories of my own, and I found myself nodding often as I read I smiled while reading this book and often got her introductory hymn for a chapter stuck in my head.Songs such as Deep and Wide or I m in the Lord s Army has me reliving my times singing at church using correlating hand motions The closing chapter, Amazing Grace, is extremely good For this Christian woman the book was a trip down memory lane and made me ecstatic.We had a lot in common as her hometown, Seymour, Indiana, is just a half hour up from me That knowledge made me even eager to read her book Being a baby boomer, too, was another commonality we shared Don t think you need to be either one to enjoy this feel good, inspirational book It is for everyone.Author Braun has a smooth style of writing The book was well organized and read like a conversation with a friend over coffee The author is totally transparent and writes with heartfelt honesty Humor is sprinkled in just the right amount There are memories of nostalgic television shows, crafts, and things adults will find take them back a few decades I had forgotten about latch hook kits myself but never About I Love Lucy.There is no negativeness associated with the church which I appreciated that I can express Bravo author Braun We need honest, Christian autobiographies and memoirs to tell that side A lot of people, me included, have mostly or only happy memories of church.This book is a jewel I absolutely loved it It would be a nice book for anyone to read and enjoy Children today have been robbed of the upbringing we had Teens should read this and hopefully glean a little insight for ChristIan growth.For me it was a very quick read I Love to Tell the Story left me feeling refreshed, renewed, and like I had a new friend I highly recommend it It would be a great book club read or for a small group There is a lot of discussion material within those pages It gets a 5 star rating from me.A copy was provided by Celebrate Lit but I was under no obligation to write a review These are my own, honest opinions.

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    This is a wonderful book The very talented author, Susan Barnett Braun, has written a memoir about her childhood years growing up in southern Indiana I grew up in a small town not far from hers I related in many ways to her upbringing and not only because we grew up in similar surroundings but I also had a religious upbringing Because of my upbringing, like Susan I always took the time to think about the consequences of my actions and whether it was the right or wrong thing to do.Susan writes about her concerns with her appearance and I certainly could relate to that I also cared about my appearance and was especially sensitive about my early height 5 6 starting 6th grade , my unruly hair, crooked teeth, and acne problems I, too, took music lessons and started playing an instrument in 5th grade so I could be in the high school band.I smiled and laughed out loud a lot at Susan s tremendous wit throughout the book especially when she talked about baton twirling I also wanted to twirl but had no baton so I used an old broom stick for a couple of years until I could get a real baton There was no money for twirling lessons but my dad took me to visit a man he knew who had been a drum major at IU many years before I was shown some twirls that I practiced religiously.I loved the words of hymns at the beginning of each chapter because they set the tone for the message Susan wrote about It was obvious how important faith and family were and still are in her life Susan writes in such a way that any age would enjoy this book I hope she will continue writing about her life and that she starts where this charming book left off I plan to read of her books I highly recommend I Love to Tell the Story with 5 very bright Stars

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    I enjoyed reading this book and thought it was interesting to read about the author s upbringing I grew up in a Baptist church and remember Sunday school My dad was a Baptist preacher and it was so hard for other kids to want to be friends with me I don t know if they were scared I would tell the preacher on them which was my dad or that I just wasn t liked The memories flooded back to me as the author talked about songs I use to sing in Sunday school This Little Light of Mine was a favorite and the author including it was a treat for me Being in church was where I felt safe I loved everything about church and knew that while I was there I had a friend named Jesus The author takes us on a vivid journey as she grows up in church I loved reading about the stories from the bible she was taught and the special prizes she won for memorizing scriptures It brought back a memory of me attending Sunday school and how happy I was when I was there I remember receiving a brand new bible one Sunday for memorizing scriptures My prize was so special to me When I started looking through my new bible, tucked between two pages was a brand new one dollar bill The smile I had on my face that day probably was the only time I really smiled Reading this book was fun and it brought up so many things from my childhood that I had forgotten Church was always fun for me because there was so much to learn and the Sunday school teachers were nice I remember having dinner on the ground as we called it after church on a special Sunday Everyone would bring a dish and we would all line up at the tables filled with yummy foods We sat with our family and ate and then the kids would all get up and start playing The book is a great account of the author as she grows up going to a Baptist church I loved the bible stories she mentioned and how readers were allowed to go down memory lane with her It is a book that gives us a glimpse into a young girl s life as she shares her faith and great love for Jesus I received a copy of this book from Celebrate Lit The review is my own opinion.

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    I absolutely loved how down to earth this memoir was Reading this book was not like reading a factbook or even a biography, it was like sitting down with an old friend you haven t seen in years and reliving your past I had a lot in common with the author too as my upbringing was in a solid, Christian, Baptist home in which if the church doors were open, we were there We are still that way with my family today I enjoyed the time frame which was before mine, but reminded me a lot of my mom s growing up years The inner dialogue of our author as a child while she goes through different little adventures and challenges like making friends was so relatable and just made me smile My personality was also very much like the author s, so there was a connection there as well Whether you agree or not with how things were done in the past with childrearing, etc., the story was one that crossed time and was endearing, down to earth, and just makes you smile Thanks for sharing your story Ms Barnett Braun I received a complimentary copy of this book, and all opinions given are entirely my own.

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    What a kick Reading this book was like revisiting my own childhood I remember singing those songs I remember VBS, the night Nixon resigned, the 8 track tape players, and so much This memoir is a trip down memory lane The writing is not sophisticated and I do wish Braun had included of her thoughts on her childhood experiences and how they helped shape her into the person she is today I like the addition of humor My favorite is Braun remembering when she figured out that euthanasia had nothing to do with children in China This is a good memoir for readers who would like to know what it was like growing up in a conservative Christian environment a generation ago I received a complimentary digital copy of this book through Celebrate Lit My comments are an independent and honest review.

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    A memoir of the author s life growing up as a child in a Baptist home and church, the author, Susan Barnett Braun, tells a story that took me back to my own days growing up So many songs I hadn t thought of in years brought back to my mind as each chapter started off with a church song from my childhood I found myself so caught up in reading this author s account of her days as child and on into teen years as it reminded me of myself and my family as a child going to church and Sunday School back then The author had such a way of telling this story, that it kept my attention to the very end as I couldn t wait to turn the next page to read accounts of her childhood I give this book 4 stars and look forward to reading from this author I received a copy of this book from Celebrate Lit, but was not required to give a positive review This is my honest opinion of this book.

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    I will admit, reading a memoir is a new experience for me especially one from an unknown author so I wasn t sure what to expect To prepare yourself, it s important that you understand Susan Barnett Braun s intention for writing this enjoyable read If you re looking to see how she overcame a tragic experience in her past, then you ll be disappointed There are no dark demons lurking anywhere in her pages and no climactic scenes Instead, you ll discover a sweet collection of memories from growing up in the Baptist church and loving it Susan Barnett Braun s writing is excellent, which makes it an easy read Beyond that, I think I was drawn to the story because she s close to my age I found myself comparing my church experience with hers, and mine was sadly lacking I don t have fond memories of Sunday school in fact, I don t have many memories at all I was amazed at her ability to recall so much of her childhood I grew up in the Catholic church, which according to her baptist upbringing, was seen as shameful We didn t have flannel boards or youth group or choir for children.Another reason I was fascinated with Braun s memoir is that my husband and I recently joined a baptist church I m now one of the Sunday school teachers to whom she refers and have a clear picture in my mind of what her childhood was like Like her church, ours is a maze of hallways in which I still after six months get lost in The activities haven t changed much from her childhood in the 60 s and 70 s It is comforting to know that some things, even in this modern age, remain the same.I was given a copy of this book for the purposes of reviewing it The opinions are mine.

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    I absolutely loved this It was almost like reading my own story and brought back some great memories Each chapter begins with the words to a song and I found myself singing as I read them Some were old hymns I grew up with and miss today as our church does the praise song thing Susan tells of her experiences in her church from her earliest memories through high school graduation I related to so much of her story except for the fact that my parents did not attend church I hitched a ride every Sunday with my next door neighbors Susan always had the support of her parents and younger sister Her written words were interlaced with her memories and a strong dose of humor Christmas plays, youth choir, flannel board stories, baptism and the stigma of being chubby, wearing glasses and longing for go go boots were just some of the relatable reminders of my own experiences I am ten years older than Susan but those my age through Susan s age and beyond will enjoy reading this As a matter of fact it would be great reading material for those much younger to see the past and appreciate where they came from It was a quick, fun read One that I will remember for a very long time.I received an ebook copy of this book from Celebrate Lit through the publisher but was not required to write a review positive or otherwise.

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